January 28, 2005    Volume 5, Number 4



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Q & A: 
Question of the Week
Question for EAA Aviation Services:

I am a commercial pilot without a current medical certificate, but I do have a valid state drivers license. Last week I went up with an instructor and did the equivalent of a biennial flight review and passed, but the instructor did not know how to make out the endorsement in the log book to document the flight review since I have a drivers license and not a medical. What is the correct wording to document the flight review for flying as a sport pilot?


There is no difference in the endorsement an instructor would give for a flight review. A medical certificate is not a requirement for completion of a flight review. The instructor should just sign and date you a standard flight review endorsement, as spelled out in FAA advisory circular AC 61-65D, appendix 1, item 28, as follows:

"I certify that (First name, MI, Last name), (pilot certificate), (certificate number), has satisfactorily completed a flight review of § 61.56(a) on (date).

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February 2005
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There's nothing like the sound of a well-tuned radial engine, like this spotless Pratt & Whitney R-985 on a Beech 18. The photo was submitted by a member, but unfortunately, we cannot find the original correspondence. We'd love to give due credit, so if it's yours, let us know at webmaster@eaa.org. As for the image, visit the EAA website and choose from five different resolutions to place this great image on your computer desktop.
Sport Pilot News
First Group Certificated as Sport Pilots, Examiners and Flight Instructor Examiners
Appointments Conclude Busy Week at Sebring
The FAA’s Light Sport Aviation Branch (LSAB) completed the crucial step of appointing the first sport pilot examiners (SPEs) and sport pilot flight instructor examiners (SFIEs) on Saturday, January 22, in Sebring, Florida, following the first SPE/SFIE course held there last week.
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EAA Sport Pilot Briefing Webcast Friday Night
An update on the new sport pilot/light-sport aircraft rule and the progress on the infrastructure to make it a success will be held at the EAA Aviation Center on Friday, January 28, beginning at 6 p.m. (Central Standard Time). The briefing will also be available live on the EAA members website, http://members.eaa.org.
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Skiplanes to Try Again This Weekend
Last weekend’s snowstorm brought more than enough of the needed white stuff for the annual EAA Skiplane Fly-in, but it also created unfavorable flying conditions that prevented aircraft from participating. So organizers have decided to give it another go this Saturday, January 29, at the EAA AirVenture Museum’s Pioneer Airport in Oshkosh.
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EAA Comments Favor Ultralight Weight Exemption
EAA has filed its comments supporting a petition currently before the FAA requesting an exemption (Docket No. FAA-2004-19350) to study the value of added safety equipment (and, consequently, more weight) for FAR Part 103 single-seat ultralights.
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EAA Alerts Montana Members on Ethanol Legislation
EAA Government Services e-mailed an e-Alert to its Montana members this week asking for their help to amend legislation that mandates all gasoline sold to consumers for use in motor vehicles contain 10 percent denatured ethanol. EAA is concerned because there are many aircraft that cannot operate safely on fuel blended with ethanol products.
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EAA Staff, Chapter Leaders Meet in Michigan
Several EAA staff members met with representative leaders from nine local EAA and IAC chapters and an Indiana Warbird Squadron on January 22 in Lansing, Michigan. The Chapter Leaders Gathering, held in conjunction with the 5th annual Great Lakes International Aviation Conference, gave six EAA staff people an opportunity to give a first-hand update on the Association and to discuss various key issues and challenges from EAA chapter movers and shakers.
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GlobalFlyer Flight Postponed by Unfavorable Weather
Steve Fossett’s solo circumnavigation in Virgin Atlantic’s Global Flyer has been postponed from the February 2 launch date due to unfavorable weather conditions. In a statement released through Virgin, Fossett said, “The forecast jet stream tracks over the Atlantic and Pacific are too far north. Northerly routing to maintain tailwinds would be too short to meet the minimum distance requirement for an official Round the World Record. The launch plan for February 2 is canceled.”

Fossett noted that the next possibility (based on good surface conditions at Salina, Kansas) is about February 6. Final test flight for the Burt Rutan-designed GlobalFlyer is likely to be on the third day prior to the circumnavigation flight.

EAA Welcomes Regional Fly-In Leaders
This week EAA Headquarters welcomes leaders and chairpersons from its regional fly-in events held throughout the country. They’re in town to meet and discuss ways EAA and regionals can discuss common issues, share expertise, and look for ways to better meet the needs of EAA members who attend their events. In Oshkosh are Bob Hasson, Copperstate; Joe Russo and John Gibson, Golden West; Barb Tolbert, Northwest-Arlington; Cheryl Sullivan and Jim Cimulica, Rocky Mountain; Dave Richardson, Southeast; John Sommer and Stan Shannon, Texas (Southwest); and Dee Whittington and Judy Sparks, Virginia State. Also here are Claudette Colwell, EAA Chapter Advisory Council; Vic Abbey, EAA Board member and events committee representative; and Steve Beach, volunteer regional fly-in coordinator.

