June 18, 2004    Volume 4, Number 24



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July 27-August 2
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Question for EAA Aviation Information Services:

I am an electrical engineer by trade, and have installed new radios in my own aircraft. But we have one that seems to be an older type and the gentleman who kindly donated it to us provided no technical information about it. Do you have any suggestions as to where to look?

I would suggest you contact Essco Aviation. They specialize in aviation manuals and documents. They would be the best source for this type of thing. You can contact Essco via their website at www.esscoaircraft.com, or by calling 877-318-1555.
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Golden West, Rocky Mountain EAA Regional Fly-Ins Set
The Golden West EAA Regional Fly-In begins today and runs through June 20 at the Yuba County Airport (MYV), Marysville, California. Visit the Golden West website for complete information on the fly-in

The Rocky Mountain EAA Regional Fly-In takes place next week, June 26-27, at Front Range Airport (FTG) in Watkins, Colorado. Visit the fly-in’s website for complete information.


June 2004
EAA Desktop Calendar

When EAA Chief Photographer Jim Koepnick selected his 20-year retrospective collection of photos, this wonderful air-to-air shot of a Glasair II at sunset was an easy choice. Visitors to the EAA AirVenture Museum can see Jim's special exhibit, which will be up throughout the summer, including AirVenture Oshkosh. Visit the EAA website and choose one of five different resolutions to best suit your screen.
EAA To Resume ‘Salute To Veterans’ B-17 Tour
at AirVenture Oshkosh!

'Wings of Eagles' Steps In, Offers Use of Fuddy Duddy
Through a special arrangement finalized this week, a well-known B-17 bomber will return to the sky and allow EAA’s popular national B-17 tour to resume beginning at EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2004. The return comes less than three months after the tour was temporarily halted when a landing gear malfunction sidelined EAA’s B-17 Aluminum Overcast. The “Salute to Veterans” tour will continue with the famed B-17G Fuddy Duddy, which will fly through an EAA partnership with the Wings of Eagles Discovery Center (formerly the National Warplane Museum) of Elmira, New York. The museum’s B-17 will fly during EAA AirVenture July 27-August 2 at Wittman Regional Airport in Oshkosh, then pick up the regularly scheduled late summer and fall tour stops throughout the country.
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Dick Van Grunsven to Receive EAA 'Freedom of Flight' Award at EAA AirVenture Oshkosh
Dick “Van” Van Grunsven, founder of the most popular kit plane manufacturer in history, is the 2004 recipient of the EAA Freedom of Flight award. EAA’s highest honor, the Freedom of Flight will be presented during the evening program at Theater in the Woods on Thursday, July 29. Van Grunsven, CEO of Van’s Aircraft Inc., created the RV line of homebuilts, from the single-place RV-3 that first flew in 1971 to the company’s most recent aircraft, the four-place RV-10. Today,
more than 3,600 RVs have been completed and flown worldwide, and thousands more are under construction.
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NASA Plans Team Effort At EAA AirVenture 2004
EAA AirVenture 2004 visitors will see something old and something new in the NASA exhibit building, located along the flight line north of the control tower. Designers from the NASA Glenn Research Center in Cleveland, Ohio, aided by NASA employees from around the country, have created a varied display to highlight the first “A” in NASA: aeronautics. There and elsewhere on convention grounds, NASA unveils its vision into the next century of flight.
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Bobby Younkin Goes Back to the Future in Decathlon
Veteran air show performer Bobby Younkin first flew a Decathlon when he was 16 years old. He taught himself the basics of aerobatics in the trainer, using skills he'd perfected flying radio controlled model planes. As a graduation present from high school, his father gave him five hours of flying lessons with legendary aerobatics pilot Duane Cole. This year, Younkin's back in a Decathlon again, delivering a show filled with old-fashioned excitement. Like pilots of yesteryear, Bobby doesn't need a fancy craft to dazzle audiences with his daring. He uses the sky right in front of the crowd to perform his graceful act, keeping things in tight and continuous.
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GlobalFlyer Unable to Appear…This Year
One of EAA member Steve Fossett’s goals this year was to bring the single-engine jet aircraft GlobalFlyer to EAA AirVenture Oshkosh. Fossett, who holds several world aviation records, seeks to fly the aircraft on the first solo, non-stop around the world flight in an unrefueled aircraft . He called EAA President Tom Poberezny this week to express his regrets, and thank EAA for the invitation. Fossett did indicate a desire to bring the aircraft to AirVenture 2005. “Their team is in the early stages of flight testing and is looking to make their historic circumnavigation attempt later this year,” Poberezny said. “It was certainly one of their goals to be at Oshkosh in 2004, but understanding the complexity and nature of a project such as this, the schedules would not allow it. We look forward to GlobalFlyer being one of the highlights for 2005, and we wish them Godspeed.”

Saturday is EAA Ultralight Day at Pioneer Airport
EAA’s annual Ultralight Day is this Saturday, June 19, at Pioneer Airport in Oshkosh. Weather permitting, more than 40 ultralights of varied shapes and sizes will fly into the historic facility and be on display. Afternoon competitions include beanbag drops, and the popular torpedo run, a low-level “attack” on a battleship target. EAA staff and ultralight enthusiasts will be on hand to answer questions about this friendly and affordable side of flying. Ultralight Day is included with regular museum admission. EAA members who present their EAA membership cards are admitted to the museum at no charge. Rain date for Ultralight Day is Sunday, June 20.

