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Scheduled Activities

November 10 - MILLEN, GA - Chapter 172 Low-Country Boil Fly-In, 706-547-3607

November 10 - MIDLAND, TX - Confederate Air Force Headquarters sponsored "The Dead Ships of Truk Lagoon" Remembrance of War, 915-563-1000

November 10 - PELL CITY, AL - Chapter 1320 Fly-In Breakfast, 205-338-9500

November 10 - TRUCKEE-TAHOE, CA - Chapter 1073 Pancake Breakfast, 530-546-8515

November 10 - FAIRVIEW, OK - Fairview Flight Club sponsored 5Oth Annual World’s Oldest Free Fly-In, 580-227-3788

November 10 - GRANBURY, TX - Chapter 983 Fall Fly-In at Pecan Plantation Airpark (0TX1), 817-279-8898

November 10 - LAKELAND, FL - Sun ’n Fun Center hosts an Aeronca Fly-In, 863-644-0741

November 11 - CINCINNATI, OH - Warbird Squadron 18 Veterans Day Parade

November 11 - HIGHLANDS COUNTY, FL - EAA Chapter 1240 , Young Eagles Program 9:00 AM till 2:00 PM at Sebring Industrial Airport

November 17 - CONROE, TX - Chapter 302 Fly-In at Montgomery County Airport (CXO), 713-484-5000

Young Eagles Flights Return to Meigs This Weekend
EAA Young Eagles flights will once again take to the air in 
downtown Chicago this Saturday after an extended vacation following September 11. Flights are made by members of the Chicago “DODO” chapter of Tuskegee Airmen. If you're in the area, stop by Kids ages 7-17 can register on-line for a flight at the Friends of Meigs Field website.

Young Eagles Rallies

-- See the complete schedule of Young Eagle events at the Young Eagles website.

November 16 - Owens Field - Columbia, SC Chapter 242 - Selina Wolf 803-788-2440

November 17 - Jack Edwards Airport - Gulf Shores, AL, Chapter 1265 - Pete Morley 251-987-5007

November 17 - Ryan Airfield - Tucson, AZ, Chapter 81 - Terrance Langen 520-546-3951

November 17 - Flabob Airport - Riverside, CA, Chapter VAA 33 - Wes Blasjo 909-780-7021

November 17 - MARIETTA, GA - Chapter 268 Fly-In Breakfast/Young Eagle Rally, 770-529-9023

EAA SportAir Workshops:

NOV 09-11, 2001, OSHKOSH, WI - Topics: Velocity Assembly
See the complete schedule of upcoming SportAir Workshops.

November Wallpaper From EAA Website

The November wallpaper is EAA’s rare Pitcairn PA 7S Mailwing. Along with appearing in several movies, this very airplane is believed to have been flown by Charles Lindbergh, Howard Hughes and Jackie Cochran. Some of its famous passengers include Shirley Temple, Henry Fonda and Jimmy Stewart. To put this beautiful aircraft on your desktop, visit the download page on the EAA website.


The Official Electronic Newsletter of EAA

November 9, 2001   Volume 1, Number 34

Welcome to EAA e-HOT LINE, the e-mail newsletter for members of the Experimental Aircraft Association, its divisions and affiliates. We welcome your comments and suggestions to ehotline@eaa.org

News You Can Use ---

FAA Issues NOTAM For Cape Canaveral
In the interest of Space Shuttle Program security, VFR Flight operations near Cape Canaveral in Florida will be subject to new Temporary Flight Restrictions (TFRs) spelled out in FDC 2269, which was issued on Thursday, Nov. 8. Beginning Nov. 9 through Dec. 1, VFR pilots are required to obtain a discreet transponder code and radio frequency from controlling ATC facility before departing into or entering the newly issued TFR airspace. Aircraft are also required to stay west of US Hwy 1 at all times. The TFR airspace is defined by the lateral boundaries of restricted area R-2935, and extending from the surface up to but not including FL 180. General aviations aircraft falling under the TFR area include Merritt Island; Space Coast Regional; Dunn; Tradewinds; Blue Ridge; and Highlander. Read the complete NOTAM on EAA’s current NOTAMs page. Pilots must follow these requirements absolutely or risk interception by the military, as evidenced by the NOTAM’s final words: “Any aircraft within the TFR area not in compliance with the procedures is subject to immediate military aircraft interception and the use of force.”

