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Convention Grounds Project

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New Blog Follows EAA Grounds Project
Log on for the inside scoop!
Steve TaylorWant to get the inside scoop on the exciting transformation under way at the EAA AirVenture Oshkosh convention grounds? Check out a new blog that was launched this week on the AirVenture website, featuring Steve Taylor (left), EAA's director of grounds and maintenance. Steve will provide an insider's perspective on the project as it progresses in the weeks and months leading up to AirVenture Oshkosh 2009. Look for regular updates about the project's progress. You can even subscribe to an RSS feed that will alert you to new posts.

See the blog at

EAA Multimedia

Video SportAir Fabric Workshop
Another in a series of videos featuring EAA SportAir Workshops appears this week, the Fabric Covering course. Workshops are held year 'round at locations throughout the U.S. and Canada. To learn more about SportAir Workshops, visit

More multimedia content this week:
Hints for Homebuilders - Composite Propeller Repair
Timeless Voice: Glenn Martin, creator of the Martin Jetpack.
Christmas in the Air: Sights and sounds of EAA's annual holiday extravaganza, which celebrates its 25th year on December 8.

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News & Views from EAA November 14, 2008    Volume 8, Number 58
60 days added for public input
Grumman WidgeonAs initially reported last month, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has proposed sweeping security rules for the operation of aircraft that weigh more than 12,500 pounds. The proposed regulation, the Large Aircraft Security Program, would require owners of those aircraft to obtain permission from TSA to operate their own personal aircraft every time they carry passengers. Additionally, all flight crews would be required to undergo fingerprinting and a background check, all passengers would have to be vetted against the government’s terrorist watch lists, and numerous security requirements would be imposed on airports serving these “large” aircraft. EAA adamantly opposes this regulation and urges all members to respond to TSA.  Read more

EAAer to mark 20 years of flight at Oshkosh
FIRST IN LINE TO PURCHASE AIRVENTURE TICKETS ONLINETwenty years ago next year, Mac Swindell, EAA 618280, earned his Private Pilot Certificate and he plans to celebrate that milestone in style - he's bringing the family to Oshkosh next July 27-August 2 for EAA AirVenture 2009. This happens to be Swindell's turn to pick the family vacation destination, so he decided they'd make their first trip to AirVenture Oshkosh. That decision was made even easier when he read about advance tickets becoming available online in the October 30 edition of e-Hotline. Swindell wasted little time logging on and buying five tickets for he and his wife, Taylora, and their three sons ages 7, 10, and 12. In fact, he was first in line at the AirVenture cyber window.  Read more

Ground reference maneuvers

Earning His WingsFlight 05 - "This week I was introduced to ground reference maneuvers. Flying various patterns at a low altitude (600-1000 ft. AGL) is a blast! If Maneuversit weren't for the wind, these patterns would be a breeze, but the wind adds an interesting challenge that must be adjusted for. We brought along a GPS data logger so you can see exactly how good/bad we did. Check it out on the blog."
- Brady

Brady Lane, EAA multimedia journalist, is taking flight lessons in pursuit of his sport pilot certificate, and he's sharing the experience in real time on EAA's website, "Earning My Wings: A Video Blog About Learning to Fly."

Frank BormanFrank Borman, whose unique aviation career included his role of the Apollo 8 mission that in December 1968 became the first manned craft to orbit the moon, will be the featured speaker at EAA’s annual Wright Brothers Memorial Banquet on Wednesday, Dec. 17. The banquet, held in the EAA AirVenture Museum’s Eagle Hangar in Oshkosh, will commemorate the 105th anniversary of the Wright Brothers’ first powered flight at Kitty Hawk, N.C.  Read more
Composite Propeller Repair
Hints for Homebuilders
Brian Carpenter of Rainbow Aviation Services demonstrates how to make a minor repair to a carbon fiber propeller. Brian is an A&P aircraft mechanic with an Inspection Authorization rating (IA), a designated airworthiness representative for light-sport aircraft and amateur-builts, a Sport Pilot Instructor-Examiner, an FAA Certified Flight Instructor, and an EAA Technical Counselor/Flight Advisor.

If you have a hint to share with your fellow EAAers, we'd love to hear from you! Drop us a note at, and please put "Hints" in the subject line.

