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Jochman Named Southern Region’s 2003 'Flight Instructor of the Year'
The FAA has selected David Jochman, New Port Richey, Florida, as the FAA Southern Region “CFI of the Year.” Jochman is a premier flight instructor for Jensen Aviation, Inc., at Tampa Bay Executive Airport. He also serves as an aviation safety counselor for the Tampa Flight Standards District Office (FSDO) and is Vice President and Director of Aviation for Angel Flights Network, Inc.

Jochman is a Gold Seal Flight Instructor and has been named a Master Instructor by the National Association of Flight Instructors (NAFI). The FAA's Southern Region is responsible for aviation activities in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, and the territory of Puerto Rico.

AirVenture Museum Events


January 23-25
Dayton, OH Soaring Convention and Air Expo, Linda Murray 505-392-1177 lkmurray@att.com www.ssa.org

January 25
Orlando, FL EAA 74 Pancake Breakfast Young Eagles Day, Orlando Executive Airport ORL Don McLendon 407-831-9356 n742dm@aol.com www.eaa74.org

Wautoma, WI Wautoma EAA Chapter 1331 Second Annual Wheel & Ski Plane Fly-in, Wautoma Y50 Denis Winter (920)787-5163 davreich@aol.com

January 28-30
Phoenix, AZ Small Airplane Crashworthiness Design Course, Lexa Jones 480-753-2034 lexa.jones@simula.com www.centerforsafety.com

Young Eagles Rallies

January 25
Oceanside Airport - Oceanside, CA Chapter 286 - John Alling 760-749-5201

Gatesville County Airport - Gatesville, TX Chapter 542 - James Livingston 254-699-4509
(Rain Date: 2/1/2003)

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EAA Desktop Calendar

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The Official Electronic Newsletter of EAA

January 17, 2003   Volume 3, Number 3

News You Can Use ---

EAA-Microsoft Wright Simulator Makes First ‘Flight’
Visitors at six tour stops this year will have the chance to make their own personal “first flights” at EAA’s Countdown to Kitty Hawk touring pavilion, presented by Ford Motor Company. A 1903 Wright Flyer flight simulator, built by EAA’s Restoration Center staff and running Microsoft’s popular flight simulator software, will be an integral part of EAA's 24,000-square foot touring pavilion. (read more)

Happy Birthday, EAA ! Sorry, Skiplanes
The one essential ingredient for a skiplane fly-in--snow--is nowhere to be found in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. But the bare, frozen ground is firm enough to allow wheel planes, and 20 to 25 are expected to land at Pioneer Airport on Saturday, January 18 (weather permitting) to help commemorate EAA's 50th anniversary. (No more reservations for Pioneer landings are available, but pilots are more than welcome to fly to Wittman Regional Airport and take the shuttle service to Pioneer provided by Orion Flight Services FBO.) The public is invited to take part from 8:30 a.m.-5 p.m., with chili and cake being served beginning at 10:30.

Stars of Tomorrow' Showcases Brings Talented, Young Aerobatic Pilots to  EAA AirVenture 
Air show legends Sean D. Tucker & Michael Goulian team up to bring emerging pilots to Oshkosh
Like those who came before them, aerobatic icons Sean D. Tucker and Mike Goulian are helping to pave the way for six young air show performers through a new program, Stars of Tomorrow. They will showcase six fresh faces in aerobatics at aviation's showcase event, EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2003.
(read more)

Airbus ' Beluga' to Dominate AeroShell Square
Airbus Transport International’s A300-600ST “Beluga,” the most voluminous air cargo carrier flying in the world today, will make its first visit to EAA AirVenture Oshkosh this summer. Beluga is a highly modified Airbus A300 jetliner designed as a successor to the “Super Guppy,” one of the most popular attractions appearing at AirVenture two years ago.
(read more)

P-40 TFR in Force This Weekend 
The FAA has requested EAA and other aviation organizations to alert members of a temporary flight restriction (TFR) in the area surrounding the presidential retreat at Camp David (P-40) near Hagerstown/Thurmont, Maryland, from 2 p.m. January 17 through 8:20 a.m. January 20. The TFR (NOTAM 3/0321) includes a five-mile no-fly zone except for cleared military, law enforcement and emergency medical operations.
(read more)

EAA Participates in Florida Ultralight Safety Seminar
Ron Wagner, EAA sport pilot spokesman, spoke at the Florida State Ultralight Safety Seminar, held at the FAA Building on Sun ‘n Fun grounds, Lakeland, Florida, on January 11. Wagner participated in a sport pilot panel discussion along with John Hovan and Carla Larsh of the EAA Ultralight Council; Jim Stephenson, President of Aero Sports Connection; and Dan Johnson, of Ballistic Recovery Systems, St. Paul, Minnesota. Wagner discussed how sport pilot will affect the ultralight community and what EAA will do to assist members who wish to transition to sport pilot/light-sport aircraft status.
EAA staff will appear at several other events in the coming months. To find out where, along with more sport pilot news, visit www.sportpilot.org.

Order Oshkosh: Gateway To Aviation On Line 
January 26 marks the Experimental Aircraft Association’s 50th year. For a nostalgic, insightful look at EAA's development and growth through its largest and most exciting event--the annual fly-in convention--check out Oshkosh - Gateway to Aviation: 50 Years of EAA Fly-Ins. The book, authored by D.A. Lande and published before the 50th AirVenture in 2002, is filled with unique stories, history, and hundreds of spectacular photographs. Read more for how to order your copy today.

