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Scheduled Activities

January 25-27 - LEXINGTON, KY - UL Chapter 91 Safety Seminar, 502-245-7213, kdownard@core.com 

January 26 - WAUTOMA, WI - EAA Chapter 1331 (Y50) First Annual - Wheel and Ski Plane - Chili Fly In (Snow day Jan. 27) davreich@aol.com or Denny (920) 787-5163

February 2 - CORNING, CA - Chapter 1148 Airport Fly-In Lunch, 530-824-0644

February 2 - BRODHEAD, WI - Chapter 431 Ground Hog/Chili Skiplane Fly-In (please-skiplanes only) at Brodhead Airport C37, 262-215-9388

February 2 - HILLSBORO, OR - Chapter 105 Fly-In at Starks Twin Oaks Airpark, 503-646-8763

February 2 - SUSANVILLE, CA.- Chapter 794 Winterfest. Young Eagle flights.

February 2 - LAWRENCEVILLE, GA - EAA Chapter 690, Dealing with Cockpit Emergencies Program & Pancake Breakfast., 770-613-9501

Young Eagles Rallies

January 26 - Columbia Downtown (CUB) - Columbia, SC Chapter 242 - Paul Carter 803-794-1438

February 2 - Ohio - Ohio State University Airport, Young Eagles Rally. 614.471.1970 flyingarch@yahoo.com

February 3 - Apple Valley Airport - Apple Valley, CA Chapter 768 - Josh Stubblefield 760-240-5841 

February 3 - Marina Municipal Airport - Marina, CA Chapter 204 - Mary Becker 831-373-6587 

February 3 - Marina Municipal - Marina, CA Chapter 204 - Marv Becker 831-373-6587 

February 3 - (Rain Date of 2/10) Tracy Municipal Airport - Tracy, CA Chapter 38 - Terry Ridgway 408-997-3487 

February 3 - (Rain Date of 2/4) Deland Airport - Deland, FL Chapter 635 - Van Vickers 407-668-0936 

February 3 - Merritt Island Airport - Merritt Island, FL Chapter 724 - Tony Yacono 321-453-5388 

February 3 - COI - Merritt Island, FL Chapter 724 - Tony Yacono 321-459-0080 

February 3 - Naples Municipal - Naples, FL Chapter 1067 - Richard Shafner 941-417-3314 

February 3 - (Rain Date of 2/10) Ferguson Field - Pensacola, FL Chapter 485 - Tom Buchanan 850-941-1106 

February 3 - Daniel Field (DNL) - Augusta, GA Chapter 172 - John Magnan 706-547-3607 

February 3 - (Rain Date of 2/4) Taylorville Airport - Taylorville, IL Chapter 1315 - Michael Seeley 217-287-7793 

February 3 - Selman Field - Monroe, LA Chapter 836 - Bill Mize 318-435-7501 

February 3 - New Orleans Lakefront Airport - New Orleans, LA Chapter 261 - Terry Bounds 504-282-2237 

February 3 - Winchester Regional - Kensington, MD Chapter 186 - Rich Largent 301-946-2321 

February 3 - (Rain Date: 2/10) Carson City Airport - Carson City, NV Chapter 403 - John Grub 775-885-1945 

February 3 - (Rain Date of 2/10/2001 Douglas County Airport - Minden, NV Chapter 403 - John Grub 775-885-1945 

February 3 - Owens Field - Columbia, SC Chapter 242 - Selina Wolf 803-788-2440 

February 3 - Sherman Municipal Airport - Sherman, TX Chapter 323 - Ross Richardson 903-893-4221 

February 3 - (Rain Date: 2/4) Chesterfield County Airport - Chesterfield, VA Chapter 231 - Gene Harrington 804-748-7551 

February 3 - (Rain Date: 2/10) Austin Straubel Airport - Green Bay, WI Chapter 651 - Frank Derginer 920-494-5033 

February 4 - Schaumburg Regional - Schaumburg, IL Chapter 101 - Robert "Butch" Bejna 630-543-9213

Chapter 193 Sponsors Warbird Appearances
A B-17 Flying Fortress and a B-24 Liberator will be at Cecil Field in Jacksonville, Florida, on January 29,30 & 31. The planes are owned by the Collings Foundation in Stowe, Mass. The visit is sponsored by EAA Chapter 193.

