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This Week's Activities

August 11-12 - CHIPPEWA, PA - 16th Annual Beaver County Airshow, 724-846-9922

August 11-12 - MAYVILLE, NY - Dart Airport sponsored Soaring Weekend, 716-753-2160

August 12 - WOODLAND, CA- Chapter 52 Hangar Breakfast, 916-744-1727

August 12 - FULTON, NY - Chapter 486 Pancake Breakfast at Oswego Cty Airport (FZY), 315-598-4EAA

August 12 - SANDUSKY, OH - Chapter 50 Fly-In Breakfast at Griffings Airport (SKY), 440-967-6284
August 12 - NOBLESVILLE, IN - Chapter 67 Fly-In Breakfast, 317-773-5298
August 12 - FAIRMONT, WV - Chapter 842 Aviation Day
August 12 - AUBURN, IN - Hoosier Warbird Fly-In at DeKalb County Airport, 219-457-5924
August 12 - LAPEER, MI - Chapter 1303 & DuPont-Lapeer Airport (D95) sponsored Annual Pancake Breakfast Fly-In, 810-664-6966
August 12 - LAKE ELMO, MN - Chapter 54 Annual Aviation Day Fly-In, 651-730-8574
August 12 - MENDOTA, IL - Chapter 263 Fly-In Breakfast at Grampa’s Airport
August 17-19 - ALLIANCE, OH - Ohio Aeronca Aviators Fly-In at Alliance-Barber Airport (2D1), 216-932-3475
August 17-19 - GLENS FALLS, NY - Chapter 353 Third Annual “EAA Northeast 2001 Fly-In,” at Floyd Bennett Memorial Airport, 518-793-1308
August 17-19 - VANCOUVER, WA - 42nd Annual Evergreen Antique Airplane Fly-In at Evergreen Field, 503-640-7610
August 17-19 - ALBANY, OR - Wah Chang Northwest Art & Air Festival, 541-926-9477
August 18 - HUNTSVILLE, AL - Chapter 190 Breakfast at Moontown Airport (3M5) 256-880-8136
August 18 - POWELL, WY - Wings & Wheels Fly-In at (POY), 307-754-5583
August 18 - ANDERSON, IN - Chapter 226 & the Highland HS Band sponsored Fly-In Breakfast
August 18 - SPEARFISH, SD - Chapter 806 Eighteenth Annual Fly-In, 605-642-0277
August 18-19 - EASTPORT, MI - Torchport Airpark sponsored Annual Fly-In/Camp, 800-613-8311
August 18-19 - PAINTED POST, NY - Chapter 533 Fly-In Breakfast at Elmira-Corning Regional Airport (ELM), 607-962-1210
August 18-19 - RACINE, WI - AeroElectric sponsored Weekend Seminar on Electrical Systems, 316-685-8617
August 18-19 - CARROLLTON, OH - Ultralight Chapter 96 Fly-In, 740-922-2228
August 19 - DAYTON, OH - Chapter 48 Fly-In Breakfast at Moraine Airpark, 937-291-1225
August 19 - CAMBRIDGE, OH - Chapter 928 Fly-In Lunch, 740-432-4123
August 19 - BOYCEVILLE, WI - Boyceville Booster Club sponsored Pancake Breakfast Fly-In, 715-643-3324
August 19 - MONONA, IA - Chapter 368 Pancake Breakfast Fly-In
August 19 - LAPORTE, IN - LaPorte Aero Club sponsored Annual Fly-In Breakfast, 219-362-2016
August 19 - MANKATO, MN - Chapter 642 Annual Fly-In Breakfast, 507-387-2446
August 19 - PONTIAC, IL - Chapter 129 & Pontiac Flying Service sponsored 2nd Annual Pancake Fly-In Breakfast, 815-842-2707
August 19 - WAUNAKEE, WI - Waunakee Airport Pilots Assoc. sponsored Fly-In Breakfast, 608-849-7543
August 19 - MT STERLING, KY - Chapter 1227 Fly-In Breakfast/Airshow, 859-498-1000

EAA SportAir Workshops
Next Workshop:
AUGUST 17-19, 2001, OSHKOSH, WI
Topic: RV Assembly

See the complete schedule of upcoming SportAir Workshops.
Photo of the Month

You can place the magnificent Vickers Vimy, which graced  AeroShell Square at AirVenture this year, on your desktop. Simply download it from the EAA website.

