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This Week's Activities

September 14-16 - WATERTOWN, WI - 17th Annual Byron Smith Memorial Midwest Stinson Reunion, 630-904-6964
September 14-16- LAS CRUCES, NM - "Adventure Aviation" 877-525-0500
September 14-16 - TRUCKEE-TAHOE, CA - Chapter 1073 Reno Air Races/Fly-In, 530-546-8515
September 14-16 - LOUISE, TX - 12th Annual "Under the Wire" Fly-In, 979-648-2163
September 14-16 - FALLS OF THE ROUGH, KY - 27th Annual KY Sport Aviation Weekend, 270-586-5111
September 15 - SULPHUR SPRINGS, TX - Chapter 1094 7th Annual Fall Wings Fly-In,
September 15 - MIDLAND, TX - Confederate Air Force Headquarters sponsored "Scooter Driver" Remembrance of War, 915-563-1000
September 15 - WADSWORTH, OH - Chapter 846 Eleventh Annual Fly-In, 330-725-3569
September 15 - KITCHENER, ON CANADA - Alternative Engines ’01 Seminars, 519-461-0593
September 15 - ANDOVER, NJ - Vintage Chapter 7 "Olde Fashioned Fly-In"
September 15 - LANCASTER, CA - Chapter 49, 99’s & Fox Field Airport Assoc. sponsored Fly-In, 661-251-9559
September 15 - TITUSVILLE, FL - Chapter 866 "Smilin’ Jack" Fly-In, (X21) 321-269-0803
September 15 - WILMINGTON, OH - Second Annual ParrotHead Fly-In at Clinton County Airport, 937-382-4638
September 15 - ALBUQUERQUE, NM - Chapter 179 "Land of Enchantment Fly-In," 505-296-5050
September 15 - CAHOKIA, IL - Gateway Eagles of Missouri sponsored Eighth Annual Fly-In, 314-780-0849
September 15 - VERNON, TX - Wilbarger County Airport, 4th Annual Fly-In
September 15-16 - ROCK FALLS, IL - EAA Chapters 563, 410, 350, 153, 101 & 75 sponsored North Central EAA "Old Fashioned" Fly-In at Whiteside County Airport (SQI), 630-543-6743
September 15-16 - BERKELEY SPRINGS, WV - Chapter 36 24th Annual Fly-In at Potomac Airpark (W35), 717-294-3221
September 15-16 - LINCOLN IL - Heart of Illinois annual Fun Fly at Logan County Airport. Overnight camping available. 309/208-1535
September 16 - HARTFORD, MI - Chapter 1028 Fall Fly-In, 616-782-6056
September 16 - TURTLE LAKE, ND - Turtle Lake Airport sponsored Fly-In Breakfast, 701-448-2253
September 16 - MASON, MI - Chapter 55 Breakfast Fly-In at Mason-Jewett Field, 517-627-4360
September 16 - LEWISBURG, WV - Chapter 1276 Second Annual Fly-In/Car Show, 304-645-1333

September 16 - WASHINGTON, PA - Washington Flyer’s Club Fourth Annual Fly-In, 724-222-5194
September 16 - DECORAH, IA - Chapter 1281 Fly-In Breakfast, 563-382-8338
September 16 - PERU, IL - Illinois Valley Flying Club sponsored Fly-In, 815-223-2003
September 16 - YANKTON, SD - Chapter 1029 & Yankton Regional Aviation Assoc. sponsored Airport Breakfast
September 16 - UTICA, NY - Chapter 294 & Oneida County Airport sponsored Third Annual Great Northeast Airshow, 315-736-4171
September 16 - MACON, MO - Chapter 1212, Fly-In Breakfast, 660-385-6208
Young Eagles Rallies
September 15 - CLEARFIELD, PA - Chapter 748 Young Eagles’ Day, Clearfield-Lawrence Airport (FIG), 814-236-0760
September 15 - LEONARDTOWN, MD - Chapter 478 Young Eagle Rally/Fly-In at St. Mary’s County Airport (2W6), 301-373-4505

EAA SportAir Workshops
Next Workshop:
SEPT 15-16, 2001, DENVER, CO 
Fabric Covering, Composite Construction, Introduction to Aircraft Building, Sheet Metal, and What's Involved in Kitbuilding? 

See the complete schedule of upcoming SportAir Workshops.

September Desktop

A unique aerial view of the "coolest place at AirVenture" - the EAA Seaplane Base - is the featured desktop image for September. Just visit the
download page on the EAA website and follow directions.


