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Annual EAA Skiplane Fly-In
Is On!

Aviation enthusiasts, including about 30 skiplanes, are set to gather on Saturday, January 24 at Pioneer Airport for the annual 2004 EAA Skiplane Fly-In. A late-breaking snowstorm provided just enough of the white stuff to allow skiplanes to land safely at Pioneer. Doors open at 8 a.m until 5 p.m. Chili will be served beginning at 10:30 a.m., along with fellowship and hangar talk. The annual celebration of Audrey Poberezny's birthday will also take place. (It's the actual day this year!) Landing reservations for skiplanes are no longer available, but wheelplanes are welcome to land at Wittman Regional Airport where FBOs Basler Aviation and Orion Flight Services both will provide shuttle service all day.

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Airplane Lamp on Sale at Aeronautica

These accent lamps will light up your home or office. The airplane and stand measures 12 inches long, 10 inches high, with a 13-inch wingspan, perfectly sized for a desk or mantel. Originally $35.99, it's on sale now for $26.99. See many other items on sale on the Aeronautica website, http://shop.eaa.org.

EAA Kitty Hawk
Centennial Coverage

Q & A: Question of the Week
Question for EAA Aviation Information Services:
I have purchased a homebuilt aircraft from the original builder. It was issued a Special Airworthiness Certificate. Am I required to carry this certificate in the aircraft after the initial test phase of flying has been completed?

Yes, you are always required to carry (and display) the airworthiness certificate in a US aircraft, regardless of what type of certificate has been issued. This is called out in the following regulations:

14 CFR 91.203, which states in part:
“(a) Except as provided in §91.715, no person may operate a civil aircraft unless it has within it the following:
(1) An appropriate and current airworthiness certificate. Each U.S. airworthiness certificate used to comply with this subparagraph (except a special flight permit**, a copy of the applicable operations specifications issued under § 21.197(c) of this chapter, appropriate sections of the air carrier manual required by parts 121 and 135 of this chapter containing that portion of the operations specifications issued under § 21.197(c), or an authorization under §91.611) must have on it the registration number assigned to the aircraft under part 47 of this chapter. However, the airworthiness certificate need not have on it an assigned special identification number before 10 days after that number is first affixed to the aircraft. A revised airworthiness certificate having on it an assigned special identification number, that has been affixed to an aircraft, may only be obtained upon application to an FAA Flight Standards district office.”

**Information on “Special Flight Permits” issued by the FAA can be reviewed in FAA Order 8300.10, Chapter 89. 
Note that the airworthiness certificate be displayed in the aircraft, as required by 91.203(b):
“(b) No person may operate a civil aircraft unless the airworthiness certificate required by paragraph (a) of this section or a special flight authorization issued under §91.715 is displayed at the cabin or cockpit entrance so that it is legible to passengers or crew.”

Also be aware that your aircraft’s special airworthiness certificate was issued with an attached set of operating limitations. These operating limitations are considered to be a part of the airworthiness certificate, and as such must be carried in the aircraft at all times.
How can we help you?
To ask a question regarding government issues, e-mail govt@eaa.org. If you have a question about registration, airmen, aircraft and medical certification, safety records, performance, or any other matter, e-mail infoserv@eaa.org.
We are pleased to provide this info to EAA members as a membership benefit. To ensure that this service continues, renew your membership or join EAA today by calling 800/843-3612 or 920/426-5912.

Upcoming Workshops 

February 6-8
Denver, CO

Topic: RV Assembly

February 20-22
Griffin (Atlanta area) GA

Topic: TIG Welding 

January 2004
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EAA's Official Electronic Newsletter
EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2004 July 27-August 2
"Launching the Next Century of Flight"

