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EAA B-17 Makes Way Through The Empire State

EAA's B-17 bomber, Aluminum Overcast, travels to Schenectady, New York (Albany area) at the Schenectady County Airport (SCH) where it will fly missions August 26-27 before heading north to Niagara Falls International Airport (IAG) and an August 29-September 1 tour stop.

Would you like to reserve a spot in the flight crew when the airplane flies to your area? Check out complete tour information at the B-17 website, www.b17.org.
Good Ol’ Days and Harley's 100th Anniversary
Pioneer Airport will be a busy place next weekend, August 30-31, as the third annual Good Ol’ Days of Aviation event combines with a special centennial celebration for Harley Davidson. Good Ol' Days features flight and ground demonstrations of EAA's vintage airplanes and visiting antique airplanes. Volunteers will dress in period clothing to complete the early aviation picture. They’ll also be guided tours; living history demonstrations; vintage vehicle displays; free Young Eagles flights for young people ages 8-17; hands-on activities for youth; and a "Parade of Flight" both days at 2 p.m.

The Harley Davidson 100th anniversary celebration activities scheduled from August 25-30 include flying demonstrations, museum tours and classic motorcycle displays. EAA is an official “pin stop” for Harley-Davidson Celebration ticket holders. On Friday, large contingents of visitors from Australia/New Zealand and Japan are expected to visit.

Events are included in regular Museum admission.

Q & A: Question of the Week
Question for EAA Aviation Information Services: Does EAA have a preprinted liability release form for those wanting to sell a homebuilt aircraft? I would like a copy or maybe you can guide me to a place that I may obtain one.

We've answered similar questions on this subject, but it bears repeating. EAA does not have a specific form available for this purpose. There are substantial differences in state and local requirements for such forms, so one "stock" form won't cover enough applications to make it useful. Instead, we offer a checklist of items to be considered when constructing such a form. Our checklist, along with the advice of a local attorney, will allow you to construct a form that will serve your needs.

You can find our checklist on our EAA Homebuilders HQ web site, located within the Members Only site. Once at the Members Hangar page, click on the button labeled "Homebuilders HQ", located at the top right-hand part of the page. Once at Homebuilders HQ, you'll find several subject areas arranged across the top of the page. Point your cursor to "Selling/Buying" and click on "Articles" in the drop-down menu.  Among the articles posted there is the seller checklist.
How can we help you?
To ask a question regarding government issues, e-mail govt@eaa.org. If you have a question about registration, airmen, aircraft and medical certification, safety records, performance, or any other matter, e-mail infoserv@eaa.org.
We are pleased to provide this info to EAA members as a membership benefit. To ensure that this service continues, renew your membership or join EAA today by calling 800/843-3612 or 920/426-5912.

Upcoming Workshops 

September 5-7, 2003, Griffin (Atlanta area), GA
Topic: TIG Welding

September 12-14, Corona, CA
Topic: RV Assembly

August 2003
AA Desktop Calendar

Jimmy Franklin thrilled the flight line faithful time and again at EAA AirVenture Oshkosh with his jet-powered Waco. You can put this dramatic shot on your desktop by downloading the image from the EAA website.


The Official Electronic Newsletter of EAA
EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2004 July 27-August 2

