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Young Eagles Rallies

Dec. 15 - Falcon Field - Mesa, AZ Chapter 228 - Don McGettigan 480-964-9236

Dec. 15 - KYUM - Yuma, AZ Chapter 590 - Paul Rachels 928-783-4581

Dec. 15 - (Rain Date: Dec. 16) - Yuma International - Yuma, AZ Chapter 590 - Kenneth Scott 928-344-2750

Dec. 15 - Flabob - Riverside, CA Chapter 1, 33 - Al Gester 909-682-6236

Dec. 15 - Tehachapi Municipal Airport - Tehachapi, CA Chapter 49 & 1000 - Miles Bowen 661-822-0806

Dec. 15 - Witham Field - Stuart, FL Chapter 692 - Ed Darcy 561-286-0282

Dec. 15 - Ottawa Municipal Airport - Ottawa, KS Chapter 1329 - Henry Snodgrass 785-746-8878

Dec. 15 - (Rain Date: Dec. 22) Marlboro Airport (9B1) - Marlboro, MA Chapter 673 - John Weigel 508-655-2138

Dec. 21 - North County Airport - Jupiter, FL Chapter 203 - Rick Golightly 561-747-9100

For a list of Young Eagles rallies, visit the Young Eagles website.

EAA SportAir Workshops:
JAN 11-13, 2002, GRIFFIN, GA
Topic: TIG Welding

JAN 18-20, 2002, CORONA, CA
Topic: RV Assembly

JAN 18-20, 2002, GRIFFIN, GA
Topic: RV Assembly

JAN 19, 2002, OSHKOSH, WI
Topic: Test Flying Your Project

JAN 19-20, 2002, OSHKOSH, WI
Topics: Sheet Metal, Composite Construction, Electrical Systems and Avionics, Fabric Covering, and Introduction to Aircraft Building

See the complete schedule of upcoming SportAir Workshops.

December Wallpaper From EAA Website
The homebuilt Fly Baby 1A is our featured EAA desktop image for the month of December 2001. Download you copy today from the EAA website.


The Official Electronic Newsletter of EAA

December 14, 2001   Volume 1, Number 39

Welcome to EAA e-HOT LINE, the e-mail newsletter for members of the Experimental Aircraft Association, its divisions and affiliates. We welcome your comments and suggestions to ehotline@eaa.org 

News You Can Use ---
Congress Passes Defense Authorization Act Without Demilitarization Provision
Once again, EAA Helps Defend Preservation of Warbirds

Members of EAA and Warbirds of America have a reason to be extremely pleased this week as language that threatened the future of the warbird movement was eliminated from National Defense Authorization Act. The conference report on this Act was passed by both houses of Congress by overwhelming margins (House, 382-40, and Senate, 96-2.) on Thursday, December 13 and now awaits the signature of the President. The demilitarization language could have required the destruction of surplus military articles now in civilian ownership, including vintage warbird aircraft. EAA and Warbirds of America made defeating this provision a top priority and this dedication has paid off. This is the third time in recent years EAA and Warbirds of America have worked tirelessly with other organizations, with support from key Congressional allies, to defeat proposed demilitarization legislation.
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EAA Joins Other Industry Leaders To Provide GA Security Recommendations
In a Dec. 12 letter to the new Under Secretary of Transportation Security nominee John Magaw, several general aviation organizations offered specific recommendations to enhance aviation security. The recommendations were made in an effort to meet government and public expectations while maintaining the vitality of GA’s $65 billion contribution to our nation’s economy. "Another important goal was keeping personal mobility at the forefront," said EAA President Tom Poberezny. "Freedom of flight, balanced with personal responsibility, is important to all of us." The recommendations address Section 132 (b) of the Aviation and Transportation Security Act signed by President Bush, which calls for a report to be prepared on airspace and other security measures to improve GA security. Some recommendations may require government/industry cooperation and others will require extensive FAA action. It is hoped that the recommendations can provide the basis for further discussion on the important issue of aviation security. These recommendations are endorsed by the Experimental Aircraft Association, Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association, General Aviation Manufacturers Association, Helicopter Association International, and National Business Aviation Association.