Analysis: Homeland Security Office Now Part of Aviation Mix

President Bush’s creation of the Office of Homeland Security (OHS) brings a new dynamic to discussions regarding airspace issues and the importance of general aviation within the nation’s transportation system. The presence of this new group provides crucial coordination between various state and federal agencies to identify and define threats to the United States, but its true influence on general aviation is yet to be determined. OHS will eventually assume many domestic security roles handled by the National Security Council since Sept. 11. NSC assumed the leadership position in the days and weeks immediately following the terrorist attacks because of its ability to coordinate the resources of many federal agencies. Its primary mission, however, is more international than domestic. As time moves ahead, NSC will concentrate its efforts on global situations and Homeland Security will have responsibility for reacting to internal threats and issues. (read more)

NAFI Again Urges Passage of GA Small Business Relief Act
A critical vote occurred Thursday evening in the House of Representatives on HR 3150, the Aviation Security Bill.  The vote enables EAA to continue the fight to prevent the enactment of a Senate version of the Bill that could have an adverse impact on general aviation.  The Senate version contains an Amendment by Senator Herb Kohl (D-WI) that would require the FAA to implement a security program for aircraft weighing less than 12,500 lbs.  The favorable House Bill, along with the Senate version passed earlier in the week, will be sent to conference committee where a final Bill will emerge for the President¹s signature.  EAA and other general aviation associations will continue to work on Capital Hill, with House and Senate Conferees, in an effort to minimize the impact of proposed new security requirements on general aviation.
List of Aviation Subcommittee members
HR 3007

FAA To Ensure National Coordination of TFRs
EAA has confirmed that approximately 24 temporary flight restrictions (TFRs) were issued over the past few weeks by local FAA facilities at the request of FBI, DoD, USPS and others. The local issuance of NOTAMs that close airspace is counter to the FAA’s objective of coordinating airspace management at a national level, as has been done with the nuclear and enhanced Class B TFRs. EAA has worked closely with the FAA in recent days to minimize the confusion caused by locally generated airspace restrictions. To address this, the FAA has established a policy to ensure that all future requests for airspace restrictions are cleared with FAA headquarters prior to implementation. In addition, FAA is reviewing the existing 24 local TFR NOTAMs and expects to cancel many of them this week. The locally issued TFRs are not consistent in size or altitude, and are not charted on the EAA Flight Planner TFR maps. Pilots must always check with Flight Service for local NOTAMs that may create additional TFRs in their area or on their route of flight.

GA Security in Perspective
Over the past two months, EAA members and others have contacted EAA Headquarters for help to discuss general aviation in their communities. Some members have been interviewed by the media, while others seek information to help them talk with friends and neighbors who are not familiar with general aviation. The public perception of general aviation has been altered since Sept. 11. Articles such as Monday’s (Nov. 5) USA Today article, "Small airports’ security could be a weak link," raise questions from the public. In that article, USA Today talked with representatives from both sides of the issue, while exploring the differences in security between major commercial airports and the thousands of primarily general-aviation use airfields in the country. EAA continues to work on the issues relating to general aviation security to ensure any proposals are practical and do not add burdens to GA pilots and airplane owners.
(read more)

Nuclear NOTAMs Officially Canceled
The Notice to Airmen (NOTAM) restricting flight operations within 10 nm of U.S. nuclear facilities was officially canceled at 0500 UTC on November 7, or 11 p.m. CST Tuesday, Nov. 6. The no-fly zones had been in effect for the past week in the interest of national security, affecting nearly 500 landing facilities across the nation. While flight restrictions imposed by the nuclear NOTAM no longer affect these facilities, pilots are reminded that FDC 1516, which prohibits circling or loitering over nuclear/power plants and a number of other strategic facilities, is still active. Finally, always remember to check with Flight Service for the latest NOTAMs by calling 1-800/WX-BRIEF.

Chapter 1140 Makes WTC Photo Available to EAA Chapters, Squadrons
EAA Chapter 1140 has raised more than $20,000 through the sale of a pre-9/11/01 photo taken from a small airplane showing the majestic twin towers of New York’s World Trade Centers. (The photo is featured in the November issue of Sport Aviation.)

