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EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2001, July 24-30!

July 23, 2001   Volume 1, Number 6 |

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The Latest News From Oshkosh ---

Welcome to EAA AirVenture Oshkosh, Aviation Firsts


To all EAA members, visitors, exhibitors, air show performers and, of course, our wonderful volunteers, welcome to AirVenture Oshkosh, the 49th EAA convention and weeklong celebration of flight.

Volunteers Prepare for AirVenture Oshkosh 2001

Norma Gerber is one of the hundreds of EAA members who have arrived at Wittman Field long before the fly-in starts to help get things ready. Norma arrived yesterday, but her husband, Gary, has already been here a week.

It’s Great to be a Kid at KidVenture

KidVenture, sponsored by Nesquik, opens its third year at AirVenture on Wednesday. Adjacent to the EAA Museum and Aviation Center complex, KidVenture offers supervised, hands-on activities for kids of all ages, each with an aviation theme. 

EAA’s Countdown to Kitty Hawk

On December 17, 2003, the birth of aviation will be recreated at Kitty Hawk through EAA’s Countdown To Kitty Hawk celebration.

EAA Improves Educational Aviation Campus

The Experimental Aircraft Association took another significant step toward creating an educational aviation campus with the construction of two forum pavilions and two workshop pavilions this year.

The Magic of Hot Air Ballooning

Ballooning is the oldest form of flight. Long before the Wright brothers’ famous first powered flight on December 17, 1903, man floated among the clouds in a balloon.

Federal Pavilion Hosts U.S. and Canadian Agencies

Again this year, numerous government agencies from Canada and the United States have grouped their informational efforts at Federal Pavilion, right on the flight line just north of the FAA Control Tower and next to the new Countdown to Kitty Hawk Pavilion.

EAA Air Academy Goes to 'Cali'
The EAA Air Academy is going on the road, holding its first-ever satellite school at Flabob Airport in California.
Happy Birthday, Amelia
July 24, opening day of AirVenture Oshkosh 2001, is also the birthday of a very important person in aviation history: Amelia Earhart, pioneer who inspired millions of women and girls, was born on July 24, 1897.
EAA Won’t Be the Same Without "Yellow 2"
Vic Goyke, the former chief of security at EAA, died on July 3 after a long battle with cancer. He was 74. Best known for his "Yellow 2" radio call sign, Goyke worked at EAA for 31 years, including 28 years as chief of security.
The Fate of Chicago’s Meigs Field Remains Uncertain
Downtown Chicago’s lakefront airport is slated to close in February 2002. But as that date draws nearer, the fate of Meigs Field becomes less certain and the tale more tangled.
Volunteer Group is Charged to "Protect Our Planes"
When venturing onto the AirVenture flight line, visitors should be aware of EAA’s established safety rules designed for their protection and that of airplane owners and their aircraft. A new volunteer effort, Operation: Protect Our Planes, was created this year to help heighten awareness of these rules.
EAA Plans Sport Pilot Center
With the proposed Sport Pilot/Light Sport Airplane rule looming on the horizon, recreational aviation is poised for significant growth. Expectations are that the number of new Sport Pilots—as well as those returning to aviation—will create widespread interest in this new category of flying.
Ultralights Remain at the Essence of Flight
Because it is flying at its most elemental level, ultralight flight remains one of the popular and growing segments of sport aviation, and there’s no sign of that changing, according to Chazz Humphrey, chairman of the AirVenture Ultralight area.
Vision of Eagles Provides Aviation Opportunities For Youth
A national spokesman and a new collaborative effort with NASA should help EAA’s Vision of Eagles initiative fly even higher in its quest to promote aviation among today’s youth.
X-15: For Real Speed Freaks
X-15 . . . Its very name sounds like something out of the pulp science fiction of the 1930s. Its true story is just as exciting. It was the fastest airplane ever—a record that still stands 34 years later—and was the first airplane to reach outer space. It paved the way for spacecraft and space flights to follow, from the Mercury program to the Space Shuttle and beyond.
Women’s Flight Makes Second AirVenture Landing
Even though the number of participants for the second women’s flight into AirVenture was down from the first year, the energy level was as high as ever. The energetic group of 14 women flew into Wittman Regional Airport Saturday afternoon as the second annual "Chick’s Flight."
Exhibitors Start Early to Tame Chaos
On early Sunday morning, the space between the exhibitor buildings is reminiscent of a distribution center, with semitrailers scattered in odd places and forklifts buzzing around. Many pilots begin their journeys to AirVenture several days before convention begins, but many exhibitors have journeys that start long before AirVenture as well.
Two Grand Prize Winners in Young Eagles Jaguar Raffle
Organizers of this year’s Young Eagles Jaguar raffle will give away two luxury automobiles on the final day of AirVenture Oshkosh.
Everyone Wins in the EAA Aviation Foundation Sweepstakes
Contributing to the EAA Aviation Foundation sweepstakes makes you a winner by supporting its preservation of aviation’s rich, colorful heritage through the AirVenture Museum, Pioneer Airport, and the EAA B-17; its education programs for people of all ages; and its research that brings innovations to recreational aviation.
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