December 10, 2004    Volume 4, Number 59



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‘Flight Before Christmas’ Puts Aviation Spin on Traditional Tale

In the new children’s book “The Flight Before Christmas,” the story of Christmas Eve is told from a distinct and unique aviation perspective. Santa uses an old DC-4 to deliver gifts when his sleigh goes on the fritz. Co-authored by EAA member Mark Werkema, the book is based on the 1822 poem, “The Night Before Christmas” by Clement C. Moore. It’s available just in time for Christmas through the EAA Aeronautica’s online store at



Q & A: 
Question of the Week
Question for EAA Aviation Services:

I was unable to find any mention of any requirement for staying current, i.e., certain number of landings per time period, or for biennial (or other) recertification requirements for the new sport pilot certificate. Are there any, or once you get the rating, is it good for life?

The regulations governing sport pilots and light sport aircraft are incorporated into the body of all the regulations. As such, sport pilots must meet many of the same requirements as all other pilots. As with all pilot certificates, the sport pilot certificate itself does not expire. It is good until suspended or revoked. However, there are other regulations that must be met in order to be current as a sport pilot. For instance, sport pilots operating any aircraft other than a glider or balloon are required to hold either an FAA medical certificate or a valid US state driver’s license. If the pilot’s driver’s license is suspended or revoked, that pilot cannot fly as a sport pilot until reinstated.

Also, all pilots (including sport pilots) must meet the requirements of 14 CFR 61.56, which requires a pilot to have a flight review. (61.56 spells out the different options a pilot can use to satisfy the flight review requirement.) And beyond the flight review, the pilot must also meet recency of experience requirements called out in 14 CFR 61.57 if he/she wishes to carry a passenger.

So, while the sport pilot license itself does not expire, the sport pilot must meet these other requirements of the regulations (as do all pilots) in order to be allowed to exercise the privileges of his/her pilot certificate.

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December 2004
EAA Desktop Calendar

EAA Chief Photographer Jim Koepnick photographed this rare appearance of Northern Lights, from atop Compass Hill at EAA headquarters in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. Place this beautiful image  on your desktop by visiting the EAA website. We have five different resolutions to best suit your screen.

Sport Pilot News . . . 
EAA Canadian Council Briefs Transport Canada on SP/LSA
Representatives of EAA’s Canadian Council are among those meeting this week with Transport Canada officials in Ottawa, Ontario, to discuss integrating sport pilot/light-sport aircraft regulations with Canadian aircraft regulations. Those present for the two-day meeting (December 7-8) included Council Chairman G. Denis Browne along with members Jack Dueck, Herb Cunningham, and Frank Hofmann.
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LSSB Selects First SPE, SFIE Course Candidates
The Light-Sport Standardization Selection Board (LSSB) selected 70 candidates last week for the first sport pilot designated pilot examiners (SPE) and sport pilot flight instructor examiners (SFIE) training seminar in January. A total of 107 people sent applications, said Marty Weaver, FAA Light-Sport Aircraft Branch Manager in Oklahoma City.
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Pilot Certificates to Undergo Several Changes Ordered by Intelligence Reform Act
Sweeping changes are in store for U.S. pilot certificates as a result of the Intelligence Reform and Terrorism Prevention Act of 2004 passed this week by the Congress. Within a year of President Bush’s signing the legislation into law, the FAA Administrator is required to begin issuing improved pilot licenses that are:

  • Resistant to tampering, alteration, and counterfeiting
  • Include a photograph of the individual to whom the license is issued and
  • Be capable of accommodating a digital photograph, a biometric identifier, or any other unique identifier that the Administrator considers necessary.
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2004 EAA AirVenture DVD and Video Now Available
Pre-ordered copies begin shipping next week
EAA’s AirVenture Oshkosh 2004 video and DVD begin shipping next week, just in time for the holidays. The video condenses a week’s worth of aviation thrills from the world’s greatest aviation celebration—EAA AirVenture Oshkosh—into an hour-long video scrapbook. For the second straight year, EAA also offers a DVD version, containing more than a half-hour of bonus footage and interviews. Highlights include the introduction of sport pilot/light-sport aircraft; Bruce Bohannon’s world altitude record attempt; Burt Rutan and the inside scoop on SpaceShipOne; General Paul Tibbets, Enola Gay pilot; the future of aviation, from homebuilding to new certificated aircraft; the Hanoi Taxi; air show performer profiles; military jets; and of course the finest collection of warbird, vintage, homebuilt, and light aircraft on the planet. Price is $19.99 for the VHS version or $24.99 for the DVD. To order yours, visit EAA’s Aeronautica website or call 800/843-3612. Please specify VHS, (PLU F03902); VHS-PAL (PLU F03903); or DVD $24.99 (PLU F03901).