New York Governor George Pataki was deeply moved by a copy of the United We Will Stand 9-11-01 photo produced by EAA Chapter 1140 and presented to him recently. Now Chapter 1140 would like to make the photograph available to other EAA chapters and Squadrons to use as a fund-raiser in the same manner.

Read more about this opportunity to help the relief effort.

EAA Halls of Fame Receive Eight New Members
Eight people who have contributed greatly to the world of flight were inducted into the EAA-affiliated Halls of Fame on Friday, Nov. 2, during a program at the EAA Aviation Center at Oshkosh, Wis. John Monnett was inducted into the EAA Homebuilders’ Hall of Fame; Michael Heuer became the newest member of the International Aerobatic Club (IAC) Hall of Fame, while Ed Maloney and Lincoln Dexter joined those in the EAA Warbirds of America Hall of Fame. The late Amelia Reid was honored as the inductee into the NAFI Flight Instructor Hall of Fame, with Dr. Roy Wicker and Ted Koston joining the Vintage Aircraft Association Hall of Fame. In addition, the EAA Ultralight Hall of Fame inducted W. Michael Sacrey.
(read more)

EAA Tours n’ Travel, Airways Offer New Zealand Tour
EAA and Tours N’ Travel and Airways magazine are teaming together to offer a unique travel experience: An opportunity to discover New Zealand by private DC-3, including two full days at Warbirds over Wanaka.
The trip is scheduled for March 28-April 6, 2002, and will include stops at Christchurch, Queenstown, Gore, Rotorua, Bay of Islands, and Auckland. Also included is a ski-plane landing on the Tasmanian Glacier, private visits to the RNZAF Museum, Wigram and Croyden Aircraft Company in Mandeville. Other featured options include the chance to fly in the only passenger-carrying PBY Catalina flying boat, sightseeing over Auckland in a DH Dragon biplane and to Milford Sound in the Dominie. The trip is priced at $5,795 per person (price based on double occupancy; airfare from the U.S. is not included. To learn more about this trip of a lifetime (and there’s a lot more!), call EAA Tours ‘n Travel at 800/634-2153.
Pearl Harbor Exhibit Opening Highlight EAA AirVenture Museum Veterans' Weekend Nov. 10-11
A new temporary exhibit commemorating the 60th anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor is highlighting the annual Veterans’ Day activities at the EAA AirVenture Museum. Those activities are scheduled for Saturday and Sunday, Nov. 10-11 ... (read more)

On The Flight Line ---
General Tibbets Highlights Veterans Day Weekend at Warbird Adventures Museum
This Sunday is Veterans Day, a time to honor those who have made and continue to make sacrifices to preserve our nation’s freedom. The Warbird Adventures Museum, Kissimmee, Florida, has a number of activities and special events planned in honor of our nation’s veterans. Visitors will have an opportunity to meet General Paul Tibbets, pilot of the B-29 Enola Gay, who will appear at two book-signing sessions Saturday and Sunday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. General Tibbets will also give a presentation at the hangar beginning at 7 p.m. Saturday. Young Eagles rides will be offered to kids ages 7-17 from 9 a.m-1 p.m. Saturday, and a pancake breakfast is available from 8:30-noon.

Formation flights with a B-25 Mitchell bomber and T-6/SNJs will signal the start of the third annual museum-sponsored Red, White and Blue Golf Tournament at Kissimmee Golf Course. The annual Kissimmee Veterans Day Parade begins at 10 a.m. Sunday, its start also signaled by a formation flight. Finally, behind-the-scenes tours of restoration projects will be given throughout the weekend and flights in restored WWII aircraft are available through Warbird Adventures Inc., 231 Hoagland Blvd, south of Hwy 192 near mile-marker 15. Call 407-933-1942 for more information or to make a reservation for the General’s presentation Saturday night.

