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'Wings ’n Things' This Weekend at Sun ’n Fun
The annual Wings ’n Things weekend is under way at Florida Air Museum at Sun ’n Fun, Lakeland Linder Regional Airport, Lakeland, Florida. This special weekend is for aviation enthusiasts, the general public, and boy/girl scout troops from across the state of Florida and beyond.
Hands-on activities include the chance to build and launch a rocket; build and fly a balsa airplane; build a wing rib, and even design a windsock. People are also invited to try their hand at virtual flying on airplane simulators.

 Also scheduled:
- NASA Astronaut Frank Caldeiro will speak about his experiences.
- See the planets and stars during an astronomy demonstration.
- Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts can earn merit badges with certified presenters.
- Exhibits and displays

Static aircraft parking is available inside the fence on the grass north of the FAA Safety Center and east of the air show announcer building. Camping is available. For more information call 863/644-2431, e-mail: fly-info@sun-n-fun.org, or visit www.sun-n-fun.org

Check below for more fall events around the country.


November 7-8
Mexico, MO, Zenith Aircraft Factory Metal Workshop, www.zenithair.com

November 9
Midland, Texas, The Berlin Airlift, 915-563-1000

Millen, GA Low-Country Boil Fly-In, 706-547-3607 jcm2@earthlink.net

Winter Haven, FL 14th Annual November Fly-In

Galveston, TX 12th Annual Fly Day, Scholes Field, Larry Gregory 409-740-7722 flight@lsfm.org

College Station, TX Texas A&M Fly-In Breakfast, Easterwood Airport, Kari 979-693-4869 www.flyingaggies.org

Pell City, AL Chapter 1320 Fly-In Breakfast, 205-338-9456

Young Eagles Rallies

November 8
Pineville Muni Airport - Pineville, LA Chapter 614 - Jim Moody 318-451-8204 - Rain Date of 11/15/2002

November 9
Cable Airport - Alta Loma, CA Chapter 448 - Judy Kras 909-581-0816

Brown Field - San Diego, CA Chapter 14 - Dayton Smith 619-421-6546

Brooksville Airport - Brooksville, FL Chapter 1298 - Edgar Flaig 352-688-4263 - Rain Date of 11/10/2002

Charlotte County Airport - Punta Gorda, FL Chapter 565 - Mike Stinnett 941-575-1962

Clearwater Air Park Airport - Clearwater, FL Chapter 282 - air.wolf@gte.net

Davenport Airport - Davenport, IA Chapter 75 - Kirk Foecking 563-285-7223

St John The Baptist Airport - Reserve, LA Chapter 971 - Nick Funk 985-651-2612

Minuteman Airfield - Stow, MA Chapter 196 - Mark Saklad 781-275-3458

Jack Barstow Airport - Midland, MI Chapter 1093 - JB Kemper 989-631-4852

Johnston Co Airport - Smithfield, NC Chapter 506 - Jim Dukeman 919-362-9252 - Rain Date of 11/10/2002

Smith Reynolds Airport - Winston-Salem, NC Chapter 1083 - Lewis Brown 336-752-2574

Las Cruces Intl - Las Cruces, NM Chapter 555 - Chuck McLean 505-526-6151

Columbia Downtown Owens - Columbia, SC Chapter 242 - Paul Carter 803-794-1438

Mineral Wells Airport - Mineral Wells, TX Chapter 1318 - Ronald Pyles 817-512-4731

Baton Airport - Racine, WI Chapter 838 - Eddy Huffman 262-639-8301

Fly Away Home...to Florida

Operation Migration's Bill Lishman provides November's featured desktop image, portraying a flock of whooping cranes being led by an ultralight trike aircraft. To get your copy, visit the EAA website.


The Official Electronic Newsletter of EAA

November 1, 2002   Volume 2, Number 27

Welcome to EAA e-HOT LINE, the e-mail newsletter for members of the Experimental Aircraft Association, its divisions and affiliates. We welcome your comments and suggestions to ehotline@eaa.org.

News You Can Use ---

DAR Course Materials Ready For New FAA Program
EAA efforts to boost the number of inspectors for the growing number of homebuilt aircraft has advanced another step. EAA representatives have joined the FAA and Transportation Safety Institute to develop materials for training new Designated Airworthiness Representatives (DAR) under a new FAA program taking effect on Jan. 1, 2003. The initial training sessions, which will provide the education and resources for DARs to make final inspections of amateur-built aircraft, will take place in March 2003 at the FAA’s training center in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Exact dates and registration fees will be announced when finalized. The DAR program is designed to ease the backlog of airworthiness inspection requests for amateur-built aircraft. The number of inspection requests to FAA has grown while the agency’s resources have stagnated. Increasing the number of DARs will shorten the time need for inspection enabling builders to fly their aircraft sooner and encourage the continued growth of homebuilding.
(read more)

