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B-17 Aluminum Overcast Heads South on Tour

EAA's B-17 bomber, Aluminum Overcast is at Millington, Tennessee Municipal Airport (NQA) this weekend, September 19-21, before continuing the Road to Kitty Hawk Tour at Shreveport, Louisiana's Downtown Airport DTN
September 23-24. Next weekend, September 26-28, the big bomber drops in on the Big Easy, at the New Orleans Lakefront Airport (NEW). To reserve a flight on an upcoming tour stop, please visit www.b17.org
Q & A: Question of the Week
Question for EAA Aviation Information Services: I have the opportunity to purchase a Van's RV-7 from a builder. It is a quick-build kit. The only work that has been done is about 75% of the empennage. The workmanship is very good. The fuselage and wings are still crated. There is no registration for the aircraft...no correspondence with the FAA. The builder has progress photos of work completed. Should I be concerned about the 51% rule? What will the FAA require? Would I be the "manufacturer"?

This could be a good deal. The current builder is "on the level". I just want to make sure there are no "government" problems if I buy the kit.

You will not have any problems getting this aircraft certificated in the amateur-built category. In order for an aircraft to qualify as amateur-built, the FAA requires that the major portion (i.e., 51% or more) of the fabrication and assembly tasks must be completed by amateur builders. Note that "builders" is plural. There is no problem with several different builders, working either together or in succession, building an amateur-built aircraft, so long as each of them were building for their own education and recreation, and have kept records to verify their work.

You will want to make sure that you get all the pictures and other related records of the construction that the previous builder has already completed. You will use these records, along with records of your own work, for certification of the aircraft. So long as your work along with the previous builder’s work, in total, add up to the major portion of the fabrication and assembly tasks, the aircraft will be certificated as amateur-built. You will be on record as the "manufacturer" of the finished aircraft.
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To ask a question regarding government issues, e-mail govt@eaa.org. If you have a question about registration, airmen, aircraft and medical certification, safety records, performance, or any other matter, e-mail infoserv@eaa.org.
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Upcoming Workshops 

September 26-28, Griffin (Atlanta area), GA
Topic: RV Assembly

October 4-5, 2003, Columbus, OH
Topics: Sheet Metal Basics, Composite Construction, Fabric Covering, Electrical Systems and Avionics, Gas Welding, and What's Involved in Kitbuilding?

October 10-12, 2003, Oshkosh, WI
Topic: RV Assembly

October 18-19, 2003, Boston, MA
Topics: Sheet Metal Basics, Composite Construction, Fabric Covering, Electrical Systems and Avionics, Gas Welding, and What's Involved in Kitbuilding?

September 2003
AA Desktop Calendar

Jim Wright's Hughes H-1B replica was one of the most popular aircraft on display during the recent EAA AirVenture Oshkosh Convention. We pay tribute to Jim, who was tragically killed in an August 4 crash while piloting the aircraft home, with this month's calendar image. It's now available from the EAA website.


EAA's Official Electronic Newsletter
EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2004 July 27-August 2

September 19, 2003   Volume 3, Number 46

  News You Can Use ---

EAA Young Eagles Surpasses 970,000!
EAA Young Eagles Director Steve Buss announced this morning that they had just crossed the 970,000 milestone for registered EAA Young Eagles, leaving us with 30,000 to go to reach the goal of one million kids flown by December 17, 2003. What a tremendous effort by EAA Chapters, volunteers in the air and on the ground! We’re closing in, so let’s keep it going through these final three months.

