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Audrey Poberezny Honored by WAI

Audrey Poberezny, who along with her husband Paul Poberezny oversaw the birth and rapid growth of the Experimental Aircraft Association, was named one of the 100 most influential women in aviation history recently by Women in Aviation International (WAI).

Audrey shares the spotlight with the likes of Amelia Earhart, Marjorie Stinson, Ann Murrow Lindbergh, Patty Wagstaff, Martha King, and many others who helped blaze the trail for women to make aviation what it is today.

Audrey and Paul worked out of their basement in a converted coal chute in the early days, as the organization grew from a local club for amateur aircraft builders into an international organization that embraces virtually all of sport aviation.

Congratulations, Audrey!

EAA AirVenture Museum Events
'Road to Kitty Hawk' B-17 Tour in Texas Through Next Week
EAA’s B-17 bomber Aluminum Overcast will remain in Texas for the next week as it descends on San Antonio’s Stinson Municipal Airport (SSF) on June 10-11 before heading over to Sugar Land (SGR) near Houston June 13-15.

To find out when Aluminum Overcast might be coming to your area during the spring tour, visit www.b17.org.

International Young Eagles Day is June 14
Next Saturday (June 14) is International Young Eagles Day, the single biggest day for flying Young Eagles each year. After a record-setting month for Young Eagles flights, this day will provide a huge boost toward the goal of one million Young Eagles by December 13, 2003. Among the hundreds of events throughout the country and beyond, EAA will host a flight rally next at Wittman Regional Airport.

We urge all members and Chapters to spread the word and make this the biggest IYED ever!

Q & A: Question of the Week
Question for EAA Aviation Information Services: I may be mistaken but I seem to remember reading about an altitude-testing chamber (not sure this is correct terminology) in Oklahoma City at one of the FAA facilities. I also remember that GA pilots could schedule to attend a training session. Does such a thing exist, and if so, do you know how to contact them?
Good question and a fairly easy one to research. The FAA does have an altitude chamber available in Oklahoma City. To find out more about the program, visit http://www.cami.jccbi.gov/, then scroll down to the column titled “Aerospace Medical Education” - the seventh link in this column is the link to the chamber information “Airman Education Programs”. Click on this and it’ll bring you to a wealth of information concerning altitude qualifications, including AC 61-107 that discusses all the training you’ll need to get your logbook endorsement.

The FAA’s altitude chamber is part of a network of chambers available for public use - the network includes 12 military bases where you can also complete your training, so you do not have to travel all the way to Oklahoma City to meet your requirements. This information is also available within this web site.

If you have any other questions, feel free to call the FAA Civil Air Medical Institute, located at the FAA Academy in Oklahoma City, at 405-954-4837. They’ll be happy to answer any of your questions. They also recommend you first talk with the Safety Program Manager at your local FAA Flight Service District Office who will have this same information. 
How can we help you?
To ask a question regarding government issues, e-mail govt@eaa.org. If you have a question about registration, airmen, aircraft and medical certification, safety records, performance, or any other matter, e-mail infoserv@eaa.org.
We are pleased to provide this info to EAA members as a membership benefit. To ensure that this service continues, renew your membership or join EAA today by calling 800/843-3612 or 920/426-5912.
For Upcoming Aviation Events, click here. For Young Eagles Rallies, click here.

EAA SportAir Workshops

Upcoming Workshops 

June 21-22, 2003, Frederick, MD (Washington, DC area)

Topic: Sheet Metal Basics, Composite Construction, Fabric Covering, Electrical Systems and Avionics, Gas Welding, and What's Involved in Kitbuilding?

June 27-29, 2003, Griffin, GA
Topics: RV Assembly, and TIG Welding

See the complete schedule of upcoming SportAir Workshops.

June 2003
AA Desktop Calendar

Riding into the sunrise: a trio of New Standard D-25s juxtaposed before a background of contrails provides a terrific computer desktop for the month of June. To get your copy, visit the EAA website and click on the picture to select a size for your desktop.


The Official Electronic Newsletter of EAA
Join Us As We Celebrate 100 Years of Powered Flight
at EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2003!