August 22, 2003   Volume 3, Number 42

  News You Can Use ---

TSA Announces Relocation Plan for Aircraft Trapped in the D.C. ADIZ
At EAA’s urging the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) announced a three-phase relocation plan late Thursday for certain aircraft currently based inside the Washington, D.C. Air Defense Identification Zone (ADIZ). As EAA continues to work diligently toward removal of the ADIZ, eligible aircraft include those not able to operate under the ADIZ requirements of maintaining two-way communication with Air Traffic Control, monitoring CTAF, and being equipped with an operating transponder with automatic altitude reporting capability (including ultralight aircraft).
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FAA to Distribute Best Practices Guide to Aging Aircraft Owners
During an EAA-facilitated type club meeting at EAA AirVenture Oshkosh, the FAA announced plans to distribute its Best Practices Guide for Maintaining Aging General Aviation Airplanes. This document, which will be mailed primarily to all U.S. owners of small, single-engine vintage aircraft, provides excellent guidance for type clubs to use for developing checklists and other information specific to a model type. EAA, along with several other aviation organizations, contributed to and endorse the guide.
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Funding Authorized for AB-DAR Courses
The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) transferred allocated funds this week for the initial amateur-built designated airworthiness representative (AB-DAR) training sessions that newly designated AB-DARs must take before performing initial airworthiness inspections on homebuilt aircraft. EAA worked with the FAA to develop the new AB-DAR program, approved on September 30, 2002, as a way to help alleviate inspection request backlogs for amateur-built experimental aircraft builders. Many of these new AB-DAR inspectors also serve as EAA Technical Counselors and Flight Advisors.
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EAA Notifies Oregon, California Pilots About Presidential TFRs 
Asks Those Affected To Write, Explain Impact to President Bush
For the second time in as many weeks, EAA e-mailed pilot members who live in a state where President Bush’s planned multi-city visits are accompanied by large (30 nm) temporary flight restrictions (TFRs). For this week’s Oregon visit, like last week’s tour of California, the United States Secret Service created 30-nm TFRs around Redmond and Sunriver, where the President appeared August 21-22. EAA, seeking to facilitate an equitable solution that balances the need to protect the President and potential undue impact on pilots and businesses like flight schools and fixed-base operations (FBOs), invites those directly affected by airspace closures to write to President Bush and explain the impact his visits had on their flying activities and/or businesses.
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EAA’s Discovery Wings Series Final Episode Saturday: Kyle Solos
The final episode of EAA’s pilot training series Learning to Fly airs this Saturday night on the Discovery Wings Channel. In the final lesson, which begins with a review of the building blocks of flight, instructor Dave Lammers feels comfortable with flight student Kyle Guyette’s abilities and lets her take her first solo flight. Is Kyle ready to fly alone? Find out at 9 p.m. EDT (repeat at midnight).

EAA’s Countdown to Kitty Hawk in Seattle 
EAA’s Countdown to Kitty Hawk national touring pavilion makes its fourth stop at Seattle, Washington’s Museum of Flight beginning this Saturday, August 23, and runs through September 1. The pavilion is presented by Ford Motor Company and supported by Microsoft Flight Simulator and Eclipse Aviation. EAA’s pavilion, combined with the museum’s “The Birth of Aviation” exhibit, provide the most comprehensive Wright brothers experience presented anywhere in the world during this centennial year of flight.
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Dr. Heath Steps Down From EAA Aeromedical Council
Dr. Hunter Heath, III, first chairman of the EAA Aeromedical Advisory Council, stepped down from the Council during the recent EAA AirVenture Oshkosh convention. “A lot has happened that I never thought I would see, like the issuance of medical certificates to individuals with type I diabetes and cardiac conditions.” said Dr. Heath, of Indianapolis, Indiana. “Thank you all for your service. I wish you success.”  
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Sport Pilot Seminar/Fly-In at Sun ’n Fun Grounds
EAA Chapter 454 and Sun ’n Fun, Inc., will hold a free sport pilot/light-sport aircraft (SP/LSA) seminar and fly-in on October 18 on the Sun ’n Fun grounds at Lakeland (Florida) Linder Regional Airport. EAA’s sport pilot expert Ron Wagner, who’s hosted EAA’s Sport Pilot Center at numerous events and fly-ins across the country, will join the FAA’s sport pilot project manager Sue Gardner during morning presentations, to be held at the FAA Safety Center. Andy Werking of the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association will also speak. The afternoon will feature a roundtable Q&A period. Aircraft manufacturers and aircraft owners who have aircraft that qualify as sport pilot-eligible aircraft are invited to display. For more information, call Greg Harbaugh at 863/644-2431.
Attention: East Coast EAAers
The FAA and the Army National Guard have announced plans to expand Restricted Area 5802, located in the Fort Indiantown Gap, Pennsylvania, area. EAA invites those interested to review the proposed increases in both the restricted area dimensions and operating times at the public Federal Register site. Comments should be directed to the FAA per the instructions contained in the Federal Register Notice. You may also fax comments to the DOT Docket Management Office at 202/493-2251, as long as they are identified as "Comments to FAA-2003-13850/Airspace Docket No. 02-AEA-19." The FAA must receive all comments on or before September 29, 2003. If you would like EAA to submit comments supporting your concerns, please e-mail a copy of your comments to govt@eaa.org or fax to 920-426-6560. EAA will base any of its comments on those received from members who fly in or through this area 

