September 23, 2005    Volume 5, Number 45


'Allied Victory'
B-17 Tour

B-17 Tour on Hold
For Maintenance
EAA's Allied Victory B-17 Tour was forced to postpone this weekend's tour stop at Gwinnett County Airport, Atlanta, because of mechanical problems with the airplane Fuddy Duddy. That stop will be held October 7-9 instead, and next week's (September 27-28) stop at Lebanon, Tennessee, was canceled.

The rest of the tour schedule remains unaffected.
Those with questions should contact the tour at 800/FLY-NB17. Visit the B-17 website for further updates.

Next Stop: 
October 7-9

Atlanta, GA
Gwinnett County Airport-Briscoe Field

Tri-Motor Fall Color Flights, Fantasy Camp  Canceled
Because the aircraft is down with repairs, EAA's Ford Tri-Motor Fall Color Flights scheduled for October 8-9, and the Ford Tri-Motor Fantasy Camp have been canceled.

Revisit EAA AirVenture

See this and other great images from EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2005 in the EAA AirVenture Photo Gallery!

EAA AirVenture Today photographer Phil Weston provided this shot featuring the AirVenture Emergency Repair Center volunteers from Chapter 75 working on a Long-EZ.


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Q & A: 
Question of the Week
For EAA Aviation Services

Could you please clarify the following: I hold commercial and instrument ratings, as well as CFI, CFII and MEI licenses. I have never been denied a medical but if I elect to fly with just my drivers license from now on, am I strictly relegated to only flying under the sport pilot rules and, more importantly, only able to fly aircraft that are designated light-sport aircraft (max 1,320 lbs, max speed 138 mph etc.)?

Yes, no matter what FAA certificates you hold, when you make the decision to operate using your valid U.S. state drivers license in lieu of an FAA medical certificate you are operating at the sport pilot level. This means that you are restricted to only sport pilot privileges and limitations and you must fly only aircraft that meet the definition of a light-sport aircraft.

How can we help you?

To ask a question regarding government issues, e-mail If you have a question about registration, airmen, aircraft and medical certification, safety records, performance, or any other matter, e-mail

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September 2005
EAA Desktop Calendar

The world's only Dornier DO-24ATT graced the skies of Oshkosh during EAA AirVenture 2005 and was a popular display throughout the week at AeroShell Square. Visit the EAA website to download a copy for your desktop, featuring the September 2005 calendar.
New 'Log In' Page For EAA Members Only Website
Create your own username and password
The log in procedure for the EAA Members Only website has changed. The next time you visit, you'll need to create your own username and password. Simply follow instructions, complete and submit the information to gain immediate access to EAA Members Only content. Only current EAA members will be allowed to create a user name and password.
Sad News: U.S. Unlimited Team Manager Marta Meyer Perishes During Aerobatic Training Exercises
The United States Unlimited Team and friends are saddened to announce the passing of Marta Meyer September 18 in Yukon, Oklahoma. Marta was an Unlimited Team member for two years and the Team Manager this year in Spain where she was awarded the "Most Valuable Volunteer" award for being the last-minute warm-up pilot for the competition. She has been a fixture in the aerobatic community for over 20 years. Marta and her husband, Bob, built and flew their Giles 300 in many Unlimited competitions. She was chief engineer at NASA's Dryden Flight Research Center at Edwards Air Force Base, California, and was one of two women ever to fly in the SR-71 Blackbird.
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Chapter 513 Fly-In Nets Ton-and-a-Half of Supplies  
It’s amazing what a group of committed, organized EAAers can do to benefit a worthy cause, and these days in Southern Louisiana and the Gulf Coast, there is no shortage of worthy causes. EAA Chapter 513 in Houma, Louisiana, changed the emphasis of this year’s third annual Cajun Fly-in from fun and fellowship to the more serious task of collecting relief supplies for Hurricane Katrina evacuees. The Chapter’s home base, Houma-Terrebonne Airport (HUM), is about 45 miles southwest of New Orleans, but it became a destination for about two-dozen aircraft throughout the day Saturday, September 17.
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EAA Clarifies Status of FAA Policy on Aircraft Kit Eligibility
Recently some discussions in homebuilders’ online chat rooms have focused on EAA’s news articles regarding the prospect of revisions to the FAA’s amateur-built aircraft certification policy. As they have for more than half a century, EAA and its Homebuilt Aircraft Council have upheld the protection of homebuilders’ privileges, including the “51-percent” provision, as a paramount priority. For the past several years the Council has cautioned that any attempts to circumvent or exceed the regulation’s limits could result in FAA actions and undesirable consequences for all homebuilders.
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EAAers Receive Special John Deere Discounts 
EAA members: Log onto to download valuable coupons for discounts on John Deere lawn and garden equipment purchases. Now through September 30 increased discounts are also available on the following models: $200 off LT Lawn Riders; $350 off LX and LTR Lawn Tractors; $450 off GT and GX Lawn and Garden Tractors; $600 off X400 and X500 Lawn and Garden Tractors; and $450 off 3000 and 4000 Series Tractors.

