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New Year - New Series: Inspection!

By Ian Brown, Editor – Bits and Pieces, EAA 657159

Ian Brown

This month we begin our series on inspection with our new contributor, Bill Evans. As you read last month, Bill is eminently qualified, being a private pilot, an aircraft builder, and a retired professional in the aircraft inspection business. Last month he gave an overview of his ideas about the inspection process, and this month he digs deeper into the actual principles of inspecting an aircraft. There is enough material that he will cover this topic in two articles, Part 2 to be published next month.

Well, it's really going to happen! As many as 36 Spitfires buried in Burma (Myanmar) at the end of World War II are going to be exhumed. The dig will begin on January 12, so by the time you read this there may already be more to report. We'll try to provide any updated information on our Facebook page.

The man who discovered them, British aviation enthusiast David Cundall, kept it secret for eight years, and he has managed to strike a deal with the Burmese government which will keep 50 percent of any proceeds generated by the planes. Cundall will get 30 percent, and his Burmese agent will get 20 percent. Read more on the EAA website. As you will see, it's highly likely that the Spitfires will be in good shape and that there are also other sites under investigation.

Jack Dueck has another installment in his series, Test Flying Your Homebuilt. This one teaches us how to measure the onset of a stall in the power-off, straight-ahead condition, with various flap settings. Let us know if you are following Jack's series and what you've found out with your own testing. Doing this type of testing is probably an interesting and useful thing to do whether your aircraft is homebuilt or you just want to check performance versus what the pilot's operating handbook says. Maybe you added some vortex generators and you want to see what happened to stall speeds.

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If you missed the webinars in the month of December, check them out in the online archive. As a useful complement to Jack Dueck's series on flight testing, there were two webinars this past month on flight testing - one on safety and the other on post-maintenance flight testing.

I would like to wish our contributors, EAA staff, and our readers a happy and safe flying year!


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