'Discovery' Wright Brothers Special Premieres Tonight
Just a reminder that The Discovery Channel’s two-hour documentary, The Wright Brothers: First in Flight, premieres tonight (September 19), at 8 p.m. EDT, 7 p.m. CDT. The program features extensive focus on EAA’s Countdown to Kitty Hawk celebration, presented by Ford Motor Company, and the construction of EAA’s authentic reproduction of the 1903 Wright Flyer by The Wright Experience, Warrenton, Virginia. EAA President Tom Poberezny also appears in the documentary to describe the celebration’s significance along with EAA’s Countdown to Kitty Hawk festivities, which culminate in the actual flight of the Flyer reproduction precisely at 10:35 on December 17, 2003 at Kill Devil Hills, North Carolina.
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Wright Family Fund Contributes to EAA’s Distance Learning Program
The Wright Family Fund, a charitable foundation administered by the descendants of the Wright brothers, has committed more than $37,000 to the EAA AirVenture Museum for EAA’s education and distance learning programs. The gift comes in conjunction with the much-anticipated centennial of powered flight in December 2003.
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Experience Virtual Flight at EAA Flight Simulator Day
EAA AirVenture Museum visitors will have a unique, exciting opportunity to enjoy the real and virtual worlds of flight in the same location on Sunday, September 28, when the museum hosts a Flight Simulator Day. Visitors can enjoy EAA’s world-class aircraft collection and try their hands at Microsoft’s new Flight Simulator 2004: A Century of Flight software, which will be available at several stations located throughout the facility. The new simulator software was launched at EAA AirVenture this summer.
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Isabel Delays National Air Tour
Tour organizers and volunteer pilots on the National Air Tour 2003 decided to remain in Atlanta/Peachtree City-Falcon Field for an extra day to avoid potentially hazardous weather conditions from Hurricane Isabel. The planned route includes Greenville, South Carolina and North Carolina stops Winston-Salem, Wilson, and Kill Devil Hills, home of the Wright Brothers National Memorial. By extending their Atlanta stay, participants hope the weather improves enough to allow the tour to proceed. Officials say this will not significantly impact the rest of the tour’s schedule since they had planned a two-day stop in Kill Devil Hills. With the revised schedule, one day is now allotted. Check the revised schedule at www.NationalAirTour.org for the latest information.

Greenamyer Edges Vandam to Win 2003 Reno Sport Class
Darryl Greenamyer and his Lancair Legacy were only about two seconds faster than Rick Vandam’s Aero Super Charger Solution to win the Sport Class Gold race Sunday at the Reno National Championship Air Races held last weekend at Stead Field. Greenamyer turned the six-lap, 39.61-mile final in 7:19.80 for an average speed of 324.497 mph, edging Vandam’s 7:21.79 for 323.035. Sport Class Silver race winner was Dave Morss in Martin’s Legacy (Morss 320) who flew the final circuit in 8:42.91 for an average of 272.922 mph. “Silver” second was Kevin Eldridge in a Glasair III Last Minute, 8:53.54 (267.485). 
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Mackey to Lead Falcon’s New Oshkosh Office
Bob Mackey, EAA Chapter relations and risk management leader for the past 14 years, has joined the Falcon Insurance Agency to run its new Oshkosh, Wisconsin, office. Bob will administer insurance programs for several organizations, including those for the Experimental Aircraft Association, the International Aerobatic Club (IAC), and the National Association of Flight Instructors (NAFI).
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Top Performers Scheduled for Copperstate EAA Fly-In 
Some of the top national air show performers will be featured at the 2003 Copperstate Regional EAA Fly-in October 9-12 at Phoenix Regional Airport (PRA) in Maricopa, Arizona. Air show performances take place from 1-3 p.m. on Friday, 1-4 p.m. on Saturday, and noon-3 p.m. on Sunday. Leading the list of returning performers are 2002 U.S. National Aerobatics Champion Kirby Chambliss (Zivko Edge) and aerobatic pilot Tim Weber (Extra 300) along with pilots Lon Arnold (Long EZ), Rob Harrison (Zlin 50), Jon Melby (Pitts S2B), Jason Stephens (MDM-1 Fox), and Sonny Weller (Pitts S2C). First-time performers are Kent Pietsch (Interstate Cadet), Eric Beard (Yak 54); Ed Hamill (Pitts S2C), Jim Maroney (Dehavilland Super Chipmunk), and Rhett Thompson (Sukhoi SU-26M). Sunday’s air show includes a radio-controlled aircraft demonstration featuring the Sun Lakes Radio Control Club. For more information, visit www.copperstate.org or call 520-400-8887.

EAA Centennial Homebuilt of the Week
Thomas Kozura, EAA 497009, Sparta, Michigan, first flew his beautiful Steen Skybolt on July 4 while, as he says, it was being filmed by a Japanese TV crew for a future program about homebuilding. Kozura won this year’s Outstanding Workmanship Award for plans built aircraft for the eight-year project, N51TL. Read more about the aircraft. To highlight the EAA Centennial Homebuilts' program, each week e-HOT LINE features one plane from the growing list submitted to EAA. Visit the EAA Centennial Homebuilts website for program details.

