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News and Views FEBRUARY 16, 2007    Volume 7, Number 7

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Families can shake off the winter doldrums and enjoy a broad array of engaging activities during EAA's Family Flightfest next week February 24-25 at EAA's AirVenture Museum in Oshkosh. The weekend will feature numerous, fun-filled activities that celebrate the wonders of the most liberating outdoor activity: personal flight!
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Question of the Week
EAA Government Affairs
A private pilot receives ground training on all three types of airspace but is only required to fly into one type of controlled airspace to meet their training requirements. Why, therefore, do sport pilots (according to FAA reference documents for Sport Pilot Instructors) need to receive both ground AND in-flight instruction in all three types of airspace (B, C and D) to receive an endorsement to fly into or through them?

EAA raised your concern to the attention of the light-sport aircraft branch office (AFS-610) and they said this should not be the case. Here is their reply: "AFS-610 will change the note in the document on the website stating you have to have flight training in each type of airspace. To receive the 61.325 endorsement, a Sport Pilot will have to receive ground training on the operational aspects of flight into Class B, C, and D airspace, and receive flight training at a towered airport (3 takeoffs/landings to a full stop) to receive the endorsement - which will then be good at B, C, or D airspace/airports."

Thanks for the heads up! The Sport Pilot rule is still new, and we (EAA, the FAA, Instructors, SP's, etc.) are continuing to learn how all the separate rules affect its different aspects.

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February 2007
EAA Desktop Calendar

EAA Desktop Calendar

We're honored to feature EAA Founder and Chairman of the Board Paul Poberezny in this month's EAA desktop calendar, pictured in 1948 beside his Little Poop Deck, the result of his extensive clipwing modification of the remains of a 1940 Taylorcraft. The airplane is the subject of a feature article in the January 2007 issue of Vintage Airplane magazine, where Editor H.G. Frautschy and Paul discuss how he came up with the idea for not only the airplane, but also its name.

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Message from Tom Poberezny

Threat to Young Eagles Demands Immediate Action
EAA President Tom Poberezny This past week FAA supplied a one-two punch that could have a huge effect on the freedom of flying. First, it introduced its budget plan that included sharply higher fuel taxes on the airplanes we fly and the specter of additional user fees, which EAA and other general aviation groups will continue to fight.

However, I want to discuss another matter that speaks to the heart of who we are as EAA members and what aviation means to us. The new air tour rule unveiled this month includes language that could be extremely harmful to EAA's Young Eagles program. This program has flown nearly 1.3 million young people since 1992 and is a cornerstone of not only EAA's mission, but the future of aviation as well.
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EAA was heartened to hear broad skepticism and bipartisan opposition to the Bush Administration's FY2008 budget proposal for funding the FAA during the House Transportation and Infrastructure Subcommittee on Aviation hearing on Wednesday afternoon. The proposal, presented by FAA Administrator Marion Blakey, implements user fees and imposes a drastic increase in general aviation fuel taxes to fund the nation's air traffic control system and capital improvement programs.
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General Aviation United Against User Fees
EAA works hard to protect the rights of general aviation enthusiasts. Lend your voice to our efforts by becoming informed on how user fees threaten your rights as an aviation enthusiast.
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New Air Tour Rule has Potentially Harmful Provisions
EAA Young EaglesFollowing a thorough analysis of the many issues addressed in FAA's new Air Tour Rule unveiled last Friday, EAA is particularly alarmed at several elements of the rule that threaten the future of the Young Eagles Program.

