July 28, 2005 Volume 5, Number 34


EAA AirVenture's Honda Motorcycle Forums Plaza draws the very best from the aviation world. There are literally hundreds of innovators, authorities, authors, and experts who share and exchange information on virtually every aspect of flight. It is the most comprehensive collection of aviation knowledge available anywhere.

Sport Pilot Student Certificate Free to EAA Members at AirVenture
Responding to perceptions that getting a sport pilot student certificate can be a challenge, the National Association of Flight Instructors (NAFI) and EAA have teamed up to issue a student certificate on the spot, and at no charge, to any EAA member who needs one. (read more)

Tomorrow's Highlights

7:00 Gates open
8:00 Activities Center opens
8:00 Author's Corner begins
8:00 AirVenture Museum and Pioneer Airport open
8:30 Forum sessions begin
8:30 Chapter Newsletter Editor's Workshop
9:00 Exhibit areas open
9:00 KidVenture opens
9:00 Flying Cinema opens
9:00 Museum Speaker Showcase begins
10:00 U.S. Postal Service, First day issue program for "American Advances in Aviation" stamps
12:30 EAA International Parade
3:30 Daily air show begins
7:30 Theater in the Woods

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EAA AirVenture
Oshkosh 2005
Photo Highlight of the Day

Gene Soucy performs with wing walker Teresa Stokes. 
 Photo by Dennis Biela

See this photo and more in the 2005 AirVenture Photo Gallery

  August 2005
EAA Desktop Calendar

Top of the world, ma!"
White Knight with SpaceShipOne on AeroShell Square at EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2005. Get a copy for your computer desktop today at the EAA website.

The Latest from EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2005
July 25 - 31, 2005

e-Hotline Brings AirVenture Oshkosh 2005 to You
Get a daily dose of the World's Greatest Aviation Celebration with e-Hotline, EAA's electronic newsletter. Every day throughout the fly-in, we'll bring EAA AirVenture highlights, as they appear in the official convention publication, EAA AirVenture Today. This year's line-up features everything from sport pilot/light-sport aircraft to civilian space flight, vintage, warbirds, and the people who fly them. For those of you preparing for OSH, we can't wait to see you! For the rest of you, look for us every day in your in-box!
During EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2005, e-Hotline will be published on a daily basis with current news and events directly from EAA AirVenture. Visit the EAA AirVenture website for full coverage of the event. We welcome your comments and suggestions to ehotline@eaa.org.

Live EAA Radio!
Streamed live to you from EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2005! - Showcase fly-bys - Live Air Show coverage - Arrivals and departures - Taped and live interviews - EAA Information and more.

EAA AirVenture Oshkosh Photo Gallery
Each day will feature new photos of the grounds, events, forums, exhibits, people, air shows and many other daily highlights.

AirVenture Video Highlights
Video highlights of activities, aircraft, personalities and more.

The official daily newspaper of EAA AirVenture Oshkosh

White Knight/SpaceShipOne to Fly on Friday!
In a surprise announcement Wednesday morning, EAA revealed that White Knight/SpaceShipOne will kick off the Friday afternoon air show with a flight demonstration at 3:00! Don't miss this rare opportunity to see this incredible tandem take off and land at EAA AirVenture Oshkosh!

GlobalFlyer Lands!
It appears that another record will be set. But GlobalFlyer officials aren't yet saying what it entails. (read more)  

Overflow Crowd Hears FAA Administrator
As the one-year anniversary of the LSA (light-sport aircraft) regulation approaches, FAA Administrator Marion Blakey provided a progress report on the rule and addressed other issues critical to the general aviation community at the annual Meet the Administrator session at EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2005 Wednesday morning. (read more)  

HondaJet World Debut Thursday
A few decades ago, Honda was just another upstart manufacturing company based in post-war Japan, hard at work to carve out even a small niche in the emerging market for smaller, lightweight motorcycles. (read more)  

Warbird Pilot Dick James Killed in Fond du Lac County Crash
EAA is saddened to report that a World War II-era aircraft that had participated in our Warbirds air show Tuesday afternoon crashed in Fond du Lac County as it was staging to participate in a later segment of the show, resulting in the death of the pilot, Dick James of Fennimore, Wisconsin. (read more)  

Fly on a B-17 Mission
Soar in a vintage World War II bomber at EAA AirVenture! Seats are available on the Wings of Eagles Discovery Center's Fuddy Duddy B-17G, which makes daily flights at the world's greatest aviation celebration. (read more)  

"It's Glacier Girl on a Shoestring."
After a protracted legal battle with the Navy, Cralley is finally the legal owner of the remains of a Brewster F3A-1 Corsair. But it took an act of Congress for him to receive title of the plane. (read more)  