Both aircraft will be open to the public for tours on Tuesday from 3-5PM, Wednesday from 8:30 - 5, and Thursday from 8:30 - noon. A donation of $7 per person gets a walk-thru of both. Flight Experiences are also available in the morning and evening hours.

For more information, call Tony Bavington at (904)-306-9260, or e-mail:
EAA SportAir Workshops:

Topic: TIG Welding
See the complete schedule of upcoming SportAir Workshops.

Up, Up and Away ...

EAA's desktop calendar for the month of January 2002 shows two colorful hot-air balloons being inflated from AirVenture Oshkosh 2001. Brighten up your desktop by downloading your copy today from the EAA website.


The Official Electronic Newsletter of EAA

January  25, 2002   Volume 1, Number 46

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News You Can Use ---

Invisible Velocity Aircraft: An Incomplete Story?
On January 22, the CBS Evening News broadcast a segment featuring the Velocity aircraft and how its fiberglass construction could be an advantage for drug smugglers looking to evade radar detection. The news report indicated that radar is “absorbed” by the Velocity’s fiberglass fuselage, making it difficult to track by law enforcement authorities.

EAA representatives have discussed the radar “trackability” of the Velocity and other fiberglass aircraft with FAA and other government officials on several occasions. The researched conclusion each time was that the metal in the engine was more than enough substance to allow the aircraft to be easily tracked on radar - unless specific modifications were made to the engine to shield it from radar detection, such as radar absorbing paint or other methods. Such paint's distribution is tightly controlled by its manufacturer, but it’s possible to assume that an illegal smuggling operation with money and connections might be able to obtain it.

More than anything, EAA believes the CBS News report displays that nearly any legal mode of transportation can, sadly, be turned into a resource for illegal activity. The same news report noted that drugs are loaded on boats, trucks, even school buses. The Velocity aircraft is an outstanding homebuilt airplane that is used lawfully and enjoyed by many recreational aviators throughout the world.
CBS News story:
Comments to CBS News:
http://www.cbsnews.com (“Feedback” section on lower left corner of main page)

EAA Aviation Foundation Announces B-17 Spring “Freedom Tour”
EAA’s B-17 Aluminum Overcast will launch its spring “Freedom Tour” with a series of one-day stops in Florida following Lakeland’s Sun n’ Fun Fly-In (April 7-13). The aircraft will be open for ground tours during the first four days of SNF, then will begin the official tour at Lakeland Linder Airport on April 17. Aluminum Overcast then makes its way north with stops in Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee and Illinois. Following maintenance in Oshkosh on May 20, the tour resumes in West Bend, Wisconsin, then on to Tennessee, North Carolina, Virginian, Pennsylvania and Ohio before returning to Oshkosh July 15 in time for AirVenture.
Fall tour dates are being finalized at this time, and organizers hint it will cover the West Coast. Look for more details of the fall tour in March.
To reserve a flight on the Spring Freedom Tour, visit the B-17 website or call 800-359-6217. (View the entire spring schedule.)

Sport Pilot NPRM is Coming Soon ... Really
FAA confirmed again this week that the sport pilot/light-sport aircraft notice of proposed rulemaking (NPRM) was delivered to the office of the Federal Register. However, it arrived at the same time as the backlog of mail that been held for irradiation following anthrax contamination at the Brentwood postal facility. Needless to say, our faithful government employees at the Federal Register's office are swamped. (Remember, every government rulemaking document passes through that office.)

As soon as the document is available EAA will make that announcement on www.eaa.org and www.sportpilot.org, along with a link to the NPRM. EAA will also examine, identify, and highlight those portions of the NPRM that we believe are most important to our members. This information, as well as the complete text of EAA's initial response to the NPRM, will be posted on the web. In the meantime, EAA remains in frequent contact with FAA and will provide updates when warranted.

