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Scheduled Activities

October 5 - MIDLAND, TX - Confederate Air Force Headquarters sponsored Grand Opening Celebration Aviation Nose Art, 915-563-1000 

October 5-7 - Evergreen, AL - Southeast EAA Fly-In, 334-578-1707

October 5-7 - DARLINGTON, SC - VAA Chapter 3 Fall Fly-In, 919-225-0713

October 5-8 - BAJA, MEXICO - LaPaz Fly-In

October 6 - HILLSBORO, OR - Chapter 105 Fly-In Breakfast, 503-681-0183

October 6 - RICHMOND, KY - Chapter 892 Annual Willie Curtis Fly-In Breakfast, 859-986-4109

October 6 - MAYVILLE, NY - Dart Airport sponsored End of Season Bash, 716-753-2160

October 6 - WILLCOX, AZ - Chapter 1291 sponsored "Rex Allen Days" Fly-In, 520-384-2992

October 6 - LAWRENCEVILLE, GA - Gwinnet County Airport Open House and 6th Annual 690 Hangar Dance (reservations recommended) 770-613-9501

October 6 - MONTGOMERY, NY - Chapter 1280 Fall Fly-In (MGJ), 845-883-6267

October 6 - MADISON, IN - Aviation Awareness Fly-In/Airshow, 812-265-2803

October 6 - CORNING, CA - Chapter 1148 Fly-In BBQ, 530-824-0644

October 6 - CARROLL CO., AR - Aviation Breakfast/Fly-In, 501-253-5784

October 6 - LINCOLNTON, NC - Lincoln County Airport Open House and Chapter 309 Fly-In. 9 am until 4 pm. Static and Flyby Displays, Food and Refreshments, 704-664-6097

October 6-7 - KALAMAZOO, MI - Free Fall Open House, 616-382-6555

October 6-7 - MIDLAND, TX - Confederate Air Force Headquarters sponsored "AIRSHOW 2001", 915-563-1000

October 6-7 - RUTLAND, VT - Chapter 968 Leafpeepers Fly-In, 802-492-3647

October 6-7 - Toughkenamon, PA - East Coast EAA Fly-In, 302-894-1094

October 6-7 - DELAWARE, OH - Chapter 27 Delaware Municipal Airport Fly-In, 740-363-0767

October 6-7 - WAUSEON, OH - Chapter 149 28th Mini Chili Fly-In at Fulton County Airport (USE), melva05@hotmail.com

October 6-7 - INDIANA, PA - Chapter 993 Jimmy Stewart Airport Festival (IDI)

October 6-8- PORTERVILLE, CA - Mooney Mite Fly-In, 559-782-8925

October 7 - NOBLESVILLE, IN - Chapter 67 Fly-In Pig Roast, 317-773-5298

Young Eagles Rallies
October 6 - MARTINSBURG, WV - Chapter 1071 Fly-In Breakfast/Young Eagles Rally

October 5-6 - STOCKTON, CA - Chapter 52 Young Eagle Rally, 916-744-1727

October 7 - ADDISON, IL - Chapter 101 Young Eagles Rally at Schaumburg Regional Airport, 630-543-9213

October 7 - MIDDLESEX, NY - Chapter 504 Breakfast/ Young Eagles Rally, 716-554-3019

EAA SportAir Workshops:
OCT 5-7, 2001, GRIFFIN, GA - Topic: TIG Welding

OCT 6-7, 2001, DENVER, CO - Topic: Sheet Metal, Composite Construction, Fabric Covering, Introduction to Aircraft Building, and What's Involved in Kitbuilding?

See the complete schedule of upcoming SportAir Workshops.


The Official Electronic Newsletter of EAA

October 2, 2001   Volume 1, Number 25

Welcome to a SPECIAL EDITION of EAA e-HOT LINE, the e-mail newsletter for members of the Experimental Aircraft Association, its divisions and affiliates. We welcome your comments and suggestions to ehotline@eaa.org 

The Picture Has Become Clear
How do VFR flight operations in enhanced Class B airspace pose a security threat to the general public? As we’ve gotten further from the tragic events of Sept. 11, EAA and members of the general aviation community have sought a better understanding of these perceived security risks so constructive solutions can be offered for resumption of VFR operations.

Our investigations have clearly found that the National Security Council’s three primary concerns relating to VFR operations in the 30 enhanced Class B airspace areas surrounding major metropolitan areas are:

  • Point of departure security: Determining that the aircraft is being flown by authorized personnel and is carrying a legitimate payload.
  • Establishing the intent of aircraft in-flight and monitoring their movements to ensure that they are not departing from their intended flight paths. Security officials want to know where aircraft are coming from and where they are going.
  • The destructive capability of the aircraft based on size, fuel capacity and payload.

EAA is formulating recommendations which address the security concerns. These suggestions will be forwarded to the FAA, to be utilized in their efforts to work with NSC in reopening enhanced class B airspace to VFR operations.

What Can Individual Members Do?

EAA Members can be most effective by calling or e-mailing their elected representatives and ask them to encourage the NSC to meet as soon as possible with general aviation representatives. It is especially important that EAA Members who are being directly affected by the current restrictions in enhanced Class B areas call their U.S. Senators and Congressional Representatives.

Despite the direct testimony of President Tom Poberezny and other general aviation leaders before the House aviation subcommittee on Sept. 20, a meeting between NSC and GA officials has yet to be scheduled.

If you have suggestions to address the NSC security concerns regarding VFR flight operations in enhanced Class B airspace, please forward them to EAA at govt@eaa.org.

Ultralight Operations Back to Normal Throughout U.S.
Throughout the aftermath of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks and the airspace restrictions that followed, EAA’s top priority has been to return general aviation activities to where they were prior to Sept. 11. Another step forward has been taken in that effort, as FAA released a NOTAM that opens all ultralight (Part 103) activities to normal levels throughout the U.S.

Ultralight operations—both instructional and single operations—are now allowed within these areas, since Part 103 regulations already state that ultralight operations are prohibited over populated areas or large gatherings of people. EAA has emphasized this fact in its dealings with FAA and DOT over the past three weeks.

EAA reminds ultralight pilots, along with all certificated pilots, that it is absolutely essential to follow all NOTAMs and regulations during their flights. Also, please refer to the enhanced class B maps available on the EAA website.

Such adherence will continue to show government officials and the public the consistent, high levels of responsibility exhibited by all pilots, as well as maintain proper safety levels for those operating aircraft.

FAA To Announce Relief For Planes, Pilots In Three TFR Areas
EAA has learned from official sources that the FAA is planning shrink the current 25-mile radius of the temporary flight restriction (TFR) areas in effect around New York, Washington, D.C., and Boston. This plan, which is expected to be announced late Tuesday, would provide relief for pilots and aircraft trapped inside those areas.

The expected reduction of the Washington TFR may open five general aviation airports – Montgomery County Airpark (GAI), Tipton (FME), Lee (ANP), Dulles (IAD) and Davis (W50) to all general aviation operations currently allowed in enhanced Class B airspace. In the New York area, the change may open Linden (LDJ) airport to approved operations in enhanced Class B airspace. Depending on the size of the radius reduction, Teterboro (TEB) and Farmingdale Republic (FRG) could open as well.


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