EAA Centennial Homebuilt of the Week
Yes, homebuilt hot-air balloons can qualify as EAA centennial homebuilts, evidenced by this one built by Keith Sproul, EAA 718090, North Brunswick, New Jersey. The lighter-than-air craft has a 48,000 cubic feet envelope, allowing Keith to fly year-round. The project took 175 hours and six weeks to complete. “It is a real thrill to float thru the air in a balloon you made your self,” he says. Read more about the first lighter-than-air entry in the program. To highlight the EAA Centennial Homebuilts' program, each week e-HOT LINE features one plane from the growing list submitted to EAA. Visit the EAA Centennial Homebuilts website for program details.
On The Flight Line ---
FAA General Aviation Accident Information, Safety Goals Released
In a general aviation safety report released this week, the FAA Small Airplane Directorate says that fatal accidents occur most frequently because of weather and low level maneuvering. “During the summer, density altitudes are high and thunderstorms are likely. With the onset of winter, loss of control (typically in clouds because of VFR into IMC, descending below minimums, etc.) and controlled flight into terrain scenarios become more common. No matter what the season, caution should be exercised to ensure safe flying,” the report states. The report also states FAA’s maximum level targets for the number of GA fatal accidents through Fiscal Year (FY) 2007. Read the complete report.

Garmin Completes Acquisition Of UPSAT
Garmin’s acquisition of UPS Aviation Technologies, Inc. announced just before EAA AirVenture 2003, was completed late this week for $38 million in cash. UPSAT immediately becomes Garmin AT, Inc. and will continue operations with about 150 employees in Salem, Oregon, as a wholly owned subsidiary of Garmin International, Inc. Customers seeking support for UPS Aviation Technologies, Apollo, II Morrow or Garmin AT products may also call 800/525-6726 within the USA or 503-391-3411 internationally. Garmin AT’s new website is www.garminat.com.

IFR Radio Simulator: Best Software of the Year
Comm1’s IFR Radio Simulator, recipient of the “Best Software of the Year” award during EAA AirVenture Oshkosh’s annual Hardware-Software Forum, contains more than nine hours of two-way IFR radio procedure training. The training series was designed to help pilots overcome “mic fright” as well as a refresher tool for maintaining radio proficiency. Comm1 is an integral part of flight training curricula at leading aviation universities, the U.S. Navy and US Air Force, and ab initio flight training facilities throughout the U.S. and abroad. VFR, and Clearances on Request versions available. For more information call toll-free 888/333-2855 or visit www.Comm1Radio.com

T-Craft VG Kit From Micro Aerodynamics
Micro Aerodynamics has received a supplemental type certificate (STC) for its vortex generators on Taylorcrafts. Stall speed for the T-craft is reduced 5 mph and the aircraft shows dramatic improvement in slow flight handling and characteristics. Kits include installation tools, detailed drawings and instructions, templates for positioning the VGs, spares, Loctite Depend adhesive, and all other materials required for an easy, one-day installation. Priced at $695, the T-Craft VG Kits can be ordered by calling 800/677-2370, e-mail micro@microaero.com, or visit www.microaero.com.

Castrol Aviator Returns to U.S. Market
Air BP’s Castrol Aviator is now available in America, bringing the Castrol name back to the USA for aviation piston oils for the first time in several decades. Marketed and used in Europe continuously since 1995, Castrol’s full range of monograde oils is offered in straight grades S65, S80, S100 and S120, and Ashless Dispersant grades AD65, AD80, AD100, and AD120. Castrol’s involvement in aviation included sponsorship of early pilots from aviation’s early days. Amy Johnson, Amelia Earhart, Jim Mollison, and Alcock and Brown all used Castrol piston oils for their pioneering flights. Later, the Concorde supersonic airliner, the NASA space shuttle program and the jet-powered Thrust land speed record-breaking achievements all benefited from Castrol aviation and aerospace technology. For a list of Castrol distributors in the US, visit www.airbp.com.

Antique & Classic Fly-In September 6-7
(NOTE: This information appeared in the August Sport Aviation with an incorrect contact number.) 
More than 200 aircraft are expected to attend at the annual Antique and Classic Fly-In September 6-7 at Hassell Field Airport, Clifton, Tennessee. The event is held in conjunction with the River Bend Festival.
Prizes, supplied by AeroShell, will be awarded for Best of Show, Best Antique, and Best Warbird. Proceeds from the fly-in go toward the restoration of he Bristol Beaufort and the Westland Lysander of the Bristol Heritage Collection at Hassell Field. For more information, call 931/676-5424.

Aviat Aircraft to Host Seventh Annual Factory Fly-In
The seventh annual Aviat Factory Fly-In will be held next weekend, September 5-7, at the company’s Afton, Wyoming. Aviat invites owners and prospective owners of Huskys, Pups and Pitts Specials to fly or drive in for aerial competitions, hangar talk and seminars on getting the most utility and fun from their aircraft. Cost for the program, including all meals, is $40 per person. For more information or reservations, call 307/885-3151. www.AviatAircraft.com.


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