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August 24-25 - COFFEYVILLE, KS - 24th Annual Funk Aircraft Owners Assn. Fly-In, 302-674-5350
August 24-25 - JAMESTOWN, ND - “Air Ganza 2001” Airshow, 701-252-6466 jmsairport@daktel.com
August 24-26 - SUSSEX, NJ - Sussex Airshow, 973-875-7337
August 24-25 - MATTOON, IL - 5th Annual MTO Luscombe Fly-In, 217-234-8720
August 25 - INDEPENDENCE, OR - Chapter 292 Open House, 503-364-3236
August 25 - Salem, IN - Washington County Pilots Assn sponsored Breakfast Gathering, 812-883-5858
August 25 - BELOIT- JANESVILLE, WI - Chapter 60 Annual Pig Roast Fly-In, at the Beloit Airport (44C), 608-752-9859.
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August 25 - ST STEPHEN, NEW BRUNSWICK, CANADA - International Air Show
August 25 - ELKO, NV - Chapter 1135 & City of Elko sponsored “Sky Fair 01,” 775-738-7379
August 25 - ROSEBURG, OR - Chapter 495 Second Annual Wings & Wheels Fly-In, 541-673-5804
August 25 - MEXICO, MO - Zenith Aircraft Company’s Tenth Annual Open Hangar Day, 573-581-9000
August 25 - DURAND, WI - Chapter 919 & 1258 Chippewa Valley Airport (WI25) Fly-In, 507-452-6235
August 25 - BORGER, TX - High “Planes” of Texas Airshow, 806-274-7857
August 25 - MINDEN, NE - Chapter 1091 with Nebraska Antique Airplane Assoc. sponsored Annual Fly-In, 308-236-5892
August 25 - EUGENE, OR - Chapter 31 Second Annual Eugene Area Fly-In
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August 25 - SALEM, IN - Washington County Pilots Association Fly-in Breakfast at the Salem Municipal Airport, I83. 812-755-4541 or 812-883-4624 or the Airport at 812-883-5858.
August 25-26 - CAMARILLO, CA - Chapter 723 Camarillo Air Show
August 25-26 - CINCINNATI, OH - Warbird Squadron 18 Lunkenfest hosts EAA B-17, 513-621-9292
August 25-26 - SOUTH BEND, ID - Chapter 132 Pancake Breakfast/Skyfest Airshow, 616-699-7725
August 25-26 - EAST LIVERMORE, ME - 15th Annual Bowman Field Fly-In, 207-897-5104
August 25-26 - FRANKLIN, PA - Chapter 988 Western Pennsylvania Fly-In & Family Fun Day, 814-432-5333
August 26 - CUMBERLAND, MD - Chapter 426 Fly-In Breakfast, 814-356-3773
August 26 - EBENSBURG, PA - Chapter 1305 Fly-In Corn Boil, 814-344-8185
August 26 - ROCHELLE, IL - Bresson Flying Service sponsored Fly-In/Drive-In, 815-562-4617
August 26 - BURLINGTON, WI - Burlington Municipal Airport sponsored Pancake Breakfast, 262-248-8748
August 31-Sept 1 - FRESNO, CA - Chapter 376 End ’O Summer Fly-In (Q60), 800-245-2655
August 31-Sept. 2 - PROSSER WA - Chapter 391 Eighteenth Annual Labor Day Weekend Fly-In, 509-735-1664
August 31-Sept 3 - SILVER CITY, MT - Chapter 85, Montana Ultra Fun Flyers & Big Sky Flight sponsored Labor Day Fly-In, 406-442-1707
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August 31-Sept 4 - NOVA SCOTIA, CANADA - Chapter 305 & Stanley Sport Aviation 31st Annual Fly-In at Stanley Airport (CW4), 902-835-4843
Sept. 1 - LAWRENCEVILLE, GA. Glass Panel Technology for the General Aviation Pilot, (EFIS) Program and Pancake Breakfast, 8 am breakfast, 10:30 program, 770-394-5466
EAA SportAir Workshops
Next Workshop:
SEPT 15-16, 2001, DENVER, CO 
Topics: Fabric Covering, Composite Construction, Introduction to Aircraft Building, Sheet Metal, and What's Involved in Kitbuilding? 

See the complete schedule of upcoming SportAir Workshops.

Photo of the Month

You can place the magnificent Vickers Vimy, which graced  AeroShell Square at AirVenture this year, on your desktop. Simply download it from the EAA website.

