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Robert (Bob) Gandy (06/21/1951 - 06/02/2013)

Bob Gandy, 61, of Olathe, Kansas, passed away suddenly of a heart attack Sunday, June 2. Bob was an early EAA member from his teenage years. He was also a VAA member and very active in VAA Chapter 16 in Kansas City. He had previously been a member of the IAC. As a young man, he and 3 high school friends rebuilt a wrecked Piper Vagabond. He also partially built a Pitts S-1 and was nearly finished with a near total restoration of his 1946 Luscombe 8A. It would likely have flown this fall. Bob loved baseball, Scouting, guitar playing and had a wide range of other interests...but first and foremost was his love of all things aviation.