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News and Views February 3, 2006    Volume 6, Number 5

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Diamond DA40 lease tops membership drawing prize list

Diamond DA40

When you join or renew EAA during 2006, you're eligible to win a two-year lease on a new Diamond DA40 four-place airplane. The lease is provided by Diamond Aircraft Industries and is just one of the many prizes available during the 2006 contest.
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EAA's Aluminum Overcast to Return to Flight in March
'Keep it Flying Tour' Begins March 31

EAA's B-17 Tour

EAA's 2006 B-17 tour will be truly special as EAA's Boeing B-17 bomber, Aluminum Overcast, returns to flight after an 18-month repair project following a gear collapse incident in 2004.

The long-anticipated return of Aluminum Overcast to flight begins in with early March test flights, then the 2006 "Keep it Flying" tour gets under way at San Diego's Gillespie Field Airport March 31-April 2. The spring/summer tour leg includes 28 scheduled stops in eight states, including California, Oregon, Washington, Montana, and Colorado. A fall tour is also planned, with locations to be announced at a later date.
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Q & A: 
Question of the Week
For the EAA Aircraft Insurance Plan

I just let my special issuance valid third class medical expire. So technically, I've ever been denied (although it was deferred after having stents placed in my heart in March of 2004).

Since it was a valid medical at the time of its expiration, do I qualify for the driver's license medical for sport pilot? I have 2,000 hours, IFR certified, etc. Also, do I need any other endorsements on my pilot certificate besides SEL, MEL (center line thrust), and instrument as long as I have a current BFR? Is there a special sport pilot endorsement that is needed (or is it optional in my case)?

Since your medical certificate was valid until it expired, you are eligible to operate at the sport pilot level using your drivers license in lieu of the third class medical certificate.

However, since you are then operating at the sport pilot level you must confine yourself to only sport pilot privileges and limitations, which would include flying only aircraft that fit the definition of a light-sport aircraft. This would eliminate any multi-engine aircraft (regardless of whether they are centerline thrust or conventional) and would not allow any flight at night, under IFR, or at altitudes over 10,000 msl.

You do not need any special endorsements other than your current flight review.

How can we help you?

To ask a question regarding government issues, e-mail govt@eaa.org. If you have a question about registration, airmen, aircraft and medical certification, safety records, performance, or any other matter, e-mail infoserv@eaa.org.

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February 2006
EAA Desktop Calendar

EAA Desktop Calendar

Shooting the shooter: EAA volunteer photographer Mariano Rosales caught this photo of EAA Chief Photographer Jim Koepnick as Jim photographs a Tecnam Sierra during the Sebring U.S. Sport Pilot Expo held last month in Sebring, Florida. They were flying with EAA Photo-One pilot Bruce Moore. To download a copy for use on your computer desktop, visit the EAA website, where you can also download any of the previous EAA monthly desktop calendars (sans the calendar).
EAA Mourns Loss of Daryl Lenz
Daryl LenzEAA was very saddened to learn of the death of Daryl Lenz, EAA's former director of aircraft maintenance, in a one-vehicle traffic accident on Saturday evening, January 28, about 15 miles west of Oshkosh. Daryl resigned from EAA in August 2004 to take a teaching job at Fox Valley Technical College in Oshkosh, but he still retained the role of organizing and managing aircraft attractions on AeroShell Square during EAA AirVenture. Daryl also worked closely with the sport pilot and aircraft maintenance offices.

Funeral services are scheduled for Saturday morning in his hometown, Marshfield, Wisconsin, but today (Friday) Daryl's EAA and Tech colleagues and friends will hold a memorial service in the EAA AirVenture Museum's Eagle Hangar at 10:30 a.m. A Daryl Lenz Memorial Scholarship Fund has been established at Fox Valley Tech to benefit students enrolled in the school's aviation programs. Fox Valley Tech and the Lenz family will work with EAA on the selection process.

Daryl's name will be included in this year's EAA Memorial Wall installation during AirVenture, and the AeroShell Square headquarters will be named in his honor. Our deepest condolences go to Daryl's mother and family, as we will very much miss our friend and contributor to EAA's success.
Memorial fund contributions may be sent to:
Daryl Lenz Memorial Scholarship Fund
Fox Valley Technical College Foundation, Inc.
P. O. Box 2277
Appleton, WI 54912-2277

Large TFR Announced For Super Bowl XL
Super Bowl TFRAt the request of other federal agencies, the FAA will restrict airspace in and around Detroit's Ford Field before and during Super Bowl XL from 4 p.m. until midnight Sunday, February 5. Access to airspace in the Detroit area will be limited; general aviation aircraft will be allowed to use some local airports under several restrictions. GA traffic will be prohibited at Coleman Young Detroit City Airport while the temporary flight restriction is in effect.