The Official Electronic Newsletter of EAA

September 7, 2001   Volume 1, Number 19

Welcome to EAA HOT LINE, a new weekly e-mail newsletter for members of the Experimental Aircraft Association, its divisions and affiliates. This newsletter provides a quick summary of what’s happening at EAA, with direct links to the EAA website for the full story. We welcome your comments and suggestions to ehotline@eaa.org 

News You Can Use ---

Sport Pilot Update: FAA Responding to OMB Questions on Economic Impact

The FAA is gathering additional information for the Office of Management and Budget (OMB), which recently responded with additional questions regarding the proposed Sport Pilot/Light Sport Aircraft rule's economic impact. Despite the slower-than-anticipated process, FAA's Sue Gardner assured EAA this week that the proposal is "alive and well."
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S-M-T Programs - Flight Site and Wild Blue Wonders - Ready For Takeoff!

Beginning this fall, elementary schools and other youth-oriented groups can purchase EAA’s S-M-T Flight Site, which are ready-made educational kits designed to help 3rd, 4th and 5th graders learn about science, math and technology. FS grads progress to the Wild Blue Wonders program for Middle School students.
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Major Phone Upgrade This Weekend at EAA Offices

Offices at EAA headquarters in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, are undergoing major phone system maintenance this weekend, beginning Friday evening, Sept. 7 and continuing through Sunday, Sept. 9. During this time, telephone access to the EAA Aviation Center, EAA AirVenture Museum and other associated numbers will not be available. You may receive a busy signal or no answer if you attempt to contact EAA offices during this period. The telephone system will be fully operational once again on Monday morning, Sept. 10. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

NAA Unable to Confirm Keyt’s Record Flight at AirVenture 

An apparent mix-up at the Chicago Center inadvertently erased the radar data that the National Aeronautics Association needs to confirm Dick Keyt’s record 500-km flight in his Polen Special on July 26. Without the data, the flight can’t be declared a record.
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U.S. National Aerobatic Championships Press On Through Bad Weather

Gray Skies in Grayson County, Texas: The U.S. National Aerobatic Championships in Denison, Texas, has had to battle unseasonably rainy weather since opening on Sunday. Read the full daily reports on the IAC website, where continuous updates have been posted throughout the week.
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EAA Chapters in Action: Chapters 992 and 1190

Marshfield, Wisconsin’s EAA Chapter 992 has successfully partnered with the local school district in a student summer Space Camp, while Adrian, Michigan's Chapter 1190 provided needed volunteer support at AirVenture 2001.
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Collectors: 2001 AirVenture Pennants now available

You can now purchase the actual “Aviation Firsts” pennants that were flown this year above the main entrance to AirVenture 2001. Just visit EAA’s Aeronautica on-line store for all the details, then order your own 3 x 5-feet, silk-screened red or blue pennant. Supplies are limited so don’t delay!

On The Flight Line ---
National Park Service Reminds Pilots to Check TFRs

It's that time of year again -- time for thousands of brave men and women to risk their lives fighting wildfires around the country. A lot of this work involves high levels of flight activity as specially equipped aircraft drop retardant chemicals and water on fires. It also involves temporary flight restrictions (TFRs) that can pop up pretty much any place. Often, real-time information regarding TFR locations can be difficult to find. However, a new web site established by the U.S. Forest Service's Bureau of Land Management aims to take much of the guesswork out of your pre-flight chores. The site is focused on the Pacific Northwest, but also has links to similar information maintained on TFRs for the rest of the U.S. Please visit ...
Superior Named Worldwide Sales Rep For TAE 110 and 125 Engines
Superior Air Parts, Inc., Dallas, Texas, is the newly appointed exclusive worldwide sales rep for Thielert Aircraft Engines (TAE) 110 and 125 Jet A piston aircraft engines. The 4-cylinder, 4-valve diesel engines are turbocharged, direct injected, liquid-cooled and specifically designed for GA.
The TAE 110 is JAA 145 certified and the 125 is installed in a Piper PA 28 in Germany with over 1000 flight hours. The engine may be installed in a Cessna 172 later this year.
Features of the engines include FADEC (Full Authority Digital Engine Control); Turbo with no power loss to 12,000 feet; 3,000-hour TBO; and it runs on Jet A1 Fuel
Superior is the largest manufacturer of FAA-approved replacement parts for Lycoming and Continental aircraft engines and is a leading manufacturer of aftermarket and new replacement engines. Visit
Diamond Air Receives IFR certification
Diamond Aircraft's 4-place DA-40 Diamond Star has received FAA Instrument Flight Rules (IFR) certification and just four weeks after its first North American deliveries, which were announced at AirVenture. The all-composite aircraft features the Lycoming 180hp IO-360 engine, a choice of Bendix King or Garmin avionics, and is priced at $189,900, equipped for IFR flight. For further information call 888-359-3220, or visit www.diamondair.com
MCR 4S Revolution #2 Makes First Flight
American Ghiles Aircraft (AGA), Orlando, Florida, announced the first flight of its second MCR 4S Revolution (serial # 002) kitplane. The MCR 4S is powered by a Rotax 914 115 hp turbocharged engine and a two blade constant speed MT-Propeller. Newly designed winglets where tested on the initial flight.
AGA features a line of one single-place, six two-place, and one four-place kit airplanes with more than 500 flying. For more information, visit
Large Turnout For SkyStar Aircraft Open House
SkyStar Aircraft experienced the best turnout yet for its fifth annual open house at its Caldwell, Idaho, headquarters. The Kitfox folks welcomed 35 airplanes and 135 attendees, among them featured guest speaker, the FAA’s Sport Pilot/Light Sport Airplane project manager Sue Gardner. The event included technical seminars from representatives of Continental Engines and Rotax in addition to a two-day cover and painting program using Poly Fiber products. Kitfox pilots demonstrated their flying skills in several competitions including dropping flower bombs, shooting down balloons, taking off in less than 200 feet and landing on the spot.
And, what about next year? SkyStar President Ed Downs was looking forward to 2002. “Our folks are already working on some new ideas,” he said. “We expect attendance at future open houses to expand well beyond just Kitfox owners.”

