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EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2001, July 24-30!

July 30, 2001   Volume 1, Number 13 |

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The Latest News From Oshkosh ---

Golden Anniversary EAA Convention


As this special week draws to a close, the focus has begun to shift to next year and the 50th gathering of aviation enthusiasts from around the world: EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2002.

Yeager Flies Make-A-Wish Kids

With noses pressed to the windows, fingers in their ears, eyes wide open, and mouths chewing gum with abandon, four special children took to the skies in a special flight Saturday.

Follow the Leader and Save Fuel

A graceful vee of geese flying overhead is far more than an expression of natural aesthetics; the follower geese each derive energy from the flowfield generated by the goose ahead in the stepped formation. The result for the individual birds is a lower induced drag, allowing a reduction in the energy required to maintain a given speed. The formation can fly farther before resting or use less energy per bird than can geese flying solo.

Remembering Those Who’ve Made Their Final Flight

In his opening comments to the crowd gathered for the dedication of names added to EAA’s Memorial Wall in 2001, Greg Anderson, vice president of the EAA Aviation Foundation, said, “Like you, I have friends and a father on the wall. Let’s use the power of the emotion we feel here today to extend what they did in life to generations to come.” 

Sen. Inhofe Keeps EAAers  Informed

Today will probably is the last time you will get to see Delmar Benjamin’s Gee Bee at AirVenture, where it is scheduled to fly in today’s air show. Benjamin said Saturday that when the aircraft leaves Oshkosh at the end of this year’s convention, it will go to Germany for two weeks and then to Japan for another two weeks. A 747 will carry the craft to Europe and Asia. Then, if all goes well, the historic re-creation will head for the Smithsonian Institution in Washington.

Tiger Roaring Again

After the first time in nearly a decade, the keys to a brand new Tiger were passed on to a proud owner here at AirVenture.

Sikorsky Museum Exhibit Celebrates Facelift
EAA officials were on hand Saturday afternoon to rededicate a familiar exhibit in the AirVenture Museum — the Johnson Wax Carnuba exhibit featuring half of a Sikorsky S-38 replica and detailing the use of this aircraft by the Johnson Wax Company in the late 1930s.
Leading Edge Aviation Imaging
Imagine you’re at your favorite place. Now turn around in a complete circle to get that 360-degree picture. Do you see the trees, the bridge, the mallard ducks landing on the pond? You no longer have to go to your favorite place to experience the sights and sounds; you just have to log on to your computer.
AirVenture Attendees Share Round-the-World Balloon Flight
Bertrand Piccard was flying over the Gulf of Mexico when his balloon was ejected from the Gulf Stream. With just four of the 32 fuel tanks left, he was worried, very worried, that his round-the-world trip would fail — again.
First NACA Aircraft at AirVenture
Greg Herrick likes to say there’s a direct link from the space shuttle back to the 1928 Fairchild FC-2W2 cabin monoplane he brought to AirVenture this year. While researching this Golden Age jewel, Herrick discovered its pedigree included ownership by the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics (NACA), the forerunner of NASA. 
Fresh-Baked Donuts a Favorite AirVenture Tradition
If you’re one of the AirVenture dawn patrol, one of those early risers who beats the crowds by heading to the field early in the day, then you probably know about Bill Stiedemann and his fresh-baked donuts. Or, if you don’t know, you should.
EAA’s Answer Man Retiring
If you are at an EAA event and you hear someone in a gentle Danish accent begin to tell a joke about Swedes Ole and Lena, chances are you are in the presence of Norm Petersen. A seasoned pilot, experienced airplane builder, and accomplished aviation writer, Norm is retiring in October after 20 years of service with EAA. Although his Ole and Lena jokes are legendary, Norm is best known for his many articles about vintage aircraft and seaplanes in EAA’s many publications.
Turning a Curse Into a Gift
Pete Feigal says that his affliction with multiple sclerosis has been the greatest gift he ever got. It opened doors that might never have opened for him. Among other things, it made him an artist whose airplane prints and T-shirts are popular at AirVenture. 
The Party’s Over
There have been times when final award winning aircraft at AirVenture were determined by mere thousandths of a point. Considering that an aircraft in the custombuilt categories can receive up to 90 points and may have been judged by 13 different judges, final average scores that close indicate how difficult it is to select a winner from among the fine examples represented here on the field.
Born to Fly
Betty Jo Reed believes flying was a part of her since the day she was born. To her it was inevitable that she would pilot airplanes. The Women Air Service Pilot (WASP) program during World War II gave her that chance.
It’s a Big SUV
“It’s a big SUV,” said Garrett Gruener of Oakland, Calif., as he breakfasted in the shade of his big Pilatus PC-12. Tents were pitched beneath the wings.
Electric Airplane to be Powered by Fuel Cells
A two-place aircraft powered by an electric motor is under development by the nonprofit Foundation for Advancing Science and Technology Education (FASTec). Eventually, the “E-Plane” will be powered by hydrogen fuel cells driving an electric motor, with batteries for surge power and emergency power. 
Where Else Can You See This 
It’s always difficult to know how many examples remain of a particular airplane type. For example, the FAA’s registration database shows 20 Spartan Executives, of which AirVenture attendees had a chance to see six of the remaining examples this week. But the actual number certainly is less. It is not mandatory to remove an airplane from the registry when it is destroyed or otherwise made unflyable.
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