EAA eBay Auction Continues Through December 11
EAA’s exciting first venture into the world of online commerce through the eBay marketplace continues through Saturday, December 11, at 1:45 p.m. ET. Our list of 22 unique items—including relics and collectibles from aviation’s past, flight experiences, VIP tours through aviation history, stunning aviation art and experiences and more—has generated more than 70 bids so far.  To view the list, visit the eBay website.
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Nominations Sought For Homebuilders Hall of Fame
The EAA Homebuilders Hall of Fame will be closing nominations for 2005 on February 1, 2005. Nominees can be from any period in aviation history. Activities that determine eligibility include, but are not limited to: designer, builder, educator, innovator, award-winner, leader, record-setter, technical contributor, flyer, etc. The award may be given to a living person or posthumously.
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Kimmel Aims to Restore His Grandfather’s Honor
Thomas Kimmel is a grandson to one of the most famous scapegoats in American history. His grandfather, Adm. H.E. Kimmel, commanded the Pacific Fleet based at Pearl Harbor when Japanese dive-bombers and torpedo planes attacked Hawaii on December 7, 1941. The admiral, who was blamed for not properly defending the island, was demoted and relieved of command 10 days after the attack. He died in 1968, never having had his honor or rank restored by the U.S. government.
His grandson is trying to fix that.
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Another World Record For Steve Fossett
Adventurist Steve Fossett, who plans to circumnavigate the earth solo next month in the Virgin Atlantic GlobalFlyer, set a new free distance (straight-line) world record of 2,187 km (1,358 miles) in an ASH 25M high-performance sailplane on December 4. He and copilot New Zealand’s Terry Delore soared from the Argentine cities of El Calafate to San Juan—about two-thirds of Argentina’s length—in 15 hours, 42 minutes. That’s the same distance as New York City to Dallas.
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'Christmas in the Air' At AirVenture Museum on Monday 
The 21st annual “Christmas in the Air” open house takes place at the EAA AirVenture Museum in Oshkosh on Monday, Dec. 13, from 2:30-8 p.m. EAA’s free Christmas program features performances by musical groups from the Oshkosh area, along with other activities and refreshments in the museum.
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Holiday Hoopla Sale at EAA Aeronautica
And don't forget about the “Holiday Hoopla” sale at the EAA AirVenture Museum’s Aeronautica gift shop December 11-14. Unique, special savings can be had on nearly every item in the store (sale good only at the Museum gift shop). The sale will also be in effect during the “Christmas in the Air” open house on Monday, Dec. 13.

Insurance Tips . . . 
Sport Pilot/Light-Sport Aircraft Insurance Update
By Bob Mackey
Falcon Insurance Agency

What’s going on with aircraft insurance for sport pilots and light-sport aircraft (LSA)? I get this question several times a day, which is a good sign and means EAA members are actively pursuing the new FAA rules as a way to get into, or back into, flying. As we see more and more of the infrastructure come into place, it’s important to keep an eye on the aircraft insurance situation, which we’ve been doing. So far, indications continue to be favorable; aircraft insurance is available, and the pricing is competitive.
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Glasair Customers Can Now Assemble/Fly Sportsman In Three Months
Glasair’s new Customer Assembly Center (CAC) Program helps customers complete their projects in as little as three months. Created for pilots who would rather spend their time flying than building, customers work standard eight hour days, five days a week, for two or three weeks, depending on whether they want to focus only on the airframe or add on the powerplant installation. Glasair President Mikael Via commented, “Anyone considering the purchase of a certificated aircraft really owes it to themselves to take a hard look at our Sportsman/CAC program because it was specifically designed for the pilot who wants a new aircraft with better performance than a typical Cessna, Piper or Beech, but for less than half the cost. The work is really intense, but so is the progress.” The CAC is currently available for Sportsman 2+2 customers. For more information visit or call the factory at 360/435-8533, ext. 232.

Lancair’s Builders Assist Completion Program One Year Old
Lancair’s year-old Builders Assist Completion program has helped its customers complete their aircraft using the tools, materials, one-on-one training, and fixtures at the Lancair facility in Redmond, Oregon. Gordon Hardy, retired NASA test pilot from Belmont, California, who recently completed his Lancair Legacy, comments, “The staff at Lancair was very helpful and always there to answer whatever questions I had. I would recommend this program to anyone.”
For more information, visit or call 541-923-2244.

Hurricane-Damaged Airports Receive DOT Funds
The Department of Transportation/FAA will provide about $25 million for hurricane repairs at 83 airports damaged by hurricanes Charley, Frances, Ivan, and Jeanne. In October, the FAA provided $20.5 million to 71 hurricane-damaged airports in Alabama, Florida, Kentucky, Mississippi, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Puerto Rico. The remaining $4.5 million, announced this week, will be distributed to 12 airports in Alabama, Florida and Puerto Rico to provide for repair or replacement of terminal buildings, hangars and security lighting. “Our nation’s airports are critical to our economy and our quality of life,” said DOT Secretary Norman Mineta. “These funds will help reduce the time it takes to bring these airports back to their normal operations.” A complete list of all airports receiving funding can be found on the DOT website.

