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EAA: FAA's Proposal Would Adversely Affect Homebuilt Movement
Campaign to voice opposition continues
"Having expressed concerns about compliance with amateur aircraft-building requirements for more than two years, the FAA has proposed a new policy that would overcomplicate participation in amateur aircraft building without solving the fundamental compliance concerns."

This conclusion of an EAA analysis document underscores the EAA community's call to action: Tell the FAA to enforce the existing amateur-built aircraft rules and to abandon its proposal that would impose new and complicated requirements for documenting and reporting an amateur aircraft builder's work.

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EAA Multimedia

Video Volunteers Serving Volunteers
The volunteer kitchen opens nearly two weeks before AirVenture each year to serve three meals a day to the hundreds of volunteers who come early to make AirVenture a success.

Who are the cooks? Volunteers who love volunteering, of course.

Other multimedia posted this week:

Homebuilders Hints: Making a Sheet Metal Rib From Scratch (Part 1 of 6); and Torque Wrench Technique

AeroShell Answers: Single- vs Multi-Grade

Timeless Voice: Joe Kittinger

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News & Views from EAA September 5, 2008    Volume 8, Number 48
EAA SWEEPSTAKES WINNER CLAIMS HIS PRIZEOver the past decade or so, Greg Thompson and his wife, Esme, have attended AirVenture Oshkosh every year. However, a business trip conflicted with the 2008 convention dates, so they couldn't come. As he does every year, Thompson, of Fairfax, Virginia, entered the EAA Share the Spirit Sweepstakes using the entry coupons received in Sport Aviation. This year's Grand Prize: a new Cirrus SR20.

Thompson won the sweepstakes and on Wednesday, September 3, was at Cirrus headquarters in Duluth, Minnesota, to pick up his brand new airplane. "I'm still quite dumbfounded about it," he said. "I never in my wildest dreams expected to win."  Read more

EAA, MID-EASTERN REGIONAL FLY-IN SIGN SPONSORSHIP AGREEMENTThe Mid-Eastern Regional Fly-In (MERFI), which takes place this weekend (September 6-7), has reached a sponsorship agreement with EAA that brings higher visibility to the event and clearly defines EAA's continuing role in it. MERFI's new home is Grimes Field (I74) in Urbana, Ohio, where final preparations are being made for the 44th annual fly-in.

Under the agreement, EAA will provide promotion and coverage of MERFI and also serve as a major sponsor of aviation educational activities such as forums and workshops, along with other considerations.  Read more

POBEREZNY SPEAKS AT FAA GREAT LAKES REGION'S 50TH ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATIONEAA President Tom Poberezny traveled to Des Plaines, Illinois, on Thursday where he offered closing remarks at a special program for the FAA Great Lakes Region headquarters 50th anniversary celebration. That program also included words from FAA and local officials, as well as a program highlighting the agency's first 50 years of existence. In 1958, an act of Congress created the Federal Aviation Agency to replace the Civil Aeronautics Administration. The agency changed its name to the Federal Aviation Administration in 1967.
CLARIFICATION OF ELT REQUIREMENTSThis week the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association (NOAA) sent out notifications to U.S. aircraft owners regarding upcoming changes in emergency locator transmitter (ELT) services. NOAA reminds owners that after February 1, 2009, satellite coverage of 121.5 MHz ELTs will end and that only ground-based monitoring will take place. NOAA recommends that aircraft owners transition to the improved digital 406 MHz ELT systems.

This has caused some confusion among aircraft owners, many of whom feel they are now required to upgrade to the 406 MHz units.  Read more

EAA FORD TRI-MOTOR TOUREAA's 1929 Ford Tri-Motor is traveling to Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, this weekend, September 4-7, where it will be stationed at Capital City Airport (KCXY) and offering once-in-a-lifetime opportunities to experience the magic of flight in the world's first mass-produced airliner. From there the historic aircraft heads to Trenton, New Jersey, September 11-14, where it will be stationed at Ronson Aviation Inc. at Trenton Mercer Airport (TTN). Advanced bookings for both of these stops are now available online at
EAA's Salute to Veteran's tour featuring the B-17 Aluminum Overcast heads to Lafayette, Indiana, this weekend, September 5-7, where the historic bomber will be hosted by EAA Chapter 256. The following week EAA Chapter 104 will host a tour stop in Valparaiso, Indiana, September 9-10. From there it's on to Illinois where EAA Warbird Squadron 4 hosts a tour stop at DuPage September 12-14. Flights at any one of these stops can be booked through or by contacting EAA's B-17 Tour Office at 800-359-6217.