Earl Lawrence, EAA's vice president of industry and regulatory affairs, immediately contacted senior FAA officials Monday morning to explain how certain elements of the rule's preamble - not the rule itself - could be interpreted in a way that would severely limit what aircraft could be used for Young Eagles flights, with additional restrictions on pilot qualifications and frequency of Young Eagles activities. After several days of talks with FAA officials, however, there were no immediate solutions to EAA's concerns forthcoming from the agency.
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Members seek to overturn anti-homebuilding ordinance
EAA Chapter 193EAA Chapter 193 in Jacksonville, Florida, is asking EAA members in the Jacksonville area to attend two upcoming city meetings where the controversial city ordinance prohibiting the construction and/or maintenance of aircraft on residential property will be discussed. Local EAAers goal is to convince the City Council to overturn this ordinance, which was adopted in the summer of 2006. It prohibits parking or storing aircraft (or airboats) in residentially zoned areas, except in completely enclosed buildings; and also bars anyone from repairing, testing, operating, modifying, or altering flying craft or airboats anywhere on a residential lot.
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EAA SportAir WorkshopsIf you're thinking about building a Van's RV aircraft or have taken steps to order a kit, then EAA SportAir Workshops has just the thing to help ensure your building success! There's space available at several upcoming two-day workshops, including at historic Flabob Airport, Riverside California, March 3-4; Frederick, Maryland, April 14-15; and Arlington, Washington, May 5-6.
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EAA SportAir WorkshopsEAA SportAir workshops offers several FAA-approved, weekend workshops that will allow you to obtain a Repairman/Inspection certificate for your airplane certificated in the Experimental Light-Sport Aircraft (E-LSA) category. The certificate allows you to perform the annual condition inspection on your airplane. Upcoming courses include Arlington, Washington (March 9-11); Oshkosh, Wisconsin (March 9-11); Flabob (Riverside), California, March 23-25; and Frederick, Maryland (March 23-25); and Arlington, Washington (June 8-10).
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Makes WSC/PPC Private Pilot Training More Accessible
The FAA approved an exemption for EAA allowing weight-shift control (WSC) and powered parachute (PPC) sport pilot instructors who hold any private pilot certificate to instruct WSC/PPC private pilot students. "EAA saw a need to make available additional qualified WSC & PPC instructors to train people to the private pilot level in WSC and PPC and this exemption allows that to happen" said Earl Lawrence, EAAs vice president of government and industry relations. The exemption eliminates the requirement for a sport pilot instructor to also hold the appropriate private pilot category/class WSC/PPC rating before training private pilot WSC/PPC students (FAR 61.415(b)(1)). To learn more, visit the sport pilot website, or if you're a Sport Pilot Instructor with a private pilot certificate, apply for the exemption here.
Louisiana EAA Fly-InLouisiana EAAers are preparing to launch their annual EAA Fly-in Series with the first event set for next weekend (February 24), EAA Chapter 343's fly-in at Shreveport Downtown Airport (DTN). The series, which dates back to the late 1980s and early 1990s, was revived in 2003 to help state flyers appropriately celebrate the 100th anniversary of flight. It includes 10 fly-in events that run through the end of October.
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EAA AirVenture OshkoshNearly 30 stops in 16 states appear on EAA AirVenture's Alternate Airports and Stops page, providing special offers to EAA members on their flights to and from EAA AirVenture Oshkosh. If you have a landing facility and would like to be among the waypoints, FBOs, and other sites listed, please send us your information, including name of business, airport, phone number, e-mail address, and any special offers you'd like to announce. Send to webmaster@eaa.org, then watch for it on the EAA AirVenture website.
EAA Insurance Tips
By Bob Mackey
Falcon Insurance Agency, Inc.