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News You Can Use ---

Grassroots Gatherings Scheduled For September 12-13

EAA President & CEO Tom Poberezny will hold a pair of "Grassroots Gatherings" sessions next month, on September 12 in Columbus, Ohio, and on September 13 in Indianapolis.
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Another year of growth and excitement for KidVenture


KidVenture keeps getting better every year, and this past AirVenture was no exception. More participants, more volunteers and, most importantly, more exciting activities added up to an extremely successful third year.
(read more)

New SportAir Workshop Helps Builders Prepare For Test Flight

EAA SportAir Workshops will launch a new offering this fall aimed at preparing students for first flights in their building or restoration projects.
(read more)

Pioneer Airport Takes Center Stage September 8-9

Mark September 8-9 on your calendars for a very special event at a very special place. EAA will demonstrate and display many of its classic, vintage, and Golden Age aircraft and at the perfect venue – AirVenture Museum's Pioneer Airport.
(read more)

Always use caution with telephone solicitors

Several AirVenture visitors have called EAA to report being telephoned by a travel/vacation services company that exhibited at AirVenture 2001 which has claimed to be EAA-sanctioned. EAA Tours and Travel of Chicago is the only firm EAA partners with for travel services.
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Charles Nichols, Meigs Field Tuskegee Airman, passes away

Just nine days after receiving the Phillips 66 Civilian Aviation Leadership Award at AirVenture Oshkosh, Charles “Nick” Nichols, member of the Chicago "DODO" Chapter of Tuskegee Airmen, passed away.
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On The Flight Line ---
Flabob, EAA Air Academy To Hold Programs For Middle School Students
The Wathen Foundation and EAA Air Air Academy will conduct Discover Flight sessions next week aimed at increasing math and science skills through the study of aviation. Children entering 7th grade are invited to Flabob Airport, 4130 Mennes Ave., Riverside, California, from Aug. 15-18 and those entering 8th grade from Aug. 19-22. (Weekdays from 8 a.m.-4 p.m. and Saturday/Sunday from 8 a.m.-12 noon.) Learn by doing ... rocket flight ... navigation ... aircraft wood and sheet metal work ... model building ... and more.
Registration fee is $10 (scholarships available). For more information, contact Flabob Airport at 909-683-2389.

Aerosance, Vision Microsystems To Put FADEC Engine Data in GA Cockpits
Aerosance, Inc. and Vision Micro Systems (VMS) have successfully completed a cooperative development program that will make Vision Micro Systems’ state-of-the-art VM1000 digital engine monitoring display available for PowerLink™ Full Authority Digital Engine Control (FADEC)-equipped aircraft.
Known as the VM1000FX, the system is available as an upgrade kit to owners of the standard VM1000. Owners of the VM1000 can send their system into VMS for upgrading during the downtime while their engine is converted to PowerLink's FADEC. Pricing for the conversion has not been established.
Aerosance will also offer the VM1000FX for new PowerLink FADEC engines. Because some elements included in the standard VM1000 are already installed in PowerLink FADEC systems, the cost of a new VM1000FX will actually be less than the standard unit. Additionally, VM1000FX adds the unique display of percent power calculated accurately by the PowerLink FADEC. For more information, visit www.fadec.com.
Sky Fair 2001 Expected to Attract Thousands
Organizers of Elko, Nevada's fifth annual Sky Fair 2001 expect in excess of 5,000 people at this year's event, which takes place Saturday, August 25, 8 a.m.-4 p.m. at the Elko Regional Airport (EKO). In 2000, 5,000 people turned out for the event, according to Chairman Norm Rockwell, "and we're expecting that and many more this year," he said. Features include vintage airplanes, military aircraft, homebuilts, ultralights and flight demonstrations. EAA Chapter 1135 plans a pancake breakfast from 8-11 a.m., plus there will be food vendors throughout the day. Admission is free, but there is a $2 charge for parking. Other sponsors for the event include the City of Elko, Civil Air Patrol and KRJC Radio. For more information, contact Stacey Sawyer at 775-738-9895, ext. 110, or stacey@krjc.com.

