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Scheduled Activities
October 5 - MIDLAND, TX - Confederate Air Force Headquarters sponsored Grand Opening Celebration Aviation Nose Art, 915-563-1000 

October 5-7 - EVERGREEN, AL - Southeast EAA Fly-In, 334-578-1707

October 5-7 - DARLINGTON, SC - VAA Chapter 3 Fall Fly-In, 919-225-0713

October 5-8 - BAJA, MEXICO - LaPaz Fly-In

October 6 - HILLSBORO, OR - Chapter 105 Fly-In Breakfast, 503-681-0183

October 6 - RICHMOND, KY - Chapter 892 Annual Willie Curtis Fly-In Breakfast, 859-986-4109

October 6 - MAYVILLE, NY - Dart Airport sponsored End of Season Bash, 716-753-2160

October 6 - WILLCOX, AZ - Chapter 1291 sponsored "Rex Allen Days" Fly-In, 520-384-2992

October 6 - LAWRENCEVILLE, GA - Gwinnett  County Airport Open House and 6th Annual 690 Hangar Dance (reservations recommended) 770-613-9501

October 6 - MONTGOMERY, NY - Chapter 1280 Fall Fly-In (MGJ), 845-883-6267

October 6 - MADISON, IN - Aviation Awareness Fly-In/Airshow, 812-265-2803

October 6 - CORNING, CA - Chapter 1148 Fly-In BBQ, 530-824-0644

October 6 - CARROLL CO., AR - Aviation Breakfast/Fly-In, 501-253-5784

CANCELLED: October 6 - LINCOLNTON, NC - Lincoln County Airport Open House and Chapter 309 Fly-In.

October 6-7 - KALAMAZOO, MI - Free Fall Open House, 616-382-6555

October 6-7 - MIDLAND, TX - Confederate Air Force Headquarters sponsored "AIRSHOW 2001", 915-563-1000

October 6-7 - RUTLAND, VT - Chapter 968 Leafpeepers Fly-In, 802-492-3647

October 6-7 - TOUGHKENAMON, PA - East Coast EAA Fly-In, 302-894-1094

October 6-7 - DELAWARE, OH - Chapter 27 Delaware Municipal Airport Fly-In, 740-363-0767

October 6-7 - WAUSEON, OH - Chapter 149 28th Mini Chili Fly-In at Fulton County Airport (USE), melva05@hotmail.com

October 6-7 - INDIANA, PA - Chapter 993 Jimmy Stewart Airport Festival (IDI)

October 6-8- PORTERVILLE, CA - Mooney Mite Fly-In, 559-782-8925

October 7 - NOBLESVILLE, IN - Chapter 67 Fly-In Pig Roast, 317-773-5298

October 12-13 - PINEVILLE, LA - Chapter 614 Annual Fall Fly-In, 318-793-2992  

October 13 - CINCINNATI, OH - Warbird Squadron 18 WWII Big Band Hangar Dance, 513-621-9292

October 13 - HAMPTON, NH - Chapter 15 Pumpkin Patch Fly-In, 603-964-6749

October 13 - TRUCKEE-TAHOE, CA - Chapter 1073 Pancake Breakfast, 530-546-8515

October 13 - CLARKSVILLE, TN - Chapter 1284 & Outlaw Field Celebration sponsored Fly-In, 931-358-9862

October 13 - PELL CITY, AL - Chapter 1320 Fly-In Breakfast, 205-338-9500

October 13 - MINERAL WELLS, TX - Chapter 1318 Fly-In, guest speaker Bill Gunn

CANCELLED: October 13 - ALLOWAY, NJ - Chapter 216 Fall Festival, 856-582-2282

October 13 - HOLLISTER, CA - Chapter 1264 & Hollister Airmens Assoc. sponsored Annual Hollister Air Fair, 831-637-0559

October 13 - RIDGEWAY, VA - Chapter 970 Old Fashion Grass Field Fly-In, 540-956-2159

October 13 - BOWLING GREEN, KY - Chapter 1050 Fly-In Lunch, 270-782-8786, Rogeair@aol.com 

October 13 - DECATUR, IL - Chapter 274 Annual Chili Day, 217-795-2393

October 13 - BURGAW, NC - Chapter 297 Annual Fall Fly-In, (7NC1), 910-392-9141

October 13 - KENTON, OH - Chapter 1196 Chili Fly-In

October 13-14 - WINCHESTER, VA - Chapter 186 Spring Fly-In, 703-780-6329

October 13-14 - ALLIANCE, OH - Marlboro Volunteers, Inc sponsored Military Vehicle Show, 330-823-1168

October 13-14 - BECKLEY, WV - Southern West Virginia Fall Air Festival, 304-469-4174

October 13-14 - BROOKSHIRE, TX - Chapter 112 Fly-In & Pilot Proficiency Events, 281-256-3163

