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Scheduled Activities
December 1 - HILLSBORO, OR - Chapter 105 Fly-In Breakfast, 503-681-0183

December 7 - MIDLAND, TX - Confederate Air Force Headquarters sponsored Open House at the American Airpower Heritage Museum, 915-563-1000 

December 8 - MIDLAND, TX - Confederate Air Force Headquarters & American Airpower Heritage Museum sponsored "10 Years in the Permian Basin," 915-563-1000

December 8 - CINCINNATI, OH - Warbird Squadron 18 Holiday Party, 513-621-9292

December 8 - PELL CITY, AL - Chapter 1320 Fly-In Breakfast, 205-338-9500

December 8 - MERRITT ISLAND, FL - the Brevard Aviation Assoc & the Merritt Island Air Service Pancake Breakfast benefit for the Marine Corps Reserve "Toys for Tots" Campaign

Young Eagles Rallies

Dec. 8 - Brown Field - San Diego, CA Chapter 14 - Sam McCutcheon 619-435-0668

Dec. 8 - Rain date: Dec. 9) Charlotte County - Punta Gorda, FL Chapter 565 - Von Thayer 941-627-1700 

Dec. 8 - Jack Barstow Airport - Midland, MI Chapter 1093 - John Kemper 517-631-4852 

Dec. 8 - Las Cruces International Airport - Las Cruces, NM Chapter 555 - Charles McLean 505-526-6151

Dec. 15 - Falcon Field - Mesa, AZ Chapter 228 - Don McGettigan 480-964-9236

Dec. 15 - KYUM - Yuma, AZ Chapter 590 - Paul Rachels 928-783-4581

Dec. 15 - (Rain Date: Dec. 16) - Yuma International - Yuma, AZ Chapter 590 - Kenneth Scott 928-344-2750

Dec. 15 - Flabob - Riverside, CA Chapter 1, 33 - Al Gester 909-682-6236

Dec. 15 - Tehachapi Municipal Airport - Tehachapi, CA Chapter 49 & 1000 - Miles Bowen 661-822-0806

Dec. 15 - Witham Field - Stuart, FL Chapter 692 - Ed Darcy 561-286-0282

Dec. 15 - Ottawa Municipal Airport - Ottawa, KS Chapter 1329 - Henry Snodgrass 785-746-8878

Dec. 15 - (Rain Date: Dec. 22) Marlboro Airport (9B1) - Marlboro, MA Chapter 673 - John Weigel 508-655-2138

For a list of Young Eagles rallies, visit the Young Eagles website.
Wild Blue Wonders: Light Flight's Spark in Young Readers

NASA has a history of reaching out to young people. It’s a part of their charter. That’s one of the reasons the agency wanted to produce an informational book about aviation for middle school-aged kids, what it perceives as an underserved demographic.

To that end, the nation’s space agency joined forces with EAA and approached Flying Magazine West Coast Editor Lane Wallace (one of the best in the business) to write the book. The result, Wild Blue Wonders: Exploring the Magic of Flight, has been a steady seller since it first became available at AirVenture Oshkosh 2001 in July, and is currently available on-line through the EAA Web Store or at the AirVenture Museum store Aeronautica.
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EAA SportAir Workshops:
JAN 11-13, 2002, GRIFFIN, GA
Topic: TIG Welding

JAN 18-20, 2002, CORONA, CA
Topic: RV Assembly

JAN 18-20, 2002, GRIFFIN, GA
Topic: RV Assembly

JAN 19, 2002, OSHKOSH, WI
Topic: Test Flying Your Project

JAN 19-20, 2002, OSHKOSH, WI
Topics: Sheet Metal, Composite Construction, Electrical Systems and Avionics, Fabric Covering, and Introduction to Aircraft Building

See the complete schedule of upcoming SportAir Workshops.

December Wallpaper From EAA Website
The homebuilt Fly Baby 1A is our featured EAA desktop image for the month of December 2001. Download you copy today from the EAA website.