June 6, 2003   Volume 3, Number 24

  News You Can Use ---

Poberezny, Blakey Appear in FAA Sport Pilot Video
EAA President Tom Poberezny and FAA Administrator Marion Blakey will provide the introduction to a short video on the Sport Pilot/Light-Sport Aircraft rule to be used by FAA Flight Service District Offices (FSDOs) and other venues. Poberezny traveled to Washington, D.C. this week, where he and the Administrator videotaped the segments. The video, financed by FAA and produced by EAA Television, will be used to provide front-line FAA personnel an overview of the rule’s basic elements. Areas covered include the scope of the new sport pilot certificate, aircraft category, instruction, and maintenance issues.
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Ultralight Trainer Crash Claims Mike Jacober
EAA, along with the entire sport aviation world, lost a good friend and staunch supporter of ultralights and recreational aviation on Thursday, June 5, when Mike Jacober was killed. His two-seat ultralight trike trainer went down during a training flight about two miles from the Birchwood, Alaska airport (Z15). Jacober, owner of Arctic Sparrow Aircraft Inc. based at Birchwood, was one of the country’s top ultralight aircraft pilots and promoters, and he was also an EAA Technical Counselor and Flight Advisor.
(read more)

Poberezny Leads GAC Meeting With TSA Chief Admiral Loy
While in Washington, D.C. this week, EAA President Tom Poberezny led a Wednesday meeting of the General Aviation Coalition (GAC), which was attended by Transportation Security Administration (TSA) chief James Loy and his top assistant Tom Blank.
GAC members present reiterated their continuing concerns regarding general aviation restrictions, particularly in the D.C. area where an Aviation Defense Identification Zone (ADIZ) remains in effect, along with other restrictions specifically in place for the National Capitol Region. Poberezny is Chairman of the GAC.

Camp David Restricted Airspace Returns to Normal…(But Not This Weekend)
The airspace restriction around Camp David (P-40-Hagerstown/Thurmont, Maryland) returned to pre-9/11 dimensions of 3 nautical miles and surface up to 5,000 feet, reduced from 5 nautical miles, when the FAA canceled FDC Notice to Airmen (NOTAM) 3/4222 this past week. Also, the post 9/11-created Restricted Area, R-4009 still exists, which increases the protected airspace above P-40 from 5,000 feet to 12,500 feet. EAA expects the temporary flight restriction (TFR) will expand back to 10 nm when the president is in residence. (Which is the case this weekend, as the President will be there through Sunday afternoon, May 8 - See NOTAM.)

Pilots should note that current charts depict the 5 nm restriction and will not be changed until the next chart update. Pilots should always check the latest NOTAMs before operating in the P-40 vicinity and be sure to avoid the restricted area at all times.
(read more)

EAA, FAA Agree on Changes to A-B Certification Policy
EAA met with senior FAA headquarters personnel on June 2 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin to review the latest revisions to FAA’s amateur-built and exhibition experimental aircraft certification policy (8130.2E). Both sides reviewed FAA’s policy changes, released earlier this year, then discussed at length EAA’s suggested revisions. EAA is pleased to report that the overwhelming majority of its suggestions, which were generally very beneficial to A-B owners and operators, were very well received.
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Art Competition Once Again Showcases EAA Members' Talents
This time of year, we’re reminded of just how much talent lies among the Experimental Aircraft Association’s 170,000 worldwide members when the winners of the annual EAA Sport Aviation Art Competition are unveiled. There is no exception for 2003 and the 26th annual competition, announced recently and now on display in the Gorman Art Gallery through next year.
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Printed EAA AirVenture NOTAMs Available
Printed copies of the official Notice to Airmen (NOTAM) for EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2003 are now available from EAA Membership Services. EAA and FAA cooperated on the NOTAM design and production. The NOTAM describes official arrival and departure flight procedures in effect from July 26 through August 5, including procedures for the many types of aircraft that fly to Oshkosh for the event, as well as aircraft that land at nearby airports. EAA AirVenture runs July 29-August 4 at Wittman Regional Airport. To receive your free copy, call 800/JOIN EAA (800-564-6322), or order online.

