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Q & A: Question of the Week
Question for EAA Aviation Information Services:
I am interested in determining the status of FAA concurrence to the 51 percent rule for the Murphy Aircraft Company SR3500 Moose kit. The 51 percent rule has been approved by Transport Canada and supposedly that approval is "automatically" transferred over to the FAA. I am trying to find out if that approval has taken place at the FAA for this kit plane?

The Murphy Moose is indeed on the FAA's list of amateur-built kits. You can view this list on the FAA website.

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Upcoming Workshops 

March 19-21
Griffin (Atlanta area), GA

Topic: TIG Welding

March 20-21
Watsonville, CA 

Topics: Introduction to Aircraft Building, Sheet Metal Basics, Composite Construction, Fabric Covering, and What's Involved in Kitbuilding

March 2004
AA Desktop Calendar

The grand prize in this year's EAA Sweepstakes--and March 2004 EAA desktop image--is a completely refurbished (better than new) Piper PA 128-140 Cherokee airplane. Entry information is available on the EAA AirVenture website, but you can put the plane on your computer desktop anytime. Visit the EAA website and select one of four resolutions.


EAA's Official Electronic Newsletter
EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2004 July 27-August 2
"Launching the Next Century of Flight"

March 5, 2004   Volume 4, Number 9

  News You Can Use ---

First Volunteer AB-DAR Inspection Completed
The first inspection of a homebuilt aircraft conducted under the FAA’s new volunteer amateur-built designated airworthiness representative (AB-DAR) program was completed today (March 4). Joe Gauthier, who was designated an AB-DAR under the new program, inspected an RV-6 built by David Faile, EAA and NAFI member, master flight instructor, and professional pilot from Fairfield, Connecticut.
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Free Museum Admission For EAA Members 
March 1, 2004, marked an important milestone for EAA members and EAA’s world-class AirVenture Museum. Effective that date, EAA members who present their current membership card are admitted free to the museum. EAA members can visit the museum as many times as they wish without having to pay admission. They just need to remember to present their membership card. Dave and Dawn Ingeles, Rockford Illinois, were the first EAA members to receive free admission through EAA's new member benefit on Monday.
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NAFI Selects New Executive Director
Former military pilot and longtime flight instructor Rusty Sachs has joined the National Association of Flight Instructors as its new Executive Director. Rusty comes to NAFI from Signal Aviation Services, Lebanon, New Hampshire, where he served as Director of Training and Chief Pilot. A certificated flight instructor (CFI) since 1968, and a Master CFI since 1997, Rusty teaches single- and multi-engine, rotorcraft-helicopter, instrument airplane and helicopter. He has more than 3,200 hours of instruction time, and over 6,000 hours of flight time.
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Johnson to Lead Sport Pilot and Light-Sport Aircraft Marketing Efforts 
Dan Johnson, who is well known throughout the ultralight and light-plane communities, has been retained by the Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA) to handle sport pilot/light-sport aircraft marketing efforts, as the rule clears its final hurdles before publication later this year. Johnson will implement programs and activities that will help people discover the opportunities available within these exciting new categories of pilots and aircraft. EAA has been preparing to assist its members and other aviation enthusiasts interested in flying within these categories. The sport pilot and light-sport aircraft initiatives have great potential to open aviation to many more people.
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EAA Garners 11 ‘ADDY’ Awards
Advertising, promotional and support efforts by EAA staff members, led by Creative Director Kristin Baeten and Chief Photographer Jim Koepnick, were recognized with 11 awards at the recent Northeast Wisconsin Advertising Awards presentation. EAA’s awards, the most given to an in-house creative department, included “Best of Show” for its “Countdown to Kitty Hawk” flight centennial program last year; and “Judges’ Choice” for material promoting the “Murder in the Air” murder mystery event at the EAA AirVenture Museum. The awards, known as ADDYs, are sponsored by the American Advertising Federation and recognize the top creative talent throughout the nation.
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EAA Staff On the Road in Illinois, Florida
Several EAA staff members participated in the 24th annual Illinois Ultralight Safety Seminar on Saturday, February 28, in Springfield. The seminar was co-sponsored by the Illinois Ultralight Advisory Council and the state Division of Aeronautics, and attended by more than 400 aviation enthusiasts. Meanwhile, Manager of EAA Field Relations Ron Wagner paid a visit to Lakeland, Florida to meet with Sun ’n Fun staff and EAA volunteers for next month’s Sun ’n Fun EAA Fly-In.
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Homebuilt Aircraft Council Meets at EAA Headquarters
The EAA Homebuilt Aircraft Council (HAC) met with EAA staff in Oshkosh this week regarding a number of issues impacting the world of homebuilts. With the move to a new Homebuilders Headquarters at EAA AirVenture and the addition of homebuilt camping, changes in homebuilt parking was a key issue. Dennis Gaulden, Co-Chairman of Homebuilt Parking, briefed the council and staff on the overall parking plan. Also discussed were homebuilt safety issues and accident trends; the second annual Tony Bingelis Award; and nominees for the Homebuilders Hall of Fame. HAC members include Ed Wischmeyer, Wally Anderson, Doug Kelly (chairman), Jack Dueck, and Joe Gauthier.