By Bob Mackey, representative for the EAA Aircraft Insurance Plan,
Administered by Falcon Insurance Agency

EAA Aircraft Insurance PlanEver since we started the EAA Aircraft Insurance Plan, there have been some misconceptions as to what types of aircraft and flying the plan was meant to serve. In fact, the EAA Aircraft Insurance Plan is as diverse as the EAA membership. Regardless of the aircraft and/or the nature of one's flying, the plan tries to provide an insurance option that meets the individual needs each EAA member. Now, before I go any further, I have to admit that there are certain situations where it's tough to obtain coverage…but we never stop trying regardless of the circumstances. Are there times when we simply cannot get an insurance company to offer coverage? Yes, but I'm proud to say that this doesn't happen very often.

One particular area for which the EAA Aircraft Insurance Plan offers very special coverage options is aerobatics.  Read more

ALUMINUM OVERCASTThis week Redstone College in Denver, Colorado, hosts EAA's B-17 Aluminum Overcast, November 14-16, on the "Keep It Flying" tour. The Pueblo Weisbrod Aircraft Museum welcomes the tour November 18-19, then it's on to Albuquerque, New Mexico, for a November 21-23 tour stop hosted by EAA Chapter 179.

For more information on the B-17 tour or to book flights, please call 800-359-6217 or visit Pre-book prices are $359 for EAA members and $399 for non-EAA members. Walk-up prices are $385 for EAA members and $425 for non-EAA members.

Canadian Council members being sought

Bits and PiecesThis week marked the sixth monthly issue of EAA's Bits and Pieces, an e-newsletter for our Canadian members. Since its first issue, subscriptions have grown more than 60 percent - from 3,800 to about 6,200 - and we've received many great comments so far. (View the newsletter.) EAA is also reconstituting the EAA Canadian Council and is in the process of seeking volunteers to serve on that body. The new council will help EAA build on its traditional strengths in Canada, such as homebuilding, EAA Chapters, the Young Eagles program, and the operation of historic aircraft, and will also aim to increase the government lobbying power of EAA in Canada. Canadian EAA members interested in being considered should complete the online application form. Questions are welcome at
B-17 Fantasy CampIt's a fantasy come true! At the weekend B-17 Fantasy Flight Camp, you will get up close and personal with one of the most famous airplanes of World War II. Immerse yourself in the stories of the aircraft's history as you examine EAA's Aluminum Overcast, one of the few flying B-17s left in the world. Top off the weekend with a once-in-a-lifetime, 20-minute flight experience! Every effort is made to make this a true "fantasy" experience for the aviation enthusiast - including privileged access to various EAA facilities and specialists. Click here for more information.

EAA CalendarEAA Chapter 908 Young Eagles Rally
St. Lucie County International Airport, Fort Pierce, Florida
Come check out the Young Eagles rally at the St. Lucie County International Airport (FPR) Open House. The event will be at the airport terminal, three miles north of downtown Fort Pierce, from 8 a.m.-1 p.m. Pre-register online at

EAA Chapter 282 Young Eagles Rally, Clearwater Airpark, Florida
Free flights for youth ranging in age from 8 to 17. Registration begins at Clearwater Airpark at 8 a.m.; event runs from 9 a.m. - 12 noon. Come early and enjoy a pancake breakfast with all the trimmings in support of the Young Eagles Program. Rain date is Saturday, November 15th. For more information visit or call Edward Dolezal at 727-647-2661.

And for more information about these events, or to find/submit others, visit

Timeless VoicesAs a boy, New Zealander Glenn Martin would dream of flying the skies with his own personal jetpack. While attending the university and studying biochemistry, Martin learned to fly hang gliders, but he always yearned for more. As a break from biochemistry, Glenn began studying aircraft engines and ducted-fan technology in the university library. His studies led to a 27-year development of a 200-hp, ducted-fan powered personal flying machine called the Martin Jetpack, which made its public debut during EAA AirVenture 2008. Watch the video.

EAA MerchandiseWooden propellers used to be replaced as often as old tires, and the old ones were often taken home and hung over the mantel by pilots, mechanics, and flight crews. Made of Kamchatka birch wood, these propellers are expertly aged like the originals. Now through November 30, EAA members save up to $18 off the regular, non-member price. Get the 6-foot wood propeller with red tips for only $125.99, or the 4-footer for $71.99. Order online or by calling our toll-free number, 800-564-6322.