The Official Electronic Newsletter of EAA

August 24, 2001   Volume 1, Number 17


Welcome to EAA HOT LINE, a new weekly e-mail newsletter for members of the Experimental Aircraft Association, its divisions and affiliates. This newsletter provides a quick summary of what’s happening at EAA, with direct links to the EAA website for the full story. We welcome your comments and suggestions to ehotline@eaa.org

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News You Can Use ---

MaxFlight Simulator Officially Opens Next Week at AirVenture Museum

A MaxFlight Simulator--one of only three in North America--will begin operating next week at EAA's AirVenture Museum. The simulator recreates flight of an F-16 with three-axis, full 360-degree movement. The simulator was made a permanent fixture of the museum thanks to the generous support of board member David Lau. Read a review of the MaxFlight Simulator that appeared in AirVenture Today.

Attention Rotorcraft Fans: EAA Helicopter Weekend Set For September 22-23

Historic helicopters and gyrocopters from EAA AirVenture Museum’s collection plus others from military, corporate, emergency medical and the media will be on display at Helicopter weekend Sept. 22-23 at the EAA Aviation Center.
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SWRFI, MERFI Preparing For Annual Fly-Ins

Two of the longest-running EAA regional fly-ins take place in September: the EAA Mid-Eastern Regional Fly-in on Sept. 7-9 in Marion Ohio, and the EAA Southwest Regional Fly-In (SWRFI), Sept. 21-22 at Abilene, Texas. The SWRFI will hold its 37th annual event at the Abilene, Texas, Regional Airport (ABI). Meanwhile the MERFI is poised to hold its 36th event Sept. 7-9 at Marion, Ohio, Municipal Airport (MNN).
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National Park Service Advises Pilots to Ask For TFRs With Flight Briefs


New Temporary Flight Restrictions (TFRs) are issued on a daily basis, especially this time of year as authorities battle numerous wildfires in the Western US. To make sure you know where such operations are taking place--and how to avoid them in your flight plans--ask for TFRs in your briefings.
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Powered Parachute Enthusiasts Gather at "Great Chute Out" in Illinois 

The second annual "Great Chute-Out on the Prairie" and "World Powered Parachute Competition" was held August 16-19 at the Greenville, Illinois, airport, and EAA was there to spend some time with powered parachute enthusiasts.
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On The Flight Line ---
Canadian Home Rotors Opens Second Factory
Canadian Home Rotors, Inc., makers of the Safari helicopter, has opened a second North American facility, in Marianna, Florida. The new facility is currently manufacturing composite blades and conducting flight training operations. Over the coming months, office, inventory control, manufacturing and builder work areas will be completed with the full operation coming on line in late fall. CHR is headquartered in Ear Falls, Ontario, Canada. Visit www.acehelicopter.com 
Investment Company Pumps $100 Million Into Cirrus 
Crescent Capital Investments, Inc., Atlanta, Georgia, has purchased a 58 percent stake in Cirrus Design, makers of the SR-20, SR-22 and the still-in-development diesel-powered SR-21. Cirrus, based in Duluth, Minnesota, received shareholder approval for the financing package worth $100 million, it reported. The financing package virtually eliminates company debt in favor of equity and allows Cirrus to ramp up production to meet growing demand for its aircraft, as well as continue new product development. During AirVenture Oshkosh 2001, Cirrus announced delivery of its 200th aircraft.
Cirrus’ shareholders will also receive a cash capital distribution dividend. 
Crescent Capital is the US arm of the First Islamic Investment Bank of Bahrain.

SAIB Announced For Faulty Replacement Crankshafts on –360 Engines
The FAA has issued a Special Airworthiness Information Bulletin (SAIB) on Textron Lycoming –360 engines that contain crankshafts installed at the factory between May 1, 1997, and April 30, 2000. SAIB 549 applies to engines that were shipped from the factory new, repaired, overhauled, or rebuilt and to engines with crankshafts that were purchased as Textron Lycoming spare crankshafts.
According to the company, a heat-treat operation was omitted on the shipped crankshafts. Five shaft failures and one nonconforming shaft were found in the field and eight more non-conforming shafts were found at Textron. If left undetected, a faulty crankshaft could fail, resulting in an engine seizure and an in-flight shutdown.
The FAA recommends that owners/operators of affected –360s in accordance with SB-549 to prevent failure of the crankshafts.
The complete SAIB can be seen at www.lycoming.textron.com/main.html

Phillips 66 Launches e-Store
Phillips 66 aviation oil can now be purchased online through the company’s new e-store at www.phillips66aviationoil.com.
The company announced earlier this month that oil could be purchased online and delivered in 3-5 business days. Price for a 12-court case of Phillips X/C 20W-50 oil is $23.50 plus shipping and handling costs.
The e-store also features a directory of Phillips aviation oil distributors in the US and Canada and technical support via e-mail. The site can also be access from the Phillips website at www.phillips66.com.