Timeless Voices: 'Voice of the Week'
Carl “Chub” Wheeler, Warrenton, Missouri, has aviation experiences that go back to the 1920s when he would haunt the grounds of Parks Field and Curtiss-Steinberg Airport in East St. Louis, Illinois, meeting a number of aviation legends along the way. “As a young kid my dad was a railroader and of course I wanted to be an engineer,” he said. “That all changed when I saw my first airplane, back after WWI when the barnstormers came through town. “From that time on it was aviation for me.” Read more about Chubb's story on the Timeless Voices website, www.timelessvoices.org

On The Flight Line ---
Eclipse Flight Test Program Continues, Confirms Low-Speed Handling
Eclipse Aviation said this week continuing flight tests confirm the Eclipse 500 has favorable low-speed handling characteristics and systems operations. Current test bed Aircraft 100, which was built on production tooling, has completed more than 30 test flights over the past three months, allowing Eclipse to examine the jet’s low-speed characteristics up to 200 knots at altitudes below 18,000 feet. “I’ve led flight testing for a number of well known airplanes, but I must admit that this airplane has been the best yet,” said chief test pilot Bill Bubb. “I’m extremely impressed with its docile handling and stall characteristics." Eclipse President and CEO Vern Raburn added that the results “give us great confidence.” Aircraft 100 will complete planned flight-testing before year-end and will further investigate aircraft stability and stall characteristics while moving the CG to the far aft position, leading to an aerodynamic design validation prior to building the next aircraft. Altogether, there will be eight test aircraft in the Eclipse 500 test program, five further flight-test aircraft and two airframes that will be used for structural testing. For more information, visit www.eclipseaviation.com.

Scaled Picks SpaceDev For SpaceShipOne Propulsion System
SpaceDev, San Diego, California, was chosen as the exclusive provider of specific components for Scaled Composites' rocket motor that will propel Burt Rutan’s revolutionary manned SpaceShipOne. The SpaceDev hybrid propulsion system burns a combination of rubber and laughing gas and is safe, low-cost and the largest of its kind in the world. The ground-firing development program started in November 2002 with SpaceDev’s 15-second run and ended early this month with a 90-second run by competitor Environmental Aeroscience Corporation (eAc) of Miami, Florida. "SpaceDev did a great job,” Rutan said. “Their engineers were highly competent, worked well with the Scaled team, stayed on schedule and met or exceeded all requirements. We are anxious to start powered, manned flights with SpaceDev’s help.” Scaled will report further developments as they occur on its website, www.scaled.com.

Six Americans Named NAA Elder Statesman of Aviation 
Two women and four men will receive 2003 National Aeronautic Association (NAA) Elder Statesman of Aviation awards at the NAA Fall Awards Banquet on November 10, in Arlington, Virginia. Recipients are: Carol B. Hallett, retired CEO of the Air Transport Association; David R. Hinson, former FAA Administrator; Martin A. Knutson, long-serving pilot who worked in numerous capacities for the military and NASA over a 46-year career; Joan R. Mace, a one-time "Rosie the Riveter" who worked her was up to become Aviation Department Chairman at Ohio University; Frank G. Mitchell, aviation education and training pioneer for the Cessna and Beechcraft; and Brig. General Paul W. Tibbets, Jr. (USAF, Ret.) pilot of the Enola Gay B-29 bomber, later CEO of Executive Jet Aviation (now NetJets). Elder Statesmen awards recognize Americans who are at least 60 years old and “have made contributions of significant value to aeronautics” over an extended period of time.
Judge Dismisses Michigan Pilot Check Litigation
A lawsuit to repeal the law requiring background checks for Michigan pilots was dismissed September 3 by Federal Judge Robert Holmes Bell after the state legislature overturned the law. EAA Legal Council Chairman Harry Riggs had earlier filed an amicus (Friend of the Court) brief on behalf of EAA, which was approved in federal court to give EAA legal standing in the case, which was filed by the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association.
Safari Increases Transmission Inspection Interval
Thanks to favorable past performance, Canadian Home Rotors increased the time before inspection interval for its Safari kit helicopter 50 percent, from 200 to 300 hours. This will mean 33 percent fewer required maintenance inspections to save time and money for the rotorcraft owners. For more information o the Safari, visit www.acehelicopter.com.
Cleveland Wheels & Brakes Reference Updates Announced
New versions of the Cleveland Wheels and Brakes product catalog, Component Maintenance Manual, Technician’s Service Guide, and CD-ROM are now available for order through www.clevelandwheelsandbrakes.com or www.parker.com/Cleveland. The new CD has additional links to aircraft applicability data, part numbers, and exploded product views. The digital catalog is in Adobe PDF format. Aircraft Wheel & Brake is a division of the Parker Hannifan Corp.
Silver Wings Fraternity To Convene in November
The Silver Wings Centennial of Flight convention will be held November 7-8 at the Marriott Wardman Pak Hotel in Washington, D.C. For more information, contact Ron David at 202-588-9055 or visit www.silverwings.org.


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