Making a Sheet Metal Rib From Scratch
(Part 1 of 6)
HOMEBUILDING HINT OF THE WEEKIn this first of a series on how to build a sheet metal rib from scratch, Sonex builder and staff member Kerry Fores walks you through how to lay out your blank using the "magic washer" trick. We'll feature succeeding parts of this series in the weeks to come. 

Torque Wrench Technique - Proper torqueing of AN bolts is absolutely critical in aircraft construction. Oftentimes, builders will over-torque when tightening nuts. In this episode, Wally Anderson shares some tips on using torque wrenches and how to avoid overtorqueing when a torque wrench isn't practical or available. Wally is a Technical Counselor and member of EAA's Homebuilt Aircraft Council.

If you have a hint to share with your fellow EAAers, we'd love to hear from you! Drop us a note at, and please put "Hints" in the subject line.

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EAA CalendarEAA Chapter 701 Fly-In, Mansfield Municipal Airport, Massachusetts
EAA Chapter 701 will be hosting its Annual Fly-In and Open House on September 6, 2008 at Mansfield Municipal Airport (1B9), Mansfield, MA. There will be aircraft judging, food, fun and more! The featured aircraft this year are Cessna 120s, 140s and 170s but all aircraft are welcome. Come and enjoy a fantastic fall day in New England!  Contact: Mike Vidal at 508-761-8012 or send an e-mail.

Also the National Stearman Fly-In, a must-attend event of the year for Stearman enthusiasts, continues through Sunday, September 7, at Galesburg Municipal Airport, Galesburg, Illinois.  Visit for more information.

And for more information about these events, or to find/submit others, visit

EAA 'TIMELESS VOICE OF THE WEEK': JOE KITTENGERJoe Kittinger is an aviation legend. He is best known for the work he did in the 1950s and 1960s on the Air Force's PROJECT MANHIGH making high altitude balloon flights and PROJECT EXCELSIOR, where he flew the Excelsior III balloon to an altitude of 102,800 feet before jumping out and becoming the first person to exceed the speed of sound during free fall, and setting the record for the highest parachute jump ever. Later in his career Joe volunteered for combat duty during the Vietnam War, initially flying bombing missions in B-26s and A-26s before becoming an F-4 pilot and commander of the famed 555th Tactical Fighter Squadron. He was shot down over Hanoi on May 11, 1972, and spent 11 months as a POW. After the Vietnam War he continued his Air Force career until retiring with the rank of Colonel in 1978, and has remained active in aviation ever since. Watch the video
EAA MerchandiseA wide variety of merchandise from EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2008 is still available, and at savings of up to $12 off the regular retail prices! The Jansport hooded sweatshirt (pictured) has the stylish AirVenture 2008 design and features white body and red accents on the hood lining, piping, cuffs, and waistband. It's available for only $47.99! 

EAA MerchandiseWant to bring part of AirVenture 2008 home to you? Here is your chance. Order an EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2008 Pennant, the very ones that flew during The World's Greatest Aviation Celebration. These red and blue pennants feature the 2008 AirVenture logo and can also include Tom Poberezny's signature. Supplies are limited so order today at for more great offers, but all merchandise is available only while supplies last so act today. Order online or call our toll-free number, 800-564-6322.

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EAA Flight Planner

Q & A: 
Question of the Week
I am looking for the FAA website that provides the printable application form for the re-issue of certificates to comply with the new regulation having to do with the English language. Can you help?