October 13-14 - GREAT BEND, KS - Great Bend Air Show and Fly-In, (GBD), 620-792-2401

October 14 - WOODLAND, CA - Chapter 52 Hangar Breakfast, 916-744-1727

October 14 - FULTON, NY - Chapter 486 Pancake Breakfast at Oswego Cty Airport (FZY), 315-598-4EAA

October 14 - WATERVLIET, MI - Chapter 585 Chili Hop/Hayride, 616-468-5530

Young Eagles Rallies
October 6 - MARTINSBURG, WV - Chapter 1071 Fly-In Breakfast/Young Eagles Rally

October 5-6 - STOCKTON, CA - Chapter 52 Young Eagle Rally, 916-744-1727

October 7 - ADDISON, IL - Chapter 101 Young Eagles Rally at Schaumburg Regional Airport, 630-543-9213

October 7 - MIDDLESEX, NY - Chapter 504 Breakfast/ Young Eagles Rally, 716-554-3019

October 13 - PUNTA GORDA, FL - Chapter 565 Pancake Breakfast/Young Eagle Rally, Charlotte County Airport, 941-627-1700, thayerv@earthlink.net

CANCELLED: October 13 - MONROE, NC - Chapter 309 Young Eagles Flight for Special Kids, 704-843-2241

EAA SportAir Workshops:
OCT 13, 2001, COLUMBUS, OH - Topic: Test Flying Your Project

OCT 13-14, 2001, COLUMBUS, OH - Topics: Sheet Metal, Composite Construction, Electrical Systems and Avionics, Engine Installation Fabric Coverings, Gas Welding, Introduction to Aircraft Building, What's Involved in Kitbuilding?

See the complete schedule of upcoming SportAir Workshops.


The Official Electronic Newsletter of EAA

October 5, 2001   Volume 1, Number 26

Welcome to EAA e-HOT LINE, the e-mail newsletter for members of the Experimental Aircraft Association, its divisions and affiliates. We welcome your comments and suggestions to ehotline@eaa.org 

News You Can Use ---

EAA hopes you find this information useful as we work to put VFR general aviation back in the sky in the quickest, safest and most responsible manner possible. Please visit the following links for continuous updates.

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EAA Provides DOT Secretary with Additional Background on Class B Airspace Issue
EAA President Tom Poberezny today (Oct. 5) contacted U.S. Secretary of Transportation Norman Mineta, emphasizing the importance of immediate action to relieve the financial crisis facing businesses within enhanced Class B airspace. Poberezny stressed to Secretary Mineta the importance of speed in addressing the issue of closed airspace for VFR flying, especially as many aviation businesses are suffering crippling losses.
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Solution-Based Recommendations Part of NSC Discussions; Garvey Tells EAA Enhanced Class B Airspace Tops Agenda
FAA Administrator Jane Garvey assured EAA President Tom Poberezny in a telephone conversation on Friday morning that the number one item on the agenda for FAA’s (Oct. 5) meeting with the National Security Council was resolving the enhanced Class B airspace issue. The Administrator, who called Poberezny just before the meeting with the NSC, also reinforced that workable and results-oriented solutions are the key to opening the enhanced Class B airspace. Political pressure can keep the dialogue going, but solutions are going to get it done.

EAA’s recommendations, offered in a letter to Administrator Garvey earlier this week, address NSC’s main concerns relating to intent and capability of aircraft.

"EAA has offered security-based recommendations," Poberezny said. "Each day we wait to open enhanced Class B airspace deepens the economic hole that is consuming many general aviation businesses. We must move quickly to ensure the survival of these businesses before it’s too late."

New NOTAMs Reduce Three TFR Areas, Outline Relocation Procedures
The FAA released two important NOTAMs Thursday night that provide relief for GA pilots and aircraft trapped inside restricted areas. First, (effective at 12:01 a.m. EDT Oct. 6), the 25-mile temporary flight restriction (TFR) radius in effect around the New York and Washington, D.C., was reduced to 18 nautical miles while Boston’s TFR was reduced to 15 nm. The second NOTAM outlines procedures for Part 91 VFR aircraft to relocate from these reduced TFR areas around New York, Washington and Boston from Saturday, Oct. 6-Tuesday, Oct. 9.

EAA’s Class B Airspace Recommendations Now Before National Security Council
EAA has provided FAA Administrator Jane Garvey with specific recommendations for reopening Enhanced Class B airspace to VFR operations. Those recommendations were included during FAA’s regular discussions with the National Security Council on this issue.
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Visit EAA's website to view an interactive map of the lower 48 United States and Hawaii indicating current class B airspace locations.