Q & A: Question of the Week

To EAA Government and Industry Relations:
My father, a non-aerobatic pilot, has just completed building an Acro Sport II, and is into the first couple of hours of test flights. I would like to fly the airplane in a couple of aerobatics competitions in the "Sportsman" class in the future. However, I read in Sport Aviation magazine that "to be considered officially aerobatic, during its initial test phase the owner of an amateur-built experimental aircraft must fly all of its "approved maneuvers. . . . To fly in rallies, particularly those sponsored by the IAC, you'll have to show that your airplane is approved for the maneuvers in your routine." I need clarification on this for the following reasons:
The Acro Sport II was designed to be an aerobatic aircraft. My father did a great job and built it in accordance with the plans. However, he cannot test the aerobatic maneuvers because he is not trained to perform those maneuvers. Will that mean that I cannot fly that airplane in future contests, or can I fly the maneuvers at a later time in the airplane once the initial test phase is completed. For liability reasons, my father does not want to hire anyone to do any test flights of the airplane and I live 1500 miles away from my father so I can't conduct that portion of the test flight either. 
Please let me know what you think  - Via e-mail
You need to look at the operating limitations issued to your father by the FAA Safety Inspector or DAR when the aircraft was certified. They will say one of two things: he can do aerobatics or he can't do them. If they say he cannot do aerobatics, then his only option is to go back to the FAA FSDO that issued the operating limitations and get them changed.
The following is an extract form the EAA Government web page under position papers:
This is what his operating limitations would say about aerobatics: 
(15) This aircraft is prohibited from aerobatic flight; i.e., an intentional maneuver involving an abrupt change in the aircraft's attitude, an abnormal attitude, or abnormal acceleration not necessary for normal flight. 
EAA Position: If at the time of the initial aircraft certification inspection you tell the FAA Inspector or DAR that your aircraft is not designed, constructed or capable of aerobatic flight, then you will receive this limitation. If not, see the following limitation. 
(16) This aircraft may conduct aerobatic flight in accordance with the provisions of 91.303. Aerobatics shall not be attempted until sufficient flight experience has been gained to establish that the aircraft is satisfactorily controllable and in compliance with 91.319(b). The aircraft may only conduct those aerobatic flight maneuvers that have been satisfactorily accomplished during flight testing and recorded in the aircraft maintenance records by use of the following or a similarly worded statement: "I certify that the following aerobatic maneuvers have been test flown and the aircraft is controllable throughout the maneuver's normal range of speeds and is safe for operation. The flight tested aerobatics maneuvers are: ____________, ____________, ____________, and ____________."
EAA Position: If at the time of the initial aircraft certification inspection you tell the FAA Inspector or DAR that your aircraft is designed, constructed and capable of aerobatic flight, then you will receive this limitation. As this limitation states, you are not authorized to attempt aerobatic maneuvers until you have “proven” them safe per FAR 91.319(b) while in a test flight phase. EAA strongly recommends that you do not perform these tests during the initial 10, 25 or 40 hour test flight period noted in limitation b(3), above. The initial test flight period is designed to allow you sufficient time to prove the aircraft is capable of normal flight. Once you have met all other test flight requirement, then move into this phase. NOTE: FAR 91.305, FAR 91.303, and the other above mentioned test flight limitations apply during these flight tests. Also, you should not attempt aerobatics or violent maneuvers until sufficient flight experience has been gained to establish that the aircraft is satisfactorily controllable. During continuation phase (Phase II) you may only perform those aerobatic maneuvers which you have completed during this test flight phase and have been recorded per the required logbook entry. This does not mean that you are forever limited to only those maneuvers initially recorded, because at any time you can place yourself back into this test flight program and add additional aerobatic maneuvers. As with any portion of your test flight phase, a FAA Inspector or DAR may request to witness aerobatic maneuvers if he/she deem it necessary. 
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