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Scheduled Activities

November 17 - CONROE, TX - Chapter 302 Fly-In at Montgomery County Airport (CXO), 713-484-5000

November 24 - BUCKEYE, AZ - Canard 2001 Get-together, mreracer@primenet.com 

Young Eagles Reports Another Milestone: 750,000 
The EAA Young Eagles office at EAA headquarters reports that eight-year-old Colleen McGrath of Davenport, Iowa, took the flight on Nov. 10 with volunteer Flight Leader Richard Lowe, also of Davenport. Richard has flown 95 Young Eagles since 1993 and is a member of EAA Chapter 75 in the Quad Cities area.

The program is now more than three-quarters of the way to the stated goal of 1 million Young Eagles flown by Dec. 17, 2003 — the 100th anniversary of the first powered flight. The events of Sept. 11 hindered the program briefly and put it in a “catch-up” mode somewhat through much of the fall, so we continue to urge pilots to make Young Eagles flights and maybe even fly a few extra kids before the end of the year. Congratulations and thanks to everyone involved with the program.

Young Eagles Rallies


Nov. 16 - Owens Field - Columbia, SC Chapter 242 - Selina Wolf 803-788-2440

Nov. 17 - Jack Edwards Airport - Gulf Shores, AL Chapter 1265 - Pete Morley 251-987-5007

Nov. 17 - Ryan Airfield - Tucson, AZ Chapter 81 - Terrance Langen 520-546-3951

Nov. 17 - Flabob - Riverside, CA Chapter 1, 33 - Al Gester 909-682-6236

Nov. 17 - Flabob Airport - Riverside, CA Chapter VAA 33 - Wes Blasjo 909-780-7021

Nov. 17 - Rosamond Skypark - Rosamond, CA Chapter 49 & 1000 - Miles Bowen 661-822-0806

Nov. 17 - Brooksville (BKV) - Brooksville, FL Chapter 1298 - Edgar Flaig 352-688-4263 (Rain Date: 11/18)

Nov. 17 - Deland Airport - Deland, FL Chapter 635 - Van Vickers 386-668-0936

Nov. 17 - North County Airport - Jupiter, FL Chapter 203 - Rick Golightly 561-747-9100

Nov. 17 - Tampa Bay Exec Airport - Tampa Bay, FL Chapter 791 - Eleanor Sharpe 727-376-2536

Nov. 17 - Dawson (16J) - Dawson, GA Chapter 354 - Mark Holbrook 229-436-4803

Nov. 17 - Hilo International Airport - Hilo, HI Chapter 1182 - Tom Lodge 808-966-7313

Nov. 17 - Kona International - Kailua-Kona, HI Chapter 1191 - Wesley Brown 808-235-7477

Nov. 17 - Great Bend (GBI) - Great Bend, KS Chapter 1134 - Bob Mead 620-982-4602

Nov. 17 - Ottawa Municipal Airport - Ottawa, KS Chapter 1329 - Henry Snodgrass 785-746-8878

Nov. 17 - Marlboro Airport (9B1) - Marlboro, MA Chapter 673 - John Weigel 508-655-2138

Nov. 17 - Ohio State Univ Airport (KOSU) - Gahanna, OH Chapter 9 - Keith Edwards 614-471-1970

Nov. 17 - Fairfield County - Lancaster, OH Chapter 443 - Albert Moyer 740-969-2252

Nov. 17 - PWA - Oklahoma City, OK Chapter 24 - Martin Weaver 405-376-5488 (Rain Date: 11/24)

Nov. 17 - Houston Southwest - Houston, TX Chapter 12 - Dean M Doolittle 713-744-3830

Nov. 17 - Killeen Municipal Airport - Killeen, TX Chapter 542 - James L Livingston 254-680-4785 (Rain Date: 11/18)

Nov. 17 - Sherman (SWI) - Sherman, TX Chapter 323 - Rich Worstell 903-523-4899

Nov. 17 - KEZF Shannon Airport - King George, VA Chapter 1099 - Robert O'Neill 540-775-0119 (Rain Date: 11/18)

Nov. 17 - Winchester Regional - Winchester, VA Chapter 186 - Ginny Largent 301-946-2321