One of the most frequent questions I'm asked is "Do older pilots pay higher premiums?" Well the simple answer is yes, they do. As pilots get older, just like airplanes, two things happen with the insurance. First, insurance becomes less available (i.e. some of the insurance companies will not offer insurance for older aircraft or senior pilots). Second, the insurance companies that offer insurance for older airplanes and senior pilots will charge more, but the point at which they start charging more varies from one company to the next.
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Gifts from the EAA online storeYou'll look terrific this spring in your new Ford Tri-Motor jacket! The lightweight, 100% cotton jacket has a micro-fleece lining and features the embroidered Ford Tri-Motor logo, corduroy trim under the collar, cuffs, and waistband, two front pockets, an inner pocket, and a cell phone pocket with Velcro closure. Originally $75, it's on sale now for $60. Order yours today at the Aeronautica website.
On the Flightline News and Views
Mountain Aircraft is poised to begin flight-testing of its new light-sport aircraft, American Flyer, this month, according to a company release. Mountain's goals are to produce one of the lowest priced sport aircraft in North America with the best performance range, and one that is fun to own and operate. American Flyer is expected to be base priced in the mid-$60,000 range. It's a high-wing, two-place (side by side), available in either tricycle or tailwheel configuration. Construction includes a steel tube fuselage and fabric-covered, folding wings with aluminum spars and wood ribs. Cruise will be 100 mph, with landing at less than 30 mph with true STOL performance. The company is aiming to have a production line copy available for demonstration flights at Sun 'n Fun. For more information, visit www.rockymountainwings.com.
CubCrafters, Inc., received its FAA Production Certificate during a presentation ceremony Monday at its Yakima, Washington, headquarters. The certificate authorizes the company to conduct its own airworthiness inspections on type-certificated aircraft (Sport Cub and Top Cub) produced there. Company officials made mention that theirs was the second company in the state with a PC. "While we are not yet quite as large as our jet-making friends over in Seattle (Boeing), we now share a common FAA standard when it comes to quality, safety, manufacturing and the FAA's view of our ability to build new aircraft repeatedly and to type design," said Earl Barnes, director-quality assurance. For more information, visit www.cubcrafters.com.
General aviation experienced a record $18.8 billion in 2006 industry billings according to figures released this week by the General Aviation Manufacturers Association (GAMA). Shipments of every type of GA aircraft increased, including pistons, 2,465 to 2,750 (11.6 percent); turboprops, 365 to 407 (11.5 percent); and business jets, 750 to an all-time high 885 (18 percent). The total billings represented a 24.1 percent increase over 2005. To view the complete report, visit www.gama.aero.
Captain Gene Cernan, the last man to set foot on the moon, will receive the 2007 Lindbergh Spirit Award May 16 at the Minnesota History Center in St. Paul, Minnesota. "If anyone personifies the spirit and pioneering character of America's space program it is the last man to have set foot on the moon - Captain Gene Cernan," said event co-chair and Lindbergh Foundation board member Greg Herrick. Cernan, EAA 456102, flew on three separate space missions and was the second American to walk in space. He is one of only two men to have flown to the moon twice. For information about attending the May 16 event, please contact the Lindbergh Foundation office at 763-576-1596, or visit www.lindberghfoundation.org.
Aero Technical Institute (ATI) will offer several Rotax engine training classes at the Sun 'n Fun Fly-in at Lakeland Florida in mid-April. A 4-stroke class will be held on April 17-18, and if that fills up, another will be offered April 22-23. A 2-stroke class will be held April 19-20. Also offered is a one-day class on 4-strokes on April 21. All classes are from 8 a.m.-5 p.m. at the Lockwood display in the new Sun 'n Fun Light Plane area (formerly Paradise City/Ultralight Area). Cost is $445 for advance registration and $545 if you register at the event. The one-day class is $295 before March 15, 2007, or $325 afterwards. To register, call 863-655-5100. For more information, visit www.AeroTechnicalInstitute.com.
Dr. Arthur Peterson, president of the Wathen Academy at historic Flabob Airport in Riverside, California, was named a co-recipient of the California Community College Administrators of Occupational Education Excellence in Partnership Award. The award acknowledges the Aeronautics Advisory Committee Partnership between the academy and San Bernardino Valley College as the most outstanding partnership in the state of California. The Wathen Foundation hosts an aviation high school which recently won a $772,014 Tech Prep grant to provide high school juniors and seniors with aeronautics courses and a link to college-level programs. For more information, visit www.Flabob.org.
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