EAAers also save more on John Deere “Buck” or “Trail Buck” all-terrain vehicles (ATV) with the exclusive $200 EAA membership discount. Add to the to the limited-time $800 discount and save a thousand bucks on a Buck! But that's not all…through October 28, choose one of the following three free offers: a 2,500-pound Warn Winch; a 2-Year Extended Service Protection plan; or $400 worth of accessories. See your local John Deere ATV dealer now! To locate your nearest John Deere ATV Dealer, visit
EAA Joins Georgia Sport Pilot Event This Weekend
EAA’s Sport Pilot Marketing Consultant Dan Johnson will conduct two SP-LSA forums at the Georgia Sport Light Exposition in Calhoun, Georgia, this weekend, September 24-25 at Tom B. David Field (CZL). This is the eleventh annual event hosted by the Georgia Sport Flyers, but the first one to focus on the new, emerging light-sport aircraft (LSA) market. Featured will be static and flying displays of several different LSA, as well as warbirds, homebuilts, and numerous aviation exhibitors. FAA Designated Light Sport Examiner Ben Methvin and a Light Sport DAR will also host daily seminars. For more information visit
EAAers Set the Place at Reno Nationals
Several EAAers sped to first place finishes during last week’s Reno National Championship Air Races in Reno, Nevada. EAA members John Penney in the F8F Bearcat Rare Bear, and Brian Sanders in the Hawker Sea Fury Dreadnought, took first and second place, respectively, in the Unlimited class, while Mary Dilda took first in the T-6 class in Two of Hearts, and Gary Hubler set the pace in the Formula One class with his Cassutt III-M Pooder 4.1. Penney also placed first in the jet class in an Aero Vodochody L-39 Albatros Pip Squeak.
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U.S. Aerobatic Championships Begin Sunday
More than 100 of the nation’s most highly skilled aerobatic pilots will contend in head-to-head competition for the U.S. National Aerobatic Championship title at the Grayson County Airport in Denison, Texas, September 25-30. The competition is organized by the International Aerobatic Club (IAC), affiliate organization of EAA and the governing body for aerobatics in the United States.
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EAA Insurance Tip --
Landing…Just For the Heck of It!

By Bob Mackey
Falcon Insurance Agency, Inc.

A few years ago, on a typical Wisconsin winter day, a Beech Bonanza was headed from Chicago to Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. The wind that day was blowing directly out of the west around 25 kts. It wasn’t really gusting so much, rather it was just a steady hard wind that seemed determined to hang in there all day long.