Sure, you can find the form here. This is an International Civil Aviation Organization's (ICAO) English language proficiency requirement that went into effect March 5, 2008, but the U.S. extended its compliance date to March 5, 2009. The new rule requires private, commercial, and airline transport pilots with powered aircraft ratings; flight engineers and flight navigators; and control tower operators to have a certificate verifying proficiency in the use of the English language.

Have a question?
To ask a question regarding government issues, e-mail For questions about registration, airmen, aircraft and medical certification, safety records, performance, or any other matter, e-mail

September 2008
EAA Desktop Calendar
EAA Free Desktop Wallpaper

The gigantic Boeing Dreamlifter made its EAA AirVenture debut this year. It was on display on AeroShell Square during its 24 hour stay in Oshkosh. Photo by Steve Schulte. 

Download this wallpaper image at the EAA website, where you can choose among several different resolutions to suit your screen...or select an image from the archive.

On the Flightline - General Aviation News

Ballistic Recovery Systems, Inc. (BRS) has entered into an agreement with Martin Aircraft Company ( to provide BRS emergency parachute recovery systems for all production model Martin Jetpacks. Unveiled at EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2008 on July 29, the Martin Jetpack is being billed as "the world's first practical jetpack." BRS also announced that its product recorded save No. 214 in Germany on August 25. The pilot of an FK14 Polaris lost aerodynamic control of his aircraft upon encountering severe weather near the city of Cologne. Realizing he was in a deteriorating situation, he deployed his BRS emergency parachute system. The pilot subsequently landed in a grove of trees and walked away with just a sight scratch on his face. "We are indeed privileged to work for a company that has designed, manufactured, and sold such a product which has saved so many lives through the years," said BRS CEO, Larry Williams. Learn more at

Liberty Aerospace is setting the record straight after the FAA mistakenly named the Liberty XL-2 as having undergone a Special Certification Review (SCR) in 2008. The Liberty XL2 has never been the subject of the review by the FAA. A press release regarding the Eclipse Jet issued by the FAA on August 20, 2008, listed various other aircraft that have, including the XL2. Liberty has been in contact with the FAA's Small Airplane Directorate, receiving acknowledgement that the statement was made in error.

With more than 130 aircraft in service, Liberty has never received a Customer Service Difficulty Report nor has the FAA issued an Airworthiness Directive (AD) against the XL2. In a company statement, Liberty said the XL2 is certified to the strictest FAA Part 23 standards and is the safest aircraft in production today. For more information, visit

Eclipse Aviation has established a new divisional structure in support of the company's operational excellence strategy. Peg Billson, previously the company's chief operating officer, has been appointed president and general manager of the Eclipse Manufacturing Division. Mike McConnell, previously vice president of sales and marketing, will serve as president and general manager of the Eclipse Customer Division. Mark Borseth, Eclipse's chief financial officer will lead the newly established Process Improvement Teams to ensure the success of both divisions. All three executives will continue to report to CEO Roel Pieper as part of the executive management team.

The new divisional structure consists of two individual operating units with a corporate infrastructure to ensure common processes, procedures, and reporting. The manufacturing division will include engineering, supply chain, quality, production, and flight operations. The customer division will be comprised of marketing, sales, customer support, product support and flight training. Learn more at

NASA's Aeronautics Research Mission Directorate will accept scholarship applications from September 5, 2008, through January 16, 2009, for the academic year beginning in fall 2009. NASA expects to award 20 undergraduate and five graduate scholarships to students in aeronautics or related fields. Undergraduate students in their second year of study will receive up to $15,000 per year for two years and a summer internship with a $10,000 stipend at a NASA center. Graduate students will receive up to $35,000 per year for three years and two summer internships at a NASA center with $10,000 stipends. Scholarship money can be used for tuition and other school-related expenses. All applicants must be U.S. citizens. For more details, visit:

Artex, a manufacturer of emergency locator transmitters, has signed an agreement with spidertracks ltd. to distribute the portable "spidertracks" flight tracking system. The spidertracks unit allows tracking of location, altitude, speed, direction, and date/time information of any aircraft anywhere in the world. The coordinates are transmitted via the Iridium network of 66 satellites to a secure server allowing access to any designated recipient anywhere in the world via the Internet. For more information, visit

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