Latest Revision of the Chicago TFR
Late Thursday morning January 24, the FAA cancelled TFR NOTAM 1/1786 which "protected" a relatively small portion of downtown Chicago and established a new NOTAM in its place. The new TFR expanded the protected airspace over Chicago by about 2 and a half times, from 3.4 square nm to 7.9 square nm, extending the TFR airspace north up the coast of Lake Michigan. The rationale for expanding the TFR is reportedly to address public perception and provide time for the city to educate the public regarding traditional air routes over the city. A graphical map provided by EAA Flight Planner is available on the EAA website. Note: FAA has issued several revisions to the the first NOTAM (latest revision: 2/0711) and new maps will be posted as they become available.

Hundreds Attend Annual Skiplane Fly-In at Pioneer Airport
About 20 airplanes and more than 300 people were at EAA AirVenture Museum’s Pioneer Airport for the annual mid-winter EAA Skiplane Fly-in on Saturday, January 19. Airplanes came from as far away as Flint Michigan, Northern Indiana and Minnesota on the mostly cloudy and breezy day. Luckily, one of the main requirements for a skiplane fly-in – snow – was in adequate supply even though as recently as the previous weekend the ground was bare. J-3 and Super Cubs, Bellancas, Taylorcrafts, Cessnas and others flew in mostly during the mid-to-late morning. Several airplanes departed in the early afternoon to beat forecast high winds that were moving in. Volunteers from EAA Chapter 237, Blaine, Minnesota, were again on hand to help park the airplanes. Other special thanks go out to Chief Chili Chef Janet Davidson and the crew responsible for the food service. Thanks to them, nobody went home hungry. (See Photos of the Skiplane Fly-in)

Naval Aviation Works of Art on Display at AirVenture Museum Feb. 1-May 31
More than 40 works depicting Naval Aviation life during World War II will make their debut at the EAA AirVenture Museum on Friday, Feb. 1, as the museum unveils a traveling exhibit of artwork from the U.S. Naval Historical Center.
The exhibit, which will be presented in the museum’s Gorman Art Gallery through May 31, showcases the glamour and danger of naval aviation. It includes works from artists such as Howard Baer, Lawrence Beal Smith and Joseph Hirsch, who were among civilian artists hired by Abbott Laboratories during World War II to serve as “art correspondents” from combat areas. 
(read more
FAA Working With Airport Managers To Open D.C.-area Airports
A glimmer of hope emerged Friday for three general aviation airports near Washington, D.C., that have been closed since Sept. 11. FAA officials, along with those from the Homeland Security Office, have been working with airport managers to resume operations at those facilities, which include College Park (CGS), Washington Executive/Hyde (W32) and Potomac (VKX) in Maryland. All of those airfields are under the Temporary Flight Restriction (TFR) area placed over Washington airspace since Sept. 11. EAA, FAA, local airport managers and other industry representatives participated in Friday’s conference call regarding the issues. 
A Special Federal Aviation Regulation (SFAR) is expected to be released in the near future that would allow limited operations from the three affected airports. The SFAR would enable an approved security plan to be implemented for each airport, opening the field to operations. This is significant movement on the issue, which had not been fully addressed in the past four months. The FAA has developed this SFAR, which has been submitted to the Office of Homeland Security and others for review. Approval of the SFAR would lead to its final publication.
(read more)

