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Electronics Corner - Global Incident Map

By Ian Brown, Editor – Bits and Pieces, EAA 657159

Picture a situation where, instead of small-minded organizations which pretty much kept their own information to themselves, everyone communicated what data they had to as many people as were interested, regardless of nationality, background, or profession. That magical world has, in large part, arrived.

There exists an amazing integration of super funnels of information and styles of displaying them that are available to everyone via the Internet. Yes, that's with a capital "I" as it's supposed to be. It's a proper noun, but I think it's also warranted as a mark of respect for the Internet's remarkable contribution to our way of life!

The subject of this month's Electronics Corner is a website called GlobalIncidentMap.com that integrates several different types of information onto a world map. That which may be of most interest to the average Bits and Pieces reader might be the map of aviation incidents. You'll see a real-time list of incidents in the past few days worldwide. It could be anything from a hooligan who pointed a laser at pilots, an off-airport landing, or even a full-scale accident.

Real-time aviation incidents
Click for larger view

You can drill down to a surprising amount of detail on each of these incidents by clicking on the flashing graphical icon you're interested in or clicking on the scrolling list of incidents. The scrolling 100 most recent is interesting, but if you want to just focus on Canadian light aircraft, you simply check those boxes on the "search events" area and voilą!

As of this writing, you would discover the overturning of a Beaver floatplane and the death of its pilot, former MLA Harold Long. Two people from Arizona are missing after another floatplane accident at Red Lake in Northwestern Ontario, and two people were rescued from a crash into Georgian Bay near Parry Sound. All three were within the last 10 days, and coincidentally all involved water.

Don't forget to scroll all the way down to the bottom of the aviation incident page. You will find the same lists but sorted by category.

You will notice that the tab is called "non-terror aviation incidents". One can only assume that terrorist activity is considered too sensitive to be made generally available, and one could see why.

If you get bored with aviation-oriented data, there are tons more data to check out including a real-time earthquake map (yes, they're happening every minute), a worldwide security threat map, an Amber Alert map, and so much more that you'll have to check it out for yourself. Some of the maps require you to create a free account, but many don't.

At the moment of writing this, three forest fires are burning in Alberta, and yes, it's on a global incident map of forest fires. One hundred and sixty-five people have contracted Chikungunya in Jakarta (global disease map), there was a 4.6 magnitude earthquake 45 minutes ago in Atacama, Chile (quakes map), and you can even find out what gangsters are up to on the gang activity map.


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