January 23, 2004   Volume 4, Number 3


  News You Can Use ---

Ingress-Egress Procedures Reinstated For D.C.-Area Airports
In response to recommendations by EAA and other organizations, the Transportation Security Administration and FAA have agreed to reinstate expedited ingress and egress procedures from several airports around the fringes of the Washington ADIZ on a long-term basis. TSA and FAA were urged to move forward in implementing those procedures on a permanent basis when the national threat level was lowered from orange to yellow on January 9, rather than undertake another study. A 60-day test program, started on November 1, was nearly complete when the increase in the national terror threat level on December 21 prompted the government to discontinue the test procedures in the name of security around the national capital region. All indications at that time were that the test procedures were working well when the test was prematurely halted.
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It’s Official: EAA’s Joe Norris Is First Authorized AB-DAR
History was made Thursday morning when the first amateur-built designated airworthiness representative (AB-DAR) was officially and fully authorized to perform homebuilt aircraft inspections on behalf of the FAA. Suitably, the first AB-DAR hails from EAA: Joe Norris, senior aviation information specialist. Joe received his final orientation via telephone interview Thursday from the principal inspector at Minneapolis (MSP) Manufacturing Inspection District Office (MIDO). 
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Airlines Offer Airfare Discounts to EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2004 Visitors
Four airlines have announced special airfare discounts for EAA members and others who plan to attend EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2004, scheduled for July 27-August 2 at Wittman Regional Airport in Oshkosh. Participating airlines include American, Delta, Midwest Express, and Northwest.
When reserving your flight, be sure to refer to the proper file number when requesting the discounts.
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FAA Sets Special March Meeting For C-400 Series ADs
In response to a large number of critical comments from Cessna 400 series owner-operators, the FAA Small Airplane Directorate will conduct a public meeting on March 3-4, 2004, regarding the two proposed airworthiness directives (ADs) for Cessna 400 aircraft wing spars. The meeting, announced in Special Airworthiness Information Bulletin (SAIB) CE-04-48, will be held at the Hilton, Washington Dulles Airport in Herndon, Virginia. Its purpose, according to the SAIB, is “to discuss technical issues and proposed corrective actions related to our determination that AD actions are necessary to prevent wing spar cap failure due to undetected fatigue cracks.”
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Seven-Mile Super Bowl TFR Announced
The FAA has announced a seven nautical-mile temporary flight restriction in place for next weekend’s Super Bowl in Houston Texas, in effect from 12:30 p.m. local through 10:30 p.m. on February 1. Flight operations will be prohibited within a seven-mile radius of a point roughly seven miles west of the Hobby/HUB/VORTAC below FL 180 except for aircraft on an IFR flight plan that are participating in the Super Bowl special traffic management program. Houston TRACON, 281-230-8441, is the FAA coordination facility. NOTAM 4/0530
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Museum Event to Celebrate the Life of Steve Wittman
EAA AirVenture Museum will mark the 100th anniversary of the birth of a true aviation legend, S.J. “Steve” Wittman on April 3-5. A champion air racer, noted airplane designer and builder, airport manager and flight instructor, Steve provided inspiration to thousands of people throughout the EAA family and the entire aviation world. The Wittman Hangar at Pioneer Airport was built and dedicated in his memory, and will be specially opened each day for guided tours on April 3-5. Also on Monday April 5—the 100th anniversary of Steve’s birth—a special evening program, “Memories of Steve,” will be presented. A number of Wittman’s closest friends will be on hand to share their memories, including his biographer Aaron King, and EAA Founder and Chairman Paul H. Poberezny.
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Sun ’n Fun Set to Kickoff Flying Season
“30 Years of Sun ’n Fun: A Salute to Volunteers” is the theme for the 2004 Sun ’n Fun EAA Fly-In, scheduled for April 13-19 at Lakeland Linder Regional Airport in Lakeland, Florida. This year’s fly-in features invited aircraft ranging from the U-2 spyplane to EAA’s 1929 Ford Tri-Motor. Several heavy bombers will also be on hand, as well as a front-line demonstration team and a returning wide assortment of homebuilts, vintage, certificated, aerobatic, warbirds, ultralights and light-sport aircraft. The traditional summer flying season kickoff event, will feature more than 400 educational forums and workshops as well as additional topics offered through the FAA Aviation Safety Center. 500-plus exhibitors annually showcase the latest aviation-related products and services.
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Jamail Larkins To Begin National DreamLaunch Tour 
Hopes to Inspire Youths to Explore Aviation
Jamail Larkins, spokesman for the EAA Young Eagles Program, kicks off a 20-city educational "barnstorming" tour on Saturday, January 24, from Lakeland, Florida's Linder Regional Airport. The National DreamLaunch Tour is a combined effort of Embry Riddle Aeronautical University (ERAU) and Careers in Aviation, Inc. to create interest and awareness in aviation and aviation-related careers among the nation's youth. Larkins, 19, is enrolled at the business aviation school at ERAU's Daytona Beach campus and will fly a Cirrus SR-20, provided by tour sponsor Cirrus Design, Corp., to a different city every week on Thursdays beginning January 29 through May 30. His mission: expose students to the many different aviation career opportunities.
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Florida EAAer Wins Membership Sweepstakes Sonex 
James "Jim" Ross, Citra, Florida, is the lucky winner of a complete Sonex Kit and builder's package in EAA's 2003 Membership Sweepstakes. His name was randomly drawn from over 150,000 entries on Thursday, January 15. In a few weeks, he'll receive the kit, provided by Sonex Ltd., along with instrumentation and accessories from Aircraft Spruce & Specialty.
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EAA Discusses Aviation Security at GAO 
EAA Vice President of Government Affairs Doug Macnair recently briefed General Accounting Office (GAO) officials in Washington, D.C., on EAA and its role in helping assess general aviation's security needs and solutions. Macnair addressed a statement made by a GAO official late last year that "GA is far more open and potentially vulnerable than commercial aviation" and that "TSA (Transportation Security Administration) has taken limited action to improve GA security." In reality, much has been done to address GA security.
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Insurance Tips: Aircraft Liability Insurance ‘101’
Several members express frustration about aviation insurance jargon. I remember when I became an insurance agent I felt like I needed a secret decoder ring to understand all the foreign insurance words and phrases. Because insurance is a written contract between you and the insurance company, they include many legal terms and phrases. Some years ago many aviation insurance companies rewrote their policies and endorsements to simplify the contract language; however it still may be difficult to understand what it all means. In this “Insurance Tips” article, we break down some of the terminology associated with aircraft liability insurance, and we also discuss how you can help control costs when buying this part of an individual insurance policy.
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Timeless Voice of the Week
The late Wilfred “Wil” Van Abel (1919-2002), of Kaukauna, Wisconsin was know locally as one of the co-owners of the first-rate supper club “Van Abel’s of Hollandtown” but to aviation buffs, he will be remembered as a P-47 fighter pilot with “Zemke’s Wolfpack,” the famed 56th Fighter Group during WWII. He survived a bailout from a burning fighter at 22,000 feet and spent nearly two years in the infamous Stalag Luft III prison camp. Read more about Wil’s wartime experiences on the Timeless Voices website.