Sun ’n Fun Honors Volunteers at 30th Fly-In
“30 Years of Sun ’n Fun: A Salute to Volunteers” is just over a month away, April 13-19 at Lakeland Linder Regional Airport in Lakeland, Florida. The fly-in’s volunteers will be recognized with a series of activities throughout the week. Aircraft slated to appear at Sun ’n Fun 2004, range from the Goodyear blimp, several World War II heavy bombers and a military jet demonstration team to a wide variety of homebuilts, vintage airplanes, production aircraft, warbirds, rotorcraft, aerobatic aircraft and one of the world’s most active ultralight venues.
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Timeless Voice of the Week
Mary Feik, EAA 102696, of Annapolis, Maryland, was a pioneering aircraft mechanic and restoration specialist. Her interest in aviation began at age 7 when a barnstormer came through her hometown. “He was in a Jenny,” she said. “To me that was the most beautiful airplane that was ever made, but in reality it was the rattiest looking thing. My father gave up the last of his money to buy me a ride, and when I got home and told my mother about it she fainted! I have been in a love affair with airplanes ever since.” Read more about how Mary got involved in aircraft maintenance during WWII on the Timeless Voices website.

The "Timeless Voices of Aviation" program has received a substantial commitment of financial support and will now be moving into its Phase II. The program will be moving from actively collecting interviews nationwide to digitalizing and editing the current archive of over 400 interviews and making them available to future generations of family members, students, teachers, historians and others via an online video archive and future museum exhibits.

Due to this shift in focus, this will be the last written “Voice of the Week” updates in e-HOT LINE and the Timeless Voices website. EAA appreciates all of the positive feedback about the “Voice of the Week” features, and we hope you have enjoyed reading them. In the meantime, please stay tuned in the coming months for the first video “Voice of the Week.”

On The Flight Line ---

FAA Invalidates AMOCs in Beech T-34 AD Revision
The FAA has issued a revision to airworthiness directive (AD) 2001-13-18, regarding the wing spars of several Raytheon Beech T-34 aircraft models. The revision (2001-13-18 R1) invalidates alternative methods of compliance (AMOCs) approved for the original AD because FAA feels they do not address all four critical areas prone to fatigue cracks in the wing spar assemblies. This action comes after evaluation of a November 2003 incident in which a T34A crashed after the right wing failed. The revised AD reverts back to 2001-13-18, which requires owners to repetitively inspect the wing spar assembly for cracks and replace any wing spar assembly found cracked (unless the spar assembly has a crack indication in the filler strip where the direction of the crack is toward the outside edge of the filler strip). AD 2001-13-18 also requires owners to report the results of the initial inspection and maintain the flight and operating restrictions required by AD 99-12-02 until the initial inspection is done. Affected aircraft include: Raytheon Aircraft Corporation Beech Models 45 (YT-34), A45 (T-34A, B-45), and D45 (T-34B). EAA, the T-34 Association and others are evaluating this development to determine best options for aircraft owners.

