Upcoming EAA Events 

Chapter Activities

July 1 - MARION, IA - Marion Airport sponsored 14th Annual Fly-In, 319-377-0457

July 3-10 - HOQUIAM, WA - EAA/WPA Twin Harbors sponsored Bowerman Flight Fest ’01, 360-533-9544

July 4 - MT. MORRIS, IL - Chapter 682 and Ogle County Pilots Assoc. Fly-In Breakfast, 815-732-7268

July 4 - ROCKPORT, TX - Chapter 1080 Fly-In Waffle Breakfast at Aransas County Airport, 361-729-6201

July 6-8 - LOMPOC, CA - 17th Annual West Coast Piper Cub Fly-In, 805-733-1914

July 6-8 - HOMESTEAD, FL - Chapter 103 Light Aircraft Flyers Assoc. sponsored Annual Air Fair, 305-460-3356
(e-mail for more information.)

July 6-8 - ALLIANCE, OH - Taylorcraft Owner’s Club sponsored Fly-In/Old Timer’s Reunion, 330-823-9748

July 7, - LAWRENCEVILLE, GA - Chapter 690, Airplane Wash & Breakfast, 770-613-9501

July 7 - HILLSBORO, OR - Chapter 105 Fly-In Breakfast, 503-681-0183 deanpsir@ftconnect.com

July 7 - GRASS VALLEY, CA - Chapter 1175 and the Golden Empire Flying Assoc. sponsors 24th Annual Nevada County AirFest, 530-273-1972

July 7 - GRANBY, CO - Chapter 1267 Fly-In Pancake Breakfast, 970-887-2283

July 7 - CORNING, CA - Chapter 1148 Airport Fly-In BBQ, 530-824-0644

July 7 - GAINESVILLE, GA - Chapter 611 33rd Annual Cracker Fly-In, 770-531-0291

July 7 - RENSSELAER, IN - Chapter 828 Ham & Bean Lunch at Jasper County Airport, 219-866-5587

July 7-8 - SARNIA, ONTARIO, CANADA - Air Show Sarnia 2001 at the Hadfield Airport (CYZR), 519-659-3298

July 7-8 - JACKPOT, NV - Canard 2001 Get-together, mreracer@primenet.com

July 7-8 - WATERVLIET, MI - Chapter 585 Steak Fry/Pancake Breakfast, 616-468-5530

July 7-8 - HAMPTON, NH - Chapter 15 5th Annual Biplane Fly-In, 603-964-6749

July 7-8 - ST. MARIES, ID - 3rd Annual St. Maries Kiwanis Fly-In, 208-245-7765

July 8 - WOODLAND, CA - Chapter 52 Hangar Breakfast, 916-744-1727

July 8 - FULTON, NY - Chapter 486 Pancake Breakfast at Oswego Cty Airport (FZY), 315-598-4EAA

July 8 - CHESANING, MI - Chapter 597 Dawn Patrol Pancake Breakfast, 517-845-6465

July 8 - MICHIGAN CITY, IN - Chapter 966 Pancake Breakfast, 219-872-9587

July 8 - HAYWARD, WI - Wild Rivers Composite Squadron sponsored Annual Fly-In Breakfast, 715-634-3246

July 8 - LYONS, OH - Newbury Airfield (280H) sponsored Fly-In Breakfast, 419-923-7662

July 8 - TWISP, WA - Fly-In Breakfast in conjunction with Show & Shine Car Rally, 509-997-3953

Young Eagles Rallies

July 1 - ADDISON, IL - Chapter 101 Young Eagle Rally at Schaumburg Regional Airport, 630-543-9213

July 7 - CHESANING, MI - Chapter 597 Young Eagle Day, 517-845-6465

EAA SportAir Workshops
Next Workshop: July 6-8, CORONA, CA
Topic: RV Assembly

July 13-15, GRIFFIN, GA
Topic: TIG Welding

See the complete schedule of upcoming SportAir Workshops.

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June 29, 2001   Volume 1, Number 2


Three weeks, five days to AirVenture Oshkosh 2001!

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News You Can Use ---

Young Eagle No. 700,000 Logged From Rally in Chico, Calif.

EAA's goal of one million Young Eagles flown by Dec. 17, 2003 is now more than 70 percent accomplished after Robert Morrison, 13, became the 700,000th Young Eagle entered into the world's largest logbook on June 25. 
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FAA Exemption Allows Experimental Rentals For Training, Flight Reviews

A new FAA exemption granted to EAA on June 18 allows owners of "crew training" and "exhibition" experimental aircraft to receive compensation from other pilots who need aircraft-specific transition training or bi-annual flight reviews.
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Sputnik Arrives: Another Aviation First Showcase At AirVenture Museum

EAA AirVenture Museum, Oshkosh, Wisconsin, opened a new three-month exhibit on June 26 featuring one of the original five Sputnik satellites from the former Soviet Union. Sputnik shocked the world when it was launched in 1957, kick-starting the Great Space Race between the U.S. and U.S.S.R.
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25th EAA Sport Aviation Art Contest Winners Now On Display

Winners have been announced in the 25th annual EAA Sport Aviation Art Competition, the world’s longest-running aviation art contest. Winning entries were formally presented at a special exhibition opening June 27 at AirVenture Museum’s Fergus Plaza, a display AirVenture visitors won't want to miss.
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Still Room For More Operation "Protect Our Planes" Volunteers

The Volunteer group responsible for making sure visitors follow AirVenture Oshkosh flightline and safety rules is still in need of people. If you would like to join the Protect Our Planes crew, contact us at protectourplanes@yahoo.com or 1-800-426-4800.

