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‘Doctor’ Paul Poberezny Honored by UW-Oshkosh

Donning traditional cap and gown, EAA Founder and Chairman Paul H. Poberezny received an honorary doctorate from the University of Wisconsin- Oshkosh during the school’s spring commencement ceremonies last weekend. The honor, made in recognition of Paul’s contributions to aviation, Wisconsin and the Oshkosh area, is the third received by the EAA founder. (Others include from Milwaukee School of Engineering (1989) and St. Louis University (1991).
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Q & A: Question of the Week
Question for EAA Aviation Information Services:
I flew my RV-6 down from Canada for AirVenture and followed the foreign visitors border crossing procedures listed in your AirVenture website. My transponder was removed for maintenance, so I applied for and received an FAA/TSA waiver for crossing the border in both directions. The process you described on your website for obtaining the waiver worked exactly as advertised, a very simple and quick process. Now, I must assume that those procedures were set up just for EAA AirVenture and that we can go back to the no transponder and no radio border crossing procedures described in your FAR 91. Am I right in this assumption?

Your assumption is wrong. The border crossing requirements were not put into place just for EAA AirVenture; they were implemented by the Transportation Security Agency (TSA) as part of the post-9/11 security improvements and are still in effect. The mandatory requirement in the NOTAM for having an operational transponder and two-way radio to cross borders supercedes the U.S. Air Traffic Controllers authority to issue individual waivers per FAR 91.

So, until TSA changes the NOTAM you'll have to apply for a TSA flight waiver when flying either way across the border - if you can't meet any of the NOTAM requirements, including the transponder and radio requirement. As a side note, this TSA waiver requirement also applies to U.S. pilots wanting to fly north to Canada. Further information is contained on EAA's NOTAM page. If you have any follow-up questions, contact EAA Information Services at 920-426-4821 or e-mail us at infoserve@eaa.org. And, as you mentioned in your e-mail if you can't fully comply with all the border crossing restrictions contained in the current FAA NOTAMs then you must apply for a TSA waiver, which can be done on the FAA website

How can we help you?
To ask a question regarding government issues, e-mail govt@eaa.org. If you have a question about registration, airmen, aircraft and medical certification, safety records, performance, or any other matter, e-mail infoserv@eaa.org.
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Personal Plane Scale Models

Popular, personal flying aircraft model kits available at Aeronautica on-line include the Piper Super Cub 95; the Fairchild 24; Piper Cherokee 140; and Aeronca Champion 85. All model kits include contents needed to fly models using rubber power. Information is supplied in reference to .020 gas engine and electric power flight. For this and other great items, visit Aeronautica on-line, http://shop.eaa.org.

Upcoming Workshops 

June 4-6
Corona (LA area), CA

Topic: RV Assembly

June 11-13
Denver, CO

Topic: RV Assembly

June 25-27
Griffin (Atlanta area) GA

Topic: TIG Welding

June 25-27
Lakeland, FL
(on the Sun `N Fun Campus)
Topic: RV Assembly

May 2004
AA Desktop Calendar

It's hard to imagine the "Tin Goose" ever looking better...Thanks to a fresh coat of paint courtesy of Gulfstream Aviation and expert maintenance over the winter by EAA's crack aircraft maintenance staff, EAA's 1929 Ford Tri-Motor is all set to celebrate it's 75th anniversary this spring. Its home, EAA's Pioneer Airport, opens in May. Place this "like-new" vintage aircraft on your desktop at the EAA desktop calendar page.


EAA's Official Electronic Newsletter
EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2004 July 27-August 2
"Launching the Next Century of Flight"

May 21, 2004   Volume 4, Number 20


News You Can Use ---

Jamail Larkins to Appear on David Letterman 
EAA Young Eagles National Spokesman Jamail Larkins is scheduled to appear on the CBS Late Show With David Letterman tonight, May 20, at 11:30 EDT, 10:30 CDT. The show, which tapes earlier in the day, will reportedly include a remote hook-up from a New York area airport featuring two-way communications between Letterman and Jamail, both on the ground and in the air, while Jamail flies his Christen Eagle aerobatic aircraft. The CBS website shows tonight’s Letterman show to include an “Aerobatic Plane Demo.” So check your local listings and tune in to see the show tonight on CBS! 