Progress Continues on Sport Pilot/Light-Sport Aircraft
As the FAA busily prepares its final version of the sport pilot/light-sport aircraft rule, much work is being accomplished behind the scenes. FAA is demonstrating genuine commitment to SP/LSA with literally thousands of man-hours already logged on the initiative.
FAA’s final version is scheduled for hand-off to the Office of Management and Budget in early 2003, then it’s on to the Department of Transportation for final approval. In the meantime, work on significant parts of the rule’s required infrastructure is being tackled as we speak.
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Sport Pilot Support Materials Being Prepared
EAA and NAFI staff members recently attended a series of high-level meetings and work sessions with FAA representatives in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, regarding support materials for the sport pilot/light-sport aircraft rule changes. Representing EAA were Earl Lawrence, EAA vice president of government and industry programs, and Timm Bogenhagen, EAA ultralight programs manager, along with Sean Elliott, President of the National Association of Flight Instructors (NAFI), an EAA affiliate. Also attending was Sue Gardner, FAA's sport pilot team leader. 
EAA is pleased to report that many of the support materials, including the Practical Test Standards (PTS) and Advisory Circulars (ACs), are nearing completion. In addition, FAA, EAA and others discussed designated pilot examiner (DPE) requirements and designated airworthiness representative (DAR) needs
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Poberezny Presents ‘Countdown’ Plans to Centennial of Flight Commission
The Centennial of Flight Commission, of which EAA President Tom Poberezny is a member, held their meeting in Dayton , Ohio last week. Extensive presentations were made concerning next year’s celebration of the 100th anniversary of the Wright brothers’ epic flight. The full, six-member commission was in attendance, as were several Advisory Board members, including former U.S. Senator and astronaut John Glenn; astronaut Neil Armstrong; president-founder of Women in Aviation-International and EAA Aviation Foundation Director, Dr. Peggy Chabrian; Martha King of King Schools; and Len Bruno from the Library of Congress (one of EAA’s partners in Countdown to Kitty Hawk).
(

EAA Member Appointed to Michigan Aeronautics Commission
Dean Greenblatt, an attorney from White Lake, Michigan, was appointed to the Michigan Aeronautics Commission (MAC) on October 25. Greenblatt, EAA 315181, is a pilot and ATP, and also is a certified flight instructor. His law practice primarily involves the representation of airmen, pilots, aircraft owners and operators in civil litigation, FAA and criminal defense, and structuring legal entities for aircraft ownership and operation. The MAC meets six times annually and is responsible for supervision of the Michigan Aeronautics Code governing airports, including funding, flight schools and other operations. Greenblatt commented, “There is a lot of support for general aviation on the commission.” He also vowed to try and hold unnecessary regulations to a minimum.

On The Flight Line ---

‘Substantial’ Investment Restarts Lancair Certified Operations
The Lancair Company, Bend, Oregon, announced Wednesday it will resume production immediately following a substantial equity investment by an undisclosed private firm. Details and amounts of the terms were not disclosed, but they were confirmed to be in excess of the $25 million Lancair has sought over the past year. The operations, objectives, and key members of the Lancair operating and management team will remain substantially unchanged. Lancair, which delivered 54 Columbia 300 aircraft through August when financial problems forced it to halt operations, has begun ramping up for shipment of a 180-plus plane backlog of Columbia 300, 350 and 400 orders.
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Glacier Girl Makes First Flight In 60 Years

An estimated 20,000 spectators, enthusiasts and well-wishers turned out on October 26 to see the long-awaited first flight (in 60 years) of the restored P-38 Glacier Girl in Middlesboro, Kentucky. This is the aircraft that was recovered from under hundreds of feet of ice in Greenland in 1992, 50 years after ditching there during WWII. That same year, the airplane's recovered parts were displayed at the EAA Oshkosh fly-in. It took 10 years to restore the aircraft to pristine, flying condition. Glacier Girl is on display at the Lost Squadron Museum in Middlesboro, and EAA extends an invitation to Glacier Girl to attend AirVenture Oshkosh 2003. The History Channel will chronicle the flight for its documentary on Glacier Girl, set to air March 3, 2003 at 9 p.m. ET.

Zenith Factory Workshops to Meet Increased Demand
Zenith Aircraft Company will offer monthly factory workshops through the coming year to give potential builders valuable hands-on experience before they commit to purchasing a full aircraft kit. The two-day workshops are scheduled to run through December 2003 at Zenith headquarters in Mexico, Missouri. The cost is $300 to $425, which includes the rudder tail kit for the STOL CH 701, STOL CH 801, or ZODIAC XL aircraft.
Workshops, limited to about 20 participants each, will provide extensive hands-on learning as participants build their own rudder tail section of their Zenith model of choice. The workshops cover all the major skills and procedures required to complete a kit and are well-suited to first-time builders who want to learn more about building an aircraft before ordering a full kit. Cost of the workshop is deducted from the complete kit cost for those who continue with the rest of the kit. The rudder starter kit can also be shipped out in kit form, with a detailed construction manual, to those who can't schedule a workshop. For additional details or to sign up for a workshop, visit www.zenithair.com/workshop.htm.

