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Another Secret is Out
The Secret's Out
One thing front and center at EAA AirVenture Oshkosh is innovation. Nowhere was that more evident that at 9:30 this morning when Sonex Aircraft introduced its proof-of-concept electric motor in a Waiex airframe
.  Read more

Today's Top Story
Surprises: Cirrus unveils an LSA
Less than a month after Cirrus Design Corporation unveiled its "the-jet," the company pulled the parachute off another new product on AirVenture's opening day: the Cirrus SRS light-sport aircraft (LSA), the Duluth manufacturer's planned entry into the burgeoning LSA market. Cirrus began with an existing design - based on the Fk14 Polaris, a current design of German manufacturer Fk Lightplanes - and plans to "Cirrus-ize" it.  Read more  

EAA AirVenture Oshkosh Videos

EAA AirVenture Oshkosh Videos
Sport Pilot/Light-Sport Aircraft has been growing fast in a short time. EAA's John Nicholson shows us how that's easy to see at AirVenture 2007, with some big companies getting involved. Watch the video

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Black line
Black line
News from EAA AirVenture Oshkosh July 24, 2007 
Eclipse unveils ECJ personal jet
Eclipse Aviation, the aircraft manufacturer that introduced the VLJ (very light jet) concept with its Eclipse 500, unveiled a proof-of-concept personal jet at EAA AirVenture Oshkosh yesterday morning. Incorporating many components of the Eclipse 500, the Eclipse Concept Jet (ECJ) is a single-engine, four-place aircraft featuring a V-tail empennage and a turbofan engine mounted on a pod atop the rear of the fuselage. It is projected to have a maximum cruise speed of 345 knots, a 41,000-foot-service ceiling, and a 1,250-nautical-mile range with instrument flight rules reserves. The aircraft was flown to Wittman Regional Airport the night before the unveiling.  Read more 

Epic introduces two new jets
Monday's cavalcade of industry announcements at AirVenture continued as Epic Aircraft introduced two new jets, the twin-engine Epic Elite, a VLJ (very light jet), and the single-engine Epic Victory, a PJ (personal jet), at AeroShell Square.  Read more 

French ATC visits AirVenture
The two people who manage air traffic control at the annual Paris Air Show are in Oshkosh this week observing and learning from the air traffic controllers at Wittman Regional, which right now is "the world's busiest airport." Sylvie Devoge is the control tower supervisor at Paris' Le Bourget Aeroport and Jean-Marc Gosset the tower supervisor at Paris' Charles DeGaulle Aeroport. They co-manage a team of 50 air traffic controllers who direct the split-second choreography of the Paris Air Show, along with the normal commercial traffic in and out of the two airports.  Read more  

Sigma-Tek launches new attitude indicator
Sigma-Tek will launch its new 5000EG attitude indicator at Booth 2016 in Exhibit Hangar B. The 5000EG is FAA certified as a primary or standby gyro, approved to replace turn coordinators, and available in 14-and 28-volt models.  Read more  

Comp Air announces new aircraft
Comp Air Aviation this week at EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2007 is rolling out the Comp Air 12 proof-of-concept airplane, which it expects to achieve FAA certification for by the first quarter of 2010. Powered by a Honeywell turboprop engine swinging a Hartzell five-blade propeller, the aircraft features an extra-long (41-foot 5-inch) fuselage and a 300-square-foot wing area, putting it in a league of its own, the company says.  Read more  

President's Award Honorees Represent the 'Essence' of EAA
Awarded since 1980, the EAA President's Awards provide Tom Poberezny with an opportunity to personally acknowledge members whose participation and contributions represent the "essence" of EAA. Tonight, he'll present awards to Victor Abbey, Jane Hatch, David Johnson, and Alan Ritchie at the Theater in the Woods.  Read more  

Safe ground operations for conventional gear (tailwheel) aircraft
All pilots feel a need to be vigilant regarding safety issues. They carefully inspect their aircraft during preflight, run up the engine(s), and check the weather. They ask themselves, "Am I physically and mentally ready to fly today?" Simply stated, pilots make many critical, safety-based decisions well before the wheels start to roll.  Read more  

Safety first in Warbirds area on air show days
On days the EAA Warbirds of America perform at EAA AirVenture this week (all days except Thursday), the Warbirds area is required to close certain sections of the aircraft parking area just before, during, and after the performances. With dozens of aircraft starting up and taxiing through "public access" areas (warbirds aircraft parking), it creates a huge safety concern.  Read more

Klapmeier brothers to receive Freedom of Flight Award
Cirrus founders Alan and Dale Klapmeier will receive the Freedom of Flight Award tonight at the Theater in the Woods for their advancements in aircraft design, safety, and innovation through the years. EAA's Freedom of Flight Award is the organization's highest honor, bestowed annually to an individual whose contributions to aviation closely mirror the integrity, entrepreneurship, and innovativeness of EAA members.  Read more  

New class opens up AirVenture Cup
Jeff Lange estimates he spent about $10,000 building his Sonerai I, including the engine. What that bought him is what he describes as an incredibly fun-to-fly, incredibly fast airplane. The problem was that no one believed that the Volkswagen engine in the front of the little plane really could pull it along at indicated airspeeds of 160 knots or more.  Read more  

Welding demonstrations on display
Weldcraft will display TIG welding torches and accessories at Booth S4, where visitors can watch live welding demonstrations or try the equipment for themselves. Weldcraft's WP-225 modular flex head torch, AK-150 modular flex kit, WP-125 MicroTig torch, and premium line of tungsten electrodes will be on display. Also on display will be the company's new Triad (TTG Plus) tungsten grinder. Read more  