X PRIZE Explained at EAA AirVenture Evening Program
Who knows what advances are in store for the next century of flight? It’s clear, though, that we are nearing a time when private citizens will be able to fly in space, thanks in part to the X PRIZE Foundation, sponsors of the Ansari X PRIZE competition. During a special evening presentation at Theater in the Woods on Saturday, July 31, X PRIZE Foundation Chairman and Founder Dr. Peter H. Diamandis will conduct a multimedia presentation and discussion on the $10 million private race to space. Joining him on stage will be Erik Lindbergh, vice president and trustee, and Gregg Maryniak, executive director. A Q&A period will follow if time permits.
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Kids Delighted With New KidVenture Gallery
Shouts of “Wow!” “Cool!” and most of all, “My turn!” could be heard above the din throughout EAA AirVenture Museum’s grand opening of its new KidVenture Gallery on Saturday, May 15. The new museum section provides numerous hands-on exhibits and displays to teach kids about aviation, like balloon and hang glider simulators; radio-controlled airplane; the Bernoulli Blower – a blast of directed air that raises a rubber ball to demonstrate lift; a do-it-yourself rocket fuel mixture exhibit, at which users mix and detonate their own fuel; plus several others. 
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EAA to Mark D-Day’s 60th Anniversary
On June 6, the world commemorates the 60th anniversary of the Allied invasion of Europe at Normandy, France. The EAA AirVenture Museum will mark this historic occasion with a special series of events the weekend of June 4-6 to remember perhaps the crucial turning point in the battle for freedom during World War II. Events and items include an authentic hangar dance and banquet; an L-Bird fly-in; a WWII paratrooper living history group encampment; a special display of a Higgins Boat landing craft and an Mk IX Supermarine Spitfire; and presentations and movie showings throughout the weekend.
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EAA Air Academy Sessions Closing Fast
Response for this year’s EAA Air Resident Summer Youth Camps has been outstanding! Aviation enthusiasts and their families know that there’s no better place to experience aviation than in Oshkosh, Wisconsin—home of EAA. The EAA Air Academy’s Resident Summer Youth Camp is an accredited program geared for aviation-minded boys and girls age 10-18. Professional educators, Certified Flight Instructors, and students from the nation’s leading aviation colleges conduct an array of hands-on aviation and leadership activities.
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TSA Releases GA Airport Security Guidelines Report
The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) released Security Guidelines for General Aviation Airports Monday (May 17), a document intended to provide non-regulatory guidelines and recommendations for GA airport owners, operators, and users. The TSA drew heavily on a report developed by the Aviation Security Advisory Committee’s (ASAC) General Aviation Airport Security Working Group, on which EAA and nine other GA organizations served.
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Early Storms Fail to Dampen 40th SWRFI
A good old-fashioned, grass-roots EAA Fly-In
The fly-in that Tony Bingelis built, the Southwest Regional EAA Fly-In (SWRFI), more than lived up to its rich heritage last weekend at New Braunfels, Texas. More than 200 volunteers worked together to overcome severe, soaking storms at the start-up. Overall, 5,000 aviation enthusiasts came through the gates. Fly-in Chairman Stan Shannon commented, “Sure, it (attendance) could have been better if we hadn’t had the storms. But it could have been a lot worse. The fly-in came off much better than we had feared in the early going. It was truly a great team effort. This is what we are about!”
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More Aircraft Added to AeroShell Square Lineup
We’ve received confirmation that a black T-38 from Beale Air Force Base, California, will arrive at EAA AirVenture Oshkosh on Friday, July 30, and depart on Monday, August 2. While here, it will be on display at EAA’s showcase ramp, AeroShell Square. In addition, a Marine EA-6B Prowler is slate to arrive on opening day Tuesday, July 27, and depart on Friday. Another recently confirmed airplane, Gus McLeod’s modified Velocity design known as the “Firefly,” will be on display at AeroShell Square from Tuesday through Sunday, August 1. McLeod attempted to achieve the first polar circumnavigation flight in a single-engine aircraft earlier this year but had to end the flight due to mechanical and weather problems. For the latest information, visit www.airventure.org.

Debbie Gary to Perform at EAA AirVenture Air Shows
The performance begins with a knife-edged slide to show center, then a hard pull to vertical and a roll, back to the crowd, and a jack-knife dive. Aerobatic performer Debbie Gary is off and flying, and visitors will get to see her exciting performance in her SIAI Marchetti SF-260 during several EAA AirVenture Oshkosh air shows this year. The Marchetti is a slim, muscular Italian aircraft designed by Stelio Frati in the 1960s as a pre-jet trainer for military pilots. “Air shows are big, outdoor parties where we bring our planes to dance,” Gary says. We swing them around overhead, in pirouettes and dips. We loop and roll, snap and glide, straight up and straight down…billowing smoke like whitecaps…we flirt with the crowd. They’ve come to dance with us.
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Sun ’n Fun Has Record Year For Exhibitors
The 30th annual Sun ‘n Fun EAA Fly–In drew an estimated 160,000 people, nearly 5,000 airplanes, and a record 501 commercial exhibitors, according to fly-in officials. The record exceeds the previous high of 500 set in 2001. More than 2,500 volunteers helped to create a successful event, which ran April 13-19, 2004, at Lakeland Linder Regional Airport in Florida. To view the entire 2004 wrap-up report, visit the Sun ’n Fun website

On The Flight Line ---

FAA Offers Replacement Certificates On-Line; Announces Stepped-Up Enforcement of A/C Registration
U.S. Airmen who accidentally lose their airmen certificates can obtain replacement certificates and temporary authority to operate through a new on-line services account on the FAA Civil Registry website, http://registry.faa.gov. The new service allows airmen to receive by fax or mail temporary authority to operate. Airmen are also able to pay for a replacement certificate through the site. Other current on-line services include renewing of reserved “n” numbers; requesting copies of aircraft records; and changing addresses for airmen.

