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Friday - Sunday, June 25-27, 2010

Annual Gathering at Frasca Field
Event Tag(s): *Fly-in *Food *Gliders *Homebuilts *Museum & History *Powered Parachute *Rotorcraft *Sport Pilot-LSA *Ultralights *Vintage Aircraft *Warbirds
Frasca Field, Urbana, IL, USA
EAA and SAA members please RSVP to Tom Frasca.
Homebuilt aircraft fly-in, general aviation, vintage, warbird, ultralight etc also welcome.
Free camping and 100LL available.

The award winning Frasca Field is also home to Rudy Frasca's collection of WWII vintage aircraft (including the Mark 18 Spitfire, Fiat, P-40 amp; Zero.)

Contact: Tom Frasca
Phone: (217) 369-0501

Urbana, IL, USA
Lat/Long: 40-08-47.0392N / 088-11-54.5553W
Elevation: 735
Fuel: 100LLA
CTAF: 122.8
Unicom: 122.8

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