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AirVenture Museum Events

Operation Aviation Family Mission

Seven families will participate in Operation Aviation at the EAA AirVenture Museum next weekend. This three-hour experience uses flight simulation and role-playing to virtually fly a disaster relief mission into earthquake-ravaged Los Angeles.

Although the March 29 weekend is already booked, there are still openings for May 10. The cost is $25 per team of 3 or 4 people and includes Museum admission. Due to the intense nature of the simulation and the challenging tasks required of the flight crews, children 10 and younger are not encouraged to participate.

Contact Mason Marsh at 920-426-6846 for more information and booking.

EAA Art Competition... Deadline Approaching
Friday, March 28 is the final day for adults to enter the 27th annual EAA Art Competition. This year's theme is 100 Years of Flight. Youth entries are not due until May 12. For more details, visit the EAA website or call Mary McKeown at 920-426-6880.


March 29
Sherman, TX Chapter 323 Burrito Breakfast Fly-in, Sherman Municipal SWI Danny Offill 469-223-4508 doffill@cableone.net www.eaa323.org

Benson, AZ Chapter 1291 Fly-in Breakfast/Young Eagles Rally, Benson Municiple E 95 John Martin 520-508-4359 swernaviation@ssvecnet.com www.angelfire.com/

Riverside, CA Airshow 2003, Riverside Municipal Airport KRAL Thomas L. Miller 909-682-1771 

March 29-30
Marathon, FL Marathon SeaFood Festival, Marathon MTH E.T Waldorf 305-743-0835 eaarcher@aol.com www.midkeyseaa1241.com 

April 2-5
Montgomery, AL National Congress on Aviation and Space Education, MGM Joan Emerson 334-953-74239 jemerson@capnhq.gov www.capnhq.gov

April 2-8
Lakeland, FL Sun 'n Fun EAA Fly-In, Lakeland Linder Regional Airport 863-644-2431 www.sun-n-fun.org

Young Eagles Rallies

March 29
Isbell Field - Fort Payne, AL Chapter 890 - Wilma Playford 256-845-2824 Rain Date of 4/12/2003

Benson Airport - Benson, AZ Chapter 1291 - John Martin 520-508-4359 Rain Date of 4/5/2003

Nevada Co Airpark (017) - Grass Valley, CA Chapter 25 - Gregory Smith 916-965-9404

Hayward Airport - Hayward, CA Chapter 29 - Cheryl Andrade 510-581-8869

Immokalee Airport - Immokalee, FL Chapter 1067 - Paul Johnson 239-860-7799

Lake City Muni Airport - Lake City, FL Chapter 977 - Virginia Hollins 386-758-0948

Ferguson Airport (82J) - Pensacola, FL Chapter 485 - Tom Buchanon 850-941-1106 Rain Date of 3/30/2003

Albert Whitted Airport (SPG) - St Petersburg, FL Chapter 47 - William Buston 727-323-2029

Zephyrhills Muni Airport (ZPH) - Zephryhills, FL Chapter 1181 - Stephen Lampasona 813-781-0689

Herbert Smart Macon Dwntwn Apt (MAC) - Macon, GA Chapter 38 - John Joye 478-746-4539 Rain Date of 3/30/2003

Wrens Memorial Airport (65J) - Wrens, GA Chapter 172 - John Magnan 706-547-3607

Homedale Airport - Homedale, ID Chapter 103 - Edward Dickman 208-495-2967

City of Mankato Airport (MKT) - Mankato, MN Chapter 642 - Bob Pothast 507-388-6866

Lebanon Muni Airport - Lebanon, TN Chapter 863 - Gary Piper 615-824-0342

Sequim Valley Airport - Sequim, WA Chapter 430 - James Cone 360-582-9111 Rain Date of 3/30/2003

March 30
Aurora Muni Airport - Sugar Grove, IL Chapter 579 - Alan Shackleton 630-466-4193

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March 2003
AA Desktop Calendar

Van's Aircraft RVs in Formation features, from left, an RV-8, a pair of RV-4s in the middle, and an RV-6 at far right. This assortment of the popular kit airplanes serves as EAA's March 2003 desktop calendar. To get your copy, visit the EAA website.



The Official Electronic Newsletter of EAA
Join Us As We Celebrate 100 Years of Powered Flight
at EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2003!

March 21, 2003   Volume 3, Number 13

News You Can Use ---

EAA Working to Help Solve New York ADIZ Operational Problems
Prior to implementation New York City’s Air Defense Identification Zone (ADIZ) earlier this week, EAA and the National Association of Flight Instructors (NAFI) worked closely with FAA and TSA officials to prevent the kinds of implementation and operational problems experienced with the Baltimore-Washington area ADIZ. Despite this, many pilots flying in the New York area report serious difficulties with the FAA’s handling of the intended procedures. EAA and NAFI members have identified a number of specific concerns affecting flight operations in the New York area and particularly with the vibrant flight training community at Republic Field (FRG) on Long Island. As a result, the two organizations have made specific recommendations to senior FAA air traffic officials in Washington, D.C., to improve operational efficiency and airspace access going into the weekend.
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Flight Restriction Areas: A More Planned Process

With the additional flight restrictions announced in some specific areas of the country on March 18, many pilots are wondering if the measures are the start of a progression that will lead to widespread airspace closures, similar to those that occurred on September 11, 2001.