Santa Claus Calls EAA for Help
In a surprise phone call, Santa Claus asked EAA for assistance in obtaining a Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) waiver for flying his experimental amateur-built (vintage) sleigh in the United States. Santa stated that he flies his sleigh under general aviation flight rules and the U.S. Government has placed restrictions on these types of flights. He further stated the North Pole is not one of the foreign countries currently authorized to fly general aviation aircraft (or sleighs) in the United States and that approved general aviation foreign aircraft (sleighs) are not authorized to enter the enhanced Class B (ECB) airspace or the temporary flight restricted areas (TFRs) established around the country. On his behalf, EAA submitted (12/12/2001) the required FAA waiver request to: enter the US airspace; fly within ECB and TFR airspace; and fly in the State of Hawaii (USAF no transponder waiver required). EAA has discussed the waiver issue with the FAA and we don't foresee any problems, although they did indicate it may take up to 12 days for the waiver request to make it through the approval process.
EAA's Washington DC Office Director is working with senior FAA officials in seeking expedited handling of this waiver request.

EAA Founder Paul Poberezny Receives NBAA Award For Meritorious Service To Aviation
EAA Founder Paul Poberezny, whose aviation career has spanned more than 60 years, was presented with the 2001 Award for Meritorious Service to Aviation from the National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) on Wednesday, Dec. 12, during the organization’s annual convention in New Orleans. The NBAA award is presented annually to an individual who, by virtue of a lifetime of personal dedication, has made significant, identifiable contributions that have materially advanced aviation interests. Paul was honored for the creation and growth of the EAA, which began with fewer than 40 people in 1953. Paul, who was inducted into the National Aviation Hall of Fame in 1999, served as EAA president from 1953-89, a period during which membership grew to more than 100,000. During that period the annual EAA convention, EAA AirVenture Oshkosh, became one of the most significant annual aviation events in the world.
(The NBAA award was originally scheduled to be presented in September, but the organization’s convention was postponed to December after the Sept. 11 attacks and the aviation uncertainty that immediately followed.)

Post-9/11 Young Eagles Rally Sparks Youth's Interest in Aviation

EAA Chapter 323 in Sherman, Texas, held a make-up Young Eagles event at the Sherman Municipal Airport on November 17. Like many others Chapters, 323 was forced to cancel its originally scheduled late-September event because of airspace restrictions caused by 9/11.
Which brings us to the story of one Austin Hawley, 11, whose life was dramatically changed that day by his very first airplane ride.
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Gauthier New England Region Flight Instructor of the Year
Joe Gauthier, EAA #6758, has been named Flight Instructor of the Year for the New England Region. Joe, also a NAFI member, has been an aviation educator for more than 30 years. As a CFI, Joe has taught primary through instrument and flight instructor. He is one of the few accomplished tail wheel instructors in the northeast. Joe, who is also an EAA Technical Counselor and Flight Advisor, is based at Meriden Markham Airport (KMMK) in Meriden, Connecticut.
On The Flight Line ---

"Getting Around on the Ground" Aims to Reduce Runway Incursions

Aviation Tutorials Co. has released an interactive multimedia CD-ROM called Getting Around on the Ground, which was created to help pilots learn how to prevent runway incursions. A runway incursion is officially defined as: Any occurrence at an airport involving an aircraft, vehicle, person, or object on the ground that creates a collision hazard or results in a loss of separation with an aircraft taking off, intending to takeoff, landing, or intending to land.
The CD-ROM contains 15 instructional sections with over three hours of voice-narrated instruction and more than 125 three-dimensional graphics. Airport views are from the cockpit and show exactly what pilots should look for during actual aircraft operations. 40 quiz questions to help reinforce pilot training.
Getting Around On The Ground is the only interactive, multimedia tool that teaches the different types of airport markings, signage, and lighting. It also outlines hazards, safety tips, and procedures that will help keep pilots aware, knowledgeable, and safe on the ground.
The CD can be purchased for $29.95 through
www.aviationtutorials.com, or call 414-761-9331.

