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August 24-25 - COFFEYVILLE, KS - 24th Annual Funk Aircraft Owners Assn. Fly-In, 302-674-5350
August 24-25 - JAMESTOWN, ND - “Air Ganza 2001” Airshow, 701-252-6466 jmsairport@daktel.com
August 24-26 - SUSSEX, NJ - Sussex Airshow, 973-875-7337
August 24-25 - MATTOON, IL - 5th Annual MTO Luscombe Fly-In, 217-234-8720
August 25 - INDEPENDENCE, OR - Chapter 292 Open House, 503-364-3236
August 25 - Salem, IN - Washington County Pilots Assn sponsored Breakfast Gathering, 812-883-5858
August 25 - BELOIT- JANESVILLE, WI - Chapter 60 Annual Pig Roast Fly-In, at the Beloit Airport (44C), 608-752-9859.
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August 25 - ST STEPHEN, NEW BRUNSWICK, CANADA - International Air Show
August 25 - ELKO, NV - Chapter 1135 & City of Elko sponsored “Sky Fair 01,” 775-738-7379
August 25 - ROSEBURG, OR - Chapter 495 Second Annual Wings & Wheels Fly-In, 541-673-5804
August 25 - MEXICO, MO - Zenith Aircraft Company’s Tenth Annual Open Hangar Day, 573-581-9000
August 25 - DURAND, WI - Chapter 919 & 1258 Chippewa Valley Airport (WI25) Fly-In, 507-452-6235
August 25 - BORGER, TX - High “Planes” of Texas Airshow, 806-274-7857
August 25 - MINDEN, NE - Chapter 1091 with Nebraska Antique Airplane Assoc. sponsored Annual Fly-In, 308-236-5892
August 25 - EUGENE, OR - Chapter 31 Second Annual Eugene Area Fly-In
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August 25-26 - CAMARILLO, CA - Chapter 723 Camarillo Air Show
August 25-26 - CINCINNATI, OH - Warbird Squadron 18 Lunkenfest hosts EAA B-17, 513-621-9292
August 25-26 - SOUTH BEND, ID - Chapter 132 Pancake Breakfast/Skyfest Airshow, 616-699-7725
August 25-26 - EAST LIVERMORE, ME - 15th Annual Bowman Field Fly-In, 207-897-5104
August 25-26 - FRANKLIN, PA - Chapter 988 Western Pennsylvania Fly-In & Family Fun Day, 814-432-5333
August 26 - CUMBERLAND, MD - Chapter 426 Fly-In Breakfast, 814-356-3773
August 26 - EBENSBURG, PA - Chapter 1305 Fly-In Corn Boil, 814-344-8185
August 26 - ROCHELLE, IL - Bresson Flying Service sponsored Fly-In/Drive-In, 815-562-4617
August 26 - BURLINGTON, WI - Burlington Municipal Airport sponsored Pancake Breakfast, 262-248-8748

Young Eagles Rally
August 25 - CARTERSVILLE, GA - Chapter 268 Fly-In Breakfast/Young Eagle Rally, 770-529-9023

EAA SportAir Workshops
Next Workshops:
AUGUST 24-26, 2001, GRIFFIN, GA
TIG Welding

Fabric Covering, Composite Construction, Introduction to Aircraft Building, Sheet Metal, and What's Involved in Kitbuilding? 

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August 17, 2001   Volume 1, Number 16


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Tom Poberezny Asks For Secretary's, Administrator's Personal Intervention on Sport Pilot

EAA President and AirVenture Chairman Tom Poberezny made personal appeals to both Secretary of Transportation Norman Mineta, and FAA Administrator Jane Garvey to help keep the sport pilot NPRM moving forward.
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Weather, Fatigue End Steve Fossett’s Record Balloon Flight


After a record 12,615 miles flown over the past 12 days, 10 hours, EAAer and member of the EAA President’s Council Steve Fossett aborted his attempt to fly solo, non-stop, around the world in the hot-air balloon "Solo Spirit" early Friday morning. "There comes a point, when even by ' round-the-world balloonist standards, the risks just seem too high, and I think as Steve looked out at three solid days hanging in balloon flying through a front over the Atlantic, he just decided that point had come," said Joe Ritchie, Solo Spirit mission control director. "I think if a 'round- the- world balloonist decides the risks are too high, then us normal mortals would surely agree."
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Chapter Leadership Workshop Scheduled at EAA Headquarters on Oct. 6

Would you like to gain some terrific pointers on how to improve your Chapter? The EAA Chapter Leadership Workshop slated for October 6 at EAA headquarters will provide invaluable information for Chapter leaders and others.
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Noted Designer/Author/Forum Presenter Seeks Help From EAA Homebuilders

Dan Raymer, author of Aircraft Design: A Conceptual Approach and a regular AirVenture Forums presenter, is looking for information regarding the weight of aircraft components, so he’s appealing to the source: EAA Homebuilders.
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On The Flight Line ---