Virginia Bader aviation art
Virginia Bader Fine Arts will feature various famous pilots at Booth 1030 and 1031 located at Exhibit Hangar A. Gen. GŁnther Rall, the highest scoring living Luftwaffe ace, and Col. Robert "Shorty" Rankin will have short appearances. Rankin flew with the famous Zemke's Wolfpack 56th Fighter Group. He will be in the booth Thursday through Saturday. Famous SR-71 pilot Col. Rich Graham will be at the booth throughout the entire week.  Read more  

EAAers make their voices heard in Member Village
Before lunchtime on opening day, more than 325 EAA members had signed a petition to keep user fees out of general aviation, and more than 200 member photographs filled the display panels at EAA Member Village to show Congress the "face" of EAAers united against the establishment of user fees to fund the nation's air traffic control system.  Read more  

Diamond expands product line, pre-certification testing
Austria-based Diamond Aircraft has come a long way to have such a major presence at EAA AirVenture. Having first entered the North American general aviation market with only its two-seat DA20 Katana, the company's lineup now boasts a full selection of piston singles and a twin, from a motorglider to the DA42 Twin Star. Now, with yesterday's formal unveiling of the recently announced DA50 Super Star, Diamond appears poised to give manufacturers like Cirrus and Columbia a little more competition.  Read more  

Girl's seaplane photo wins statewide competition
Everyone has a favorite place. But 7-year-old Lauren Rankin's favorite place, and a photo of it, won her first-place honors in the statewide "My Favorite Place" competition sponsored by PTA Reflections in Missouri.  Read more  

Pilot Briefings
Services and support for Whirl Wind propellers
Whirl Wind Aviation of Austinburg, Ohio, and Ameritech Industries, Inc., the parent company of American Propeller Service and Eagle Engines of Redding, California, have announced that they have entered into a Service Center/Sales Agreement of Whirl Wind Propellers.  Read more  

Volunteers to be honored with Preston Little Award
Maggie Brady and Shari Jobst will receive the 2007 Preston Little Award of Excellence today at the announcer's stand along the flightline for their longtime involvement with and dedication to EAA.  Read more  

Walter Extra to discuss new aircraft at Oshkosh 2007
Extra Aircraft Corporation celebrates yet another exciting milestone in the company's history as it introduces the Extra 300/SR, a new race aircraft, making its debut in the Interlaken, Switzerland Red Bull Air Race July 14 - 15, 2007.  Read more  

'America by Air' exhibit opens later this year
The Smithsonian's National Air and Space Museum will open its newest permanent exhibition, "America by Air," on Saturday, November 17. With a dramatic array of artifacts, photographs, artwork, and interactives - many at full scale - the gallery will tell in sweeping detail the story of passenger air travel in the United States, from the early attempts to form airlines only a decade after Kitty Hawk to the commercial challenges and technical sophistication of the 21st-century jet age.  Read more  

New aerobatics team makes AirVenture debut
Collaborators are defined as those who work together. But it's also an appropriate name for the new formation aerobatics team unveiling its show to EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2007 crowds this week.  Read more 

Trick Air releases new snow skis
Trick Air has designed a snow ski for multiple models of Maule aircraft that is easy to install (under 20 minutes) without having to remove the wheel or lift the airplane. This makes the aircraft more versatile and able to take off and land on snow or pavement. Trick Air has developed three sizes of skis and a tail ski. The sizes are 1500, 2250, and the 3000 series. The smaller 1500 size skis are certified for use on American Legend Cubs. For additional information, visit the company's exhibit (Booth 116) in the Main Aircraft Display area, or visit www.TrickAir.com.  

New shimmy damper for Beech owners
Lord Corporation has announced a new nose-gear shimmy damper for Beech aircraft owners. The patented technology provides a consistent damping without maintenance. Instead of using fluids to resist motion, the shimmy damper features a unique rubber formulation with a high-tech lubricant to absorb nose-wheel vibration. This product will work with the 33, 35, and 36 single-engine aircraft lines and the 55 and 58 twins. For more information, visit the Herber Aircraft Service exhibit at Booth 1140 in Exhibit Hangar A, or visit www.HerberAircraft.com.  

Inspiration draws teen girls to Women Soar
Kara Swensen said she didn't have any female role models growing up. She didn't even have a lot of people encourage her, wanting to protect her from failure.  Read more  

Around the Field
Fathers and sons sharing their first visits to AirVenture ... and accidental friends.
Tom Crossley and his son, Adam, are sitting beneath their wing in the campgrounds near the northern edge of the field. They're from Foxboro, Massachusetts, and this is their first time to AirVenture.  Read more 

From Jamestown to Mars, it takes explorers with imagination
Four centuries ago, pioneers from England were humbled by the elements as they struggled to maintain a community at Jamestown on Chesapeake Bay. They learned from their mistakes and they learned from successful Native Americans that exploration is not for the timid or the unimaginative.  Read more  

Ask Tom
Tom Richards will answer your questions in EAA AirVenture Today throughout the week. Please drop your questions regarding aviation, AirVenture, or EAA off at the EAA AirVenture Today office just north of the control tower, or via e-mail to asktom_airventure@hotmail.com and he will do his darndest to answer them. Please also be sure to include your name and where you are from.  Read more

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