Tiger Roaring Again
The keys to a brand new Tiger were handed to a new owner for the first time in nearly a decade at AirVenture 2001. Bob Crowley, CEO of Tiger Aircraft, handed them to Herb Hortman of Hortman Aviation.
Essentially the same aircraft as the formerly Grumman-built Tiger, the new Tiger offers key improvements like a standard comprehensive IFR panel and leather interior. The new paint scheme, including extensive corrosion control treatments, was designed just for the Tiger.
“The Tiger is an amazingly popular airplane,” Crowley said, noting that three more aircraft were ordered at Oshkosh for a total of 41 aircraft. “We’re planning on ramping up to produce twenty by the end of this year. In 2002, we’re planning on approximately 1.5 a week, or seventy or so a year, possibly as many as ninety, depending upon the economy and the demand.” Tiger Aircraft is headquartered in Martinsburg, WV.
Warranty on a new Tiger includes spinner to tail coverage for the first year, including the first annual, and two more years of airframe coverage by Tiger. Manufacturer warranties also apply to engine, avionics, and other components. 
Purchasers of a new Tiger will receive private pilot flight training, or instrument training if they’re already private pilots. The flight training is offered through Tiger sales centers.
For more information, call 800-80-TIGER or visit www.tigeraircraft.com.
BRS Records Four More "Saves" For A Total Of 138
Ballistic Recovery Systems, manufacturer of parachute systems that lower aircraft to the ground in the event of an in-flight emergency, announced that its systems saved four more people in recent months. On May 23, an ultralight pilot in Germany suffered a catastrophic structural failure and escaped thanks to deployment of his BRS. On June 23, Wallace Clark's BRS deployed when his aircraft developed engine trouble shortly after takeoff. On July 4, two people emerged unscathed thanks to their BRS when the wing failed on a biplane they were flying. BRS has delivered more than 15,000 parachute systems on both certified and recreational and experimental aircraft. For more information, visit www.brsparachutes.com.

Q & A: Question of the Week

To EAA Government and Industry Relations:
Dear EAA,
Please forgive my ignorance in the sport pilot matter, but my aviation experience is limited to 10.1 hours in a C-150 in 1973.
Recently, I have begun to seriously consider flying lessons again. Money is a very real constraint in this issue, and I thought the sport pilot license would be the compromise I needed as a "plateau" on the way to a private pilot license. I see a problem with the sport pilot license, and I hope it's only a case of flawed logic. I am now seeing that a Catch-22 situation is brewing here: it appears that, if I want a sport pilot license, I will need lessons (that's a given). Now, forgive me if I'm wrong, but about the only aircraft most FBOs have available as trainers are C-152s, which, at 1670 lbs., exceed the total gross weight limit for a sport pilot, right? Even if an exception is made for (sport) student pilots to use the C-152, what good would it do if I can't rent it after I'm licensed?
Even if I owned a homebuilt (which I don't - yet) to take lessons in that meets the weight, seat, and speed limit of the sport aircraft category, didn't I read that it is illegal to take lessons in an experimental aircraft? Are all sport pilot candidates supposed to scour aviation junkyards for old Piper J-3s to restore and recertify to take lessons in? What am I not getting here? Is it not a fact that sport pilots can only fly sport category planes? And if so, what good is a sport pilot license to someone unless they own a sport category aircraft? Please explain. I thought the whole purpose of the sport license was to get more pilots in the air.  - Via e-mail

You are right in the fact that currently all FBOs use training aircraft (C-150, C-172, etc.) that exceed the Sport Light Aircraft weight limit of 1,232 maximum gross weight. That's because the FAA rule on Sport Pilot and the Sport Light Aircraft does not exist yet. We hope that the FAA will publish the proposed rule for public comment very soon (within 2-3 weeks), then the public will have 90 days to comment on the proposed rule, then the FAA will have 180 to publish a final rule (with an effective date of 2 -3 months later) or cancel the whole proposal. If all goes as hoped, within the FAA, the new FAA Sport Pilot rule should be final and usable in the June/July 2002 timeframe.
When finally issued as a final rule, it will allow aircraft manufacturers to produce Sport Light Aircraft which can be used by FBOs for both flight training and rental. 
But until the final Sport Pilot and Sport Light Aircraft rule is approved and published - I would advise against spending too much time in junk yards looking for Piper J-3 cubs, unless you are looking for a aviation project to restore to original condition as a side project. The proposed Sport Light Aircraft rule will also allow you to buy a factory-completed Sport Light Aircraft for about the same price as your junkyard J-3.

As far as the experimental home-built aircraft training issue - it has never been illegal to train in these aircraft. What has never been authorized is taking flight training during the initial flight testing period. As the owner of an experimental amateur-built aircraft you have always been authorized by the FAA to take flight lessons in your own aircraft.
And finally, you are right. If you only hold a Sport Pilot license you can only fly aircraft that fall within the Sport Light Aircraft limitations. However that limitation goes away when you obtain higher Pilot Certificates (recreational, private, etc.), which this new proposed rule is promoting.

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