Cirrus to Help Familiarize FAA on Advanced Personal Aircraft
Cirrus will work with FAA to help a total of 250 inspectors become more familiar with next-generation personal aircraft that incorporate advanced design composite construction and all-glass cockpits. The program will run on two tracks: one for 125 Flight Operations Inspectors who will become familiar with  flight characteristics and avionics of a modern aircraft by studying the Cirrus SR22; and the other, 125 airworthiness inspectors will attend seminars that focus on composite structure and repair, advanced avionics and integration (PFD & MFD), and the ballistic recovery parachute system. For more information, visit www.cirrusdesign.com
Liberty Wins GA Aerospace Industry Award 
Liberty Aerospace received the 2004 Aerospace Industry Award in the General Aviation sector at the annual Aerospace Industry Awards banquet last week in Singapore. The panel of independent judges chose Liberty Aerospace Inc. for this award in praise of the Liberty XL2, its all-new, two-seat aircraft, which just recently earned FAA Part 23 type certification. Learn more about Liberty at www.libertyaerospace.com 

Latest Version of Jeppesen’s Skybound Released
Jeppesen’s unveiled its latest Skybound Internet-based NavData delivery system, which uses a USB connection for fast, efficient data transfer between the computer and the GPS data card. The new Skybound card reader is plug-and-play. Simply install the software and plug the unit into a USB port on a compatible desktop, laptop or tablet PC running Windows 2000, ME, XP or 98SE. With a valid Skybound NavData subscription service (limited introductory offer of $129 per year) users are ready to update their GPS data card(s) with the click of a button. Customers can also update their card(s) anywhere an Internet connection is available at anytime. Skybound is compatible with the following manufacturers: Garmin, Garmin AT, Northstar, FreeFlight, Honeywell and ARNAV. Update subscriptions are sold on an annual basis and prices vary based on manufacturer and coverage area. For additional information call (800) 621-5377, or visit www.jeppesen.com.

Udvar-Hazy Surpasses Half-Million Visitors
The National Air and Space Museum's new Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center has welcomed more than a half million visitors since it opened to the public on December 15. The attendance milestone was reached on the last day of February. The Udvar-Hazy Center attracted just under 220,000 visitors in its first two weeks of operation alone. Udvar-Hazy houses many rare aircraft and large space vehicles that had been in storage for years, including a Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird and the space shuttle Enterprise, as well as numerous collections of smaller aircraft. The Smithsonian facility is in Chantilly, Virginia.

OurPLANE Chooses CompleteLearning From ElectronicFlight Solutions
Fractional ownership company for general aviation pilots OurPLANE selected ElectronicFlight Solutions’ CompleteLearning avionics training software to allow pilots to become proficient with the installed avionics before beginning the hands-on training. The multimedia avionics training program is FAA-accepted and computer-based. OurPLANE has 15 new aircraft in operation at eight different locations across North America including Cessna 182 Skylanes, Cirrus SR20/22s, Raytheon Bonanza A36, Baron 58, and the King Air C90B. The company plans to expand in 2004 with 10 more and new locations in Texas and Florida.

Raytheon Donates Beech Starship to Evergreen Aviation Museum
The Beech Starship joins Howard Hughes' Spruce Goose, an SR-71 Blackbird, and more than 50 historic airplanes and helicopters at the Evergreen Aviation Museum in McMinnville, Oregon. Raytheon Aircraft Company donated the aircraft, which was the first composite aircraft certified by the FAA. "The Beech Starship is a great addition to our display," said Gary Arnold, Museum Vice President of Operations. "It represents the aviation industry's continuing need to innovate, to advance our knowledge and capabilities - much like the SR-71 and the Spruce Goose."
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