Digital Control Becomes More Common in Piston Aircraft Engines
Microprocessor-based electronic engine management is now widely available for piston-powered general aviation aircraft thanks to Aerosance’s PowerLink FADEC (Full Authority Digital Engine Control) system. PowerLink FADEC provides a complete digital control system capable of fully and independently varying spark and fuel for each engine cylinder. PowerLink FADEC has been fully qualified to FAA standards for aircraft electronic engine controls and includes multiple redundancy features. Aerosance is a Teledyne Technologies Company. In 2000, the FAA issued the first engine certification with the PowerLink system for the Teledyne Continental Motors IOF240. Engine certifications now have been issued for most popular models of Continental’s 550 engine series, plus an FAA Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) is available for specific models of the Lycoming O360 engines, popular in the experimental aircraft markets. To learn more, visit www.fadec.com

Whoopers Cross Into Indiana
On Halloween, 16 young whooping cranes led by two ultralight aircraft crossed from Illinois into Indiana on the 19th day of the Whooping Crane Eastern Partnership (WCEP) migratory flight to Florida. WCEP is a public/private international consortium aiming to reintroduce the endangered “whoopers” in eastern North America by way of ultralight aircraft-led flocks of the endangered birds. Follow their progress as they head due south at www.operationmigration.org.

Aircraft Shipments Continue Slide, Says GAMA
General aviation airplane shipments continued to decrease at home and abroad according to the latest report from the General Aviation Manufacturer’s Association (GAMA). Total units manufactured throughout the world fell 16.9 percent, from 2,118 to 1,766, in the first nine months of 2002. Total value dropped 18.1 percent, from $10.25 billion to $8.39 billion during that time frame. U.S. shipments dipped 16.9 percent, from 1,869 units to 1,551, representing a 25.2 percent decline in revenues, from $8.6 billion to $6.4 billion. “These numbers reflect the reality of a weak economy not just in the U.S. but around the world,” said GAMA president and CEO, Ed Bolen. On a percentage basis worldwide, piston aircraft slowed 13.4 percent; turboprops 40.1 percent and business jets 12 percent. The U.S. market showed percentage decreases of 15.6, 46.4, and 5.6, respectively.
Visit GAMA at www.generalaviation.org

NWACC Aviation Wins Aerospace Award
NorthWest Arkansas Community College’s (NWACC) Aviation Department, a collection of aerospace-minded teachers, Civil Air Patrol, and EAA Chapter 732 members, was awarded the Frank G. Brewer Memorial Aerospace Award on October 22 in Little Rock for its outstanding contributions to the advancement of youth in aerospace activities. The Aviation Program at NWACC, headed by Dave Bowman (EAA 705214), aggressively seeks to increase public awareness of its degree programs. During this past year, NWACC Aviation hosted an Aerospace Education Teacher Workshop; taught Aviation to elementary students in the Kids College summer school program; and, working with EAA Chapter 732, CAP, Beaver Lake Aviation, and the Fayetteville Airport, ran a successful EAA Young Eagles rally providing over 125 kids with their first flights. The college offers an Associate of Applied Science degree for Maintenance Technician and full Associate of Science degrees with Professional Pilot, Maintenance Management, and Aviation Management options. For more information contact NWACC Aviation, visit www.nwacc.edu/aviation, call 479/986-6914, or e-mail lbeck@nwacc.edu.

Q & A: Question of the Week
Question for EAA Aviation Information Services:
Can you answer a simple question for me regarding the proposed Sport Pilot program? I tried to satisfy my curiosity by referring to the FAA website, but failed to find a definitive answer. Would the restrictions on operation of a "Sport Pilot" type aircraft (night VFR, airspace, altitude) apply to certified private pilots also or only to those pilots who have only the sport pilot certification? It seems logical the proposed restrictions are due to the limited training and experience of the pilot, and are not due to any perceived limitations of the aircraft. Thanks for your insight.

Answer: There is no limitation in the sport pilot/light-sport aircraft (SP/LSA) proposal that would prohibit aircraft certificated as LSA to be flown at night by appropriately rated pilots. For example, if a person holds a private pilot license and a 3rd class FAA medical, that person would be allowed to operate a LSA certificated aircraft at night, providing that the aircraft is appropriately equipped for night flight in accordance with FAA regulations.

However, any pilot operating as a sport pilot (i.e., using a valid US drivers license in lieu of an FAA medical) must operate in accordance to the sport pilot limitations regardless of what actual pilot certificate he/she might hold. In this example, the person who holds a private pilot certificate but is using a valid US drivers license as medical certification, and thus is operating as a sport pilot, is not allowed to operate an aircraft at night regardless of how it is equipped or what category it is certificated in.

Hope this helps to clear things up.
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Topics: Test Flying Your Project

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