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What Is The Relationship Between The Mission And Vision Of EAA And The Mission And Vision Of Your Chapter?

The EAA offers more to Chapters than just administrative support. The excellent reputation of the EAA and its programs are major enablers for Chapters. Maintaining the linkage with the EAA and reinforcing that reputation benefits all Members. Chapter Leaders must keep themselves informed of the direction and initiatives of the EAA. Interpreting the EAA vision and direction is part of your responsibility. What does it mean to your Chapter? How are the Mission and Vision of the EAA, on a global basis, related to and supportive of your Chapter’s Mission and Vision? Making this connection is an important step, for it leads to a better recognition of how EAA programs and resources can help a Chapter’s local initiatives (and vice versa).

As a Chapter Leader, have you read the EAA Mission and Vision statements? Take a minute to read these:

EAA Mission – "EAA is dedicated to serving all of aviation by fostering and encouraging individual participation, high standards, and access to the world of flight in an environment that promotes freedom, safety, family, and personal fulfillment."

EAA Vision – "Responding to its members needs and society at large, EAA will have expanded beyond current activities and developed new programs to be widely recognized as the premier aviation association in the world. As a result, EAA will have a significantly larger membership made up of traditional core interest groups, as well as new members representing varied aviation interests. Improved and increased individual participation and volunteerism will exist among all members and their families. The organization and its management are structured to enhance the culture, quality, and credibility of EAA and its activities, as well as the organization’s continued growth."

The existence of your Chapter implies that some component of these statements, or the resulting programs, is consistent with the interests and direction of your Chapter. The linkage may not be explicit, but something that the EAA stands for and does appeals to the Membership of your Chapter strongly enough to not only be EAA Members, but to devote time to be an EAA Chapter as well. That connection with the broader EAA direction is a fundamental Chapter building block-it’s a common starting point for every Member and every EAA Chapter.

Each Chapter is unique. The interests, skills and resources of its Members will vary. Tailoring the Chapter’s Vision, Goals, and Objectives to its unique needs is the first priority for its leadership. However, within the broader EAA Mission, there must be some elements that connect with your Chapter’s specific strengths and interests-otherwise why are you an EAA Member or Chapter?

The very long list of programs and initiatives supported by the EAA to accomplish its Mission is a rich source of ideas for Chapter activities. These are also areas of opportunity to leverage EAA resources for your Chapter. Many EAA programs are strongly dependent on the Chapter organizations for implementation. By understanding the EAA Mission and Vision and translating them into specific, tailored actions for a Chapter, we help accomplish the EAA’s goals and build an activity base for the Chapter at the same time. The EAA provides a great framework for a Chapter to accomplish much for its Members and the aviation community. An EAA Chapter is (should be) more than just a local aviation "club." This is the ready-made foundation for a broader, more rewarding set of Chapter programs and activities.

Without understanding the overall EAA Mission and Vision and using the resources of the EAA, the Chapter is working a vacuum. This translation is not necessarily easy and it can’t be a "canned" package from EAA Headquarters. Your Chapter needs to determine how the Mission and Vision of EAA are related to and consistent with the Chapter. The end result of this hard work: more things for your Chapter to do, better direction to get them done, and, if you’re not careful, more fun! Good luck.

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