Flying on an IFR flight plan at 8000 ft., the pilot started to experience a slight roughness in the engine. While directly over Oshkosh, the pilot decided to cancel the flight plan and land at Wittman Regional (OSH). After canceling the IFR flight plan and contacting the tower, the pilot began a shallow circle over the airport; however, with the prevailing westerly wind it wasn’t long until the pilot was over the east side of the airport. As the descent continued the engine ran a little rougher yet not showing any signs of quitting. The pilot started to realize he was getting to the point where he needed to get over the runway in case the engine quit entirely, but it was a little too late. He landed one mile southwest of the airport. No injuries, but the aircraft clipped a road sign and several mail boxes before ending up in the front yard of a surprised homeowner.
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SportRider Receives FAA S-LSA Certification
AveoUSA's SportRider became the 15th plane aircraft to received special light-sport aircraft (S-LSA) certification from the FAA on Thursday, September 15. The SportRider is manufactured in the Czech Republic, marketed by FlyItalia/Gryfair, and distributed in North America by AveoUSA, Boerne, Texas.
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First Aerostar Festival R40S S-LSA Delivered delivered its first Aerostar Festival R40S special light-sport aircraft (S-LSA) to EAA member Chuck Webber on September 20. The Festival debuted at EAA AirVenture 2005 and is built by Aerostar S.A. of Romania, builders of the YAK-52. The two-place, single engine piston powered aircraft has an empty weight of 840 lbs, and is powered by a 100 horsepower Rotax 912 ULS engine. For more information visit
Groen Brothers SparrowHawk Reaches 100 Kit Sales
Groen Brothers Aviation, Inc. based in Salt Lake City, Utah, reports total sales for their SparrowHawk Gyroplane and SparrowHawk/P modification kits have now reached 100. Sales have strengthened since the FAA’s introduction of Sport Pilot/Light-Sport Aircraft (SP/LSA), and as more SparrowHawk dealerships have been established. There are now 30 SparrowHawk dealerships throughout the world, including in North, Central, and South America, Australia, the Bahamas, New Zealand, Russia, and South Africa. Groen Brothers also has sales representation in China, India and Korea. "We are extremely pleased with the market response to the design of these remarkable aircraft," said David Groen, President & CEO of Groen Brothers Aviation. For more information, visit
FAA Accepts Vectair USA G1000 Training Program
Vectair USA reports this week it has received FAA approval for its Garmin G1000 “glass panel” training program based on F.I.T.S. (FAA Industry Training Standards) guidelines. The training program is scenario-based, airline style LOFT (line oriented flight training), that requires the student to manage various resources and make decisions while flying the highly advanced ‘glass’ cockpits of today’s aircraft, says Vectair’s Ken Hammerton. The program is not aircraft specific, so any pilot, flying any aircraft equipped with the G1000 avionics package will benefit from this training. Training is performed in a Frasca Mentor ATD (aviation training device). Classes start October 15 at the Tunica County Airport (KUTA) in Mississippi.  Call Vectair USA at 901/309-8079 or 888/321-3213 to sign up for the low introductory rate of $500 for the course. Those who complete the course receive a certificate of completion, and logbooks will be signed if needed, and notice of completion will be sent to the pilots’ insurance company.
Flabob to Host Aerial Extravaganza on Veteran’s Day Weekend 
Flabob Airport in Riverside, California, will host a Veteran’s Day Aerial Extravaganza November 12-13, offering a wide range of activities for the whole family. Over 150 aircraft, including some warbirds, are expected to fly in and be on display for the event. Planned activities include shooting model airplanes with paintball guns, an aviation trivia contest, a homebuilding skills contest, and a dead reckoning contest (on the ground). There are no registration or entry fees, and under-wing camping is free of charge. For more information visit
Superior Air Parts Chooses Tempest Aviation Oil Filter
Superior Air Parts selected Tempest Aviation’s spin-on oil filters as the filter of choice for its Millennium and XP engines. All spin-on filter part numbers are FAA/PMA approved and available through Tempest’s network of worldwide distributors. For more information regarding the new “Original” aviation oil filter and other Tempest products or its distributors please go to or call 800/822-3200.
Aviatrix ‘Pancho’ Barnes the Subject of New Documentary
The life of one of the twentieth century’s most famous female pilots is being commemorated with a documentary. Pancho Barnes! tells the story of famed aviatrix Florence “Pancho” Barnes through a series of interviews with friends, historians and biographers, as well as never-before-seen motion picture footage, photos, memorabilia and documents from her personal archive. 
Her pilot’s license signed by Wilbur Wright, Barnes’ was a member of the Ninety-Nines aviatrix club, flew in the first all-women’s transcontinental air race, and broke Amelia Earhart’s air speed record in 1930. As the first female stunt pilot in Hollywood she became friends with many aviation legends including Jimmy Doolittle, Howard Hughes, Paul Mantz, and Frank Tallman.

