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Scheduled Activities

October 17-21 - TULLAHOMA, TN - Staggerwing Beech Museum & Twin Beech 18 Society sponsored "Beech Party 2001, A Family Affair," 931-455-1974

October 19-21 - LAKE TEXOMA, TX - Annual Cedar Mills Marina Seaplane Safety Seminar Splash-In, 903-523-4222 ext. 232

October 20 - PONTOTOC, MS - Chapter 987 9th Annual Fall Fly-In, 662-489-4349

October 20 - HICKORY, NC - Chapter 731 Fall Fly-In, (HKY), 800-852-9113

October 20-21 - HOUSTON, TX - 17th Annual Wings Over Houston Airshow at Ellington Field, 713-644-1018

October 20-21 - FORT WORTH, TX - Fort Worth/Alliance Airport sponsored "International Airshow," 817-461-8633

October 20-21 - CHESAPEAKE, VA - Chapter 339 Annual Fly-In (PVG) 757-486-5192

October 21 - DESHLER, OH - Chapter 636 Annual Chile Fly-In, 419-278-1373

October 22-25 - SAN DIEGO, CA - Illuminating Engineering Society sponsored "Aviation Lighting Seminar," 650-821-7756

October 27 - NEW BERN, NC - Chapter 1171 Fly-In & FAA Seminars at Craven Regional Airport (EWN), 252-638-4729

October 27 - VERO BEACH, FL - Exchange Club of Indian River and the Vero Beach Municipal Airport sponsor Vero Beach Aviation Day, 561-234-2824

October 27-28 - MESQUITE, NV - Canard 2001 Get-together

October 27-28 - LYONS, OH - Newbury Airfield (280H) sponsored 28th Annual Mini-Chili Fly-In, 419-923-7662

October 28 - CUMBERLAND, MD - Chapter 426 Fly-In Breakfast, 814-356-3773

Young Eagles Rallies
October 20 - LIVINGSTON, TX - Chapter 1222 Young Eagle Rally/Fly-In

October 24 - MARIETTA, GA - Chapter 268 Fly-In Breakfast/Young Eagle Rally, 770-529-9023

EAA SportAir Workshops:
OCT 26-28, 2001, GRIFFIN, GA - Topic: TIG Welding
See the complete schedule of upcoming SportAir Workshops.

Paper Airplane Weekend at AirVenture Museum

Could you be the next world record holder?

Even if you don't have your heart set on having your name in the Guinness Book of World Records, the whole family will love this fun-filled day of hands-on paper airplane construction and competitions. 
Ken Blackburn, the world record holder for a paper airplane endurance flight, will be on hand to answer your questions and give you tips on how to design and construct your paper airplane.

Admission is FREE for everyone. The first 500 children, 12 and under, each day will receive a special gift from Associated Bank.

October 20 and 21
11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
EAA AirVenture Museum
Highways 41 and 44
Oshkosh, WI

For more information, contact the EAA AirVenture Museum at 920/426-4818.

This Month's Wallpaper

The massive C-17 "Globemaster" military transport, two of which appeared at EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2001, is our featured desktop image for October. Download your copy today from the EAA website.


The Official Electronic Newsletter of EAA

October 19, 2001   Volume 1, Number 28

Welcome to EAA e-HOT LINE, the e-mail newsletter for members of the Experimental Aircraft Association, its divisions and affiliates. We welcome your comments and suggestions to ehotline@eaa.org 

News You Can Use ---

Work Continues on Opening Remaining ECB Airspace;
Pilots Need to Exercise Extreme Care and Professionalism

EAA continues to work closely with federal officials as they move toward re-opening the remaining enhanced Class B airspace and TFR areas to VFR flight operations. Numerous general aviation organizations, including EAA, have provided coordinated input to the FAA and DoT for use in negotiations with the National Security Council, who must approve of all airspace resumption plans before they can be implemented. EAA remains focused on moving the process forward as rapidly as possible. ECB and TFR areas notwithstanding, most of America's airspace is open for flight. The following is excerpted from the November edition of Sport Aviation, which will arrive in most of your mailboxes in a few weeks:

"Fly for freedom. It doesn’t matter how often, for what reason, or for how long. Just fly. Make a kid at the airport fence a Young Eagle. Show your neighbors what your community looks like from the air. With the family visit some friends or relatives. Or just spend 15 minutes cruising around your hometown sky. In America, personal flight is a privilege enjoyed to a level not seen elsewhere in the world. But to maintain this privilege—and make it stronger—we must exercise it often. This not only keeps our freedom from atrophying, it supports the industry that makes our aerial passion possible. Aviation’s future depends not only on government or industry. Its success is something each of us is responsible for."

