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Mon, July 29
Kids’ Day


Nestled deep in the trees in a picturesque cove along the Lake Winnebago shore is a place where all AirVenture visitors should try to visit, the AirVenture Seaplane Base, where the runway requirements specify depth as well as length.

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EAA's website features a different aviation-themed calendar every month that you can download and use as desktop wallpaper. Featured during July - the AeroShell Aerobatic Team, who will be performing during AirVenture.


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July 29, 2002   Volume 2, Number 13

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FAA’s Brown Honored For Contributions in Difficult Times 
Steven J. Brown spent years as a lobbyist constructively criticizing the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). So how did he become acting associate administrator for the FAA’s Air Traffic Services? 

FAA Approves Master Instructor Designation for CFI Renewal
The FAA has approved issuance and renewal of a NAFI (National Association of Flight Instructors) Master Instructor (MI) designation as an alternate way to renew FAA flight instructor certificates. NAFI has already started to provide the necessary paperwork to MIs, who now have two ways to renew their unexpired instructor certificate.

EAA AirVenture Museum Chock-full of Superlatives
When Leo Loudenslager passed away in 1997 following a motorcycle accident, his unfinished business included “Shark,” an aerobatic design with an all-moving tale. The plane has never flown, but it has been finished, and it now has a home in the EAA AirVenture Museum. New to the Aerobatics Gallery, it joins some 90 other aircraft that represent the “vision, intellect, determination, passion, and courage” that Baron Hilton talks about in one of the museum’s short films.

Lancair Slows Columbia Production
Rumors that Lancair has shut down its Columbia production line are untrue, spokesman Mike Schrader said Sunday.The company has, however, laid off 207 employees while it continues to raise capital. Schrader said Lancair delivered a Columbia this week, and it will deliver another one next week.

Coming a Long Way to Influence the Future of Aviation
John Whitelamb has been coming to EAA AirVenture for eight years now, largely so he can help people learn how to build ribs for airplane wings. That and because he loves airplanes and EAA and the people he works with.

Warbirds Described for AirVenture Visitors
Daily Warbirds in Review sessions at the south end of the Warbird area have entertained and enlightened visitors to EAA AirVenture 2002 as warbird owners and pilots have described the idiosyncrasies of their former military machines.

Aerocar Flies On
Molt Taylor’s dream of a practical flying car lives on. The current keeper of the flame, Ed Sweeney, has been flying Taylor’s vintage 1956 Aerocar at AirVenture all week, plus he’s currently developing a modern version based on a Lotus Elise sports car.

Reno Comes to Oshkosh
If you missed the “Sounds of Speed” Day at AirVenture last Thursday, you can still enjoy the sight of what speed is all about: Three legendary Unlimited Class race planes are on display at the southeast corner of Aeroshell Square. They’ve come to Oshkosh under the aegis of the Reno Air Racing Association to show what the races, held every September in the Nevada resort town, are all about.

Adam is Airborne
When Rick Adam, who’d recently earned his pilot’s certificate, met former Navy pilot and aviation attorney John Knudson back in the early ‘90s, of course they talked about airplanes.

NASA and Partners to Explore Small Aircraft Transportation System
To lead a broad-based consortium of more than 130 members from public and private sectors in the quest for Small Aircraft Transportation System (SATS) technologies, NASA in May selected the National Consortium for Aviation Mobility (NCAM). Former FAA administrator Langhorne Bond is president, and John F. Sheehan is executive director. 

Gold Mine: 48 Years of Sport Aviation on CD-ROM
EAA has created an invaluable resource—The Complete Collection of Sport Aviation Magazine on CD-ROM. This collection of 30 CDs features every issue of Sport Aviation from 1953 through 2001.

Distant Parking and Distant Visitors
The extreme southern edge of the South 40 parking area is 1.7 miles south of the FAA Tower. If it were used, the highest Row number would be 160. The Vintage Aircraft Association, which does the parking in the South 40, put out row number signs all the way up to Row 150. After that the potential rows are only marked with orange cones. This year airplanes were parked all the way into Row 151. That’s 1.6 miles south of the tower. Don’t worry, there are shuttle buses.

New Date, Location for SWRFI in 2003
EAA’s Southwest Regional Fly-In (SWRFI) will be located at the New Braunfels Airport in central Texas starting in 2003. The fly-in date has also been moved from late September to the third weekend of May.

Double Your Hangar Capacity
ARM Aerospace, which manufactures the Aero-Life aircraft lift, has come out with two new models called the MPL2000 and the MPL2500.

Diabetic Air Show Pilot Breaks Barriers
Twenty years ago, Michael Hunter was a student pilot slated to join the Air Force. Then he was diagnosed with Type I diabetes, a condition that can cause blindness, loss of consciousness, even death, and which at the time precluded getting a pilot’s certificate.

New Role for Venerable 210
Airplanes capable of operating in the backcountry, like the Cessna 180 and Cessna 185, seem to hold their value extremely well on the used airplane market, not to mention the fact that there just are not many of those airplanes around. Most have been worked very hard and in some cases, are just completely worn out. Bush flying also tends to extract a higher fatal toll on the airframes.


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