EAAer Plans Flight ‘Around The Country For Kids’
When Paul Wood turned 50 in February, he wanted to mark the milestone by doing something fun, interesting, and challenging that would also benefit those less fortunate. On July 1, he’ll get his chance as he embarks on a flight around the United States to raise $250,000 for the Children’s Home & Aid Society of Illinois (CHASI). It’s called the Around the Country For Kids flight.
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Insurance Tips . . . 
Insurability and Cost, Part Three: Airports
By Bob Mackey
EAA Aircraft Insurance Plan - Falcon Insurance Agency

This is part three in our series about insurability and cost in airplane insurance. Part one addressed airplane selection, while part two discussed pilot skills and experience. In part three we explore the airport where you base your airplane. Even though not as significant as the choice of airplane or pilot skills and experience, the airport at which you base, or plan to base, your airplane can impact your insurability and the cost of insurance.
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FAA NOTAM Clears Way For White Knight/SpaceShipOne
A Notice to Airmen has been issued for Monday, June 21, creating a temporary flight restriction (TFR) around the Mojave, California Airport, clearing the way for Scaled Composites’ historic White Knight/SpaceShipOne space flight attempt. Flight operations are prohibited from the surface to FL200 (20,000 feet) within a seven nautical mile radius of the airport from 7-10 a.m. local time. The aircraft, designed by Burt Rutan and backed by Paul Allen, will attempt to achieve the first private suborbital space flight. This is still characterized as a test flight, although if successful, it will reach the 100 km (62-mile) altitude established by the X Prize Foundation to win $10 million Ansari X Prize. Monday’s flight will be a solo attempt, but to win the $10 million, an aircraft will have to take three people to altitude and safely land twice within two weeks, which Rutan plans to do later this year. www.scaled.com 
Oklahoma Ultralight Pilot Saved by BRS Chute
An ultralight pilot deployed a Ballistic Recovery System (BRS) parachute on June 13 and floated safely to the ground thus becoming the 167th life saved by the system. Ron Elrod, 56, of Shawnee, Oklahoma, was flying his Rotax 447-powered Flightstar when the engine began to sputter at 800 feet. He deployed his chute and seconds later landed safely in wooded terrain one mile south of Tecumseh, Oklahoma. He was found after a three-hour search and rescue by local law enforcement and walked away without suffering any major injuries to himself or his plane. “It is my opinion that had I not deployed the BRS unit, I would not have survived this crash,” stated Elrod. “The device saved my life.” Mark Thomas, President & CEO of BRS, commented, “Improving aviation safety is the prime objective of BRS and saving lives is our most gratifying accomplishment.” Elrod, who’s been flying for nearly a decade, said it appears that the crash was caused by a fuel hose break, a 50-cent part failure that Elrod called a freak occurrence. For more information about BRS, visit www.brsparachutes.com
Murphy Aircraft Expands Fast-Build Option for Moose
Murphy Aircraft Manufacturing's Fast Build Moose kit reduces building time by as much as 200 to 300 hours. The fast build assembly staff, located  alongside the manufacturing staff in Murphy's Chilliwack, BC, Canada plant, more than 70 aircraft parts have been enhanced. Murphy offers fast-build options on both the Moose and the Renegade biplane. The company is also exploring a strategy for production of turnkey aircraft based on the Rebel line of kits in anticipation of sport pilot/light-sport aircraft. For more information, visit www.murphyair.com, e-mail mursales@murphyair.com, or call 604/792-5855.

Aircraft Spruce Helps Jumpstart High School Aeronautics Program
Over the next two years, students at Corona, California’s Norwalk High School, with the help of Aircraft Spruce & Specialty, will earn graduation credits by participating in an aircraft homebuilding project. Aircraft Spruce will provide plans and materials for a Stolp Starduster aerobatic biplane, while new aviation construction courses including welding, woodworking, fabric and painting, are created. Separate courses will be established in avionics and powerplant maintenance. “It’s our sincere hope that by providing an airframe kit to the aeronautics academy at Norwalk, they will continue to develop a full-fledged aeronautical program that many other high schools in this country will emulate,” said Jim Irwin, President of Aircraft Spruce. “The aeronautics program is a perfect compliment to EAA’s Young Eagles program.”

UTSI To Study Aircraft Icing
One of the University of Tennessee Space Institute’s Navion airplanes is being configured to perform like NASA’s icing research planes in preparation for a three-day course September 14-16, “In-flight Icing and Its Effects on Aircraft Handling Characteristics.” The aircraft will fly like the aircraft NASA uses to investigate the effects of airframe icing on aircraft flight characteristics. “During the short course this fall, we will take students up in the Navion and simulate NASA’s icing research plane,” said. Prof. Richard J. Ranaudo. “We will also have several guest lecturers – experts in meteorology, aerodynamics, and aircraft icing research to teach the ground school portion.” For more information, visit the UTSI website.
Vice President Cheney Visits Adam Aircraft
Vice President Richard Cheney will deliver remarks on the improving U.S. economy at Adam Aircraft’s manufacturing facility in Englewood, Colorado today (Friday, June 18). “Being selected as the host company for Vice President Cheney’s visit to Colorado is quite an honor,” said Rick Adam, founder and CEO of Adam Aircraft. “We are living proof that the American economy is alive and well. Our expansion plans are well supported by the strong market and we look forward to creating many new jobs this year.” Adam Aircraft has more than 300 employees and a $200-million order book for its A500 twin piston centerline thrust aircraft and A700 twinjet. For more information, visit www.adamaircraft.com.

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