The TFR includes a 10 nm inner ring surrounding Ford Field to 18,000 feet, excluding Canadian airspace. In general, flights are prohibited within the inner ring except for authorized law enforcement, emergency medical and military operations. A 30-nm, FL 180 outer ring will also surround the stadium, excluding Canadian airspace. All aircraft entering or exiting this outer ring must be on an active IFR or VFR flight plan, and must remain in two-way radio communication with air traffic control.
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Harrison Ford, Jay Leno Talk Young Eagles on 'Tonight Show'
Harrison Ford on Young EaglesActor, pilot and EAA member Harrison Ford, chairman of EAA's Young Eagles Program, provided some great national exposure for Young Eagles on Tuesday night during his appearance on NBC's Tonight Show with Jay Leno. Ford discussed his involvement with the program, both as its chairman and as an active participant who provides young people with their first flight experience in a general aviation aircraft.

"I'm working with EAA, the Experimental Aircraft Association, who sponsor a program called Young Eagles," he told Leno. "We take kids who have never been in a general aviation airplane and take them up in private airplanes to give them a sense that this is something that they might be able to do."
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EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2006 Highlights 'Hallmarks Of Homebuilding'
EAA AirVenture OshkoshMore than a half-century of the innovation that has emerged from private aircraft hangars, garages and basements will be highlighted during EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2006, "The World's Greatest Aviation Celebration," when the world of flight gathers at Wittman Regional Airport in Oshkosh on July 24-30.

"Hallmarks of Homebuilding" will celebrate the revolutionary moments in aircraft design and construction from those whose enthusiasm for flight extends to building their own airplanes, rotorcraft, amphibians and other designs. The activities will include the significant dates, designs and people who developed the homebuilt aircraft community. Homebuilt (or amateur-built) aircraft now account for nearly 20 percent of all single-engine, piston-powered airplanes in the United States.
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FAA Schedules LSA/AB DAR Course During EAA AirVenture
FAA's Light-Sport Aircraft Branch will hold a Light-Sport Aircraft (LSA) and Amateur-Built (AB) Designated Airworthiness Representative (DAR) recurrent course on the first day of EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2006. Current LSA and AB DARs will receive updated and advanced aircraft certification procedures and policies pertaining to both LSA and AB aircraft. After completing the half-day course, attendees can then take in The World's Greatest Aviation Celebration.
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Start Oshkosh Trip With EAA AirVenture Planning Guide
AirVenture Planning GuideOK, you've made the decision to attend EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2006, The World's Greatest Aviation Celebration. (That was a no-brainer!) You can't just wait for July, hop into the cockpit and show up. You need to start planning, and now! A great way to start is by downloading the 2006 EAA AirVenture Planning Guide, now available from the AirVenture website. The handy document includes essential information about admission, lodging, driving directions, commercial flights, vehicle rental, ground transportation services, and a lot more. Get your copy today and start charting your EAA AirVenture Oshkosh adventure!
EAA AirVenture Quilt Block Contest Grows
EAA AirVentue Quilt Block ContestAn increasingly popular event at EAA AirVenture is the annual Quilt Block contest, and entries are now being accepted for the 2006 competition through June 1. Quilters from around the world submit their creative, 12-inch square works of art depicting aviation scenes that are judged and then displayed in EAA AirVenture Museum during the convention and throughout the year. Details and an entry form, along with photos of last year's winners, can be found at www.airventure.org/2006/events/quilt_contest.html.
Save On Air Fares To EAA AirVenture Oshkosh
Three major airlines (American, Midwest, and Northwest are offering special air fare discounts for EAA members and other aviation enthusiasts planning to attend EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2006 July 24-30 at Wittman Regional Airport in Oshkosh.
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Send Us Your AirVenture Waypoints, Fuel Stops
If you'd like your facility to be among the waypoints, FBOs, and others listed on the AirVenture website, Send your information, including name of business, airport, phone number, e-mail address, and any special offers you'd like to announce. Send to webmaster@eaa.org, then watch for it on http://www.airventure.org/.