Crested Butte Friends Stave Off Closing of Airport
Right at the deadline on Tuesday, November 6, Friends of the Crested Butte Airport posted a Supersedeas Bond in the amount of $223,537.32 (plus one additional one dollar bill) at the Gunnison District Court Clerk office. This action stays the ruling of a local judge to keep the airport open pending further decisions of the Colorado Court of Appeals. The Gunnison County Commissioners and a local real estate developer are attempting to shorten the 4,485-foot runway by 500 feet and restrict access to limited to a maximum of fifteen local pilots. A majority of the flights in and out of Crested Butte are medical evacuations, which would be disallowed by the County’s action. To learn more, contact Crested Butte Airport Manager Carlo Cesa at 970/349-0495, or visit www.cbairport.org.

Adam Aircraft Completes First Parts For CarbonAero Prototype
Adam Aircraft Industries, Englewood, Colorado, announced it has completed the first parts for its CarbonAero conforming prototype. The CarbonAero is a six-place, all-composite, centerline thrust piston twin with a 2,300-pound useful load and 250-gallon fuel capacity. It was first introduced as the M-309 before its new name “CarbonAero” was revealed at AirVenture Oshkosh 2001. Adam President John Knudsen said workers completed the horizontal stabilizer box and leading edge, and tools for the fuselage, flight control surfaces and tail booms are nearing completion.
Knudsen expected the first fuselage to be completed in November. “We are on schedule to fly the conforming prototype by summer 2002 and are on track for type certification and first deliveries in 2003,” he said.
The CarbonAero will have a maximum speed of 250 knots with cruise at 220 knots and an economy cruise of 200 knots at 20,000 feet. Cruising range of 1,500 nautical miles is projected when operating in fuel economy mode. It’s wingspan is 44 feet, length 36.7 feet and height 9.5. The cabin measures 13.6 feet by 4.5 feet wide.
Current price tag for CarbonAero is $750,000, with the price slated to increase to $775,000 in the next For more information about the CarbonAero, visit www.adamaircraft.com.

Eclipse Aviation Engineers Complete Transition to Albuquerque
Eclipse Aviation Corporation announced that its 126-member engineering team has joined the rest of the company employees at the Albuquerque, New Mexico Headquarters at Sunport International Airport. They had been working out of Walled Lake, Michigan since July. Eclipse Aviation employs 173 people who are focused on continued development and manufacture of the Eclipse 500 jet. The company expects to employ approximately 200 people by year-end.
“We’re very excited about having all Eclipse employees under one roof,” said Vern Raburn, president and CEO of Eclipse. “We have already come a long way in the development and certification of the Eclipse 500 jet. This fall we begin assembly of our first flight test aircraft, in preparation of our first flight next July. Now with everybody in one place, we can focus all our energy toward achieving first flight, certification and customer deliveries on schedule.”

Eclipse plans to assemble the certification and production aircraft for the first few years from the Sunport International facility. The company will build its permanent headquarters and manufacturing facility at Double Eagle II airport located on Albuquerque’s west side. To learn more about Eclipse, visit www.eclipseaviation.com.

Stratojet Association Asks for Help Tracking Down History
The B-47 Stratojet Association wants to honor to the more than 200,000 airmen who were involved in operations of over 2,000 B-47 built and in operation between 1951 and 1965. The problem is no records of the Boeing B-47 Stratojet and its personnel are known to exist in the current USAF records available to the public.
A fire that struck the National Personnel Records Center in St. Louis on July 12, 1973, destroyed USAF Personnel Records with surnames Hubbard through Z for the period from 1947 through 1963.
Nothing in the USAF History files is available regarding location of B-47 Stratojet Wings, how many B-47 Wings there were, how many airman there were in each wing and where they operated from.
The association knows there were 2,042 B-47s built and in operation during this time period and is looking for military orders, crew assignments, aircraft tail numbers from squadrons and wings, and anything else that would help. 
Please send information to:
Wen Painter
B-47 Stratojet Association
P.O. Box 719
Mojave, CA 93501
You can also reach Wen by e-mail at wpainter@antelecom.net or  661-824-2907.

Q & A:
Question of the Week
Question For EAA Aviation Information Services -  What, exactly, is the information required on a home built Identification Plate attached on the outside of the fuselage near the tail?

Answer: The external ID plate must contain, at a minimum, the make, model, and serial number of the aircraft. Remember that, on a homebuilt aircraft, the builder is the manufacturer. Thus, the "make" is the name of the builder rather than the designer or plans/kit provider. Also, this external ID plate should be of fireproof material, commonly stainless steel.

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