High-Performance 2005 Training Schedule Announced
High-Performance Aircraft Training Inc’s 2005 Ground School and Recurrency Training schedule includes the following sessions: January 15, Sebring, Florida; May 15, Hondo, Texas; September 2, Redmond, Oregon; and November 5, Arizona. The program includes ground school and five hours of recurrency training in your own aircraft. By enrolling in both programs at the same time, the package price is $695. For more information, visit, or call Pete Zaccagnino at 267-784-6104.

New Organization Helps Fight to Preserve Recreational Airstrips 
The Recreational Aviation Foundation (RAF) provides pilots with a new ally in their efforts to protect and preserve recreational airstrips nationwide. Headquartered in Bozeman, Montana, the RAF’s focus is recreational flying and backcountry airstrip issues in the Rocky Mountain West – an area at the forefront of several proposed closures. It has already provided assistance to pilots in several western states and is working to protect six airstrips in Montana’s Upper Missouri Breaks National Monument. Recognized by the IRS as a 501(c)(3) charitable organization, they are actively seeking private land for the development of new public-use recreational airstrips and facilities. For more information, visit  

NASA to Retire ‘Mothership’ B-52B
After nearly a half-century of service, NASA is retiring its B-52B “mothership” with a formal retirement ceremony on Friday, December 17 at NASA’s Dryden Flight Research Center, Edwards, California. The ceremony includes the formal transfer of the B-52B to the Air Force Flight Test Center for final disposition. Operated by Dryden for most of its lifetime dropping advanced flight research vehicles instead of bombs, the plane participated in some of the most significant projects in aerospace history, from the X-15 to this year’s X-43 scramjet. The air launch and research aircraft is NASA’s oldest aircraft and is the oldest B-52 still flying. Tentative plans call for placing the aircraft on permanent display at Edwards Air Force Base.

TAWS Certified for Garmin GNS 530, GPS 500
Terrain Awareness and Warning System (TAWS) is now certified for Garmin’s GNS 530 and GPS 500. Specifically, Garmin earned TSO C151b Class-B TAWS certification, enabling the Garmin 500 series of panel-mount avionics to provide pilots with visual and audible alerts of potential terrain and obstacle conflicts along the flight path. The addition of TAWS enables the GNS 530 and GPS 500 to graphically display the surrounding terrain and obstacles in bright yellow and red, relative to the aircraft’s current altitude. Audible and graphical alerts include forward-looking terrain avoidance, imminent terrain impact, premature descent during approach, altitude loss after takeoff, 500-foot callout, and excessive rate of descent. All U.S.-registered, turbine-powered aircraft with six or more passenger seats must be equipped with certified TAWS technology by the end of March 2005. A TAWS upgrade program for current owners is also available. Contact your Garmin distributor for details, or visit

Joe Funk Passes Away at Age 94
Joseph C. Funk of Coffeyville, Kansas, who with his twin brother Howard built 365 Funk airplanes in the 1930s and 1940s, passed away on December 2 at the age of 94 in Coffeyville, Kansas. Born in Akron, Ohio, on September 17, 1910, the brothers built Funk airplanes and engines as a side business. (EAA has a donated 1940 Funk B in its collection.) After WWII from 1946 to 1948, they produced more than 250 airplanes. When the bottom fell out of the aircraft industry, they switched to transmissions and became Funk Manufacturing, which was later acquired by John Deere. Joe, EAA #37967, continued flying until the 1980s.

Sporty’s Has FAA Knowledge Test Prep Guides
Sporty’s offers new comprehensive knowledge test preparation guides featuring all published FAA test questions, answers and explanations. Organized into chapters for easy study, questions are broken down into minor sections and to individual topics. Concise, thorough explanations include reference sources for further research or study. Each chapter also includes notes to provide the basic knowledge within the chapter. The 270-page Private Pilot/Recreational Pilot Test Prep Guide [M219A] is available for $13.95. The Instrument Pilot Test Prep Guide [M249A] (480 pages) is $15.95. Visit or call 1-800/SPORTYS. (Orders received as late as December 23, 2004, can still arrive in time for Christmas.)

Internet-Based Pilot Reports Enhance Aviation Forecasts And Safety
The National Weather Service (NWS) is working with airline dispatchers to enhance critical weather data collection that will help improve air travel safety for everyone through more accurate forecasting. The NWS Aviation Weather Center in Kansas City, Missouri, led the charge about a year ago with a simple change: allow the dispatchers to file their pilot reports (PIREPs) through the Internet for relay into the FAA’s weather information system. The aviation community has easy access to this information from wherever PIREPs are obtained, including FAA Flight Service Stations, FAA’s Direct User Access Terminal System (DUATS); NOAA’s Aviation Digital Data Service, and a variety of commercial flight preparation packages. NWS is a part of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).

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