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Stephen Treat (04/04/1923 - 12/10/2013)


Dr. Stephen Treat, age 90, resident of Leigh Acres, Fla. passed away quietly of natural causes at the Leigh Acres Hospice. Born on 11, April 1923 in Lakeville, PA, he was the son of the late Charles and Florence Treat of Lakeville. Dr. Treat retired as the Chief Clinical Psychologist at the Farview State Hospital for the Criminal Insane, Waymart, PA.
Dr. Treat was an active pilot for 67 years. His aviation career began as a WWII Aviation Cadet in the U.S. Army Air Corp. After the war he purchased a WWII surplus PT-19 trainer and later a 1947 Aeronca Chief. He was a familiar site in the PA. and FLA. region at local aviation events. Dr. Treat also designed and test flew his own experimental aircraft as an early member of the Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA).
Dr. Treat is survived by his loving wife of 25 years, Christine Treat and daughter Penny S. Treat, Son's Jeffery S. Treat and Jamie S. Treat by previous marriage.
At the request of Dr. Treat, there will be no services of his passing.


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