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EAA Chapter Reference Papers

Chapter Insurance Guide
Programs for Monthly Chapter Meetings
Recordkeeping Webinar
Tax Exempt Forum - AirVenture 2009
Tax Exempt Forum Audio File AirVenture 2009
Tax Exempt Information – Advanced Topics – AirVenture 2009
Hangar Rent - Can it be Reduced?
During the last EAA Chapter Leaders Academy, a question was asked of our Government Relations staff - "The airport director at the airport says he must charge our chapter full commercial rental rates for the Chapter Hanger. Is this true?"
What Works for Me Newsletter Tips
Suggestions for writing excellent EAA Newsletters from the Newsletter Editor Forum at AirVenture 2008
A Quick Primer On Working With The Media
At one time or another, nearly every EAA Chapter will work with the media. As one of the organized groups of aviators in your community - sometimes the only one - you are a vital link between general aviation and the public.
A Primer On Chapter Hangars
Many EAA Chapters own a hangar or clubhouse that serves as a home-base for the Chapter and it's activities. For others this is only a dream; member's homes or other borrowed facilities are used to support the Chapter meetings and programs. Acquiring a Chapter facility can be a daunting task, but it has been accomplished many times. The following thoughts and considerations are intended to help a Chapter plan to make that dream become a reality.
Alert The Media! How To Publicize Chapter Events
The key to success is to have all the tools you need well before you want to use them. One of the many joys of aviation is sharing the joy of flight with those who have not yet experienced it. Many Chapters do this by holding Young Eagles rallies and Flying Start programs. The obvious question is how to inform the community of these events, and the answer is just as obvious-alert the media!
Attracting And Retaining New Chapter Members
One of the best things that can happen to a Chapter is new members. They have new ideas, skills and experiences to share. They bring fresh energy to the group. They increase the capability of the Chapter to do things, which means more fun for everyone. So how do we assure a healthy flow of new members into our Chapters? And keep them there?
Board Manual Basics
Whether simple or sophisticated, a handbook keeps your board informed and on target.
Top Ten Items To Include On Your Chapter Website
Here is a starting point for items to include on your chapters website.
Chapter And Airports ... What Is The Right Role For A Chapter?
Have you ever heard someone tell you about something they discovered that on the surface it soundly like the "deal of the century" but later on when all the facts became clear it turned out the be the old story, "if it sounds to good to be true, it is"!
Chapter Survey Sample
Double The Attendance At Every Chapter Event
Bring someone special to share it with.
Earning Tax Exempt Status For EAA Chapters
The tax rules can be fairly complicated, but if you understand what the IRS is looking for, applying for and receiving federal tax-exempt status is rather straightforward. To explain some of the particulars specific to aviation-type organizations, let's look at an EAA Chapter.
Effective Chapter Leadership
The success of any organization depends on many factors, but the most critical element will always be the caliber of its leadership.
Flying Clubs And Chapters
When pilots, airplane owners, and aviation enthusiasts think of EAA they often think of an organization that is totally dedicated to building and flying airplanes. While homebuilding has and always will be the heart and soul of EAA, to be a growing and successful Aviation Association, it is not the single and only focus of EAA. Instead, EAA has grown to become the leader in a wide variety of areas of Recreational Aviation, including pilots, airplane builders, airplane restorers, airplane owners and aviation enthusiasts.
Foolproof Follow-Through
A systematic approach to getting your committees to do their duty.
Guidelines For Chapter Fundraising
Chapters have done fundraising as long as there have been Chapters. The most common fundraising activity being the good old fly-in breakfast, and Chapters have come up with many other ways to raise funds. However, one of the most frequently asked questions from Chapters is: "Do you have any good fundraising ideas?"
Help! We're Looking For Clubhouse Or Hangar Information
Having a Clubhouse or Hangar is the dream of many Chapters and Squadrons. Someplace where Members can gather, share information, have fun, work on airplanes together, these are core goals within our grassroots family. Yet having the home for your Chapter or Squadron, be it a small clubhouse or sprawling hangar, represents many challenges.
How To Interpret Your Chapter's Direction
This interpretation of what the Chapter collectively wants to do is the first step in effectively leading the Chapter. It will not happen naturally. If the Chapter Leaders don't make the effort to understand and meet the needs of the Chapter Membership, the ability of the group to grow beyond the basic once a month meeting level is unlikely.
Is The Airport Manager Your Friend
Okay, so here's the situation. Your Chapter has been saving up its money and it finally looks like your Chapter can afford to build a clubhouse and hangar. The only thing that is standing in the way is coming up with a favorable lease that will get the land your Chapter needs at a low-low lease rate, say $1 a month.
Listen To What The Members Of Your Chapter Are Saying
A Chapter Membership is populated with many different aviation interests and needs. Understanding what the individual Members of a Chapter are seeking and want to contribute is a never-ending task for the leaders. Listening is one of the most important skills for Chapter Leaders.