Aircraft Spruce Exclusive Distributor of Scheyden Aviation Eyewear

Aviation Spruce & Specialty has been named the exclusive distributor for Scheyden Precision Eyewear for the Aviation Market. Scheyden’s innovative line of Sunglasses includes five styles of Flip-Up Classics that feature lightweight, rugged titanium frames. Scheyden also features Fixed-Gear Classics, similar in construction but without the flip-up function.
Priced at $299 and $199 respectively, each pair of glasses includes a rosewood protective case, lens cloth and bag. For more information, visit Aircraft Spruce on the web at

Skybolt’s New Cowl Fastener Mounts for Cessnas

New cowling fastener mounts from Skybolt Aeromotive Corp. are direct replacement parts for the J7444 series of panel mounts on Cessna 182s. The new The SK2003-14, -24, and –36 are designed with the SKYLOCK adjustable receptacle insert. This popular receptacle is adaptable to the three well-known fasteners currently being used in Cessna aircraft: the Southco fastener, and the SKYLOCK SK40S5 fasteners. The SK2003 series of parts are STC'd and FAA-PMA approved.
The unique characteristics of the SK2003 provide for longer part life and a fit that will make removal and replacement of the Cessna cowling during maintenance much easier. Skybolt has a successful track record with its insert design in hundreds of thousands of units sold as part of its own SKYLOCK fastener line. Skybolt has twenty years of design experience with 1/4 turn fasteners and has extensive experience with Cessna cowlings and fasteners The J7444 series parts have been among the most popular parts stocked by Skybolt.
To learn more, visit

Vector Training Systems Names New President

William J. McGrath is the new president of Vector Training Systems, Grand Forks, ND. He is former VP of business development for Pan Am International Flight Academy, Miami, and worked previously as managing director of GE Capital Aviation Training in London, England. McGrath is a 1969 graduate of the US Air Force Academy and is a former Air Force flight instructor pilot and flight examiner.
Vector Training Systems is an integrated flight training systems manufacturer of aircraft-specific FAA Level-3 flight training devices and multi-media training software for general aviation.

Q & A:
Question of the Week
Question For EAA Aviation Information Services -  I am interested in several Questair projects that are partially complete. Percentage of completion is anywhere from approximately 40% complete to as high as 85% complete. All projects were started by individuals that have now decided not to complete their project. My question is this. If I chose to buy a project that is 85% complete, will I have trouble registering the airplane and will it be possible to attain the repairmans certificate for that airplane? I have read all of the articles posted in the website but I feel I still need some clarification. You help is greatly appreciated.

Answer: The regulations are worded such that projects which pass from one builder to another can still be registered as amateur-built. There is no requirement that any one particular builder to any certain amount of the work on the project. The only requirement is that the total amount of tasks completed by the builders account for the major portion of the construction of the aircraft.
That being said, it's important that the work done by the builders has been documented to the extent that it can be shown to the FAA inspector which tasks were completed by the builders and which were completed by the kit manufacturer. This being the case, a person considering the purchase of a partially completed project must carefully review all builder records of the work already completed. If there is not sufficient documentation of work already done so as to verify what has been done by the previous builders, it's best to pass up that project and look for one with better documentation.
You can use FAA Form 8000-38, the Fabrication Assembly Operation Checklist, to determine if the tasks completed by previous builders, when combined with the tasks you yourself will complete, will satisfy the major portion requirement. This checklist can be found in Advisory Circular AC 20-139, or in FAA Order 8130.2D. If you can provide documentation to the FAA verifying that all builders in total have completed the major portion of the approved tasks, you will have no problem getting the aircraft approved in the Experimental/Amateur-Built category.
The repairman certificate question is a separate issue. In order to be granted a repairman certificate for the aircraft, you must be able to demonstrate to the FAA that you have sufficient knowledge of the aircraft's structure and systems so that you will be able to determine that the aircraft is in a condition for safe operation. If, in the FAA inspector's opinion, you are not able to demonstrate the appropriate level of knowledge, you will not be granted the repairman certificate. It will be up to you to educate yourself sufficiently on the aircraft's structure and systems so that you'll be able to demonstrate to the FAA that you have the proper knowledge to be able to execute the responsibilities of the repairman certificate.

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