On The Flight Line ---

Earhart Scholarship Trust Fund Tops $1 Million
The Ninety-Nines’ reports its Amelia Earhart Memorial Scholarship Trust Fund reached $1 million in December. Established in 1940, the trust fund honors the organization’s first president and its proceeds have provided advanced aviation career opportunities for more than 400 women, including complete advanced flight training or course work such as for multi-engine or jet type ratings, airline transport pilot certificates, and college degrees. Some past recipients have gone on to become airline and Fortune 500 corporate pilots, aviation business and flight school owners, and FAA mangers. Women comprise between 5 and 10 percent of all professional pilots. For more information, visit www.ninety-nines.org.

2004 CAP National Congress on Aviation and Space Education
The 2004 Civil Air Patrol conference, “Teaching Today for Tomorrow,” is scheduled for March 24 –27 at the Atlanta Marriott Marquis. Focus of the three-day gathering is preparing students for future aerospace industry careers with an emphasis on hands-on, minds-on sessions applied to learning appropriate for all grade levels.
The National Congress on Aviation and Space Education is a standards-focused educational event that encourages the use of aviation and space themes to help inspire students to excel in science, math, technology, language arts, social studies, and other subjects. Those wishing to attend should come prepared to build on the excitement with peers, aviation heroes and enthusiasts. For more information or to register, visit http://www.cap.gov/events/ncmain.html.