Nov. 17 - Eastern W Virginia Airport - Martinsburg, WV Chapter 1071 - David Spaulding 304-261-4945

Nov. 24 - Brooksville (BKV) - Brooksville, FL Chapter 1298 - Edgar Flaig 352-688-4263 (Rain Date: 11/25)

Nov. 24 - VQQ - Ceol Field - Jacksonville, FL Chapter 193 - Douglas Johnson 904-642-6016 (Rain Date: 12/1)

EAA SportAir Workshops:

NOV 30-DEC 02, 2001, GRIFFIN, GA
Topics: TIG Welding

DEC 01-02, 2001, CORONA, CA
Topics: Sheet Metal, Composite Construction, Fabric Coverings
See the complete schedule of upcoming SportAir Workshops.

November Wallpaper From EAA Website

The November wallpaper is EAA’s rare Pitcairn PA 7S Mailwing. Along with appearing in several movies, this very airplane is believed to have been flown by Charles Lindbergh, Howard Hughes and Jackie Cochran. Some of its famous passengers include Shirley Temple, Henry Fonda and Jimmy Stewart. To put this beautiful aircraft on your desktop, visit the download page on the EAA website.


The Official Electronic Newsletter of EAA

November 16, 2001   Volume 1, Number 35

Welcome to EAA e-HOT LINE, the e-mail newsletter for members of the Experimental Aircraft Association, its divisions and affiliates. We welcome your comments and suggestions to ehotline@eaa.org

News You Can Use ---

EAA Meets With Top Illinois Officials on Meigs Field
EAA Secretary Alan Shackleton, an active EAA member and local Chapter president from Sugar Grove, Ill., was among the aviation officials who met with top state of Illinois officials Wednesday and urged continued support for Meigs Field in downtown Chicago. The group met briefly with Illinois governor George Ryan, a Meigs supporter, then with Illinois Department of Transportation chief Kirk Brown and his staff. (read more)

EAA’s Lawrence Featured Speaker at Meigs Open House Luncheon
Earl Lawrence, EAA Vice President of Government and Industry Relations, will be the featured speaker at the Meigs Field open house luncheon, which will be held Saturday, Nov. 17 at the Chicago Yacht Club adjacent to Meigs. The luncheon begins at 12:15 p.m. Lawrence will discuss the latest updates on Meigs Field, as well as airspace issues and other aviation topics. Developments since Sept. 11 and the aviation community’s response to them will also be primary topics.

Conference Committee Reportedly Agrees on Federalizing Baggage Handlers
Rest of Aviation Security Bill Should Follow Soon
House and Senate Conferees for the Aviation Security Bill have reportedly agreed to a phased-in system under which all airport baggage screeners would become federal workers within two years. Under the agreement, the federal government would take immediate responsibility for overseeing screeners. There is also reportedly a provision allowing individual airports which meet strict federal standards to use local law enforcement officials or private security firms for screening functions. The question regarding baggage screeners was the main sticking point in the Aviation Security bill. Now that it appears to be resolved, agreement on the rest of the bill, including the controversial Kohl Amendment requiring an FAA security program for aircraft under 12,500 lbs., should be imminent. EAA will report on the latest developments as they occur.

EAA Makes Final Push on Aviation Security Legislation
House and Senate conferees and their staffs continue to work to produce a final version of the Aviation Security Bill. As reported earlier, the bill passed unanimously by the Senate contains an amendment requiring the FAA to develop and implement a security program for aircraft weighing less than 12,500 lbs. The House-passed version contained no such language. 

EAA and other aviation organizations have worked with key House and Senate conferees to remove or minimize the impact of this legislation. EAA continued to meet with congressional members and staff through the close of business Wednesday, Nov. 14, to press the point to a final conclusion. Hopes are high on Capitol Hill to reach an agreement before the Thanksgiving recess.
(read more)

FAA Briefs of Homeland Security on Airspace Proposals 

Earlier this week the FAA provided its plans to the Office of Homeland Security for the incremental restoration of general aviation operations in the remaining three TFRs and enhanced Class B airspace (New York City, Washington, D.C., and Boston). At the top of the list for relief are the orphan operations such as newsgathering, traffic reporting, helicopter and airship operations, and others. It is likely that relief for these specific operations in enhanced Class B airspace will hinge on the acceptance of new point of departure security proposals by the Office of Homeland Security. Abolition of enhanced Class B airspace and restoration of some operations within the TFRs are also reportedly part of the strategy.