Presenters Sought for EAA AirVenture Museum Speaker Showcase
Each year during EAA AirVenture, the EAA museum presents some of the most respected and well known names in aviation to share their incredible stories at the Museum Speaker Showcase. But many lesser known but just as compelling presenters also appear in the showcase. Aviation historians, military experts and pilots, performers and other authorities have made some of the most riveting presentations over the years. Limited open time slots exist for this year’s AirVenture, July 29-August 4 and schedule organizers are looking for appropriate presenters to fill them. Those interested in becoming a Museum Speaker Showcase presenter can e-mail Mary McKeown to present an idea or obtain more information.

On The Flight Line ---

Diamond to Enter Small Jet Business With D-Jet

First was the Eclipse, then the Cessna Mustang, followed by the Adam A-700. Now Diamond Aircraft intends to enter the small jet market with the D-Jet single-engine aircraft, the company announced this week. According to Diamond, the five-person D-Jet will weigh in at 4,700 pounds maximum take-off weight with a ceiling of 25,000 feet (cabin altitude of 8,000 feet), 315 kts cruise, and short (2,000-feet) runway capability. The engine is not named, but Diamond predicts a 34 gallon-per-hour consumption rate. All for “well under $1 million.” First flight is hoped for in mid-2004 with first deliveries in 2006. For more information call 888/359-3220, or visit www.diamondair.com.

Meigs-Saving Legislation Reintroduced in Senate 
Legislation introduced in the U.S. Senate during its opening session on January 7 would ensure continuing aircraft operations at Chicago's lakefront airport Meigs Field. Senate Bill 83, The National Aviation Capacity Expansion Act of 2003 would keep Meigs Field open through at least 2006 and as long as 2026, much like similar legislation contained in H.R. 3479 passed overwhelmingly by House last year. That bill died in the Senate in 2002 
(read more)

Autogiro Conference to Be Hosted by Hofstra in April
Hofstra University, Hempstead, New York, will host a special conference on gyroplanes April 25-26. Autogiro to Gyroplane: The Past, Present and Future of an Aviation Industry will feature flying pioneers, innovative designers, historic figures and current leaders of a fascinating and unique technology. Nineteen individuals, including the first woman certified flying instructor and the only African American aircraft designer in the NASM collection are due to receive Hofstra University Pioneer Awards. For more information about the conference, call the Hofstra Cultural Center, 516/463-5669.

Champion Sponsors Chambliss in 2003
Champion Aerospace, Inc., will sponsor veteran aerobatic pilot Kirby Chambliss and has renewed sponsorship agreements with Mike Goulian, Patty Wagstaff, and the AeroShell Aerobatic Team in 2003. Chambliss, who flies the Zivko Edge 540, was named the 2002 U.S. National Aerobatics Champion, and has been a World competition medalist five times. Recently, he was selected as Captain of the U.S. Aerobatic Team, which will fly in the 22nd World Aerobatic Championship in Lakeland, Florida, in June 2003.

Q & A: Question of the Week
Question for EAA Aviation Information Services:
I am an EAA member who flies a homebuilt. Could you refer me to the FARs pertaining to the annual inspection of an experimental category aircraft? My question concerns whether an A&P without an AI can do the annual.


The answer to your question is not found in the regulations, but rather in your aircraft's operating limitations. These "OpLims" were issued as a part of the airworthiness certificate, and as such must be carried in the aircraft at all times. The OpLims contain the requirement for a condition inspection to be performed on the aircraft periodically (typically every 12 calendar months). The OpLims will also contain the standard to which the condition inspection must be performed, which is the "scope and detail of appendix D of Part 43, or other FAA-approved program", and will indicate who is authorized to conduct the inspection via the following or a similarly worded statement:

"An experimental aircraft builder certificated as a Repairman for this aircraft under § 65.104, or an appropriately rated FAA-certificated mechanic, may perform the condition inspection required by these operating limitations."

You'll note that there is no stated requirement for the "appropriately rated FAA-certificated mechanic" to hold an inspection authorization (IA). Thus, any A&P mechanic can perform the condition inspection. An IA is not required.
How can we help you?
To ask a question regarding government issues, e-mail govt@eaa.org. If you have a question about registration, airmen, aircraft and medical certification, safety records, performance, or any other matter, e-mail infoserv@eaa.org.
We are pleased to provide this info to EAA members as a membership benefit. To ensure that this service continues, renew your membership or join EAA today by calling 800/843-3612 or 920/426-5912.

EAA SportAir Workshops

Upcoming Workshop 

February 7-9, 2003, Oshkosh, WI
Topic: RV Assembly

February 21-23, 2003, Griffin (Atlanta), GA
Topic: TIG Welding

February 22, 2003, Lakeland, FL at Florida Air Museum at Sun `n Fun
Topics: Test Flying Your Project

February 22-23, 2003, Lakeland, FL at Florida Air Museum at Sun `n Fun
Topics: Sheet Metal, Composite Construction, Fabric Covering, and What's Involved in Kitbuilding?

See the complete schedule of upcoming SportAir Workshops.

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