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Flight Centennial Celebration Takes Shape in Oshkosh
While much of the attention for the Dec. 17 flight centennial celebration has been pinpointed on Kitty Hawk, EAA plans to commemorate the historic occasion here in Oshkosh with a series of special events December 13-20, including:

Special walk-round tours of the 1903 Wright Flyer replica.

Flights in EAA’s nationally-acclaimed Wright Flyer Simulator

Regular performances of a short play commissioned by EAA for the flight centennial: "What's Wright With Flight" by Larry Gard

Movie presentations

A temporary mail station where you can make and send special commemorative mail to friends and family

The week’s highlight takes place on the 17th with a banquet at EAA AirVenture Museum, featuring special guest and speaker, acclaimed test pilot and Voyager co-pilot Dick Rutan. Tickets are available by contacting Kate Robinson at 920-426-6869.

Q & A: Question of the Week
Question for EAA Aviation Information Services: I notice that your list of eligible light-sport aircraft does not mention Citabria Champs. Does a Champ 7ECA qualify?

Answer: The 7ECA has a maximum gross weight of 1650 lbs, which is well above the gross weight limit of 1232 lbs called out in the sport pilot/light-sport aircraft (SP/LSA) proposal. While we expect that the LSA gross weight limit may be raised slightly in the SP/LSA final rule, we don't expect it to go much above 1300 lbs. Possibly as high as 1320, but no higher than that. Thus, the 7ECA will still not qualify for operation by sport pilots, due to it's too-high gross weight.
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Upcoming Workshops 

December 5-7
Corona (LA area), CA

Topic: RV Assembly

December 12-14
Oshkosh, WI

Topic: RV Assembly

December 2003
AA Desktop Calendar

Celebrate the first flight every day of December with this month's EAA desktop calendar depicting perhaps the most famous photo of all time. Inset is EAA's authentic 1903 Flyer replica, scheduled to recreate the epic event exactly 100 years later at the exact same site, on December 17, 2003. The monthly calendar is available from the EAA website.


EAA's Official Electronic Newsletter
EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2004 July 27-August 2

November 26, 2003   Volume 3, Number 56

  News You Can Use ---

Celebrate the Centennial By Flying!
Let us Know Your EAA First-Flight Day Experiences
If you’re one of the lucky 35,000 who have a ticket for the December 17 centennial of flight celebration at Kitty Hawk, North Carolina, your day is set. But what about the rest of us? How can each of us, as EAA members and Chapters, mark this grand event? One of the best things you can do to honor what Orville and Wilbur accomplished in 1903 is get in your aircraft and fly! Fly a Young Eagle, fly a friend, or fly alone…just FLY! If you do, EAA would love to hear about it. We’ve set up a special e-mail address, EAAFirstFlightDay@eaa.org, where you can send a brief report and/or digital photo describing your special flight. These personal accounts will be collected and presented on a special page on the EAA website.
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Aviation Community Responds Favorably to AFSA
The American Free Skies Association (AFSA), a New England-based aviation preservation organization, has received plenty of positive feedback from throughout the aviation community since an article about its plight appeared last week on the EAA website, in EAA’s member newsletter e-HOT LINE, and was picked up by several other outlets. Three Massachusetts aerobatic pilots, each a member of International Aerobatic Club (IAC) Chapter 35, and an aviation business owner operating out of Hanscom Field (BED) in suburban Boston are defendants in legal cases that, if successful, could have dire national ramifications for the freedom of flight.
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Poberezny, Macnair Press for Rapid Completion of the SP/LSA Final Rule 
EAA President Tom Poberezny and Vice President of Government Relations Doug Macnair held a series of meetings last week in Washington, D.C., with ranking officials from the offices of the Secretary of Transportation and the FAA Administrator to ensure that the sport pilot/light-sport aircraft (SP/LSA) final rule remains a top priority at both the FAA and the Department of Transportation (DOT)
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GA Coalition Continues to Press for Reduced Airspace Restrictions
General Aviation Coalition (GAC) members received some measure of assurance from the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) last week that the 2004 presidential campaign would not prompt a proliferation of pop-up 30 nautical-mile temporary flight restrictions for presidential and vice presidential candidates. TSA Acting Administrator Steve McHale explained at the semiannual GAC-TSA meeting that the president, as head of the national command structure, is treated differently than anybody else and asked coalition members to look at the way they treat the vice president to gain insight about how candidates might be treated.
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Officials Discuss EAA Insurance Plan Success, Future
So far, so good
EAA’s Executive Vice President Bob Warner and Risk Management Director Karen Kryzaniak met with Falcon Insurance Agency and Global Aerospace representatives in Short Hills, New Jersey, on November 20 to review the initial success as well as plan the future focus of the EAA Aircraft Insurance Plan. Announced just 16 months ago at EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2002, EAA’s plan is proving very popular among the membership because it meets the needs of so many different types of aircraft EAA members fly. They receive outstanding coverage options, superior service, and very competitive pricing for standard category, homebuilt, and vintage aircraft.
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Museum Program Explores Pre-Wright Flight Claims
While most people credit Orville and Wilbur Wright with the world’s first powered, controlled flight on Dec. 17, 1903, there have been numerous claims through the years that other individuals should properly be recognized as the first in flight. On Wednesday, December 3, EAA AirVenture Museum director Adam Smith, who is also an avid aviation historian, will present “Flight Before the Wrights?” in the museum’s Vette Theater at 6:30 p.m. The program is free and open to the public.
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ASTM Engine and Airplane Design Standards Complete
The light-sport aircraft (LSA) “Engine Design” and “Manufacturing and Airplane Design” standards were balloted and approved at last week’s ASTM International committee meeting in Tampa, Florida, held November 19–20. These approvals provide manufacturers with a solid base from which to assess their aircraft or engine’s ability to comply with the standard and to develop new products. In addition a Task Group was formed to develop standards for engine conversions, such as the 1/2 VW, Corvair and other non-aviation engines used in potential light-sport aircraft. Anyone interested in participating in this Task Group is invited to log onto the ASTM website, www.astm.org, and search under “Technical Committees” for F37, Light-Sport Aircraft.
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SWRFI Planning Underway for 40th Annual Fly-In
On the heels of their record-setting event in 2003, Southwest EAA Regional Fly-In organizers are busy planning for the 40th SWRFI, scheduled to take place May 14-15 at the New Braunfels, Texas, Airport (BAZ). Fly-in Chairman Stan Shannon reports that changes are in store in several areas including aircraft arrival procedures, site layout, expanded food offerings, and utilization of a new education building on airport grounds.
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Department of Homeland Security Issues Warning 
Late last week, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security issued a warning for extra vigilance against potential Al-Qaeda terrorist actions. Recent intelligence reports have "created an atmosphere of concern in which increased vigilance here at home is prudent and may be key to deterring or disrupting terrorist attacks," OHS said in a statement. Officials remain concerned about Al-Qaeda's continued interest in aviation including using cargo jets to carry out attacks on critical infrastructure as well as targeting liquid natural gas, chemical and other hazardous materials facilities. EAA urges pilots and others at or around airport facilities to be extra vigilant and to report any suspicious activity to the GA Hotline, 866-GA-SECURE.