Fortunately, the process in place at this time is much different than that sad day. On September 11, the uncertainty that surrounded the events was uncharted territory that called for immediate action. For the first time, FAA's authority over the national airspace was overruled by the White House and Department of Defense, among others.
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A Flight for Life: Carol Ann Garratt
After losing her job as a general manager for a Fortune 400 equipment manufacturer in 2001, Carol Ann Garratt (EAA 673442) decided to retire. A pilot since 1972, the 48-year-old spent 2002 earning her flight instructor and instrument instructor tickets, volunteering at EAA Chapter and fly-in events, and flying Young Eagles. What’s she doing now? 
Flying around the world. Backward. 
Alone in her Mooney M20J, Carol Ann headed west on her seven-month, 31,643-nautical-mile trip from her home in Kissimmee, Florida, on February 28. Besides circumnavigating the globe, she hopes to raise awareness and research funds for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). More commonly called Lou Gehrig’s disease, ALS claimed the life of Carol Ann’s mother, Marie, in 2002.
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Chicago Mayor Tries to Hijack Federal Airspace Authority (again) 
EAA is pleased that FAA has refused Chicago mayor Richard Daley’s request to institute a permanent no-fly zone over the city, in response to the upgraded security level in advance of possible U.S. military action against Iraq. Daley has asked for the no-fly zone on previous occasions, saying that Washington and New York City have stringent no-fly zones and claiming that Chicago residents are not as well protected because the city lacks air restrictions. Illinois governor Rod Blagojevich backed the mayor’s request.
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EAA's 1903 Wright Flyer Reproduction Unveiled to Kick Off Countdown to Kitty Hawk
With the countdown clock ticking to the 100th anniversary of the Wright brothers' first powered flight, the Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA) today unveiled its 1903 Wright Flyer reproduction in a ceremony at Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport. As the world's most accurate re-creation of the original Wright Flyer, EAA's Flyer reproduction will re-enact the Wright brothers' first flight 100 years to the minute on Dec. 17, 2003, in Kill Devil Hills, N.C. Prior to this historic event, EAA's 1903 Wright Flyer reproduction also will serve as the centerpiece of EAA's Countdown to Kitty Hawk touring pavilion that will debut at the Sun 'n Fun EAA Fly-In April 2-8 in Lakeland, Florida. the 24,000 square-foot exposition will celebrate the Wrights' first flight with displays on the Wright brothers, aviation history and aviation innovations along with activities for youth.
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EAA’s Doug Macnair Addresses Sport Pilot’s Potential at 28th FAA Aviation Forecast Conference 
The approaching Sport Pilot/Light-Sport Aircraft (SP/LSA) rule will address some of the government’s security concerns over thousands of unregistered aircraft that would be required to register under the new rule, EAA Washington office director Doug Macnair told the 28th FAA Aviation Forecast Conference on Wednesday, March 19. The two-day conference was held in Washington, D.C. Enactment of SP/LSA would register two-place trainers and so-called "fat," or overweight ultralights, which number about 10,000 aircraft today, Macnair said. Legitimate Part 103 ultralights would remain unaffected, while at the same time, thousands of sport pilots and certified instructors would be certificated by the FAA, easing security concerns among other government agencies.
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ADIZ Added For New York City Area; Other Airspace Restrictions Announced Include Disney Theme Parks 
The FAA and Transportation Security Administration (TSA) have issued several Notices to Airmen (NOTAMs) that became effective at 3 p.m. EST March 18, creating or maintaining airspace restrictions near sensitive areas in response to the heightened nationwide “Orange” (High) terrorist threat level. Specifics of the NOTAMs were being discussed between FAA, TSA and the Department of Defense over the last few days and were officially communicated to the public via a teleconference two hours before their issuance. Airspace near Disneyland and Disney World is among the new restricted areas, along with a new Aviation Defense Identification Zone (ADIZ) for the metropolitan New York City area.
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Tide Seems to Be Turning for Beleaguered Smith Field 
For Fort Wayne, Indiana’s historic Smith Field (SMD), scheduled to cease operations on July 1, 2003, the future looks appreciably brighter these days. Indications are that the Fort Wayne-Allen County Airport Authority, which voted 4-2 in June 2002 to close the 77-year-old facility, will reverse that decision the next time it meets, allowing the facility to remain open.
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On The Flight Line ---