GA Small Business Relief Act Introduced In House
The General Aviation Small Business Relief Act of 2001 was introduced Thursday on the floor of the House of Representatives by Rep. Bill Shuster (R-Penn.). The bill, offered as a remedy to the financial crisis threatening General Aviation (GA) businesses, provides for the following:

  • The Small Business Administration (SBA) is directed to provide grants to companies equal to the losses incurred as a result of FAA or DOT orders.
  • One-year, no-interest loans can be made by the SBA to qualified companies that have suffered or are likely to suffer as a result of the terrorist acts, after which normal interest and payment rates are in effect.
  • The Secretary of Treasury is allowed to extend for 2 or 4 months the due date for certain excise taxes paid by qualifying companies.

“As a result of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, this segment of the aviation industry has been grounded significantly longer and was saddled with greater flight restrictions than the larger air carriers,” Shuster said. “This in turn has crippled these businesses, many of which do not have access to the guaranteed funding or loans accessible to larger businesses. Unfortunately, the losses incurred by general aviation businesses do not appear to qualify under any established federal disaster relief law or program.

”We believe that there is a general consensus among Members of Congress that, if they have been directly affected by government actions, they should be reasonably compensated.” Shuster estimates the total costs should be well under $500 million.

Ultralight Operations Back to Normal Throughout U.S.
Throughout the aftermath of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks and the airspace restrictions that followed, EAA’s top priority has been to return general aviation activities to where they were prior to Sept. 11. Another step forward has been taken in that effort, as FAA released a NOTAM that opens all ultralight (Part 103) activities to normal levels throughout the U.S
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Warbird Demilitarization Still a Part of Military Authorization Bill Heading for Conference Committee
This week, the U.S. Senate approved the military authorization bill, which include
s a provision that would allow the Department of Defense to force demilitarization on all surplus military items, including total demilitarization of warbird aircraft. The House of Representatives had earlier passed a similar measure that did not include that demilitarization language, so the separate bills now go to a House/Senate conference committee to create compromise legislation.

A number of EAA members called EAA headquarters Friday asking for clarification on the issue, after reading some reports stating that the demilitarization language had been pulled from the Senate bill. That specific language still remains in the Senate version of the bill as it heads to conference committee. The Warbirds of America have been continuing the effort to have the final compromise bill reflect the House version regarding demilitarization. In addition, EAA’s Washington Office is working very closely with U.S. Senators to have the demilitarization language removed during the House-Senate conference, and protect historic and popular warbird aircraft.
Sport Pilot On The Move Again
EAA has learned that the FAA has delivered the proposed Sport Pilot/Light Sport Aircraft Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NPRM) back to the DOT. Revisions to the proposal requested by the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) have been made. The revisions relate only to the economic impact parts of the proposal and not other aspects. 

Next, the (DOT), in particular the Office of the Secretary of Transportation (OST), will review the document before it can be returned to OMB for final assessment. No timetable for publication of the notice of proposed rulemaking (NPRM) was given. 

When it’s approved by OMB and returned to FAA, the NPRM will be published in the Federal Register, at which time the public can submit their comments on the proposal. EAA will continue to monitor the sport pilot proposal's progress and report any updates as soon as possible.

FAA Releases (AC) 20-27E, Update on Homebuilt Regulations
FAA Advisory Circular (AC) 20-27E, Certification and Operations of Amateur-Built Aircraft, is now available. This AC,  which replaces the last revision from more than 11 years ago (June 1990), provides "updated information and guidance concerning an acceptable means, but not the only means, of demonstrating compliance with the requirements for amateur-built or homebuilt aircraft"
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This Month's Wallpaper
The massive C-17 "Globemaster" military transport, two of which appeared at EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2001, is our featured desktop image for October. Download your copy today from the EAA website.

On The Flight Line ---

Rocket-powered Homebuilt Logs First Flight 
XCOR Aerospace’s rocket-powered Long EZ made its first sustained flight at Mojave, California, on October 3. With test pilot Dick Rutan at the controls, the EZ-Rocket climbed to 4,000 feet above ground level at 160 knots indicated. Rutan glided to the Mojave after the rocket motor exhausted its 95-second fuel supply. Mike Melville flew chase in a piston-powered Long EZ. 
Rutan made the EZ-Rocket’s initial runway test flight using a single rocket motor on July 21, before XCOR exhibited the airplane and its engine technology at EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2001. Two of the 400-pound-thrust rocket motors powered the extended flight, and XCOR President Jeff Grayson said the test called for 70 percent power. The motor uses nontoxic fuel (liquid oxygen and isopropyl alcohol) and has no environmental restrictions. For more information, visit www.xcor.com.