With beautiful weather forecast for much of the country this weekend, EAA reminds all pilots to exercise extreme care and professionalism as they conduct their operations. Military intercepts of VFR flights are a disruptive and unfortunately frequent occurrence because pilots are not checking for the latest information or airspace restrictions before taking off. Some pilots do not belong to organizations like EAA and so they have not been watching the web sites and are unaware of the rapidly changing situation. When you go to the airport, talk to your fellow pilots, ask whether they have checked all of the latest NOTAMs, and police each other’s actions. This is an important time for peer pressure. The Department of Defense is one of the key decision makers for lifting the remaining restrictions on general aviation flight. If they already feel they have their hands full intercepting errant VFR, they will be reluctant to release any additional airspace or operating restrictions. Please help EAA help you by making sure that we all engage in the freedom to fly in the most responsible and professional manner possible. 

EAA applauds Illinois governor’s support of Meigs Field

Illinois Gov. George Ryan outlined a comprehensive plan this week to address the lack of airport capacity in the Chicago area, with continued operation of Meigs Field a major part of that proposal. Chicago mayor Richard Daley has been adamant that the airport, which is owned by the city, will close in Feb. 2002 and be turned into another lakeshore park. (read more)

Testimony Puts A Human Face on the Damage to GA Businesses
The House Transportation and Infrastructure Subcommittee on Aviation got an up-close look this week at the crippling economic impact caused by the VFR flight restrictions still in force within 15 enhanced Class B airspace areas. Two general aviation business owners described the economic devastation the restrictions have caused to their operations during a Wednesday (Oct. 17) hearing. Also testifying were numerous general aviation organizations, the FAA, and former U.S. Senator Jake Garn (R-Utah), whose poignant comments helped set the stage for the solution-seeking session ... (read more)

Monitor—Don’t Transmit—on 121.5 and 243.0
Now that general aviation VFR aircraft are once again authorized to fly inside 15 enhanced Class B (ECB) airspace areas per FDC NOTAM 1225, one of the new flight requirements for pilots is to monitor the standard guard frequencies of 121.5 and/or 243.0 while flying within these ECB areas. However, EAA has received several reports of pilots transmitting on 121.5, assuming that they were talking on their normal ATC or Unicom frequency.

Pilots are advised to always make sure which frequency their tuned into prior to transmitting. This will ensure the guard frequency of 121.5 is reserved for those pilots who really need it. Thank you for your assistance, and if you have any questions, contact EAA Government Relations at 920/426-6522 or govt@eaa.org.

Eagles and Airfest: Chapter 673's Annual Event Goes on In Spite of Attacks
Marlboro (Mass.) Chapter 673’s annual Autumn Airfest went on as planned Sept. 13 but because of the events just two days earlier, members had to forego a few featured events like the airshow and always popular Young Eagles flights. Still, members and visitors descended on Fitchburg Airport as scheduled and conducted sign-ups for Young Eagles flights that would be held the following weekend. What happened is the subject of the following report filed by John Weigel of the Chapter about what turned out to be a great chapter event—maybe even one filled with extra meaning due to the circumstances. (From the October Marlboro Antiquer Chapter Newsletter)
(read more)

EAA Asks Members to Contact Senate-House Conferees To Prevent Warbird Demilitarization

EAA is asking its members as well as Warbirds of America members to contact the newly named (Oct. 17) members of the Senate-House Conference Committee that will decide whether or not demilitarization language remains in the National Defense Authorization Act of 2002. EAA has learned that since the House-passed version of the bill did not contain the demilitarization language contained in Section 1062, it will be up to House conferees to request its deletion from the final bill. Many of you may have already written to your congressional representatives to ask for their action in removing Section 1062, and we thank you for that help. We cannot give up, however. Even though we have spoken with many senators’ and representatives’ offices from both Armed Services Committees, it appears that our views are not being forwarded to the Senators and Representatives themselves, but rather are stopping at the staff level. We need to ensure that the senators and representatives, both Republican and Democrat Senators and Representatives are aware of the ramifications this section would have on their constituents and the aviation community at large. (read more)

MERFI Holds 36th Annual Fly-In 
The Mid-Eastern Regional Fly-In (MERFI) was held the weekend following Labor Day at Marion, OH, bringing the sights, smells and sounds of Sport Aviation to the heartland of flight. Proud pilots flew their aircraft from the four corners of America and Canada to celebrate this holiday of aviation. Threatening weather would periodically wet down EAA volunteers and show planes, interrupting the plans for MERFI. "The Greatest Generation" shared experiences with young aviators, proving MERFI to be a grass roots gathering of EAAers and aviation minded people working and having fun together. (read more)

On The Flight Line ---

NASA Administrator Goldin Announces Resignation
NASA Administrator Daniel S. Goldin announced he will resign effective November 17 after nearly 10 years at the helm of America’s aeronautics and space program. He became the agency’s longest-serving Administrator in March this year.