The film will be shown at national and international film festivals, on American and foreign television, and distributed to schools and libraries for educational purposes. For more information visit
Pearson Field Celebrates Centennial
Pearson Field Airport in Vancouver, Washington, celebrates its 100th birthday this Saturday with several special activities from 12-3 p.m. They include a rededication of Pearson Field; unveiling a new collection and exhibit wall at the Pearson Air Museum; an open house at the Aero Maintenance hangar and flight school; a general aviation aircraft display; aviation exploration for kids; a guided walk on the new National Parks Service Spruce Mill Interpretive Trail; and an evening aviation movie at the Pearson Air Museum. For more information visit
FAA AD Seeks to ID, Replace Problem Crankshafts in Engines
In response to 12 reported crankshaft failures in Lycoming model 360 and 540 series engines rated at 300 HP or lower, FAA issued airworthiness directive (AD) 2005-19-11 on September 16, 2005. Like the previously issued AD (2002–19–03), FAA seeks to identify and replace problem crankshafts installed in certain Lycoming engines. FAA estimates the AD will affect 1,128 engines under U.S. registry, costing their owners an average of more than $16,000 each. The total cost to the fleet is an estimated $18 million, although new parts provided by Lycoming will mitigate costs.

Models under scrutiny include Lycoming’s AEIO-360, IO-360, O-360, LIO-360, LO-360, AEIO-540, IO-540, O-540, and TIO-540 series reciprocating engines rated at 300 horsepower (HP) or lower. Crankshaft failure could result in total engine power loss, in- flight engine failure, and possible loss of the aircraft.

Owners of affected aircraft must comply with the AD within 50 hours time-in-service or 6 months after its effective date, which ever is earlier. 
If Lycoming Engines manufactured new, rebuilt, or overhauled your engine before March 1, 1999, and you haven’t had the crankshaft replaced, no further action is required.
FAA Posts GA Accident Avoidance Tips
Since 1984, stalls and loss of visual reference to the horizon were consistently the two leading causes of fatal GA accidents involving both single- and twin-engine GA aircraft. In its recently released report, General Aviation Common Safety Challenges 2005, the FAA Small Aircraft Directorate identifies the key accident causes and ways to avoid them—in the air and on the ground. To download a copy of the report visit the FAA websit
Malibu Mirage to Feature Entegra Integrated Flight Deck 
The New Piper Aircraft, Inc. now offers Avidyne’s FlightMax Entegra Integrated Flight Deck as standard equipment on its Malibu Mirage. Other Pipers, like the Meridian, Warrior II, Archer III, Arrow, Saratoga II HP, Saratoga II TC, 6X, and 6XT, already have the glass cockpit system. The Avidyne system has three 10.4-inch diagonal, high-resolution, sunlight-readable displays, including dual-redundant EXP5000 primary flight displays (PFDs) with dual-integrated, solid-state Air Data Altitude Heading Reference System (ADAHRS), primary engine instruments, and flight director.

In other news, James K. Bass, was named New Piper's President and CEO on September 12. Bass, 48, replaces Chuck Suma, who joins Piper’s Board of Directors as Vice Chairman. Bass comes to Piper after leading the financial turnaround of Suntron Corporation, a Phoenix-based $500 million public corporation where he served as President and CEO.
For more information visit

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