In another announcement, FAA’s Aircraft Registration Branch will increase its regulatory enforcement program beginning June 1, 2004. An owner who fails to respond within 60 days under the Triennial Aircraft Registration Report program might see suspension or revocation of his or her Certificate of Aircraft Registration and cancellation of the aircraft’s “N” number, or registration. FAA says the increased enforcement is a safety as well as a paperwork issue. “The agency and manufacturers must be able to notify aircraft owners to distribute safety and maintenance related information, including airworthiness directives,” said Mark Lash, manager of the FAA Civil Aviation Registry. The registry also helps local law enforcement and FSS begin search for a downed or overdue aircraft. FAA says registration address changes should be updated within 30 days, and it will post the names of those at risk on its website, www.faa.gov.

Rep. Graves Hosts June 5 Fly-In
Rep. Sam Graves (R-MO) hosts the Tarkio (Missouri) Fly-In on Saturday, June 5, at Gould-Peterson Memorial Airport. Invited guests include Transportation Secretary Norman Mineta; first Vietnam War fighter ace Randall “Duke” Cunningham; Rep. John Mica, Chairman of the House Subcommittee on Aviation; and Sen. James Inhofe, Chairman of the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee. The 6:30 a.m. start includes breakfast, followed by industry exhibits showcasing the latest aviation products and technologies and other static aircraft displays. A mid-morning roundtable discussion with government officials, industry experts, and pilots is followed by a featured speaker. "As the Chairman of the House Small Business Subcommittee on Rural Enterprise, Agriculture, and Technology, and a member of the House Transportation and Infrastructure Subcommittee on Aviation, I look forward to receiving input from all attendees on issues important to the aviation industry," Rep. Graves said. The day concludes with a fly-over featuring military, vintage and warbird aircraft.

Alliances Keys 16th Annual WAI International Conference Theme
Women in Aviation, International’s (WAI) theme for the 2005 International Conference is Achieving Individual and Industry Success Through Strategic Alliances. It will be held March 10-12, 2005 at the Adam’s Mark Hotel in Dallas, Texas. Planned are three days of speakers, a trade show and job fair exhibit area, more than 40 informative seminars, and plenty of networking opportunities. Scholarship applications for the 2005 season will be posted in August on www.wai.org, as well as the September edition of Aviation For Women magazine. For sponsorship information, contact Dr. Peggy Chabrian, WAI president, at pchabrian@wai.org, or call 386/226-7996. For trade show information, contact Betty Huck, bhuck@wai.org.

ICAS Scholarships Open to Applicants
Applications are being sought for the annual International Council of Air Shows (ICAS) Foundation scholarships, to either begin or further their aviation or aerobatic training. Scholarships include: Jan Jones Memorial Scholarship - $1,000 - open to any female private pilot, to be applied towards aerobatic training; French Connection Scholarship - $1,000 - named for Daniel Heligoin and Montaine Mallet and is awarded to awarded to a male and a female flight instructor (CFI) for acquiring aerobatic training so he or she can do a better job teaching or to seek a position giving aerobatic instruction; Charlie Hillard Scholarship - $1,000 - to further their aviation training for a man or woman age 18 to 30 who has demonstrated community involvement; Leo Loudenslager Scholarship - $2,000 - given in rotation to an enlisted member of the U.S. Navy Blue Angels and the U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds, towards flight training. (2004 applicants must be an enlisted member of the Blue Angels); Red Barons Scholarship - $1,000 - awarded to a U.S. citizen, age 16 or older, to be used towards instruction in tailwheel aircraft operations or aerobatic flight. Applications for each scholarship must be submitted on the official application form, which is available from www.icasfoundation.org. Submissions may be made via e-mail or postal service. The deadline for applications is September 1, 2004 (August 15 for Blue Angel applicants).

U.S. Tool & Supply Relocates to Gardena, California
Air- and hand-tool manufacturer US Industrial Tool & Supply marks its 50th anniversary this year with the re-location of its main office and manufacturing facility to and expanded facility located at 14083 S. Normandie Avenue, Gardena, California. Contact numbers are 800-521-4800, or fax, 310-464-8880. Customers can also place orders through www.ustool.com. For additional technical and sales assistance contact the Midwest office in Michigan at 734-354-1216, 734-451-7614 (fax), or info@ustools.com.

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