Illinois Ultralight Safety Seminar February 28
The Illinois Ultralight Advisory Council (IUAC), the Illinois Department of Transportation-Division of Aeronautics, and the FAA-Springfield Flight Service District Office (FSDO), will present the 24th Annual IUAC Ultralight/Lightplane Safety Seminar on Saturday, Feb. 28, 2004, in Springfield, Illinois. The seminar will cover a broad range of subjects including sport pilot/light-sport aircraft; engine maintenance, safety, and equipment. Ultralight, engine manufacturer, and accessory displays are expected representing ultralight, sport, and recreational type aircraft. Safety Seminar speakers include Phil Lockwood, Lockwood Aviation Supply; Betty Pfeiffer, High Energy Sports; Earl Lawrence, EAA; and Dan Johnson, Dan Johnson Media Corp.
This seminar will be in the Illinois Building & Auditorium on the Illinois State Fairgrounds, allowing aircraft and vendor displays all under the same roof. The safety seminar is held in conjunction with the United States Ultralight Association annual meeting. Those interested in displaying at the seminar should contact Dale Rust, (217) 524-5269, rustdl@nt.dot.state.il.us; Roy Beisswenger, 618/664-9706, roy@easyflight.com; or Jim Sweeney, 847/ 612-8437, jimsweeney@worldnet.att.net.

Record Sales in 2003 For Robinson
Robinson Helicopter established a new sales record in 2003 with 422 aircraft produced. The company delivered 219 R44 Raven IIs, 75 R44 Raven Is, and 128 R22s. In addition, 46 R22s were overhauled on Robinson’s production line. Production quotas are already sold out for five months into 2004, the company reports. The Torrence, California manufacturer added more than 300 employees in 2003 for a total of 950. New manufacturing facilities are under construction to double current floor space and facilitate addition growth in excess of 1,000 employees by the end of the year. Learn more at www.robinsonheli.com.

Beech King Air Celebrates 40th Anniversary
January 20 marked the 40th anniversary of the Beechcraft King Air' maiden flight. On that date in 1964, the original Beechcraft King Air Model 90 lifted off from Beech Field in Wichita, and flew into the record books as the most successful business aircraft of all time. The King Air boasted a six- to eight-seat cabin, cruising speed of 270 mph, over-the-weather operating capability, slow-speed landing permitting safe use of small fields and airstrips - all at a cost of $320,000 for a fully equipped airplane. By the first flight, customer orders topped $12 million. King Airs are flown in 105 countries around the world and have amassed an estimated 10 billion miles of flight time. Raytheon Aircraft will commemorate the King Air's 40th with a special anniversary showcase King Air 350 - serial FL 400, N40TH. It will include a special paint scheme and interior treatments. The celebration will culminate at the 2004 NBAA convention in Las Vegas with the delivery of FL 400 to its new owner.
King Air owners and pilots - both civil and military – are asked to send in their unique experiences and photographs for publication on a special commemorative website. Please send materials to tim_travis@raytheon.com.

Sporty’s Academy Names Vorbeck Scholarship Recipients
Two second-year aviation students were selected to receive 2003-04 Joseph F. Vorbeck Memorial Scholarships from Sporty’s Academy. Stacy Biernacki and Eric Francis each will receive $5,000 to go toward their pilot training at the Aviation Training: Professional Pilot Training Program at the University of Cincinnati. The award was created in memory of Joe Vorbeck who with Sporty’s Founder/Chairman Hal Shevers founded the Sporty’s Academy in 1987. Vorbeck was inducted into the National Association of Flight Instructors (NAFI) Hall of Fame in 1998. To learn more about UC’s program, call 513/735-9100, or visit www.sportys.com/uc.

ConocoPhillips Expands Aviation Piston Oils Line

ConocoPhillips Company is expanding its line of Phillips 66 X/C Aviation lubricants and fluids to include two new mineral oil-based hydraulic fluids for all aircrafts. X/C Aviation Hydraulic Fluid 5606A and 5606H are mineral-based, severe-duty aviation hydraulic fluids with excellent low-temperature properties capable of performing under severe operating conditions and under wide temperature ranges. Both products are premium quality, anti-wear hydraulic fluids intended for prolonged service life applications. X/C Aviation Hydraulic Fluid 5606H is particularly recommended for use in systems where a "super clean" fluid can contribute to help improve component life and reliability. For more information, go to www.conocophillips.com.

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