Champion Launches New Igniter
Champion Aerospace, Inc., manufacturers and marketers of Champion aviation ignition systems and components, has released its new CFM56 igniter—the CH31900-6 (CFM P/N 1374M13P11). This new igniter features several design improvements that allow the igniter terminal to run cooler, including: a reversed telescope insulator design directs hot air away from the terminal area and toward the firing end tip; the P3 air vent hole is downsized to .035", so the reducing hot air volume by more than half; and the igniter's electrode material is now made of Kovar, a nickel and iron alloy with reduced thermal conductivity. The firing end tip has Champion’s patented six iridium pin ground electrodes, as well as an iridium center electrode. Both insulators remain the only aviation grade ceramic insulators available today. The new igniters are available through authorized Champion Air Transport distributors.
GAMA Criticizes Judge's Decision
A decision last week by a U.S. District Court Judge in Ft. Myers, Florida dismissed a lawsuit brought by the National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) and the General Aviation Manufacturers Association (GAMA) against the City of Naples Airport Authority. The lawsuit concerned a ban on the operation of smaller Stage 2 jet aircraft at the Naples Municipal Airport. 
Despite the judge’s ruling, the FAA could still pursue administrative remedies against the airport. The agency had previously communicated its concern to the airport that federal grant assurances and other requirements might be violated by the airport’s Stage 2 ban.
“The court’s decision could mean the airport will be closed to an entire class of users,” said GAMA President Ed Bolen. “At a time when runway capacity is front-page news, we ought to be working together to expand the nation’s aviation capacity, not restrict it.”

Production of F-22 Raptors Approved By Pentagon
The Pentagon said Wednesday it has given the Air Force the go-ahead to begin the first production run of F-22 Raptors, the stealth fighter meant to replace the F-15. The decision, which had been in doubt for months, includes an Air Force pledge to put an additional $5.4 billion into the program, reflecting projected cost increases, Defense Department officials said. 
The total F-22 program cost is about $60 billion for 295 planes. The Air Force had planned to build 339 of the planes, including several test aircraft, but under a revised plan it will build fewer unless it can show during the initial phase of production that the per-plane cost is lower than the Pentagon's estimate.

Friends of Crested Butte Airport Plan Safety Seminar
A Fly-in and Safety Seminar will be held at the Crested Butte (Colorado) Airport (3V6) on Saturday, August 25, sponsored by the Friends Of The Crested Butte Airport, Inc. A public use airport built in 1975, the majority of the flights operating there are medical evacuations.
The “Friends” was formed after the county announced plans to shorten the runway by approximately 500 feet to “improve flight safety.” The Gunnison County Commissioners also decided to restrict the usage of the airport to a maximum of fifteen local pilots.
Because of the high airport elevation of almost 9000 feet (above Mean Sea Level), and the thin air, any shortening of the runway would instead greatly decrease flight safety and create a constant safety hazard. Several pilots filed a complaint against County decisions.
The Friends Of The Crested Butte Airport is promoting flight safety and community awareness with youth programs. The group also conducted an AirVenture forum this past year, “Saving a Mt. Airport From Closure.” Crested Butte is a small resort town between Gunnison and Aspen Colorado. For more information, e-mail

Q & A: Question of the Week

To EAA Government and Industry Relations:
Maybe old age is getting to me, but wasn't there an agreement between the FAA and EAA that the FAA would not conduct ramp checks during Young Eagle activities? We had a event scheduled this past weekend in conjunction with a Balloon Fest. A local FSDO airworthiness inspector came out Friday evening and ramped all of the airplanes. He returned Saturday and ramped those airplanes that were not present Friday during the activities. I thought there was an agreement not to conduct such inspections during public activities.  - Via e-mail

The answer to your question is no--EAA does not have an agreement with the FAA dealing with ramp checks during EAA Young Eagles activities. That said, the EAA Young Eagles event is a volunteer effort to provide free first-flight experiences to youths in the hope to expand their horizons. As such, this program relies on pilots volunteering their personal time and aircraft, and we (EAA and FAA HQ's) know from past experiences that the public "fear" (founded or unfounded) of ramp checks will severely reduce the number of pilots who return for future such events within the area managed by the FSDO doing the ramp checks. 
While EAA does not have an agreement with the FAA covering ramp checks, we did assist in the development of Change 16 to FAA Order 8700.1, Chapter 50 - which covers ramp checks during aviation events. Basically, Chapter 50, paragraph 5a(2), states the "scope of the surveillance conducted on performers will be determined by the FSDO Manager." The key to this statement is the word "performers." In most of these cases, volunteer Young Eagles pilots are not considered performers, but the balloon operators would be and they would be subject to the FSDO surveillance (ramp checks).
Chapter 50, paragraph 5a(2) also states that "under no circumstances should these gatherings (balloon fests, etc.) be targeted for a blanket sweep inspection (e.g., ramp checks) of spectator airmen and aircraft." FAA Safety Inspectors work under the guidance of their manager, who is charged with setting the scope of who and what gets inspected at these types of aviation events and for ensuring his FAA Safety Inspectors promote a positive image of the FAA in order to "earn the confidence of attending and participating airmen" (Chapter 50, paragraph 5a(1)&(3)). Chapter 50, paragraph 5a(4) does allow FSDO Inspectors to take immediate and appropriate action to resolve safety issues and situations that they observe during the event.
Another part of Chapter 50 (paragraph 5a(1)) "encourages FAA Safety Inspectors to establish early contact with the sponsors and organizers of the aviation event so that informal and Aviation Safety Program activities can be planned to serve attendees." And finally, Chapter 50, paragraph 7c(2)(i) states "Inspectors must obtain the permission of the aircraft owner/operator before entering any aircraft."
The bottom line in all the above discussion is that the FAA FSDO Manager, the designated representative and the event sponsors must work together to ensure the safety and the enthusiasm of the event and the public who attend the event.

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