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ChapterGram: August 2013

It Works!

Eagle Flights Update - Chapter 105

Eagle Flights

Here is a note that we received from Eagle Flights mentor Jan Novak at Chapter 105 in Portland, Oregon. She did an "experiment" and had an Eagle Flights for Adults rally along with their Young Eagle rally. With Eagle Flights being more of a one-on-one mentorship, we have not promoted it in a rally type event. Jan describes the event and one participant who was a former Young Eagle.

Our Eagle Flights/Young Eagles event was very successful overall. I made six flights with qualified participants.

The best flight - and the subject of this e-mail - was with a young man named Josiah Zathan, and it was flown by Stan VanGrunsven.

His history with EAA - and how it has affected his life - came full circle; Josiah just showed up yesterday, wanting to "give back" - to volunteer and help others discover aviation and the magic of flight - after his introduction into aviation through the Young Eagles program.

Here is Josiah's aviation timeline:

  • 2000 - Young Eagle flight at age 11
  • 2003 - Chapter 105 sponsor's his trip to Oshkosh to attend the EAA Air Academy
  • 2007 - Enlisted in the Navy
  • 2009 - Deployed to Iraq
  • 2010 - Deployed to Afghanistan
  • 2012 - Left the military; started flight training at Portland Community College, thanks to the GI Bill
  • Volunteered at EAA Young Eagles/Eagle Flight event at Twin Oaks Airpark
  • Eagle Flight given with Stan VanGrunsven

It was so appropriate to offer him the Eagle Flight, which will allow him to get involved again in our chapter and EAA headquarters.

Bottom line - it's working!

Regarding the decision to hold an Eagle Flights/Young Eagles event, Jan adds:
"It was really a test, in a way. The Eagle Flights program seemed to be stalled out, and I thought it might be a way to spark some qualified interest again. I did not let any of it get in the way of the kids' flights - they came first, no matter what. It was a small event, with quite the slowdown in the afternoon. This was when we did most of the Eagle Flights. I have not done this with any of our other Young Eagles events. We have one more in the end of August which is kids only."

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