July 30, 2004    Volume 4, Number 37


KidVenture attracts thousands of participants young and old alike with its hands-on, educational—and fun—aviation-based demonstrations and presentations. After all, kids get to build their own gliders and rockets, fly simulators, see aviation legends tell their stories, ride in a tethered hot-air balloon, and so much more.

Highlights for 
Saturday, July 31

8 am Chapter Leaders Breakfast
3:30 pm Afternoon Air Show
5:30 pm Meet the air show performers
7:00 pm Warbird Dinner
7:30 pm Theater in the Woods - Dr. Peter Diamandis, Gregg Maryniak & Erik Lindbergh (X Prize), Winnebagoland Barbershop Chorus


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The Latest from EAA AirVenture Oshkosh
July 27 - August 2, 2004

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Administrator Excited About SP/LSA Future
At the now-annual Meet the Administrator forum Thursday morning, EAA President Tom Poberezny introduced Marion Blakey by letting the crowd know that even though Blakey had been at EAA AirVenture only a bit more than two hours, she already had a flight in a GT Sprint 2, a light-sport aircraft candidate. (read more) 

‘We Were a Patriotic Bunch’
The first women authorized to fly military aircraft

Betty Brown so desperately wanted to become a WASP, or Women Airforce Service Pilots, that she turned to deceit. She took her birth certificate, carefully put it in her typewriter and positioned it just right. Then she changed the year she was born and quickly took it out before her guilt made her change it back to the original date. (read more)

Record-Breaking World Trek Stops Here at AirVenture
It takes a special sort of individual to get up in the morning with absolutely no idea where or how the day will end. Ricky De Agrela is exactly that sort of individual. (read more)

Racing for Speed, Fun, and Pink Slips
The runway markers flash past as we pick up speed. Seventy. My Cheetah would lift off by now, but this is a much higher-performance machine. Ninety. One-twenty. One-forty. Surely we’ll fly soon. I wait for the familiar lightening of weight on the wheels, the nose edging up toward the sky. But, strangely enough, it doesn’t happen. (read more)

Outsourcing the FAA’s Flight Service Stations
At Booth 777 in the Fly Market at EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2004, visitors can get a glass of ice water, a breeze from fans, and a chance to join the National Association of Air Traffic Specialists in their opposition to plans to outsource their jobs. (read more)

Out of the Garage or Out of This World, NASA Looks to the Future
Three members of the team that successfully launched the air-breathing scramjet-powered X-43A to a world record Mach 7 on March 27 used video of the launch and high-end computer-modeling of the actual flight to show how it progressed as the radical research vehicle proved in actual flight that scramjet propulsion is viable. The scramjet (supersonic combustion ramjet) grabs the last remaining oxygen in the rarified atmosphere near the edge of space and combines it with onboard hydrogen for combustion. (read more)

Lycoming Announces Design Improvements
Lycoming plans to implement new proprietary design enhancements for its engine families, a company spokesman announced this week at EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2004. The enhancements will appear on the market and in the company’s engines under a phased production schedule beginning later this year and continuing into 2005, pending increasingly stringent certification testing. (read more)

New Hartzell Prop Standard on Mooney Ovation GX
Hartzell Propeller announced this week that it was awarded an FAA supplemental type certificate for a new blended airfoil three-blade propeller system applicable to all Mooney M20R Ovations. The propeller will be standard equipment on all new Ovations delivered from the factory and will also be available as a retrofit through Hartzell’s Top Prop high-performance propeller conversion program. (read more)

Howard DGAs Gather at AirVenture
Here at EAA AirVenture Oshkosh this week is what is reputed to be the largest gathering of Mr. Howard’s Damn Good Airplane (DGA) since 1943. Fifteen of the radial-powered cabin monoplanes arrived together Monday, after spending the weekend at Cable-Union, Wisconsin. (read more)

Miller Road Show
The Miller Road Show will be on exhibit at EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2004 from July 27 through August 1 in booths 783-785. The exhibit carries Miller Electric Mfg. Co.’s most popular welding and cutting products to give live arc demos around the country. Of special interest to builders are the Dynasty 200 AC/DC TIG/Stick inverter, Maxstar 150 DC TIG/Stick inverter, and Spectrum 375 CutMate plasma cutter. (read more)

Sportair Aviation Inc.
The Corsario, a two-place, side-by-side amphibious aircraft manufactured by Microleve of Brazil, is now available in the United States. Sportair Aviation Inc., has been appointed the exclusive importer. The plane is sport pilot eligible. (read more)

NAFI Tip of the Day
Classic rules every pilot should know. (read more)

Vintage C-172 Buddies are Also POP ’Mates
Late last year, Ron Woulfe of Mildura, Victoria, Australia, got on the Internet seeking out examples of original year (1956) Cessna 172 straight tails, just like the one he owns and flies. He eventually hooked up with Steve Fremgen of Carrolton, Texas, who flies N6720A, a ’56 C-172. (read more)

EAA Launches Non-owned Aircraft Insurance Plan
EAA, Falcon Insurance Agency, and Global Aerospace have just launched the EAA non-owned Aircraft Insurance Plan, exclusive to EAA members and designed to meet the special needs of EAA members. (read more)

Around the Field
Award-winning Navions, new friends, and making the hair stand up on the back of your neck
Dennis Dow is here at EAA AirVenture for the first time. He arrived as part of the International Stinson Club’s group arrival on Monday. (read more)

How Eclipse Measures Success
One benefit of technological improvement is that the cost of the product generally goes down. As a result, what was once considered a luxury only for the very affluent is becoming more and more affordable. Nowhere this week at EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2004 is that development more apparent than at the Eclipse Aviation exhibit, which plans to have its entry into this developing market, the Eclipse 500, ready for first deliveries in 2006. Between now and then, though, many milestones and schedules must be met. In fact, meeting planned milestones is a long-standing challenge to any company attempting to bring a new aircraft to market. (read more)  

Sport Pilot News ... 
Sport Pilot - New Rule Highlights
The FAA’s newly issued sport pilot/light-sport aircraft (SP/LSA) rule throws open the door to the experience of aviation. This rule covers pilot certification, medical standards, flight instruction and instructor certification, aircraft certification, aircraft production, aircraft maintenance, and repairman certification. Together, these provisions reduce the time and money requirements necessary to get in the air, while upholding safety standards for this type of flying. (read more)

Blakey’s First Stop: EAA Sport Pilot Center
When FAA Administrator Marion Blakey arrived at EAA AirVenture Oshkosh on Thursday morning, the first stop on her incredibly busy agenda was the Sport Pilot Center in the EAA Member Village. (read more)

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