"It has been my honor to serve the American people by leading our nation's space program and its dedicated personnel," Goldin said in a letter to President George W. Bush. He called his 1992 appointment by President George H.W. Bush “the highlight of my life.”
A frequent visitor to AirVenture Oshkosh, Goldin became personally involved in a number of cooperative initiatives. “His leadership brought about initial discussions that led to educational and design partnerships between NASA, industry, and EAA,” said EAA President Tom Poberezny.

At AirVenture Oshkosh 2000, Goldin was so impressed with EAA’s educational offerings that he immediately called NASA’s director of education and instructed him to explore ways that the two organizations could forge a long-term partnership. Within a month, several NASA representatives were in Oshkosh for a two-day meeting with their EAA counterparts.
The result was a formal agreement to work together in supporting common educational opportunities. Collaboration now exists on programs ranging from the EAA Air Academy to providing teachers with training and materials to implement into their science, math and technology curricula. NASA also was a major part of KidVenture 2001 and served as a main presenter at AirVenture’s Teachers Day.

“His personal involvement has also led to numerous technological breakthroughs in general aviation,” Tom said.

And They're Off ... Finally 
The morning of October 17, under crisp, clear sunny skies, Joe Duff and Deke Clark began migrating south again in their Cosmos trikes just as they did last fall. But this year, instead of being accompanied by sandhill cranes, they’ll be flying with rare whooping cranes—the culmination of a dream that began years ago. As a youngster, Bill Lishman, affectionately known as "Father Goose" since the release of the motion picture Fly Away Home, remembers his mother telling him that whooping cranes and trumpeter swans were becoming nearly extinct because of human interference. That story made a significant impression on the young lad’s mind. The cooperative effort is comprised of Lishman's Operation Migration, the International Crane Foundation, and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Midwest Region.
(read more)

Maule Announces Diesel Engine
Ray Maule, Maule Air, Inc., announced recently that his popular six-place aircraft will be available with an SAM SR305 turbocharged "compression ignition" (diesel) engine. The engine, rated at 230 hp for takeoff and 200 hp for cruise, will provide the Maule with improved performance at altitude and lower fuel consumption (Jet-A) while maintaining  typical Maule STOL characteristics. Maule has contracted with LoPresti Speed Merchants, Vero Beach, Fla., to design a new aerodynamic cowl for the SMA engine in a Maule airframe. For more information, call Brent Maule at 220-9875-2045, or e-email mauleair@surfsouth.com.

New Oil Sump Heater From Reiff
Reiff Preheat Systems, maker of the HotBand cylinder heat system, announces it's latest innovation, the Hot Strip oil sump heater. The thin and lightweight heater is like a silicon pad but made of steel for maximum durability. It also installs faster with a high-tech, thermally conductive epoxy that heat-cures in minutes. HotStrip is available either as an independent system or as an integrated HotBand-HotStrip combination. For silicone pad fans, Reiff continues to offer its line of HotPad oil sump heaters. for more information, visit www.reiffpreheat.com or call 262-968-2342.

Q & A: Question of the Week
Question: NOTAM clarification please: With the release of St. Louis to return to VFR flight, I now have to call the TRACON and get a waiver for NON-transponder flights. This worked fine yesterday for an initial venture into the skies after more than a month of no flying. My question today is this: “If I have a CFI on board the aircraft taking flight instruction, do I have to call and get a waiver; or, because I have a CFI onboard I am still okay to fly?” I have not called the local WX brief yet, but plan on asking them this same question. Just looking for more than one "interpretation" of the NOTAMs.

Thanks for helping get us airborne again.

Answer: If you are located within one of the 15 released enhanced Class B airspace areas - then the answer is Yes - the NOTAM (#1225) requires all aircraft without a transponder to call to get permission to fly - including flight instruction and flight tests. 

However, if you are located within one of the closed 15 enhanced class B airspace areas - then the answer would be No - NOTAM #617 applies to these airports and flight instruction in aircraft without engine driven electrical systems = no transponder do not need to call NOTAM #1225 does not apply to aircraft in these areas.

How can we help you?
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