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Self-Evaluation - Confidence in Flying Your Aircraft

By Bill Evans, President, EAA Chapter 266

Iíve been on the lookout to rate my flying as my aircraft is agile and sensitive. Yes, some people do find themselves at a 9 in some advanced or sport aircraft. My first flight was an 8, and I had some difficulty flying.

May I suggest that you be both honest and kind to yourself and use this to improve your flying skills based on your own analysis of your needs.

Letís advance the art of flying our aircraft. I work to improve some area of my flying on every flight. However, donít place yourself in danger, especially at low altitude. Mental paralysis may include muscle paralysis. Should you find yourself at a level (perhaps 5 or 6) that requires training, find a suitable instructor and aircraft.

Level of Confidence

Very Comfortable
Mostly Comfortable
Somewhat Comfortable
Slightly Stretched
Moderately Stretched
Highly Stretched
Moderate Panic
Highly Panicked
Mental Paralysis
Moderate Speed Taxi (0-40 Knots)
High-Speed Taxi (40-70 Knots)
  • Takeoff Roll
  • Liftoff (Hold
  • Climbout to 900
Short-Field Takeoffs
Left Crosswind Takeoff > 15 Knots
Right Crosswind Takeoff > 15 Knots
Climbing Turns
Gradual Turns - Level
Medium Turns - Level
Steep Turns - Level
Descending Medium Turns @ 1500 rpm
Descending Medium Turns @ Idle
Climbing Steep Turns
Descending Steep Turns
Pre-Stall Buffet
Stalls - Cruise Power
Stalls - 2000 rpm
Stalls - 1500 rpm
Stalls - Idle
Spins Induced at Stall
Spin (Medium Turn)
Spin (Steep Turn)
Gentle Sideslip
Moderate Sideslip
Steep Sideslip
Forward Sideslip
e,g. On Final Basic Aerobatics (Explain)
Airspeed Control in the Circuit (Large Power Changes)
Turn Onto Final - Engine = Idle
Final Approach
Flare and Touchdown
Rollout and Braking
Left Crosswind Landings > 15 Knots
Right Crosswind Landings > 15 Knots
Other Maneuver - State


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