Armstrong Wins Silver For USA; Russian Pilots Take World Titles

Americans Robert Armstrong took the silver medal overall and David Martin captured the Freestyle gold while Russians Mikhail Mamistov and Svetlana Kapanina won the men's and women's overall titles at the the World Air Games Championships in Spain this week. For all the details, visit the USAF website.

Second Golden West Air Race Will Have To Wait Until 2002

Since the 2001 Golden West EAA Fly-In has been canceled, officials from Aircraft Spruce & Specialty have pulled the plug on the second annual Golden West Air Race, according to Jerry Aguilar, Marketing Director.

Young Eagle Flying To All 50 States
Kevin Gustafson, Long Beach, California, in in the process of flying to all 50 states promoting what got him started in aviation, the EAA Young Eagles program. Kevin, 19, plans to arrive in Oshkosh July 2 or 3. Part of his goal is to fly two Young Eagles in each state, as well as raise public awareness of the program. “I plan to donate my time and efforts to this project to help get other kids interested in aviation,” said Kevin, who earned his PPL at 16 and is a CFI. Read all about his progress as he makes his way across the country in his Cessna 172 Skyhawk at http://kidflights.com.

On The Flight Line ---

Biplane Expo/Tulsa Regional Fly-In Forced To Cancel Due To Construction Delays At Phillips Field
The sponsoring organizations of the 15th Annual Biplane Expo and 45th Annual Tulsa Regional Fly-In announced the cancellation of the combined aviation event, which was scheduled for September 21-22 at Frank Phillips Field, Bartlesville, Oklahoma.

A major taxiway construction project, which has been ongoing since late September 2000, has experienced extensive weather related delays through the fall and winter of 2000 and spring of 2001, said Chairman Charles W. Harris. The uncertainties and unpredictability of a completion date and related access to the airport taxiway, ramps, and general field parking areas necessitated the decision to cancel for September 2001.

The two events, both among the largest sport aviation gatherings in the United States, plan to again schedule in Bartlesville in 2002 on their traditional dates based on acceptable field conditions. For more information contact Harris at 918/622-8400.

SAIB Advises Owners To Check Vacuum Pumps Before IMC And IFR Flights
Many single- and twin-engine airplane owners recently received an FAA Special Airworthiness Information Bulletin (SAIB) advising inspection of their vacuum or pressure system before each Instrument Meteorological Conditions (IMC) or Instrument Flight Rules (IFR) flight. The SAIB was directed especially at owners of small airplanes certificated under CAR 3 or 14 CFR Part 23 which are powered by dual vacuum  or pressure sources and have Airborne Check Valve Manifold or Check Valve part numbers 1H5, 1H24 or 1H37 installed.

Parker Hannifin's Product Reference Memo No. 39 cites a potential "latent failure of their check valve which could lead to a dual vacuum or pressure system failure." The FAA recommends operators of airplanes with dual air sources that power attitude or directional gauges conduct a preflight check to verify proper operation of the gauges.

The FAA is also considering making these recommendation mandatory through rulemaking action. For the complete SAIB, visit the FAA website. 

Valley Engineering buys Culver Props, Will Keep Culver Name
Culver Props, which, ceased operations this past spring, has been purchased by Valley Engineering of Rolla, Missouri. Valley Engineering produces a re-drive used on many VW engine conversions.

After learning that Culver Props had stopped doing business, Valley owners Gene and Larry Smith, Smiths contacted Culver owner Dave Miller and purchased the inventory, design rights, and the Culver Prop name. Operations are being relocated to their facility in Missouri. Valley Engineering is located at 19975 County Road 8280, Rolla, Missouri, 65401. Phone: 573/762-2882.

Q & A: Question of the Week

To EAA Government and Industry Relations:
I am working on my instrument rating. Here's my question:
How should I log my time if:
- I fly with an instrument-rated safety pilot (not a CFII) who files an IFR flight plan. 
- During the IFR flight, I fly the airplane in IMC.

I have asked several CFII's and get varied answers. Can I log the time as Actual Instrument time, but not PIC?  - Via e-mail

Sean Elliott, President of the National Association of Flight Instructors, responds:
"Your question about logging of actual instrument time relates back to your ability to fly the aircraft in IMC conditions without a CFII on board. You cannot legally fly the aircraft in IMC. Your "safety pilot" would in fact be pilot in command and would be the only one logging any time. At that point, you are a passenger. The only time you can legally manipulate the flight controls in IMC conditions is with a qualified CFII sitting next to you."

Hope this helps.
Sean Elliott 

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