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   Vol. 11, No. 1 - January 2009

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EAA SportAir Workshops

January 17, 2009
Oshkosh, WI
Sheet Metal, Composite Construction, Electrical Systems & Avionics, Fabric Covering, Discover Aircraft Building, Gas Welding, What's Involved In Kit Building, Test Flying Your Project

For detailed information on SportAir Workshops, including cost, course descriptions and how to register, go to the web at: www.sportair.com/schedule.html or call 800-967-5746.

Thank you to those who have already submitted your 2009 chapter renewal packages. We are processing them as quickly as we can. I apologize for the late mailing, but sincerely appreciate your prompt attention. If you have not completed your renewal, please review and update the materials as soon as possible to keep your chapter in "current" status. Please pay particular attention to the insurance form. We’ve received several that have not been complete and could cause an incorrect charge.

The published deadline was January 10, 2009, but given the late arrival of the materials, we have extended the deadline to January 30. Renewal materials are also available online.

Included with that renewal package was a new Annual Report to Chapters. The report outlines some of the accomplishments we made last year and plans for the coming year. Take a look at this year's report and feel free to post the link to your web site or publish it in your newsletter.

We also welcome the new chapter leaders for 2009. Please give us a call or drop us a line with any questions you have. We're here to help your chapter continue to succeed.

This edition of Chapter E-Gram features a timely reminder about record keeping; an LA Times article about EAA Chapter 96 flying Young Eagles; two articles you can share in your newsletter or on your web site; and a featured newsletter from EAA Chapter 106 in the Boston area.

Enjoy the winter flying season wherever you may be. Oshkosh is covered in snow and ice and the temperatures show no signs of moving above freezing, but somehow we’ll still manage to get in a little cold-weather flying!

 - Steve Buss, Manager, EAA Chapters

Chapter News
Here's an interesting link that showcases the generosity of EAA chapters and members.

Find out more on the chapter's web site: http://www.eaa272.org.

Every month, we read hundreds of chapter newsletters. It has been suggested that we share some of them with the entire chapter network. So each month, we'll pick a newsletter (or two) to feature in Chapter E-gram. This month, take a look at The Updraft, from EAA Chapter 106.
In just a few weeks, we will welcome a new group of attendees to Oshkosh for the first Chapter Leader's Academy of 2009. The January session is full, but there are still openings for February 27 - March 1 and March 27 - 29, 2009. Additional sessions are also scheduled this fall in September and October. The Academy can be extremely valuable for new chapter officers (and seasoned veterans) and an opportunity to gain personal insight into EAA headquarters and meet the people who serve you. Aside from the travel costs, there is no charge to attend one of these sessions. If you are interested, please contact us at chapters@eaa.orgLearn more EAA CHAPTER LEADERS ACADEMY
As we head into tax season, chapter treasurers may be wondering about recordkeeping required by the IRS. Patti Arthur, a member of the EAA Legal Advisory Council, reminds us that record keeping is important, especially in light of recent changes in the tax codes. She provides her thoughts in this article: A Word About Good Recordkeeping for Tax-Exempt Chapters

Plus read Patti's past article on IRS rules changes that could impact your chapter.

Recordkeeping Tips
Each month as we read chapter newsletters, we discover articles that can be shared. Please feel free to use these for your newsletter or web site, but please credit the author. The featured articles highlight:

Aircraft break service (written by Dave VanDenburg EAA #559792, EAA Chapter 439)
Word | PDF

An easy tip for bending metal (written by Roger Cole EAA #520298, EAA Chapter 153)
Word | PDF

From the newsletters
Is there an extraordinary tech counselor in your chapter? Or a pilot whose accomplishments and dedication to aeronautics have so far "flown under the radar"? Perhaps they may be appropriate recipients for two annual awards given out at EAA AirVenture 2009, the Tony Bingelis Award and the Spirit of Flight award.

The Tony Bingelis award honors the memory of the highly regarded homebuilding authority and EAA Sport Aviation columnist. Created in 2002, the award recognizes people who have made significant contributions to the encouragement of aircraft projects for fellow EAA members, the promotion of safety, and for maintaining the values of EAA. A nominee must have been an active and current EAA Technical Counselor for five consecutive years.

Download the nomination form
Read about the 2008 Bingelis Award winner

The Spirit of Flight Award was established in 1997 by the Society of Experimental Test Pilots and Scaled Composites to recognize an EAA member who best exemplifies the spirit of research, development, or flight-testing. They promote air safety by presenting a pilot's opinion, strengthening the influence of the test pilot on aeronautical progress and continuously evaluating the adequacy of flight equipment.

Spirit of Flight

Download the nomination form
Read about the 2008 Spirit of Flight award winner

Please call the EAA Safety Programs Office at 888-322-4636 ext. 6864 if you have questions. The deadline for both award nominations is February 1, 2009.

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This DVD features the best of the 2008 convention, including the Dreamlifter, Martin Jet Pack, the Nemesis NXT speed record attempt, the new FAA tower, Rocket Racing League, the best of homebuilts, warbirds, lightplanes and vintage, an interview with John Travolta, and much more. Regular price $14.99, but on sale for chapter members only at $11.99.

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AirVenture DVD
Young Eagles News
Recently, we were pleased to receive a copy of an article that was featured in the Los Angeles Times about Young Eagles and an event hosted by EAA Chapter 96:
Young Eagles News
Every day, the In Box in the EAA Communication Department receives various messages. Some are routine requests and others are a bit unusual. This one falls into the latter category, but maybe an EAA chapter could lend this member a hand?

"Subject: Looking for some help

To Whom It May Concern:
Long story short: My name is the mispronunciation of the German WWI aircraft "Bücher Jungmeister" that my father and grandfather were building in my parent's garage while my mother was pregnant with me. My mother would walk into the garage at night and ask my father "How's your Bouker?" (mispronouncing the airplane's name) and my father would pat her on the belly and say "fine, how is yours?"

I believe that particular Bucher still flies and someday I would love to track it down, but in the meantime, my wife is due with our first child and I want to instill the passion for aviation in him or her that is evident in our family.

I contacted the company Aviation Products, Inc. (http://www.pedalplanekits.com/index.html) regarding their build-able pedal planes and the OSHKOSH '91 PEDAL JUNGMEISTER in particular. Because I live in NYC and have no way of building the kit, I am looking for an already completed plane. The owner of the company said that I should try contacting EAA as a few of the chapters build them as a way of fundraising.

Can you help me track one down?

Thank you!



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