Newsletter Editor Tips
In the end, there can only be one editor. Someone must have the final word and take the final responsibility. All editors hold enormous influence over their readers-use it wisely.
Newsletter Editors Workshop AirVenture 2006
Helpful tips to make your chapter newsletter as accurate as possible and connect with your readers.
Participant ... Yes, Co-Sponsor ... No Way
Success and recognition are good things. Chapters have earned their recognition from being able to put on successful local fly-ins. Chapters have a lot going for them and sometimes these achievements and resources attract the attention of other organizations that may wish to tap into the resources of the Chapter to put on a larger event (airshow). This isn't always a bad thing, however there are issues to be considered or concerned about if a Chapter become a partner or co-sponsor of an event.
Partnership In Safety
The FAA's Flight Standards Service has had to face the concept that being unionized meant it would be necessary to continue a high level of customer service while energizing the workforce to share in the burdens of mission accomplishment. This belief resulted in the creation of a partnership initiative for management and the union known as Partnership for Safety (PFS).
Programs For Monthly Chapter Get-Togethers
One of the biggest challenges facing Chapter Leaders is coming up with monthly programs for the monthly Chapter get-together. First off, everyone wants to be entertained. We know this. Chapter Members will show up and they will expect the Chapter Leadership to have something up their sleeves to entertain the troops. In addition, if you ask for a volunteer to head-up the responsibility of getting monthly programs, one thing is for sure, nobody is likely to volunteer for this job. So, what are the Chapter Leaders going to do?
Publicity - A Key To Your Chapter's Success
Leading a chapter is very similar to managing a small business. To make a small business successful, you need to get your product or service sold. Often times this requires some salesmanship and advertising. If you are wondering what it is you, as an EAA Chapter have to sell. The products and services are many.
Purpose And Roles Of EAA Chapters
The EAA is an activity-based, member-driven organization. Chapters are a unique and important element of the EAA. They are the focal point where Members have the ability to interact and participate and also serve as a platform for EAA programs at the local level. Without the International network of Chapters, the accomplishments of the EAA, its contribution to the world of sport aviation, and its value to EAA Members would be greatly diminished. To effectively organize and manage a Chapter, it is essential that the Chapter Leaders understand and support these roles.
Raffle Guide
Raffles are a great way to raise money for your Chapter. They work for any size Chapter and can be an extremely cost effective way to have fun raising money for your special needs.
Scholarship Guidelines
Potential model for scholarship information and chapters.
Strategic Planning For Your Chapter
Having had the chance to talk with many Chapter Leaders over the last fifteen years, I have found that there are many common threads that run between the most successful Chapters. Perhaps the two most common traits shared by the Chapters in which I would deem the most successful, are their ability to recognize and recruit dynamic (read untiring) leaders and they have a real sense of direction. These Chapters make it a point to analyze their current situations; they make plans and set goals for their future.
Tax Exempt Status Of Your Chapter
Before we go into all of the legal "mumbo-jumbo" about the tax-exempt status of Chapters, we need to qualify that the information in this workbook is not a substitute for the official information available from the United States Internal Revenue Service (IRS).
Tax Exemption For Your Chapter
One of the most common questions we hear is how to operate or form an EAA Chapter so that it is tax exempt. There are two provisions of the Internal Revenue Code that allow tax-exempt status. Examining these allows one to develop a general framework on how to acquire it and keep it.
Together The FAA And Pilots Make Aviation
Pilots often describe their feelings about the Federal Aviation Administration with ironic humor-"I'm from the FAA, and I'm here to help you." Usually, this line ignites laughter, even in the most ludicrous situations.
What Is The Relationship Between The Mission And Vision Of EAA And Your Chapter?
The EAA offers more to Chapters than just administrative support. The excellent reputation of the EAA and its programs are major enablers for Chapters. Maintaining the linkage with the EAA and reinforcing that reputation benefits all Members. Chapter Leaders must keep themselves informed of the direction and initiatives of the EAA. Interpreting the EAA vision and direction is part of your responsibility.
Where Can Your Chapter Find New Members
It is a forgone conclusion that most Chapters are looking for new Members. In the pre-workshop surveys conducted at the Chapter Leadership Workshops, Chapter Leaders answered the question, "What does your Chapter need most" with the following top three answers: more Members, more active Members, and more young Members. Obviously Chapters are looking for more Members.
Whose Chapter Is It Anyways?
Yours, mine or theirs?
Why Do We Join?
The other day I got a call from a not-so-happy person who had just watched the most recent "Chapter Views" video and they were taking great exception with the part of the video that addresses the requirement that all Chapter Members also be EAA Members.
Web Editors Workshop
Beyond The Basics as presented at AirVenture 2007.

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