Deliberations by FAA with national security interests are continuing on a daily basis and gradual relaxation of the restrictions is anticipated soon, barring any significant negative change in the national security threat assessment.

GA Pilots Can Help Push Relief Legislation
EAA members and other aviation enthusiasts can help to ensure the passage of the General Aviation Small Business Relief Act (HR 3007). Contact your congressional representatives and urge their support for HR 3007. If your congressman is a member of the House Aviation Subcommittee, ask for quick action on this Bill, which has been in committee since October 3 without any consideration. (read more)

Charlie Schuck Honored for 21 Years of Service to EAA
Long-time EAA Washington, D.C., representative Charlie Schuck was honored for his 21 years of service to EAA at a special luncheon held Wednesday, Nov. 14, in Washington. Charlie was also honored during EAA’s annual Hall of Fame induction ceremonies held in Oshkosh on Nov. 2.
Charlie began representing EAA members' interests in Washington, D.C. following a 21-year career at FAA. Throughout his years with EAA, Charlie was able to bring EAA’s needs and concerns to the attention of FAA headquarters in a manner that continuously gained respect for the organization, noted EAA President Tom Poberezny while recognizing Charlie during EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2001.
(read more)

FAA Delays Implementation of “Changed Products Rule”
EAA’s Washington staff has been working for several years to protect general aviation, particularly older aircraft, from the impact of new changed products regulations. "Type Certification Procedures for Changed Products," also known as the Changed Products Rule (CPR), was scheduled to go into effect in December but was instead delayed for 18 months--June 2003—to allow FAA to create procedures, guidance material, and training programs.
(read more).

EAA President Issues 110% Challenge to Chapters
In a recent letter to Chapter presidents, EAA President Tom Poberezny issued a 110% challenge for each Chapter to recruit five new EAA members by February 1, 2002. Because approximately 50,000 EAAers belong to 1,000 Chapters, if every Chapter meets the challenge, EAA’s voice for recreational aviation will increase by 5,000-or more!

“In the last two months, EAA’s leadership has played an important part in restoring many of your flight privileges,” Tom wrote. “To accomplish what lies ahead, we must continue to be strong.” Chapters can rise to the challenge on three levels: red, for recruiting five to 10 new members; white, for recruiting 11 to 15 new EAAers; and blue, for recruiting 16 or more new members.
There is strength in numbers, and with this added strength EAA can continue to fight to preserve our precious flight privileges. We will provide progress reports for this campaign on the EAA website, e-HOT LINE, and upcoming issues of Sport Aviation.

Christmas in the Air and Holiday Hoopla at Museum
The EAA and EAA Aviation Foundation family along with the EAA AirVenture Museum Docents invite you and your family to our 18th Annual "Christmas in the Air" Open House on Monday, Dec. 3 at the EAA AirVenture Museum, including a spectacular array of area performers. PLUS - A Special guest from the North Pole will make your Museum visit a memorable one.

Everyone is also invited to the "Holiday Hoopla" sale going on at Aeronautica Dec. 1-3. Get up to 50 percent discounts on unique holiday gift items, win door prizes, and a visit from Santa. Come join us! ...
(read more)

EAA Photo Staff Dominate AV Photo Contest
EAA staff photographers were again among the big winners in the annual Aviation Week & Space Technology aviation photo contest, sweeping the top three General category awards and picking up an award in the Civil category. Jim Koepnick received first place in General with his photo of the Vickers Vimy at sunrise over Lake Michigan, as well as a third place. LeeAnn Abrams earned a second in the General category and a third in Civil. The photos will be published in the magazine’s Dec. 24-31 issue.