Listen Up: Fisk Controllers See It All
"Aircraft over Ripon, follow the railroad tracks, one thousand eight hundred feet, 90 knots, single file, maintain a half-mile spacing.
" (

Vintage Judging
We want to ensure that all EAA members who wish to have their aircraft judged have the opportunity to do so. Due to a computer system glitch, we are concerned that not everyone who wishes to have his or her aircraft judged has been entered into our judging database. (read more)  

A Look at Oshkosh, Upside Down
"If they offer you a barf bag, take it," were the parting words of wisdom from my husband yesterday morning as I left our apartment to experience my first aerobatic flight with pilot Michael Mancuso. (read more)  

Rutan and Branson Launch The SpaceShip Company at AirVenture
Tuesday night, in front of what could be the largest crowd ever for a Theater in the Woods presentation, Burt Rutan, designer of SpaceShipOne, and British entrepreneur Sir Richard Branson announced the formation of a company that will commercially manufacture space vehicles. (read more)  

Piper Aircraft Delivers 200th Meridian
The New Piper Aircraft Inc. made the first delivery of its top-of-the-line PA-46 Meridian in 2000. Piper recently announced the delivery of its 200th Meridian, to a buyer in Ontario, Canada. (read more)  

Col. Hal Weekley to Visit Member Village
Col. Harold "Hal" Weekley of Mableton, Georgia, will be in the EAA Member Village's south tent at 10 a.m. today to meet and greet EAA members. Hal was a B-17 pilot during WWII, where he flew 20 missions with the 601st Bomb Squadron of the 398th Bomb Group. Hal also flew EAA's B-17 Aluminum Overcast on a regular basis. (read more) 

The "Other" AirVenture
Spend a few days at EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2005, and you'll find something for everyone-aircraft displays, hands-on builders' workshops, forums, shopping, KidVenture, the EAA AirVenture Museum. The list goes on. (read more)  

X Prize From the Inside
"It's just an airplane," Burt Rutan said to Mike Melvill, just before the hatch was sealed on SpaceShipOne for what was to be the first privately funded flight into space. But that did little to quell Melvill's nervousness. (read more)  

BE A PILOT Program Registers it's 250,000th Pilot Prospect
BE A PILOT, the aviation industry's cooperative promotion program to bring more new people into flying, has registered pilot prospect number 250,000 for a BE A PILOT introductory flight certificate and first flying lesson for just $49. (read more)  

Mail, Package Delivery Services Available
EAA AirVenture attendees can send and receive mail and packages right on the convention grounds. (read more)  

Mark Greenberg: Shooting Aviation History
To get the best photographs, sometimes you just have to act like you belong. That's the advice of photojournalist Mark Greenberg, who has photographed the Voyager, GlobalFlyer, and both history-making flights and activities surrounding SpaceShipOne and carrier plane White Knight. (read more)  

Ask Tom
A new daily feature at AirVenture Today by reporter Tom Richards - EAA members and attendees who have a question regarding aviation, AirVenture or EAA, feel free to drop them off at the office of AirVenture Today just north of the control tower or e-mail ask_tom_airventure@hotmai l.com and Tom will attempt to answer them. (read more)  

Life's a Gas for NASA Exhibitor
He drives nails with super-frozen bananas and throttles a rocket motor using oxygen and acrylic plastic for fuel. Bryon Maynard is the magician of the NASA exhibit at EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2005. (read more)  

What's New and What Isn't
The predictable periodicity of the Oshkosh trek gives a frame to a year's worth of flying. (read more)

Around the Field
First-timers from floatplane heaven, and a mortified 11 year old. (read more)

Asberry to Receive Bingelis Award
Everything about aviation fascinates this year's recipient of the Tony Bingelis Award. (read more)

PCAvionics Introduces Mapping Software/tablet PC Bundle
PCAvionics, a general aviation software application provider, has announced the availability of its moving map software, MountainScope, on the new Motion Computing LS800 Tablet PC. (read more)

Cessna and Civil Air Patrol Offer New Program for CAP Cadets
Civil Air Patrol (CAP) cadets from around the country recently took part in a special program offered jointly by Cessna Aircraft Co. and the CAP. (read more)

LoPresti's 'Boom Beam' Can Brighten Your Night
The core of the "Boom Beam" high-intensity discharge xenon lighting system from LoPresti Speed Merchants is a high-tech light bulb that puts out five or six times the candlepower of a conventional incandescent light. (read more)

Eclipse Aviation Expands Operating Envelope
The Eclipse 500 climbed to its service ceiling and reached its maximum operating speed for the first time on July 26, company officials said. (read more)

Blair Conrad to Receive Preston Little Award
Today, dedicated EAA member and volunteer Eugene "Blair" Conrad Jr. will be awarded the Preston Little Award of Excellence for his longtime involvement with and dedication to EAA. (read more)

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