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EAA Flight Planner

Q & A: 
Question of the Week
I was reading an FAA document yesterday that used the terms "CGAS," "GLFCAL," and "FFLT." What do they stand for and where can I look them up?

How the FAA determines its acronyms, what the agency calls "term contractions," is one of the world's eight mysteries. The contractions you mentioned are decoded as follows: "CGAS" - Coast Guard Air Station; "GLFCAL" - Gulf of California; and "FFLT" - Familiarization Flight.

Contraction definitions can be found in many sources, such as the FAR/AIM manual, but the best single source that we've found is FAA Order 7340.2, Chapter 2, Section 1 (Decode). This FAA document contains thousands of such contractions that the FAA uses on a daily basis and is updated quarterly, so it will always contain a relatively current list.

Have a question?
To ask a question regarding government issues, e-mail For questions about registration, airmen, aircraft and medical certification, safety records, performance, or any other matter, e-mail

EAA Desktop Calendar
EAA Free Desktop Wallpaper

North American T-28s fly in formation during the Warbird Spectacular air show at EAA AirVenture 2008. Photo by Mark Forman.

Download this wallpaper image at the EAA website, where you can choose among several different resolutions to suit your screen...or select an image from the archive.

On the Flightline - General Aviation News

Eclipse Aviation officials informed company employees early Thursday morning that they would not be receiving paychecks for their last two weeks of labor, the Associated Press reported on November 13. Employees at the Albuquerque, New Mexico, manufacturing facility said they were called into a meeting and told of the decision, then were handed a toll-free phone number to call later to see if they would be paid. No reason was given for the action, and EAA's calls to an Eclipse spokesperson for comments were not immediately returned.

The AP reported that employees were told that they could come and go from the workplace throughout the day. Many immediately emptied their desks and left the facility.

Planning a new panel for your aircraft? With the Aircraft Spruce and Specialty Panel Builder website, you can plan your panel without having to search the Internet and keep track of all your findings. Using drop down menus, you can search a large inventory of avionics and instruments by category, and then save your findings. This tool displays every piece of equipment you will need for your panel, enabling you to get quotes quickly and simplify the ordering process. Visit the Aircraft Spruce website to learn more.

Cessna Aircraft will lay off 500 workers, the Wichita Eagle reported this week. Laid-off employees will be given 60-day notices in the next few weeks, according to a company e-mail. In addition to the layoffs in Wichita, Kansas, the company will lay off 165 employees at its Bend, Oregon, plant. The cuts will come through involuntary and voluntary layoffs. "These actions are regrettable but necessary to ensure our long-term stability and success," said Jim Walters, Cessna's senior vice president for human resources. Cessna said it has adjusted its 2009 production schedules amid a softening global economy. The Eagle also reported that Hawker Beechcraft cut 5 percent of its work force, about 490 people, last Friday. For more information, visit

AnywhereMap and Forward Vision Systems, Inc. will collaborate on a project to integrate Forward Vision's Enhanced Visibility System (EVS) with AnywhereMap electronic flight bag product. EVS provides real time imaging to aid the pilot in reduced visibility situations, such as smoke, dust, haze, and for ground operations at night. "This technological breakthrough allows us to display the output of the EVS live in a window of the Pilot's Electronic Flight bag computer system. By eliminating an extra display, cockpit clutter is reduced," said Jay Humbard, Anywhere Map CEO. To learn more, visit or

Diamond Aircraft's optional factory-equipped Aspen Avionics glass cockpit solution for the DA20 two-seat trainer creates the industry's lowest purchase price for a certified glass cockpit-equipped aircraft, according to a company news release. The option price is $7,995 for the Aspen EFD1000 Pilot Primary Flight Display (PFD). New DA20s equipped with the Aspen PFD will support retrofit of the Aspen EFD1000 Multi-Function Display (MFD) upon its certification, expected in mid-2009, and are pre-equipped with much of the hardware necessary for the retrofit.
For more information, visit

Garmin International Inc., has received FAA Organization Designation Authorization (ODA) permitting the company to conduct certain activities on behalf of the FAA, such as the authority to issue Supplemental Type Certificates (STCs) approving installations of Garmin avionics in aircraft. This delegation converts the existing Garmin Organization Designated Airworthiness Representative (ODAR) and Designated Alteration Station (DAS) organizations to ODA and extends the authority to include Garmin's Salem, Oregon, facility. For more information, visit

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