On The Flight Line ---

New Glasair/New GlaStar Relaunch Includes 10 Percent Kit Discounts
New Glasair/New GlaStar announced its official "kick-off" this week to re-introduce Glasair and GlaStar kit production, and the company is offering significant discounts to those who are ready to place orders. Those who order a kit by March 15, 2002, will receive a 10 percent discount. What’s more, the first 10 Glasair orders and the first 10 GlaStar orders received will get additional optional equipment savings. For all the details, visit the New Glasair/New GlaStar website.
EZ-Rocket Tests In-Flight Engine Ignition in Eighth Flight
XCOR Aerospace achieved another step in development of rocket-powered flight with the successful shut-down and re-start of rocket engines during flight. EZ-Rocket. The flight took place on January 24 at the Mojave Civilian Test Flight Center and lasted a total of about seven minutes. XCOR test pilot Mike Melvill flew the EZ-Rocket while XCOR Chief Test Pilot Dick Rutan, who appeared at EAA AirVenture Museum the previous week, piloted the chase plane. At 5,000 feet, Melvill shut down one of the engines for 19 seconds, restarted it, then shut down the other engine for 10 seconds and restarted. After the fuel was exhausted at 8,100 feet, the EZ-Rocket glided back to earth for power-off landing. XCOR President and CEO Jeff Greason called the test flight "flawless" and said the company is moving closer to its vision of making rocket-powered operations as routine as any other form of transportation. For more information, visit the XCOR website.

Diamond DA20, DA40 Outfitted with GARMIN Avionics
Garmin International announced this week that Diamond Aircraft will offer GARMIN's integrated avionics suite as standard equipment in its DA40 Diamond Star and DA20-C1 Eclipse aircraft. Included as standard are the GARMIN GNS 430, GTX 327 digital transponder, and GMA 340 audio panel. Upgrades to dual GNS 430s or GNS 530 are also available. The GNS 430 is an integrated radio that delivers navigation data on a single screen for easy pilot scanning and reduced cockpit workload. The GTX 327 provides superior surveillance capabilities and its solid-state design requires no warm-up time, reduces power consumption and lowers heat emissions. The GMA 340 audio panel provides pilots with reliable, versatile communications in the cockpit and features a four-position stereo intercom. For more information, visit www.garmin.com, and www.diamondair.com.
Rare TBM Avengers For Sale
The world’s last working fleet of WWII-vintage TBM Avengers has been put up for sale by the Forest Protection Ltd, Lincoln, New Brunswick, Canada. The seven planes, which have been modified for firefighting purposes, are priced from $130,000-$150,000 each. The company is also offering a package deal for all seven airplanes. Also available is one of the most extensive parts inventories for TBMs. Those interested should contact Gerry Cormier at 506-446-6930, or gcormier@forestprotectionltd.com, or visit their website www.forestprotectionltd.com.

Q & A:
Question of the Week
Question For EAA Aviation Information Services -  I'm working on a Lancair Legacy. I understand that to expedite the FAA inspection and, more importantly, to be able to get insurance coverage for the first flight, my project must be inspected at three points during construction. My questions are:
1. At what points must the inspections be done?
2. How do I find someone certified to conduct the inspections?

Answer: Many years ago, in-process inspections were conducted by FAA inspectors. Over the years, budgetary and manpower constraints caused the FAA to shift these inspections to non-FAA individuals. The most common person to conduct an in-process inspection is your local EAA Technical Counselor - volunteer EAA members who have experience in aircraft construction and are willing to help other members who are building or restoring an aircraft. Some Tech Counselors are A&P mechanics as well. In-process inspections can also be done by A&P mechanics who are not EAA Tech Counselors. The important thing is to have some experienced and knowledgeable individual go over your project with you periodically, in order to offer guidance during construction.

You are allowed and encouraged to have as many in-process inspections as you want, and the more the better. If you have a minimum of 3 in-process inspections, you can qualify for a 5 percent premium discount from AVEMCO. Also, the FAA inspector who does your final inspection will want to see record of in-process inspections in order to assure him/her that you've had qualified oversight during the construction of your project.

Tech Counselor in-process inspections are commonly done, at a minimum, before major portions of the project are "closed." This is why the term "pre-cover" used to be used when talking about in-process inspections. When many homebuilt projects were tube/wood/fabric aircraft, the FAA would look at the project before the fabric was on, or "pre-cover." The same theory applies to metal or composite aircraft. Having experienced eyes look at the project before the major components (wings, fuselage, tail group, etc.) are closed up is a good idea. A Tech Counselor inspection of the engine installation is a good idea as well. Then, a final TC inspection before the FAA inspector looks at the aircraft is a good "finale."

EAA can put members in contact with EAA Technical Counselors in their area who will be able to help with in-process inspections.

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