The Official Electronic Newsletter of EAA

December 7, 2001   Volume 1, Number 38

Welcome to EAA e-HOT LINE, the e-mail newsletter for members of the Experimental Aircraft Association, its divisions and affiliates. We welcome your comments and suggestions to ehotline@eaa.org 

News You Can Use ---
EAA's Earl Lawrence Elected Secretary of International Aviation Fuel Committee
ASTM Reintroduces 91/98 as Alternative To 100 LL
EAA Vice President of Government and Industry Relations Earl Lawrence was elected  secretary of the aviation fuel committee (J.2) of the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) International, which met in Miami this week. The fuel committee establishes and maintains specifications for all aviation gasolines throughout the world. In addition, ASTM approved the reintroduction of 91/98 grade aviation fuel, which can be produced as an unleaded fuel and can serve as an alternative to 100LL in more than 90 percent of the general aviation piston fleet. EAA chaired the task group that led to this reintroduction, which provides another fuel option for aircraft owners and companies developing new engines and engine controls as leaded fuels are eventually phased out.
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EAA Honors 60th Anniversary of Pearl Harbor
New exhibits, veterans and historical programs, and a USO-style dinner dance will highlight one of the most extensive weekends ever planned at the EAA AirVenture Museum, as EAA prepares to honor the 60th anniversary of Pearl Harbor Day on Dec. 7-9. The exhibits and programs, supported by Oshkosh Truck Corporation, are open to the public throughout the weekend. During the weekend, admission to the EAA AirVenture Museum and all special events (except the dinner dance) are free to military veterans and their spouses. For other Museum visitors, all activities (except the dinner dance) are included with regular Museum admission.
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Agreement Extends Meigs Operations To 2026
To anyone who signed a post card, wrote a letter, attended a Young Eagles rally, open house, made phone calls, or simply talked with other people in support of Chicago’s Meigs Field, the nonprofit group Friends of Meigs extends a huge thank you! The City of Chicago and the State of Illinois have agreed on a regional airport plan for the area, a plan that includes keeping Meigs Field open through Jan. 1, 2026, or just over 24 years. The plan guarantees that the lakefront airport will remain open until Jan. 1, 2006, after which time the Illinois state legislature could vote to close it, but that is a much more difficult proposition than existed previously, requiring both houses and the governor's signature. After all, Meigs was scheduled to cease operations in just over two months from now and be converted to a park.

Steve Whitney, President of the Friends of Meigs Field, saluted Governor Ryan for his leadership and vision, and also thanked Mayor Daley for his courage to change his mind on long-held plans to convert Meigs into a park. "We're excited and happy and thankful for the broad-based industry and public support we received all through this," he said. "There’s a certain sense of relief, for sure, because in the sense of preserving Meigs Field for the foreseeable future, yes, we won. At the same time, there is a sense of vigilance, of not wanting to let our guard down."
(Read the official Friends of Meigs news release)

A Very Special Cherokee Is This Year's Grand Prize In EAA Aviation Foundation Sweepstakes Program
The 2002 EAA Aviation Foundation Sweepstakes grand prize is a newly refurbished, better-than-new condition Piper PA28-140 Cherokee. With a custom interior by AirMod, Mattituck engine overhaul, Sensenich prop, AMR&D prop tip mod and vortex generators and more, this will be one very special airplane to a certain lucky winner this summer at EAA's 50th AirVenture. Read more about this special airplane, along with the sweepstakes program and history, as well as how you can enter to win this magnificent aircraft.

FAA Issues Final Rule For Criminal History Checks

On December 6, 2001, the FAA issued the final rule (Docket No. FAA-2001-10999) outlining Criminal History Records Checks (CHRCs) for certain airport personnel. The new rule requires each airport operator and aircraft operator that has adopted a security program under FAR 107 (airports with scheduled airline passenger service) or FAR 108 (air carriers or public charter passenger operations), respectively, to conduct fingerprint-based CHRCs for individuals if they have not already undergone CHRCs. This new rule does not apply to general aviation airports where there is no scheduled airline service; however, it does apply to public charter operations flying passengers (per FAR 108) from these general aviation airports. (read more)