“Warbirds in Review” Returns to EAA AirVenture
Imagine being up close to some of the most storied military aircraft in the annals of armed conflict-P-51D; F4U-5 Corsair; F-16 Fighting Falcon; MKVIII Spitfire-then having the opportunity to hear stories of the men who flew them, all in an informal AirVenture setting. That's what the Warbirds in Review program is all about, a daily mini-seminar about legendary aircraft, Tuesday through Sunday (July 29-Aug. 3), which debuted at EAA AirVenture 2002 to rave reviews.
(read more)

Wild Blue Wonders 2003 National Championship Day at EAA AirVenture
The EAA Wild Blue Wonders 2003 National Championships are set for AirVenture Friday, August 1, at the EAA Leadership Center/Museum in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. Individual competitions pitting regional champion “flight crews” from throughout the country take place between 8 a.m.-4 p.m., with an awards ceremony immediately following. The competition is open to the public. Meanwhile, regional competition concludes this weekend (June 7) at the Dixie CAF Museum in Peachtree City, Georgia; and on June 7-8 at the Virginia Air and Space Museum, Hampton, Virginia.
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Berwyn Park District Sponsors Day Trip To EAA AirVenture 
The Berwyn (Illinois) Park District is again organizing a day trip to Oshkosh this year for EAA AirVenture. The motor coach trip begins at 7 a.m. Saturday, July 27, and returns late that evening, providing a convenient way to see the world's largest annual general aviation celebration.
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Final 25 EAA Member-Pilots Chosen to Fly State Flags to Kitty Hawk
EAA and the National Park Service - partners in EAA’s Countdown to Kitty Hawk program, presented by Ford Motor Company, announced today the final 25 EAA member-pilots that have been chosen to represent their states in EAA’s “50 Flags to Kitty Hawk” initiative, celebrating the achievements of the Wright brothers and 100 years of powered flight. The 25 pilots selected will fly their respective state flag to the Wright Brothers National Memorial in Kitty Hawk, N.C., on a day of their choice prior to December 1, 2003.
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EAA Centennial Homebuilt of the Week
Keith H. Rhea, EAA 667518, Norman, Oklahoma, took over this Volksplane after it had been abandoned sometime before 1975, and today he has a genuine EAA Centennial Homebuilt! Powered by a 2074 cc VW engine, Rhea plans to fly N52VP for the first time on July 20, the 34th anniversary of Neil Armstrong’s lunar landing. Read more about the project. To highlight the EAA Centennial Homebuilts' program, each week e-HOT LINE features one plane from the growing list submitted to EAA. Visit the EAA Centennial Homebuilts website for program details.

Timeless Voices: 'Voice of the Week'
This week’s “Voice” is Sophia Payton of Clearwater, Florida. Sophia has been an air show performer, aircraft saleswoman, flight instructor, and winning air racer for over fifty years. She was interviewed at the Sun ’n Fun EAA Fly-In at Lakeland, Florida in April. At the age of about 17, she rode her bicycle to the airport, Norton Field, to learn to fly. She said, “It was born in my genes – I guess I just wanted to fly, there was no particular reason. I just desired to fly.” Read more about Sophia’s flying experiences on the Timeless Voices website.

EAA June-July Regional Fly-Ins
We encourage you to support EAA’s Regional Fly-Ins, coming to an airport near you.

June 20-22--Golden West EAA Regional Fly-In takes place at Yuba County Airport (MYV), Marysville, California

June 28-29Rocky Mountain EAA Regional Fly-In gathers at Vance Brand Airport, Longmont, CO (2V2)

July 9-13, Northwest EAA Fly-In, Arlington Municipal Airport (AWO) Arlington, Washington

