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   Vol. 11, No. 8 - September 2009

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Sport Air Workshops
: October 2-6 - E-LSA Airplane Repair-Inspection
Oshkosh, WI

: October 16-18 - E-LSA Airplane Repair-Inspection
Manassas, VA

Welcome to Chapter e-Gram for September
It has been quite a summer, and until earlier this week, it looked like summer wasn't in any hurry to leave. But with a few days of clouds and rain, you can feel the seasons begin to change. With fall comes some great flying weather and the return of the EAA Chapter Leader's Academy (see below). Fall also brings another kind of "season" - chapter elections. I've read a number of newsletters recently talking about the upcoming elections and the call for nominees. 
It may seem daunting to take on a more prominent role, but it is a great way to be involved and an opportunity to help shape your chapter's future. It's easy to simply be a member of a chapter, but I can tell you from personal experience that taking a leading role in a volunteer group like an EAA chapter can be rewarding. Plus we have many resources available from EAA headquarters to make your job easier; all you have to do is ask.

In this month's Chapter e-Gram we'll look back at AirVenture 2009, feature EAA Chapter 407's newsletter, update you on the annual calendar sales and B-17 tour for next year, plus hear from our founder, Paul Poberezny.

As always, if you have ideas to share with the chapter network or have suggestions for articles or features that would help your chapter, drop me a note at sbuss@eaa.org.

Until next month,

Steve Buss, EAA Chapter Manager

Chapter News


"I would like to share with you the recent article I wrote for the Experimenter e-newsletter. This information was sent to more than 25,000 subscribers to the Experimenter and I thought it would be helpful to share with the chapters. The article's content might also be helpful to share with your newsletter editors for their monthly communications. It's a bit of our history, but still rings true today."

Paul Poberezny

(By the way, did you see the video of Paul reuniting with an airplane he flew in World War II? See it here.)

Paul H. Poberezny


In just a few weeks, we will welcome a new group of attendees to Oshkosh for the next Chapter Leader's Academy, October 23-25. This session is full, but we are taking names for a waiting list, in the event of cancellations. We are also taking reservations for the next Academy sessions, January 22-24, 2010; February 26-28; and March 26-28. The Academy can be extremely valuable for new chapter officers (and seasoned veterans) and provides many opportunities to gain personal insight into EAA headquarters and meet the people who serve you. Aside from the travel costs, there is no charge to attend one of these sessions. If you are interested, please contact us at chapters@eaa.org. Learn more

Chapter Leaders
By Barry Elk, Membership Evangelist
I had a great time meeting with Chapter Leaders during convention this year. The passion and desire to grow is alive and well in our chapter movement across the country.

I hope I can catch your attention now for just a moment, since most of you still fall into the vast category of “those I haven’t yet met personally” and urge you to start using a tool that will really help your chapter grow - the Chapter Complimentary Membership. My note to you in June gives a detailed explanation. But you really only need one thing to get started – a web address: http://www.eaa.org/chaptertrial

Be sure to bookmark this page! There you'll find a downloadable reference guide, printable data forms, as well as a convenient electronic submission page.

And now, the "Leaderboard" for chapters already using the program:

  • EAA 1252 is still way out in front with 33 recruits. I spoke with chapter president, Paul Koziol, during convention. His energy and enthusiasm amaze me. Two "thumbs up" for Paul!
  • EAA 384 has moved up into second place with 13 recruits. Way to go, Jon & Shannon Harris!
  • EAA 90, a new-comer to the list, out of Oakdale, California, has put up a respectable 11 recruits since June 10 (my birthday). Thank you, Kevin Benziger, for the nice present!

If every chapter could bring in 10 new recruits - which is clearly possible given these results -think what 10,000 new members could do to further the worldwide movement of EAA!

Next month: Complimentary Membership - Tips & Tricks

Many chapters have had the pleasure of hosting a tour stop for our B-17 Aluminum Overcast or Ford Tri-Motor. For other chapters, the question is, "How can we get these airplanes to visit our airport?" The answer, complete an application to host one of the 2010 tour stops. These aircraft truly have an incredible place in the history of aviation, our country and EAA. Tour stops can also help build your chapter's reputation in your local community and add to your treasury balance.

The application deadline is rapidly approaching. Check the links below for complete application information.

Ford Tri-Motor
Many chapters are considering applying for tax-exempt status or wondering what is required to be filed on an annual basis to stay compliant with the IRS. Patti Arthur from the EAA Legal Advisory Council presented an outstanding forum during EAA AirVenture that helped to bring clarity to these important subjects. Those of you who attended the forum were able to hear first-hand the different types of tax-exempt statuses, where you may fit as a chapter, how to apply, and what type of reporting is required no matter what type of status your chapter may have.
If you were unable to attend the forum or would like to revisit the information please check out the slideshow and the accompanying audio file. You will find that Patti has done an excellent job in explaining this sometimes complex issue. There is also an advanced topics slideshow that is very useful as well.

Our thanks again to Patti for putting together this information!



This month we head west for our featured newsletter from EAA Chapter 407 (Pocatello and Idaho Falls, Idaho). Their September newsletter has an insightful article about slowing down for safety; an article on the West Fork Lodge fly-in; and some fun photos of the chapter's recent poker run.
AirVenture 2009 will be remembered as one of the best conventions ever. One of the event's hallmarks is recognizing excellence, either in aircraft construction or restoration or for efforts to support EAA. On Saturday morning, August 1, we presented the 2009 EAA Chapter Awards for Major Achievement, Newsletters, and Web Editors. See the list. Congratulations to all our award recipients. By the way, the entire list of aircraft award winners is here.
My name is Liesl Wrolstad and I am the new insurance administrator at EAA. It is very exciting to be working for a great organization with such passionate members. If you have any questions concerning your chapter's insurance coverage, please contact me. I look forward to talking with you.

Phone: 920-426-6106
Fax: 920-426-6865

Just a quick reminder that your chapter can now complete the event notice form online. Visit the EAA website and enter in all the details for your planned event. In addition we've also eliminated some of the information previously required. This should help make the process even easier.

EAA's Risk Management Office will contact you directly if any additional information is required, but the vast majority of events are quickly approved. The new system will also allow you the opportunity to print a copy for your records and submit information regarding the planned event to the EAA Calendar of Events.
As many of you read in this week's e-Hotline, Young Eagles Chairman Harrison Ford will announce the new leadership of the program at a news conference next Tuesday, September 29, in Santa Monica, California. In addition, we'll host a special event that evening to thank Harrison for his five years of service, and a number of chapter leaders and Young Eagle volunteers will be in attendance. EAA Chairman/President Tom Poberezny, Vice President of Membership Adam Smith, Young Eagles Program Administrator Michelle Kunes, and I will also be in Santa Monica and we look forward to seeing you and renewing old friendships.
Each year EAA is pleased to offer chapters the opportunity to purchase the EAA World of Flight Calendar at specially discounted prices. The calendars make an excellent gift for your fellow aviators or simply to enjoy yourself. Information packages containing the details of this year's calendar order offer were recently mailed. Your chapter president should have the information for your chapter's next meeting.
World of Flight Calendar
Don't delay in placing your order as calendar supplies are limited! For pricing information or more details, contact us at chapters@eaa.org, or call 920-426-4876.

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