Q & A: Question of the Week

To EAA Government and Industry Relations:
I saw your most recent article in the e-Hot Line regarding ramp checks. Can you tell me what I really must have, or know, to survive one when it happens? I have some idea, but judging from comments heard, I wonder if I have the full picture.  - Via e-mail

Thanks for the follow-up question on our previous e-Hot Line question regarding ramp checks by FAA Safety inspectors. Here is what you need to know to survive one.

First and foremost, you should request a business card from the inspector or at the minimum, request the FAA Safety Inspectors name, FSDO name, FSDO managers name, and phone number for future point of contact information. It is also important when handing the FAA Safety Inspector your pilot, medical and aircraft certificates that you tell him/her that "I am not surrendering these documents to you." EAA recommends you contact the EAA Legal Advisory Council for clarity (http://members.eaa.org/home/govt/help/legal.html). 

Pilot (you) check - The FAA will be checking for:
1. Airman Certificate - Is it the original certificate (not a copy) and does it contain the appropriate rating for the type of aircraft you are operating.
2. Airman Medical Certificate - Is it the original certificate (not a copy) and is it current (Class I, II, II) for the type of flying (Commercial, Private, etc.) you are doing. If the FAA has issued you a Statement of Demonstrated Ability (SODA) - do you have it with you. 
3. Pilots logbook - Pilots are not required to produce or carry their logbook(s). If the FAA Safety Inspector requests specific information, e.g., currency for carrying passengers, night flight, IFR flight, and the appropriate endorsements for specific flying - e.g., tail wheel, glider aerotow, complex aircraft operation, etc. (FAR 61.31) - you can copy those specific pages at a later time.
NOTE: In October 1996 the FCC eliminated the requirement for pilots to carry an FCC radio license while flying in the US. This license is still required for international flying (check ICAO requirements for the country you will be flying into).
Aircraft (your steed) check - The FAA will be checking for:
1. Registration Certificate - "N" number on the certificate must match the "N" number on the aircraft. Temporary registration (pink copy of application form) is only valid for 120 days.
2. Airworthiness Certificate - "N" number on the certificate must match the "N" number on the aircraft. Same with the aircraft data plate. An experimental, limited, or restricted certificate must be accompanied by the aircraft operating limitations (original document - not a copy).
3. Aircraft Flight Manual (AFM) - Required for type certificated aircraft. For other types of certificated aircraft check your operating limitations for requirements. Is the AFM current? 
5. Minimum equipment list (MEL) - If the aircraft has an MEL, is all required equipment installed and operational (as appropriate)?
6. Aircraft markings - is the aircraft marked and placarded per the appropriate FAR?
7. Weight & Balance - For type certificated aircraft this is usually found in the AFM. For other types of certificated aircraft check your operating limitations for requirements.
8. Aircraft Exterior - The FAA Safety Inspector may check the general airworthiness of the aircraft's exterior - inspection would be similar to a preflight. He/she can visually look at the interior of the aircraft. If applicable, the ELT and the batteries expiration date will be inspected.
9. Aircraft Interior - The FAA Safety Inspector must get the aircraft owner's or operator's permission to enter the aircraft's interior for an in-depth "preflight" type of inspection. He/she will be checking for the general condition of the interior and the installed equipment.
NOTE: In October 1996 the FCC eliminated the requirement for aircraft operating VHF radios to have an FCC radio license while flying in the US. This license may still be required for international flying (check ICAO requirements for the country you will be flying into).

After the inspection, the FAA Safety Inspector will note any discrepancies and inform the owner and/or operator of the aircraft prior to his/her departure. Make sure you take good notes, as the FSDO usually follows up with a letter to ensure you have corrected the discrepancies. 

Well, that's the long and the short of a ramp check. Hope that helps.

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