NOTAM Reopens St. Mary’s Airport, Georgia
The radius of the nuclear TFR at Kings Bay Naval Submarine Base in SE Georgia was reduced by NOTAM from five miles and 5000 feet MSL to two miles and 3000 feet MSL on Dec. 3. This change, announced in FDC 1/2887, reopens St. Mary’s Airport (4J6), which had been closed for more than a month.
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AeroShell Announces Recall/Replacement of Oil Products
Equilon Lubricants has recalled a recent batch of AeroShell lubricants for aircraft piston engines due to possible contaminated with debris. While the problem has been corrected, AeroShell has recalled specific batches of products and will replace them at no charge. Follow this link to a list of bottle and case identifiers of affected products and for instructions for how to return them.
On The Flight Line ---
Tiger Receives Airworthiness Certificate 
The first brand new Tiger airplane in 10 years was delivered at AirVenture 2001 at the end of July. Just over four months later, on Dec. 3 at Tiger’s headquarters in Martinsburg, West Virginia, company officials and other numerous dignitaries presided over the presentation of the much-anticipated FAA Airworthiness Certificate for the Tiger AG-5B aircraft as the first three certificated Tigers rolled off the line. They were accepted by representatives of Tiger Sales Centers at Hortman Aviation, Fletch Air, and Tri-State Aero.
"What sets the Tiger apart from other aircraft is the incredible bond Tiger owners have, both as a group and most especially, the bond they feel with their aircraft,” said Robert Crowley, Chairman and CEO of Tiger Aircraft.
Over 5,000 airframes directly related to today's Tiger were produced by American Aviation during the 1960s and 1970s. Grumman Aviation (mid-late 70s), and American General (early 90s) took the designs using different model names, number of seats, and engine sizes, but the basic design, manufacturing methods and spirit were the same. Its rivet-less, bonded honeycomb construction process allows the Tiger airframe a unique combination of speed, economy and payload for its class.
Improvements since the 1992 include a comprehensive IFR panel, a full European leather interior, and exceptional corrosion protection (all aluminum is alodine, and all steel is cadmium-plated). Each airplane also comes with a Total Customer Care Package that carries spinner-to-tail coverage the first year, including the first annual, and two more years of airframe coverage by Tiger (engine, avionics, and other components are also covered by their respective manufacturers).
Purchasers of a new Tiger also receive Private Pilot flight training, or instrument training if they're already a Private Pilot. Tiger aircraft plans to build 92 airplanes in 2002. Visit www.tigeraircraft.com for more information.

Cirrus Back To Nearly 600 Employees

As it announced the delivery of its 250th SR-series aircraft, Cirrus Design, Duluth, Minnesota, was preparing to ramp up its production capabilities for 2002. Employment has grown back to 597 people-an increase of more than 16% in just over two months-at the three Cirrus facilities in Duluth and Hibbing, Minn., and Grand Forks, N.D. Cirrus underwent what it termed a short-term 20 percent workforce reduction from 639 to 512 in February 2001. Many of those laid off employees were called back to work primarily in aircraft production and manufacturing operations and training. Cirrus introduced the SR20 at the 1994 EAA convention. Six years later-December 2000-the company announced the 100th SR20 delivery. The first certificated SR22 rolled off the production line in February 2001 and the 100th was delivered in October.

King Schools Computer Courses On DVD

King Schools has put its acclaimed CD-ROM curriculum on DVD in what co-founder John King claims is the first implementation of DVD technology in computer-based aviation instruction. "Pilots can harness the power of their computer for learning and also enjoy the same sharp picture resolution that DVD provides for TV," says King. In fact, the DVDs also can also be played through your TV-based player.
Used with a personal computer, the DVD Knowledge Test Courses include what Kings Schools call True Interactivity - a system providing the tracking, record keeping and feedback. The DVD Knowledge Test Course is priced at $279. Each course includes a full set of DVDs (Private 9 disks/Instrument 10 disks), along with every FAA question and answer, three practice exams, a course book with detailed notes, a sign-off form for the written exam, a personalized graduation certificate, and a free FAR/AIM CD-ROM. Pilots can buy the courses directly from King Schools by calling 800- 854-1001, or through the King Schools website.

Unison Launches Pro-GA Campaign With "Autolite Annie"
Unison Industries has launched a new ad campaign to demonstrate its support of the general aviation (GA) industry. Using its popular icon "Autolite Annie," the ad's tagline is "Keep 'em Flying," a slogan often used on posters during the Second World War to recruit pilots, navigators, and bombardiers. Unison, however, is using the well-known slogan to the GA market and the efforts to restore this market to the business of flying. A commemorative poster showcasing the ad can be ordered through the Unison website. Proceeds will be donated to the American Red Cross.

Q & A:
Question of the Week
Question For EAA Aviation Information Services -  I'm in a Part 141 ground school, and in studying aircraft instruments and their purposes, I'm confused by the operation of the "manifold pressure" gauge. In a normally-aspirated four-stroke engine, isn't the intake manifold under a partial vacuum when the engine is running? What is the source of the pressure being measured?

Answer: You're correct in your understanding of the workings of the engine. The manifold pressure gage displays, in inches of mercury, the atmospheric pressure inside the intake manifold. Depending on engine design, this pressure can be above or below ambient atmospheric pressure when the engine is running. You'll notice that the manifold pressure gage reads ambient atmospheric pressure (around 30 inches of mercury) when the engine is stopped. When it's running, the "pressure" in the manifold of a normally aspirated engine is less than ambient pressure, and varies depending on throttle position. This is in fact a partial vacuum, as you've stated. Some engines are "supercharged" by either an exhaust-driven turbocharger or a mechanically driven supercharger. These engines are capable of producing manifold pressures in excess of ambient atmospheric pressure, which gives them the ability to produce rated power at higher altitudes.

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