EAA Accepts Special Donation to AirVenture Museum
More than 100 people gathered in the EAA's Vette Theater Wednesday night for a special program about a significant donation made to the EAA AirVenture Museum. George Rarey, a talented commercial artist before being drafted into the Army Air Corps, produced an incredible body of work while serving his country as a P-47 pilot during World War II. Rarey, called “Pop” by his squadron mate because of his "old" age of 27, documented his daily military life in drawings. He sent them along with his letters home to his sweetheart and eventual wife Betty Lou. She carefully cataloged everything that Rarey sent her.
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EAA AirVenture Dates Announced Through 2012
EAA has finalized future dates for EAA AirVenture Oshkosh, the World’s Greatest Aviation Celebration, through the year 2012. Remember, this year begins the Monday-through-Sunday format, as opposed to Tuesday through Monday as in past years.

The dates for upcoming EAA AirVenture Oshkosh events are:

  • 2005 - July 25-31
  • 2006 - July 24-30
  • 2007 - July 23-29
  • 2008 - July 28 - August 3
  • 2009 - July 27 - August 2
  • 2010 - July 26 - August 1
  • 2011 - July 25-31
  • 2012 - July 23-29

Gathering of Mustangs & Legends II Slated for June 2006 in Reno
'The Final Round Up'
In 1999, an unprecedented gathering of 65 P-51 Mustangs and 12 Ace pilots who flew the type took place at Stallion 51 in Kissimmee, Florida. Billed as the Gathering of Mustangs & Legends, it was considered one of the great aviation events of the 20th century. Well, it’s a new century, and plans are being made to not only repeat that event but to exceed it. June 8-11 at Stead Airport in Reno. The Gathering of Mustangs & Legends: The Final Round Up aims to bring together 100 Mustangs along with famous and nameless Mustang aces and pilots from WWII and Korea. One of the weekend’s highlights will be a 51-plane formation. More information will be available as appearances are confirmed at www.stallion51.com.

EAAer is Superior’s First Build School Grad of the Year
EAA member Dr. William Hayden, Lee’s Summit, Missouri, is 2005’s first person to complete an XP-360 Engine at Superior Air Parts’ engine build center in Coppell, Texas. He will install the new engine in his GlaStar project begun in late 2002, which he hopes to have ready for airworthiness inspection later this year. Hayden researched his powerplant decision in 2003 at Aviation’s “Mall of America”—AirVenture Oshkosh—after EAA technical counselor Jim Miller recommended he go with a conventional engine. “Attending the build school has given me a tremendous peace of mind about my engine,” he concluded. “Every step I completed was checked by Evan and then checked again by the Quality Assurance people – this is probably the most reliable engine I’m ever going to get. I’m confident that it’s much more so than any engine I could have bought out of a box.” For more information on Superior’s build school, visit www.superiorairparts.com/xp360.asp.

Wankel Rotary Engines To Be Built In Canada 
Rotary Engine Technologies Inc., Oshawa, Ontario, Canada, will manufacture small, lightweight Wankel rotary combustion engines, ranging from 38hp to 150hp, in the North American market. The engines boast 2,000 hour TBOs and will be targeted for use in ultralights and experimental homebuilt aircraft, as well as other recreational uses. They’ll be manufactured in Ontario, initially from parts obtained from German suppliers. Diesel, kerosene, jet-fuel, propane, natural gas, and bio-fuel versions are on the drawing board. For more information, visit www.rotaryengines.ca.

Glasair, Van’s Add Aero-Lifts in Showrooms
Two prominent names in homebuilt aircraft, New Glasair and Van’s Aircraft, have utilized existing hangar space more efficiently by installing ARM Aerospace Aero-Lifts. The Aero-Lift uses a “rack-and-stack” concept to suspend one aircraft over another. “Our showroom hangar only has so much space,” said New Glasair President, Mikael Via. “An Aero-Lift forestalls the need to seek another building permit and people who visit our showroom are frankly intrigued with the arrangement.” Tom Green, President of Van’s Aircraft, adds: “We are extremely pleased with our ability to utilize the full height of our hangar, not just the floor space.” For more information on the ARM Aerospace Aero-Lift visit www.armaerospace.com, or call 520/886-7329.

Lancair To Add 130 Employees
The Lancair Company will hire an additional 130 employees at it’s Bend Municipal Airport facility between now and mid-summer. Lancair has been ramping up production over the past year as the backlog for Columbia 350 and Columbia 400 certified aircraft continues to grow. Its board of directors gave the green light to move forward with plant expansion and hiring plans. Job openings exist in liaison engineering, tooling & mold making, quality assurance, inventory, customer support, flight line services, avionics & wiring, assembly, paint and finish, upholstery, composites lay-up, composites trim, and composites bonding. For more information, visit www.lancair.com.

Chapter Looks at General Aviation Airport Security
EAA Chapter 690, Gwinnett County Airport, Lawrenceville, Georgia, hosts a presentation about general aviation and airport security on Saturday, February 5. Featured speaker is Gwinnett County Police Sgt. Doug Mattox, who is currently assigned to the FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force. Sgt. Mattox will discuss how working together we can keep GA airports safe from potential terrorists, yet neighborhood friendly. The free program will begin at 10:30 and is open to the public. Breakfast and/or refreshments are available beginning at 8:00 AM. For additional information contact Joel Levine, 770-394-5466 or jlevine@bellsouth.net.

New Location for SportFlyingShop.com
SportFlyingShop.com, aviation and sport pilot supply shop, has a new location; at the El Monte (California) Airport (EMT). The new address, the largest hangar/office at the south end of the field, is 4001 N. Santa Anita Ave Unit 6, El Monte, CA 91731.

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