Sequoia Seeks Buyer for Falco

Beginning in the December issue of EAA’s Sport Aviation, the Sequoia Aircraft Corporation will begin an aggressive marketing program to sell the Falco kitplane operation. Widely regarded as one of the best aircraft ever designed, Falco owners are passionately loyal.
“I’m very confident we can find someone to take over the Falco,” said Sequoia President Alfred Scott. “I’m ready to move on to other endeavors and new challenges.”
The F.8L Falco was designed by Italian Stelio Frati and first flew in 1955. I received FAA Type Certification and over 100 Falcos were produced by three Italian companies through 1965. Sequoia reintroduced the design as a kit in 1979 and many exceptional examples have been built and flown throughout the world.
Sequoia Aircraft Corp. has no debt, is operated as a low-overhead, no-frills corporation. The company’s warehouse also has about $1 million worth of Falco parts inventory.
Interested parties should contact Sequoia at its Richmond office, 804-353-1713, or visit www.seqair.com.

Berkut Ceases Kitplane Production
Berkut Engineering Inc. (BEI), Santa Monica, CA, announced it ceased Berkut kit production on Sept. 25. BEI acquired production rights for the Berkut in February 2001 and attempted to get the airplane back on its feet again.
“While we feel we’ve put forth a great deal of effort toward this goal, we were unable to achieve the kit sales necessary to continue production,” said President Vicki Cruse. “We realize the Berkut is a very high-performance aircraft with low volume production aimed at a limited market."
BEI is not filing for bankruptcy and will owe no back-ordered parts. “There is certainly hope that someone may wish to purchase the tooling and continue to produce the Berkut but we have no leads at this time,” Cruse added.
Builders will be able to order parts needed to complete their aircraft through the website at www.berkutengineering.com. It is our intent to make sure our builders have everything they need to proceed with their projects to completion,” said Berkut designer Dan Ronneberg, You can also call Berkut at 310-391-0179. 

Cessna Parts Plentiful at Aircraft Spruce
Aircraft Spruce & Specialty has added several new items to its offerings of Cessna replacement parts. Aircraft Spruce stocks American Manufacturing Company’s new fuel selector plates for later model 170s and 172s. The lifetime-guaranteed plates are billet-machined, anodized and easy to install.
Lord shimmy dampeners are available for about half of the factory issue cost at Aircraft Spruce. The hydraulic fluid-less are designed to last 10 years maintenance-free. Also offered are steel axles, wheels, tires, pants, interior fairings, propellers, avionics, nav-coms and a complete line of hardware and engine accessories. Visit www.airceaftspruce.com.

NBAA Convention Reset for December

The National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) has rescheduled its 54th annual meeting and convention for Dec. 12-14 in New Orleans. The event, originally scheduled for Sept. 19-20, was postponed due to the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11. It will be held at the Ernest N. Morial Convention Center, with a Static Display of Aircraft at Lakefront Airport. The annual meeting of members, normally held the second day of the convention, will instead be held on Oct. 31 at NBAA offices in Washington, D.C. For complete information, visit www.nbaa.org.

Homestead Miami Air Races Postponed Until 2002
The tragic terrorist attacks of Sept. 11 have led another organization to call off its event this year. The Organization for Sport Aviation Competition has decided to call off the Miami Homestead Air Races & Sport Aviation Competition and reschedule the event for fall 2002. The event had been scheduled for Nov. 16-18.
The decision was made “in light of current military preparation, economic conditions within the Miami-Dade aviation community, and situations particular to the Homestead site,” according to the announcement. Organizers are asking those who planned to attend to consider donating the $15 admission to their local chapter of the Red Cross or the Disaster Relief Fun in their community.

Q & A: Question of the Week
This week, instead of questions here are some of the many comments we've received from members over the past several weeks in the aftermath of Sept. 11.

... Thank you for all you folks do for the members, you are really great! I was trapped in South Dakota right after the incident in NY, and your government office actually called me back on my cell phone to keep me informed as to when I could plan to leave. What a great service organization!

... I would like to say thank you for all the hard work the people at EAA have done on behalf of General and recreational aviation after the tragic happening at the WTC and the Pentagon. Well done and keep up the good work for the freedoms that we have enjoyed in the past are very much at stake.

... Please continue to support opening up the Class B airspaces. It is hurting my business as well as everyone else's when we can not fly into or under the Class B airspaces as we used to. I fly into three different Class Bs on a regular basis for business and pleasure. I also do Angel Flights, flying medical patients for medical treatments, and that has come to a stop also. As you know, 80% of GA pilots are VFR only and cannot fly into these airspaces anymore. Help, please! You are our voice. They need to know the hardship this is causing GA pilots and the economy.

...I am an airline pilot who just returned home today after being stranded on the road. I read all the NOTAMs this week as part of my airline job and paid particular attention to any mention of resumption of part 91 privileges, especially VFR. As an EAA member, I really appreciate your excellent summary of this info on your web site, and as always I am proud of the work that Tom Poberezny does on our behalf. God Bless America!

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