On The Flight Line ---
No Drop-Off Seen at Lancair
Even though Lancair saw a decline following the events of September 11, North American Sales Manager Mike Schrader reports that Lancair has picked back up and business has been very strong overall since AirVenture Oshkosh.
The Lancair Company, makers of the certified Lancair Columbia 300 and 400, reported 18 new aircraft sold in August and September. Ten aircraft were ordered by one of the company’s independent sales and service centers. 
“August and September have been excellent sales months for us, which is a little surprising considering all of the negative reports we’ve been hearing within the industry both before and after September 11,” Schrader said. He added that few cancellations have been received from current depositors.
Production rates for the Columbia aircraft are also strong, with 10 deliveries in the past eight weeks. For more information, visit www.lancair.com.

Approach Aviation Releases Third Video in Series
Approach Aviation’s “The Educated Owner Video Series” continued with the recent release of Volume III: Introduction to Aircraft Ownership. This video teaches pilots and prospective aircraft owners all about aircraft ownership from before the sale through the purchase.
Volume III follows in the footsteps of the first two videos, Volume I - Preventive Maintenance, was introduced in April at Sun ‘n Fun and Vol. II - The Annual Inspection followed shortly after. In this latest release, viewers learn how to analyze the costs, selection, pre-purchase and sales transaction for the aircraft. It also includes detailed information on preventative maintenance, annual inspections and other tips concerning aircraft ownership.
Major sponsors of the video include Lear Chemical Research, Trade-A-Plane and Aircraft Tool & Supply. Other video sponsors include: Cessna Owner Organization, Piper Owner Society, Tanis Aircraft Services and Kennon Covers. For more information, visit www.ApproachAviation.com.

PFA Rally 2002 Moves to June
The Popular Flying Association (PFA) Rally 2002 will be held the weekend of June 21-23 instead of its traditional first weekend of July, according to organizers. The move was made to accommodate the British Grand Prix, which is scheduled for the July 5-7, 2002, weekend.

“We are obviously disappointed to be moved from the first weekend in July, especially after the troubles in 2001,” said Rally Chairman Steve Petter. “But we are working hard to provide an excellent Rally for 2002.” The 2001 PFA Rally was canceled due to concerns about the spread of hoof and mouth disease.

Membership of the Popular Flying Association is open to anyone with an interest in light aviation. Many PFA members are also EAA members
One change announced for 2002 is the relocation of the exhibition area to allow for better use of current facilities on site. Other activities such as the crèche, ‘air display’ and ‘Crafts Tent’ are seeking sponsorship. Those interested should contact Jaqui Clark, Tel/Fax 01795 830378, JaquiC@pfa.org.uk. For more information about PFA Rally 2002, visit www.pfa.org.uk.

Superior To Relocate Corporate Headquarters
Superior Air Parts, the largest supplier of FAA-approved replacement parts for Lycoming and Continental aircraft engines, will relocate its corporate headquarters to a new 115,000 sq. ft. facility in Coppell, Texas, about a mile north of the Dallas-Ft. Worth Airport.
The new building will house Superior’s engineering, outsourcing procurement, quality, sales & marketing, finance, and executive management teams. The move will be completed be the end of next month.
In August, Superior moved warehousing, order entry, and finished goods to Memphis, a move that allowed the company to focus on producing new, modern piston engines and parts for the general aviation industry. The new facility in Coppell will allow the company to produce several new engine models, including the XP-360, a 180-200 hp four cylinder engine, which is in the final stages of FAA type certification. For more information of Superior, visit www.superiorairparts.com.

Q & A:
Question of the Week
Question For EAA Aviation Information Services -  What is it exactly, that makes an engine "certified"? Everyone talks about it, but nobody I know has ever been able to answer the question! What, for example, is the difference between, say, a Rotax 912 and a Continental O-200?

Answer: When people talk about a "certified" engine, they're really using a non-standard term. "Certified" really means "Type Certificated." Engines that are built to comply to a Type Certificate are said to be "certified." In order to be issued a type certificate, an engine manufacturer has to meet the requirements of Parts 21 and 33 of the Federal Air Regulations. Once a type certificate is issued, an engine built under that TC is said to be "certified.
An engine built under a Type Certificate will be identified as such. It will have a data plate attached which will list the Type Certificate under which it was manufactured.

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