July 21, 2004    Volume 4, Number 31



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New Alternatives to Give Hope to Pilots Previously Denied Medical Certificates 
EAA Working to Ensure Maximum Access to SP/LSA

A recurring question regarding the newly released sport-pilot/light-sport-aircraft regulations pertains to the relaxed medical standards and, specifically, whether they apply to pilots whom the FAA previously has denied a medical certificate for a private pilot’s license.

The regulations are clear in the stipulation that, although a valid driver’s license will provide sufficient evidence of medical eligibility for new entrants into aviation, FAA is obligated to require a reassessment of the medical eligibility of anyone whom the FAA previously identified as medically unfit to fly.
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FAA Medical FAQs Provide Clarity
The most frequently asked questions regarding the new sport pilot/light-sport aircraft final rule revolve around the medical certification issue. Anticipating confusion on this subject, FAA developed an extensive list of FAQs, which we’ve provided a direct link to on EAA’s sport pilot website. If these FAQs still do not answer your questions, contact EAA’s Aviation Information Services office, 888/EAA-INFO, or bring your questions to EAA AirVenture Oshkosh next week where you can speak to FAA personnel who will be on hand at EAA’s Sport Pilot Center in the EAA Member Village.

Table Shows Significant Changes Between NPRM, Final Rule
The FAA prepared and provided to EAA today a table outlining the significant changes between the notice of proposed rulemaking (NPRM) and the final rule. EAA specifically asked for such an outline in its official response to the NPRM. These NPRM improvements reflect the comments and wishes of EAA members and the light sport aviation community. (Read the Final Rule Synopsis)
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Sport Planes, Ltd To Launch Regional Sport Aircraft Sales, Maintenance, and Flight Training Centers
Immediately following publication of the sport pilot/light-sport aircraft final rule, Sport Planes, Ltd. of Draper, Utah unveiled plans to promptly launch 20 Sport Aircraft Regional Centers across the United States. Each regional center will provide flight training, sales, warranty, and maintenance service, plus offer students and those buying sport planes through the centers membership in the Sport Pilot Squadron, which includes a one-year EAA membership.
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Come to EAA AirVenture Oshkosh to Learn More!
“If you’d like to get the full depth and breadth of today’s announcement, what it means to America, visit EAA’s AirVenture next week at Oshkosh. If you’re looking for grassroots aviation, the grass is not going to be any greener anywhere than at Oshkosh this year.”
FAA Administrator Marion Blakey

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