Visit www.airventure.org For Latest Updates 

www.AirVenture.orgPlanning for the World's Greatest Aviation Celebration has kicked into high gear! One place you'll want to visit again and again for the latest AirVenture news and developments is http://www.airventure.org/, the official website of EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2006. We've got plenty of exciting announcements coming down the pike, so go to the place where you can find out about it first!

EAA AirVenture RideShare
Looking for a ride, or have a spare right seat for Oshkosh? Visit www.airventure.org/rideshare.
Next Stop For EAA Sport Pilot Tour: Mesa, Arizona
EAA's Sport Pilot TourEAA's Sport Pilot Tour makes its first appearance of 2006 on February 18 at Falcon Field, Mesa, Arizona. Get a close look at wide variety of light-sport aircraft as LSA manufacturers have aircraft available for inspection, plus find out what you need to know to participate in the exciting new world of sport flying. Learn about the new sport pilot rule, attend sport pilot forums, and view LSA manufacturers' displays and demonstrations. EAA's Sport Pilot Team has the scoop on transitioning, maintenance, and medical considerations, plus tips on what questions to ask before buying your own light-sport aircraft.
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EAA Responds to Call For Aviation User Fees
The head of the Air Transport Association, as expected, has repeated the call for aviation user fees to bolster FAA's budget, a move that would offload millions of dollars of fees paid by the airlines onto general aviation users. ATA President/CEO James May made his comments in his speech, last week to the National Aeronautic Association in Washington, D.C. May repeated the airlines' stand that business aviation and the emerging very light jet market are not paying their fair share of fees to operate the air traffic management system.

"While we are pleased the head of ATA agrees that GA pilots operating from uncontrolled fields, in VFR conditions, have minimum use of the system and should be exempt from any user fees, he is missing the major point," said Earl Lawrence, EAA vice president of industry and regulatory affairs.
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EAA Members Help Diminish Airspace Restriction Threat in Kentucky
EAA's objections to a proposed no-fly zone around the Kentucky state capital grounds in Frankfort have brought assurances from the state's governor that he would not support any such airspace restrictions.
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'Ultimate Flight' Code Red Through Monday
GlobalFlyerWeather conditions remain favorable for Steve Fossett's "Ultimate Fight" attempt this week in the Virgin Atlantic GlobalFlyer, but the team reports that Chinese authorities would not grant overflight permits for the anticipated February 1-2 flight due to the Chinese New Year holiday period. As a result, flight status returns to Code Red (no possibility of launch) through Monday, February 6. Code Yellow (launch being considered) could come as early as Tuesday, February 7, Fossett says. For the latest information, visit www.virginatlanticglobalflyer.com.
EAA Insurance Tips --
Sport Pilot Insurance Q&As
By Bob Mackey
Falcon Insurance Agency, Inc.

Now that the new FAA Rules for sport pilots have been in effect for over a year it's time to squelch some of the rumors going around about sport pilots and aircraft insurance. Here are a few of the FAQs I've received and my answers to them, starting with...

Q: Can I get aircraft insurance as a sport pilot?
A: Yes, sport pilots can get insurance. In fact, a year ago there were two aviation insurance companies offering aircraft insurance anyone wanting to fly as a sport pilot in a qualified fixed wing aircraft. Today there are four.

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On the Flightline News and Views
RANS Delivers 1,000th S-12 Airaile
In March 1990, the first RANS S-12 Airaile took to the air. It was the company's first pusher aircraft, and it soon became a popular ultralight trainer. Sales of this model have been strong over the 16 years it's been in production. To date, more than 1,000 kits have been shipped, with an estimated 700 to 900 planes are operating worldwide.

What makes the S-12 Airaile so popular? "It could be a combination of many things, like the tough 4130 cage that forms the main structure, or the low build time," said RANS President Randy Schlitter. "Since 1990 the plane has retained its basic configuration, but its been improved and refined to be a combination of performance features that the competition finds hard to top." For more information, contact RANS, Inc., Hays, Kansas; call 785/625-6346, or visit www.rans.com.
Two More Fixed-Wing S-LSA Certificated
Two more light-sport aircraft (LSA) have earned special LSA (S-LSA) approval--Taylorcraft Aviation's Taylor Sport and Prestige Aircraft's Storm Rally. The Taylor Sport, a modernized version of the original Taylorcraft, is manufactured in the United States and is powered by a 100-hp Continental O-200A engine. It's priced at $69,995. For more information, contact Taylorcraft Aviation Inc., Brownsville, Texas, 800/217-1399 or visit www.taylorcraft.com.