EAA Centennial Homebuilt of the Week
John P. Betts, EAA 83828, Beaufort, North Carolina, finished his Fisher Classic biplane on his 67th birthday this past June. When the kit arrived about seven years ago, John’s wife commented that he had "bought a box of Popsicle sticks." So it stands to reason that upon completion, John affixed N995JB with the moniker, “Eskimo Pie.” The wood-constructed airplane gets it power from a Rotax 582. Learn more about this aircraft and more than 230 others. EAA has over 230 registered centennial homebuilts featured on the EAA website. Attention, builders: you have until December 31 to register your aircraft as an EAA Centennial Homebuilt. For details, visit www.eaa.org/homebuilders/centennial.asp.

Timeless Voice of the Week
Deborah “Debby” Rihn-Harvey, EAA 147103, LaPorte, Texas, is a third generation pilot who learned to fly before she learned to drive a car. She has over 25,000 hours of flight time, is a fixed-base operator and an airline captain. Oh, by the way, Debby is a world-class aerobatic pilot who is the longest-standing member of the U.S. Unlimited Aerobatics Team (since 1983). In her 11 World Aerobatics Championship competitions, Debby has brought home a number of Gold, Silver, and Bronze medals in several categories. Read more about her life in aviation on the Timeless Voices website.

On The Flight Line ---

CAF Restores Flight Status to 180 Pilots
Over half of 336 Commemorative Air Force (CAF) pilots were returned to flight status following a temporary flight suspension in place since Oct. 29. The CAF board of directors ordered its certificated pilots to participate in a formal safety review as the result of two accidents involving CAF airplanes in 2003. Reviews included a thorough examination of the organization’s flight operations and maintenance procedures. CAF officials say most pilots are expected to be cleared to fly again by the end of the year, and normal flight operations should be back in place well before the air show season begins.

Re-Cleanable Filters From Challenger Aviation Products
Challenger Aviation Products' new, re-cleanable oil filters. System 1 is comprised of a cast aluminum housing that fits in the same location as the spin on filter, without any modification of the aircraft or engine. Inside the housing is a stainless steel-spun filter element that traps dirt as small as 20 microns with an oil flow rate of 15 gallons per hour. The engine oil is kept cool by specially designed external cooling fins. With the system, an aircraft's oil can be changed sixty times for just under $5 each before replacing the filter element. FAA/PMA approval is expected in early 2004. For more information contact Challenger at 937-667-0510 or via email at Premfilter@aol.com.

Aerocet Receives FAA Certification For New 3400 Floats
Aerocet, Inc. recently received FAA certification on its Amphibious Model 3400 Composite Floats (TSO) and supplementary type certificates for Cessna 180s and 185s, culminating five years of development. Aerocet’s 3500 straight floats have performed well for 11 years on C-180, 182, 185, and 206 models as well as the Found Bush Hawk. The 3400s match the 3500’s performance, says owner and designer Tom Hamilton. The new floats are designed to handle airplanes with gross weights up to 3775 pounds. Certification work continues for various other model aircraft. For details, visit www.aerocet.com or call 208/448-0400.

Vintage Fly-In At Sun ’n Fun December 6
Sun ’n Fun and the Florida Sport Antique and Classic Association (FSAACA) will host a Vintage Aircraft Fly–In on December 6 at Lakeland Linder Airport, Florida. See Antique, Classic or Contemporary vintage aircraft, as well as several aircraft from the SNF collection, including the 1933 Taylorcraft E-2 originally owned by Piedmont Airlines founder Tom Davis Activities include a pancake breakfast, door prize drawing for fly-in pilots at noon, and a hot dog lunch provided at minimal cost by EAA Chapter 454. The public is invited to attend. For more information, call Sun ‘n Fun at 863–644–2431 or visit www.sun-n-fun.org or www.fsaaca.com

EAA Member Appointed to Oregon Aviation Board
The Oregon state senate recently confirmed Stephen L. Beckham, EAA 531316, Aumsville, as the newest member of the State Aviation Board. Beckham, a pilot and homebuilder, is vice president of government affairs with Liberty Northwest Insurance Corp. “I am passionately committed to aviation,” he said. “Aviation can play an increased role to improve economic development in communities throughout the state.” The aviation board provides policy guidance and oversight to the Oregon Department of Aviation.

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