Louisiana Centennial of Flight Fly-in Series Continues

The year 2003 marks 200 years since the historic Louisiana Purchase as well as the 100th anniversary of the Wright brothers’ first successful powered flight. A group of Louisiana EAA Chapters celebrates both events along with the state’s rich aviation history through a series of fly-ins that continues this weekend, June 6-7, with Chapter 244’s first False River Fly-In at New Roads (LA30). Two previous events— Slidell and Pineville—drew over 100 aircraft each. In May, more than 50 turned up at a third fly-in at Ferriday. Six other events are scheduled through the rest of the year:

September 13, Chapter 541 Fly-in, Jennings
October 11-12, Chapter 514 Fly-in, Houma 
October 17-18, Chapter 614 Pineville Fall Fly-in 
November 8-9, Chapter 971 Fly-in, Reserve 
December 13-14, Chapter 261 Fly-in, New Orleans Lakefront

Current sponsors include Pride Aviation, Brignac Aviation, Aircraft Spruce and Specialty Co., Rans Aircraft, Van’s Aircraft, Angel Flight, Exxon, and EAA. Most events feature EAA Young Eagles flights. Those who register at an event get one entry to a year-end drawing for merchandise or services donated by our sponsors.
For the latest information on the fly-ins, visit Propclear website at www.propclear.com. Or you can call series coordinator Jim Riviere at 225-869-3481 or rivierja@cox.net.

On The Flight Line ---

FAA Website Undergoes Maintenance This Weekend
EAA provides numerous links to the FAA website, but this weekend, June 6-8, www.faa.gov will be unavailable because of maintenance during the following scheduled times (Eastern time):
· - Friday, June 6—6 p.m.-1 a.m.
· - Saturday, June 7—2 p.m.-10 p.m.
· - Sunday, June 8—9 a.m.-4 p.m.
The FAA says its site will resume normal operations on Monday, June 9.

OSAC Pledges Support to Restore CarterCopter Aircraft
The Organization for Sport Aviation Competition (OSAC) will help Carter Aviation Technologies fix the CarterCopter Technology Demonstrator (CCTD) prototype that was heavily damaged in a gear-up landing this past April. OSAC has formed the Mu-1 Member’s Club, a grass-roots fundraising initiative to which those interested could donate to help raise an estimated $270,000 needed to repair the aircraft. In return for OSAC’s partnership offer, Carter will restore the CCTD and follow through with its goal to break the Mu-1 barrier. Part of the agreement is that, once restored, the CCTD cannot be sold, but must be donated to a public museum or other public education program. Carter has postponed production work on its next effort, the CarterCopter (NxCC) and is using that funding to begin repairs to the CCTD. As financial support becomes available through OSAC’s funding campaign the donations will be credited toward the restoration.

Matco Tools and Churchill Aerospace Announce Partnership
Matco Tools and Churchill Aerospace recently announced a joint marketing partnership that will provide the aviation community with a comprehensive line of tools and equipment from a single source. Some of its products include tool kits; tool storage; handtools; riveting, fastening, air, and metalworking tools. Both companies believe this partnership will bring the aviation industry flexible, customizable programs reinforcing a true customer-driven philosophy. Call 866/BUY-TOOL or visit www.matcotools.com for more details.

AeroTraderOnline.com Improves Product Visibility
Aviation enthusiasts can now tour aircraft for sale on the AeroTraderOnline.com website by clicking on its virtual tour feature. The tour, which includes panoramic views from three different angles: the cockpit, front interior, and rear interior, provides consumers with visual information to make better purchasing decisions. The online trader posts more than 1,300 aircraft on the website daily as well as information on aircraft parts and accessories, finance, transport, insurance, title search, charters, and links to additional services. Visit www.AeroTraderOnline.com for more information.

Challenger Factory Celebrates 20th Anniversary With Fly-In
Dave Goulet and the Challenger Factory will celebrate its 20th anniversary with a fly-in and factory tour at Erie Air Park, Erie, Illinois, this fall on September 20 & 21, 2003. As part of the festivities, anniversary t-shirts will be available for sale and free gifts given to those who fly-in while supplies last. Primitive camping at the airfield (bring your own tie downs and tents) and food will be available throughout the weekend. Contact Jim Robinson at Erie Air Park, 309/659-2721, or the Challenger Factory at 309/764-3515 for more information.


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