The Storm Rally will be manufactured in the United States by Prestige Aircraft Company LLC, of Jackson, Michigan, under license from the Italian manufacturer, Storm Aircraft Srl. The all-composite machine is powered by a 100-hp Rotax 912S engine. Base price of the aircraft is $85,000. Air Elite Aviation, Three Rivers, Michigan, is the exclusive distributor for the Rally. For more information, contact Air Elite Aviation at 266/273-8441, www.aireliteaviation.com; or Prestige Aircraft Company, 517/990-9999, www.prestigeaircraft.us.

Sport Aviation Specialties Schedules Three E-LSA Repairman Courses
Following two successful inaugural sessions in December and January, Sport Aviation Specialties, Lee's Summit, Missouri, has scheduled three more experimental light-sport aircraft (E-LSA) repairman courses. The FAA-accepted, 16-hour course provides required training for current and future owners of fixed-wing E-LSAs to be eligible for an FAA light-sport repairman certificate, thus authorizing them to perform their own annual condition inspections. Dates and locations include: February 18-19, Cushing Field (0C8), Sheridan, Illinois; March 18-19, Beloit, Wisconsin (44C); and May 13-14, LaGrange Airport (3T5), LaGrange, Texas. Additional courses are planned for Indiana, Missouri, Georgia, and other locations.

Sport Aviation Specialties is developing a powered parachute course, the first tentatively scheduled for late April. Aviation clubs or organizations interested in hosting a course should contact Sport Aviation Specialties at sportaviation@kc.rr.com. For more information, visit www.sportaviationspecialties.com.

Annual Illinois Ultralight and Light Plane Safety Seminar
The 26th annual Illinois Ultralight and Light Plane Safety Seminar is scheduled for Saturday, February 25 in Springfield, Illinois. Topics to be discussed include Pro Balancing for Ultralight and Light Sport aircraft, Rotax Engine Maintenance, Passing the Sport Pilot Practical Test, and Understanding Aviation Weather Services. Aircraft will be on static display along with dealer and manufacturer displays. For more information visit www.safety-seminar.com.
Cirrus Exceeds Previous Aircraft Sales and Delivery Totals in 2005
Cirrus Design Corporation reported 600 new aircraft shipped in 2005, representing an increase of 9.2% over 2004. The company registered 701 new aircraft orders in 2005. On the manufacturing side, Cirrus reached a production milestone by manufacturing its 2,000th airplane in 2005 while setting monthly sales records in January and November.

The company is expanding manufacturing capacity in Duluth and Grand Forks, North Dakota, to keep up with its success. New construction at these existing facilities will accommodate the increase in aircraft production and the growing Cirrus workforce. For more information visit www.cirrusdesign.com.
Cessna Owners: Be an Expert on Your Own Airplane
Cessna Pilots Association Systems and Procedures Courses teach Cessna owners more about their airplanes than 99 percent will ever know, says CPA President John Frank. The two- and three-day total-immersion courses are offered for all single-engine Cessna models--from the 150/152 to the 210, as well as 337 twins. Instructors are experienced mechanics, aircraft owners, and high-time pilots. CPA courses are approved for A&Ps who hold an Inspection Authorization to comply with the FAA Inspection Authorization Refresher Training. For specific course dates and tuition information, visit the CPA website.
Extra Celebrates Milestone
This year marks the 25th anniversary of Extra Aircraft, and the company will be celebrating with a number of events and giveaways throughout the year. The 25th anniversary celebration kick-off will be held during Sun 'n Fun in Lakeland, Florida, exclusively for Extra aircraft owners. For more information visit www.extraaircraft.com, or call 717/394-9797.
Lindbergh Foundation to Present 2006 Lindbergh Awards
The Lindbergh Foundation will present Dr. Peter Diamandis, chairman and chief executive officer of the X Prize Foundation, and Will Steger, polar explorer, with an honorary 2006 Lindbergh Award May 19 at the Minnesota History center in St. Paul. The foundation will also present their first corporate award for balance to Patagonia, Inc. in recognition for the company's use of organically produced and recycled materials.
For reservations and information about the event, contact the Lindbergh Foundation office at 763/576-1596, or visit www.lindberghfoundation.org.
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