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Fri, July 26
Recreational Aviation Day


KidVenture attracts thousands of participants young and old alike with its hands-on, educational—and fun—aviation-based demonstrations and presentations. After all, kids get to build their own gliders and rockets, fly simulators, see aviation legends tell their stories, ride in a tethered hot-air balloon, and so much more.

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August 9-11, 2002
Griffin, GA

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EAA's website features a different aviation-themed calendar every month that you can download and use as desktop wallpaper. Featured during July - the AeroShell Aerobatic Team, who will be performing during AirVenture.


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EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2002,
July 23-29!

July 26, 2002   Volume 2, Number 10

During EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2002, e-HOT LINE will be published on a daily basis with current news and events directly from EAA AirVenture. Visit the EAA AirVenture website for full coverage of the event. We welcome your comments and suggestions to ehotline@eaa.org.

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The Latest News From Oshkosh - 

X-COR EZ-Rocket Blasts Off From AirVenture
As Dick Rutan and the X-COR crew rushed around preparing for the debut of its one-of-a-kind civilian rocket-powered airplane, they realized they had forgotten one big thing—insurance.

Across the Generations
Part 3 of a four-part interview with the Pobereznys

It’s Okay, You Can Call it Ugly
Often the first words out of David or Marie Beaver when people approach their airplane are, “It’s okay, you can call it ugly.” While there might not be much outward beauty in the Beavers’ PZL-104-80 Wilga, it certainly has some fascinating attributes.

Erik Lindbergh at AeroShell 
About two years ago, Erik Lindbergh was working on a sculpture of the Spirit of St. Louis, the famed airplane that his grandfather flew across the Atlantic in 1927.

Dave Lind Touches All 50 States With His Long-EZ
Dave Lind, of Carlsbad, California, has accomplished a feat that has not been done before in a homebuilt aircraft (as best as he can discover). The retired United Airlines pilot has flown and landed his award-winning Long-EZ in all 50 states, completing the circuit with a landing in Michigan just prior to AirVenture.

Ron Wanttaja to Receive 2002 Bax Seat 
As a young child, Ron Wanttaja took things apart so he could see how they worked. Or he’d make things out of such common household items such as toothpicks, glue, and tape.

EAA-John Deere Partner Discount Program to Begin in 2003
Beginning around the first of next year, EAA members will be eligible for unique savings opportunities on a variety of homeowner and commercial equipment through the John Deere-EAA Partner Discount program.

EAA Prizewinner Lands at AirVenture
When Richard Bisetti, Tujunga, California, received a call earlier this year from EAA’s Membership Services telling him he was the grand prizewinner of the Land-A-Member contest, he thought someone was pulling his leg.

Global Aerospace to Insure Eclipse 500
Eclipse Aviation announced an agreement Thursday that calls for Global Aerospace to provide aircraft hull and liability insurance to owners of Eclipse 500 jets. This addresses a common concern purchasers and prospective customers have voiced.

Warbirds in Review Highlights Different Aircraft Daily
New to EAA AirVenture 2002 is a presentation highlighting a different type of warbird daily. Scheduled for 11 a.m. Tuesday through Sunday, the sessions will be held just west of the Ford Tri-Motor rides location at the south end of the Warbirds area. It started off Tuesday with aT-34 Mentor.

Celebrating 35 years of Rotor Wing Fun
RotorWay is celebrating its 35th anniversary this year. The company offered its first helicopter, the Scorpion, to the public in 1967. “It was an experimental aircraft in the truest sense of the word. The company pioneered a concept and made it a reality,” said Brent Marshall, RotorWay International’s vice president of sales.

EAA Teams to Provide Aviation-Themed Math and Science
High school science and math courses, using an aviation theme, will be available online later this year, thanks to a project announced Thursday at the EAA AirVenture Teachers Day program.

Looking for Used Parts at Good Prices? Check Out the EAA Aeromart
For sale: 360-channel King Avionics nav/com. Works good. Removed in May for upgrade. Cheaper than fixing your radio. $100. If you hurry on over, you might still find that nav/com on an EAA Aeromart shelf. Then again, at the rate merchandise moves, it may be long gone.

Launch and Landing Underneath the Runway
Naval invasions were part and parcel of the Pacific campaign during World War II, and a common issue was how to see what you were going to attack without exposing your ships. Of course, airplanes fill that bill, and they can take off and land on an aircraft carrier; however, late in the war there just weren’t enough carriers to go around, not to mention they take a long time to build.

A Leap of Faith…and Flight Follows
When Sam Peachey was a young Amish boy growing up in Pennsylvania, he would look up at an airplane flying over and think, Boy, would I like to do that. As a member of the Amish faith, however, he would not be allowed to operate such a modern device.

Gateway to Aviation
By the early '80's, when someone spoke in shorthand terms of "going to Oshkosh," other aviation enthusiasts automatically interpreted that as a plan to attend EAA's fly-in convention. Oshkosh was becoming synonymous with the annual event. After years of a transient feel, EAA had found a convention home and, as an organization, was settling in to stay in the city that welcomed it so warmly 10 years before.


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