NAA Chooses Six Most Memorable Records of 2002
Three hundred people skydiving in formation over Arizona tops the National Aeronautic Association’s six Most Memorable Aviation Records of 2002. Members of the group, “Arizona Airspeed,” jumped out of 14 airplanes at an altitude of over 20,000 feet. Next on the NAA list, Sean Sheldon, Ahmed Ragheb, and John Mullican tag-teamed a Gulfstream V at just over 643 miles per hour across the Pacific Ocean from Tokyo to Los Angeles on November 7 for the fastest speed over a recognized course. Bruce Bohannon’s record climb to 41,611 feet in the Exxon Flyin’ Tiger on October 22 was third most memorable. Steve Fossett’s solo balloon flight in June and July, the first ever around the world, began in western Australia and ended two weeks later in eastern Australia, setting several records including shortest time around the world at 320 hours. Wesley “Lee” Behel, Jr. set a new speed record of 354 mph over a three kilometer straight course in a Lancair Turbine IV-P at the Reno Air Races on September 11. Finally, James Richmond of the Academy of Model Aeronautics kept a rubber-powered model airplane aloft inside the atrium of Indiana’s West Baden Springs Hotel for a record 47 minutes and 19 seconds on August 4. NAA will honor these record-setters at its Spring Awards Reception and Ceremony at the College Park Aviation Museum in College Park, Maryland March 31, 2003.

New Websites Launched for Flight Solutions, The Pilot Shop
Usaviation.com announced the launch of two new websites recently, www.flightsolution.com for Flight Solutions Inc.; and www.pilotshopusa.com, for The Pilot Shop. At flightsolution.com, Gallatin, Tennessee, users can get all the information they need regarding aircraft sales, charter and maintenance services.
PilotshopUSA.com, Baldwin, New York, features simplified menus, easy-to-navigate product categories, and convenient ordering options. It has one of the world’s largest inventories of pilot supplies on the East Coast.

Lincoln Electric Offers On-Line Certifications
More than 400 American Welding Society (AWS) typical Certifications of Conformance are now available on the Lincoln Electric’s website, www.lincolnelectric.com, giving customers 24-hour access to every standard Lincoln electrode/flux combination. These certifications are typically used for quality assurance reporting, specifying electrodes, and providing engineering data with regard to strength and product composition. Customers can use the quick links menu by clicking on AWS Certificates at the top of the page. Locate specific AWS certificates by selecting a product trade name from a pull-down menu or by entering the text string (tradename, certificate document number, or AWS electrode classification.

Many Aviation Greats to Appear at Aviation/Space Congress
The 2003 National Congress on Aviation and Space Education, sponsored by the Civil Air Patrol, takes place April 2-5 in Cincinnati, Ohio, with a number of aviation greats slated to appear in honor of powered flight’s 100th anniversary. Among confirmed speakers are Scott Crossfield, first man to fly at twice the speed of sound; aviator Gus McCleod; astronaut Eric Boe, NASA shuttle engineer Dr. Jack Bacon, famed aviator Erik Lindbergh, grandson of Charles Lindbergh, and others. CAP will receive the coveted 2003 Frank C. Brewer award on April 4. For more information, visit www.capnhq.gov.

CHR Opens New Private Machining Facility
Canadian Home Rotors, Inc., has opened a new, privately licensed machining facility for its award-winning Safari helicopter kit. The new facility will increase the quality and productivity of machined parts for the Safari. Over the coming months, CHR says, most manufactured parts will be brought back into its facility. CHR opened its second factory location this year, in Marianna, Florida.

Q & A: Question of the Week
Question for EAA Aviation Information Services:
Somehow, I missed "the list" of Standard Category Aircraft that fit the definition of a Light Sport Aircraft (LSA). I am just about ready to spend a rather large number of dollars on a beautiful and well constructed RANS S-12XL Airaile two-place. Is the RANS S-12XL "on the list"?


It's important, when talking about which aircraft might fit the definition of a light-sport aircraft (LSA), to understand that there is no official "list" of aircraft. The sport pilot/LSA proposal simply offers a definition of an LSA, and any aircraft that fits that definition will be eligible for operation by a sport pilot. The lists we have posted on our sport pilot web site are simply representative, and are not all-inclusive or in any way official. Here's a list of experimental aircraft that may meet the LSA definition: Note that the Rans S-12 is on this list.

It's important to remember that it will be the pilot's responsibility to verify that an individual aircraft does indeed meet the definition of an LSA. Experimental aircraft often have been modified from their "standard" form by individual builders, so there is a possibility that an individual aircraft may not meet the LSA definition, even when a majority of aircraft of that type do. This can be the case with standard category aircraft as well, as some have been modified in the field.

So, whether a particular aircraft is on the list or not has no bearing on whether it can be operated by a sport pilot. So long as the aircraft meets the definition of a LSA, it will be eligible. Also, the certification category of a particular aircraft does not have any bearing. Again, so long as the aircraft meets the LSA definition, a sport pilot can fly it, regardless of what category it might be certificated in (standard category, experimental/amateur-built, experimental/LSA, special/LSA, etc.). Conversely, if an individual aircraft does not meet the LSA definition, it cannot be operated by a sport pilot, even if other aircraft of the same type can be.
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EAA SportAir Workshops

Upcoming Workshop 

April 26-27, 2003, Watsonville, CA
Sheet Metal, Composite Construction, Fabric Covering, Electrical Systems and Avionics, and What's Involved in Kitbuilding?

See the complete schedule of upcoming SportAir Workshops.

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